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The People Pleaser Ch. 01

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He saw the Tall man out of the corner of his eye. The tall man was staring at him intensely. This made Chris very nervous. After all, he wasn’t gay. How could he be gay? Granted, he was in this club. A club which normally he would never set foot in, but gay?

“Nah. Not gay,never gay.” he told himself to soothe his male ego. He looked away and set his eye on the tv screen in the upper corner of the bar. On the screen, images of pop stars flickered on and off with the beat of the music in the club.

He spent a lot of time online, at home, and found his way to chat. Chris loved chat. It appealed to his nature. He could talk and get to know people yet always keep a distance from them. Chris was not a people person. At work, yes he was a people person. No, that’s not quite right, he was a people pleaser. Being in sales, you have to be a people pleaser. You have to be whatever or whoever the situation calls for. It’s not about customer service, It’s about customer satisfaction. In that same respect, in Chris’s opinion, it’s not about being someone who likes people. It’s about being whatever the person wants you to be so they like you.

This made Chris a Top notch Mortgage broker, but it also jaded him. It was a whore business and when you sell yourself, all day, everyday, it becomes tiring. So over the years, Chris became introverted in his private life outside of work. People and relationships in general, just didn’t appeal to him. Well, that wasn’t entirely true. He liked people. He liked to be around people and be in the thick of things, so to speak. He just didn’t want to get involved with people. So living a life in the cyber world appealed to him greatly. He had communication and friendships without intimacy. He got to be around people and yet keep a safe distance from them. Until he met Hayley that is.

Hayley was different. Hayley was extraordinary. He met her online in a transgender chat room. He wasn’t into men or even men who looked like women. He wasn’t gay. He was just curious. One day though he found himself surfing the chat rooms and popped in the trans room just for kicks. Quietly he watched the scroll move on, checking out the profiles. He silently laughed at the “girls” who were anything but girls and was in awe of the ones who were pretty convincing as women. Then he came across Hayley’s profile and he was floored.

Here was a “girl” who put the majority of real women to shame. Here was a girl who could make men cry when she walked In the room simply because they would desire her yet know they never could have her. She was an angel, the embodiment of human perfection. He watched her in the room for several weeks after that. He watched as the chasers all but drooled over her.( If drooling in the cyber world could even happen ). He was polite in the room. Always friendly but he swore he would never fawn over her as the rest of the men did. He needed that edge. He needed to separate himself from these ignorant wretches and their pathetic come ons. He needed to be above and beyond them. He needed to be special.

It wasn’t long before she approached him in the chat room. He was a fairly handsome man and he made sure a photo of himself was on his profile as well as all the “right” information. The right information being he is successful, maybe not rich, but an “up and comer”, smart and sensitive. He wooed her online, still unsure of what he was doing. After all, he wasn’t gay, but a tranny isn’t really a guy. Even though Hayley was pre-op, if things worked out, he would make her post-op. What he really loved the most about Hayley though, was that she was simple. She wasn’t super bright. In fact, she seemed almost malleable. He could definitely manipulate and control her. Chris found the perfect women, even if she technically wasn’t a woman. He had to meet her.

They both agreed to meet at this gay club. Chris wasn’t too keen on the idea. He was a homophobe, tried and true. He admitted it freely and expressed his distaste in meeting at a club full of fags. She was insistent though and he conceded. So here he was waiting on her. He got to the club at 10 p.m., dressed very dapper in a dark blue long sleeve button down shirt, Black sport jacket, jeans and boots to match his jacket. He was dressed for the kill as he said to himself so many times before.

He was approached three times while waiting for Hayley to show up. Once by a 6’4″ tranny who looked liked a cross between Bozo the clown and Anna Nicole Smith. The second by a short, plump man with too much acne and not enough hair. He was polite though and very courteous. He smiled and declined both of their offers,explained how he was meeting someone there, and thanked them for the offers.

The one thing Chris learned in the sales industry was tact. Never show people how you really feel, just show them what they wanna see. The golden rule in his book. One of many in Chris’s “Golden book of Rules”. So he played by the rule and did well for himself. He was whatever people wanted him to be on the outside and on the inside he secretly held most people in contempt.

So here he was sitting and drinking a corona with a lime. He watched the music videos that were in tune with the dance music. He was afraid that if he let his eyes wandered someone might mistake it for flirting and not just the eyes of a people watcher. He never even noticed the Tall man come up next to him.

“You come here often?” The tall man said to Chris, shocking him out of a daze that was self induced.

“Huh?” said Chris momentarily surprised. He quickly recovered. “No, this is my first time here. I’m meeting a friend here.”

He got a real good look at the tall man. The tall man easily had 20 years on Chris. The deep lines carved into the man’s face and the grey around the temples, blending to salt and pepper then finally to a deep dark brown, made Chris guess the man was in his late 40′s. He really was Tall and not only tall, he was Big. Standing at 6’6″, he made Chris,at 6 foot even, look very short, not too mention small. Chris always stayed in shape. He worked out, but he never could really develop a lot of mass. He was toned, but slender. This guy though, was a monster. Easily 270 lbs. and not an ounce of fat on him. Besides his obvious Physical presence, the tall man was ruggedly handsome. Chris, telling himself for the 4th time tonight he wasn’t gay, admired this man’s rugged features. Chris felt intimidated by him.

“A friend? Boy or girl?” the tall man asked raising an eyebrow inquisitively and smiling at Chris in a knowing half smile.

Chris looking up to the man and said, “Girl, errr boy. Err, I mean girl.” He hated to sound stupid but he couldn’t help it. The tall man laughed and slapped Chris on his shoulder. Chris blushed deeply and felt even more stupid.

“This really is Your first time here isn’t it?” The man said chuckling. Chris blushed even deeper, his fade becoming a deep crimson as his confidence diminished further.

“Well, I better go find my friend. She’s probably looking for me even as we speak.” Chris said in a distant tone. Letting his eyes wander freely now. Anywhere but on this man who had unsettled him and made him feel like a little boy.

“Who’s your friend?” The Tall man asked. Then he said, “Maybe I know her?”

“I’m meeting a girl named Hayley.” Chris said rather abruptly as if the answer to the question pained him to speak it. Chris thought about lying to get out of this conversation but felt it unwise to lie to this Man. Somehow he knew that he was incapable of deceiving this man.

The Tall man smiled, beamed in fact. “I know Hayley.” he said to Chris. “She’s a good kid. I look after her.” His smile turned to a frown and then said, “Some of these guys don’t understand that she is out of their league.”

Chris nodded and smiled. “Well, I better go find her. It was nice to have met you.” He stood up from his barstool and started away from the bar. As he started to walk away, He felt the tall man’s hand rest on his shoulder. Chris turned.

“She isn’t here yet. I’ll tell you what. I’m here waiting on someone too. Let me keep you company while you wait.” The tall man said still smiling.

“Look, I really appreciate that but im not gay, so.” Chris said in a no nonsense tone. Trailing off, not finishing the rest of the sentence. As if the Tall man already knew the latter part of his objection.

The tall man then laughed. Once again making Chris feel even dumber than before. He said to Chris, “Trust me kid. You are not my type. Like yourself, I like the girls” He then offered his hand to Chris and said, “My name is Michael. Please, while you’re waiting for her, Have a drink with me.”

Chris took his hand and shook it, feeling a little more in control of himself and relieved about the Tall man. He still felt intimidated by this man and yes a little scared, but he also saw how he could use this man to promote himself with Hayley. If he really did know Hayley, he didn’t want to be seen as rude to one of her friends. What choice did he have in the matter?

“I’m Chris.” He said to the man as he sat back down on his barstool. The Tall man smiled and then Chris asked, “What ya drinking?”

They talked for the next 2 hours. Michael did most of the talking. One of the Cardinal rules in Chris’s Golden Book of Rules was ” know your mark” or in laymen’s terms “God gave you two ears and one mouth. So listen twice as much as you talk.” Chris asked questions. He listened intently, taking it all in and cataloging in his mind anything he might need in future conversations.

Chris discovered two things in that time talking with Michael. One, that This guy was very arrogant. He exuded confidence and authority. About an hour into the conversation., Chris found Michael controlled the conversation instead of the other way around. This bothered him but he also admired it. The second thing he noticed was that Michael was brilliant.

It turned out that Michael was quite the self made man. He owned several companies. Granted, they were small companies, nothing in the fortune 500 or anything. Just local small businesses. One of these businesses being a mortgage brokerage firm. This piqued Chris’s interest a little more than the rest of the conversation because he himself was a mortgage broker.

He couldn’t help but to admire Michael. This guy was exactly what he wanted to be. He respected the man’s confidence and at the same time felt further intimidated by him. The conversation continued and the drinks kept coming. Finally, during their exhaustive discussion of brokerage firms and the trade secrets thereof, he saw Michael’s gaze shift form him to a point somewhere above his right shoulder. Michael smiled and stood up from his seat. Chris turned to follow his gaze to see two girls walking toward them holding hands and giggling to each other. He stood up then to greet Hayley for the first time.

The First thing that went through Chris’s mind was ‘wow she’s more beautiful than her pictures.’ The second thing was ‘wow she is really tall.’ Hayley was gorgeous indeed, standing at 6’2″ in heels and weighing a no more than 155lbs at best. She had a figure most real women would die for. Chris took in every detail of her as she and her friend continued to walk toward Michael and himself. She had flawless ivory skin and very wide eyed amber eyes that shined like a pair of jewels. Her long dark wavy hair hung in her face and brushed gently against the smooth skin of her cheeks and her full and sensuous lips. She was like a modern day Aphrodite. Chris smiled as he met her gaze. She smiled back to him but continued past him to Michael. The other girl still holding Hayley’s hand was very pretty, but not as pretty as Hayley.

Debi,he would find out her name later, was as tall as Hayley and convincing as any genetic girl on the street. Except she had one tell. Her hands, they were big and manly. A fact she obviously knew since she wore lace gloves and lots of jewelry on her hands and wrists to de-emphasize them. She smiled at Chris also. He turned to see them both walk to Michael and on each side standing on tip toes give him a kiss on each cheek.

“Hiya Daddy.” They both said in unison and giggled fiercely at the notion of saying it together.

Michael smiled at Chris,then at each of the girls said, “How’s my girls this evening?”

Debi pouted and said in her little’ girl voice, “Just horrible Daddy.” She crossed her arms under her breasts and lowered her head which amplified the little girl pout even more.

“My best top, the one you liked so much, is ruined.” Then she pouted all the more.

She then said in that same little girl voice, Chris later found out she always talked in that voice, “I spilt cranberry juice all over it and the stain wouldn’t come out.”

Michael frowned at this and Chris caught a flash of anger on his face then it was gone replaced with a look of empathy and compassion. “Well, we’ll just have to get you a new one, Debi.” he said to her looking down.

She beamed when he said that and decidedly hung on his arm while he turned his attention to Hayley.

“And what about you little Hayley?” How are you tonight?” He said to her.

“Just peachy Daddy.” she said beaming.

Hayley’s voice was sexy and low,very husky yet not at all manly it was a sultry sexy deep voice that made men quiver. Chris would know because when she spoke he got goose bumps.

She then said, “Thank You for asking Daddy and how are You tonight?”

Chris thought to himself ‘wow that was very formal, especially to someone you call “daddy”.’ Chris felt the sting of jealousy. She called Michael daddy with a reverence and adoration of a woman in love. He tempered that feeling though and kept smiling.

Michael smiled at Hayley as he looked down on her and said. “I’m well little one, thank you for asking.” Michael then turned his attention to Chris. “Ladies have you met our new young friend here?”

Hayley turned to Chris and said, “Hello Chris! It is wonderful to finally meet you after seeing you so much online!”

She took a step toward him and wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing her body fully into his. At first he was tense, afraid he was going to feel something else pressing against him. He felt no sign of that. He loosened his muscles and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

From behind Hayley, Michael said, “Hayley this one is a keeper He has My blessing.”

She took Chris’s hand and smiling, said to Michael, “Thank You Daddy, I do like him already.”

The rest of the night Chris enjoyed the company of Hayley, Michael and Debi. They sat in a corner of the club in a room adjacent to the main area. The music was significantly diminished in it and conversation flowed freely the rest of the evening. Hayley sat next to him and across from them sat Michael with Debi on his lap.

Chris found it unnerving that Michael controlled the conversation most of the time. He was used to being the center of attention in these situations. Luckily, Debi distracted Michael most of the time by nuzzling his neck and pawing at him. This allowed Chris time to talk to Hayley more intimately. He didn’t want to seem rude by ignoring the others but also he didn’t want Hayley to feel like he was neglecting her.

He found out Hayley actually worked for Michael in one of his many companies. She was a cosmetologist at a beauty salon he owned. Debi also worked for Michael, but not at the same company as Hayley.

He found that Hayley was pretty simple. Ok, basically she was a bimbo. Chris didn’t mind that though considering how lovely she was. His mind whirled at the thoughts and notions of her simplicity. Yes, definitely this is one girl he could control and manipulate.

Towards the end of the evening, Hayley got up and said politely, “I have to use the little’ girls room” She then nudged Debi. Who was busy running her huge hands over Michael’s crotch and down his leg then back up. All the while nuzzling his neck.

“Whaaaaaat?!?” Debi said in a half drunk little girl’s voice that honestly was beginning to aggravate Chris.

“C’mon you slut.” Hayley said giggling. ” I have to fix my makeup and stuff. Come with me.” Debi took Hayley’s hand and they walked away towards the bathroom.

Chris and Michael sat in silence for a few moments looking at each other. Finally Michael said, “Go ahead and ask me.”

Chris looked puzzled and said, “Ask you what? I don’t know what you mean.”

Michael smirked at Chris and said, “Ask me the question that’s been on Your mind all night.” Then he added, “I know you are trying to be polite, but it’s written all over your face. I thought we best get it out in the open. Just so there is no confusion.”

Chris sat here indecisive afraid to ask as to offend his host. Michael spoke again softly, “You have my permission to ask. So ask Chrissy.”

Chris stared at Michael and said, “Why did you call me Chrissy?”

Michael smiled and said, “I did? Sorry Chris, I’m half in the bag.”

Chris smiled back, unsure, and said, “OK, why do they call you Daddy?”

Michael paused for a moment smiling looking at Chris and finally said, “They call me daddy because I helped them with their transition. They look to me as a father figure. After all, their real fathers and their families have disowned them. In this community, we are all the family we have.” Michael frowned and thn said, “A t-girl’s life is very hard. People don’t accept t-girls in mainstream society. They see them as abominations against nature, against God!”

Chris sat back solemnly and took it all in. Michael sat quietly for a moment then said, “My own daughter was transgendered.. She was born Alex and she died as Lexi. When she came out of the closet, it was hard for me and her mother. God rest her soul. I finally accepted her though. My wife, Nikki, didn’t.”

Chris sat stunned at this man’s sudden openness about his personal life. It made Chris very uncomfortable. They sat in silence for a moment and then he said, “How did she die? Lexi I mean. If it doesn’t pain you to tell me that is?”

Michael distracted by the memory of his long dead daughter said, “Hmm? Oh, she fell in love with a boy. When he found out she was a T-girl, he beat her up and dumped her in the wrong part of town.”

Chris sat in stunned silence and then said “So, she was murdered?”

Michael met his eyes and held his gaze for a long time. Finally he said, “She committed suicide. After what that kid did to her, she just grew distant and quiet. A whisper of her former self. i think she finallyu had enough and ended it.”

Chris looked at Michael and said, “Mike, I‘m really sorry man.” Overemphasizing the fact on how sorry he was. Chris was never good at these things. The truth of it was Chris really didn’t care. He just had to seem like he cared. Michael looked at him searching to see if Chris was genuine. ‘Damn this guy is sharp.’ Chris thought to himself as he put on his most sincere face.

It must have worked because Michael said, “It’s ok Chris, it happened almost ten years ago. You see why I look after the girl’s though?” Chris nodded. There was nothing else to say about it.

Feeling awkward Chris blurted out, “Well, I hope that little bastard that hurt your Lexi got what he deserved!”

His eyes distant, as if he was seeing back in time, Michael smiled an evil smile. Chris recoiled from it. It was genuinely evil. Still looking off to somewhere in the past Michael said, “Oh yes. He got what he deserved and more Chris.” Chris felt a shiver run up and down his spine.

My Ambulance Ride

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I am a 38yr old male nurse at a small hospital. We had just transported a patient by ambulance to a trauma center 3 hours away. Normally I don’t have to go on ambulance transports but since this patient was on an IV drip to keep him sedated I was along for the ride. The ambulance crew members were Robin and Amy. Robin was the driver. She was in her early twenties, about 5’2″ petite, red hair, average face, small tits, great ass, and a baby doll voice that was irresistible. Amy was the paramedic tonight. She was about 36yrs old, 5’5″, and slightly overweight, dark hair, beautiful face with full lips, electric smile, large tits, and nice shaped ass with a little extra padding. It was now 12:30 at night and we were just getting back into the ambulance for our long trip home. Robin and Amy sat up front and I was in the back.

“You should take a nap” Amy remarked as the interior lights went off in the back of the ambulance.

“I just can’t seem to get comfortable in these seats, so I don’t know how much sleep I will get.” My voice showing the fatigue I was feeling

“Lay down on the cot, it’s clean, I do it sometimes myself.” Amy said.

I jokingly said, “the way Robin drives I will probably end up on the floor.”

Again Amy insisted, “lie down on the cot, strap yourself down, and you will be fine.”

So I did as Amy suggested, and I have to admit I was rather comfortable. I must have fallen asleep within 20 minutes. Eventually I felt a slight pressure on my chest, abdomen and legs; I opened my eyes to see Amy tightening the straps over my ankles.

“Amy, thanks for the concern but I think the strap around my waist was enough,” I joked.

“Oh I think you need to be restrained a little tighter, you see, Robin and I have a little tradition. A the end of each shift we have a drink and go home to our husbands and fuck their brains out.”

“OK, nice tradition but what does that have to do with me?” I asked.

“Well our shift was over at midnight and our husbands will be asleep when we get home at 4:00am ….”

“And we are horny now!!” shouted Robin from the front seat.

“Wait a minute ladies, I am married myself, I have never cheated on her.. I…I..”

“Just relax, “said Amy, “and don’t try fighting, I have strapped down bigger guys than you to gurney.”

She was right, she had done a great job. I couldn’t move my arms or bend my knees. Amy reached out and placed her hand on the front of my scrub pants and began to massage my cock. I instantly began to get hard.

“Now see, I think you like this as much as we do, let’s see how big you are,” Amy said with a sly grin.

Amy began to untie the drawstring to my scrub pants, and pull them down to the strap above my knees.

“What will I tell my wife?” I said

“Tell her your cock is bigger than I thought it would be, Hey Robin, pull over at the next rest stop, you will want to see this.”

“There is a small roadside park coming up in a mile. Is it nice Ames?” shouted Robin from the front.

Now, my cock is about 8 inches when hard and fairly thick; my wife also likes me to shave my pubic area. I have never been with more than one woman at a time but like all guys, I have fantasized about it often.

“He is bigger than Charlie, but he is no Dennis! Dennis is Robin’s ex-boyfriend and he had 11 inches but you are thicker and I love the clean shaven look. Let me taste you.” Amy said insistently.

I could feel her tongue lick the head of my cock and her lips start over it slowly, then the ambulance jolted quickly which caused Amy to instantly deep throat me which felt great. She raised her head back up off of me but didn’t even gag.

“Sorry, I almost missed the turnoff,” Robin said as she pulled into the rest stop, parked the Ambulance, and turned off the motor.

“That’s alright!” Said Amy and I in unison.

Amy went right back to work on my cock, licking up the shaft, very gently massaging my balls. Robin appeared and immediately began taking off her EMT uniform. She was wearing a green satin bra which looked great against her pale skin and red hair. Her tits looked as though they were trying to escape, and I could instantly tell that this bra was too small for her. My wife is a C-cup and Robin was every bit of that too. As she removed her bra, her tits sprang forward. They were full, the areolas were large, and nipples were not quite hard…yet. She quickly removed her panties to reveal a beautiful pussy with a thin strip of closely trimmed, light colored pubic hair. She was a natural red head.

Lying there immobilized I could feel Amy licking my balls while slowly stroking my now erect cock. I looked up a Robin again to see her moving behind my head and, placing a leg on each side of the cart she lowered her pussy onto my face. I immediately began exploring her sweet treasure with my tongue.

“ that feels good” Robin cooed.

As I continued to lick Robin’s pussy I noticed that Amy’s lips had left my cock. I could hear the sounds of her undressing, but with Robin’s ass in my face I couldn’t see a thing. Robin leaned forward a little which opened her pussy and ass up to me a little better. I struggled against my restraints to get closer so I could lick deep in her pussy but she was in charge. Robin placed her asshole on my tongue.

“Lick my ass good you bitch,” Robin yelled at me

As Robin began to grind harder onto my face I felt Amy’s hand return to my cock but it was not stroking it. She was pulling it.and then…

“Oh My God you feel so big, Aaahhh,” cried Amy as she impaled herself down on my cock.

I could feel heat all around my cock, not warmth, but heat. Amy slowly kept forcing herself down on me until I could feel my balls pressing against her ass. At the same time Robin had leaned forward again driving her clit against my eagerly awaiting lips.

“Don’t you dare stop licking bitch!” Robin ordered.

Amy began to pump herself on my cock and then I heard Robin say to her “Kiss me you slut!” Robin was full of surprises. I could hear the sound of lovers kissing and then Amy screamed “I am going to cum.”

“Don’t you dare, at least not yet!” Robin hissed

Robin ground her clit onto my tongue and lips harder and faster

“Robin can I please cum! Ooooh!” Amy pleaded

“Oh God yes you can cum, yes! yes! YESSS!” Robin screamed as I felt her convulse on my face and her dripping wet pussy poured its juices into my mouth and down my throat. Amy increased her tempo on my cock, driving me deeper into her than I thought possible. Her hands grabbed the sides of my ass as her fingers dug into my flesh trying to pull me further into her. I could feel her hot pussy tighten around my cock.

“Oh fuck I am cumming!” She yelled, just before she let out a scream. I could not last any more, I felt the pressure in my balls and then I exploded into deep into her pussy.

“Oh shit I am cumming too,” I tried to yell as Robin continued to ride my face. I could feel my cock shoot load after load into Amy. I have never cum so much in my life.

Robin screamed” I am cumming again, holy fuck I don’t believe it, I am cumming again!”

Robin then tensed up for what seemed like two minutes then collapsed forward raising herself off my body.

Amy climbed off of me and sat on the edge of the bench beside the cot. For the first time I got to see the beautiful huge tits Amy possessed, and the clean shaven pussy which was now shiny, as the light from the streetlamps in the parking lot reflected off her body. Immediately Robin got down between her legs an opened her mouth as my load came rolling out of Amy’s pussy. Robin swallowed the first drop or two then collected the huge amount that followed into her mouth. She rose up, leaned into Amy and kissed her once on the mouth very briefly. Amy opened her mouth so that we could both see the cum on her tongue. She then swallowed it and licked her lips. Again Robin leaned in and pressed her mouth onto Amy’s for what was a much longer kiss. When they broke the kiss Robin still had some cum on her lips and chin which she promptly licked up and swallowed.

“You know what to do,” Robin said as she grinned at Amy

Amy got down on her knees, leaned to my face and proceeded to kiss me on the lips. I tried to protest.

“Open your mouth bitch! ” Robin screamed as she pulled my hair.

The pain from having my hair pulled made me open my mouth, and then I could feel all my cum being forced into my mouth by Amy’s tongue. I have to admit, it didn’t taste as bad as I though, and once I accepted the fact that I couldn’t fight it, I really got turned on by what was happening. I was tasting and swallowing my own cum.

When she broke the embrace, Robin ordered me “lick her face clean, and while you’re at it, lick your own!”

Both Robin and Amy then got dressed.

“I think it is safe now,” Robin said, as Amy began to loosen and undo my straps.

I pulled up my scrub pants and tied them again.

“Wow this has got to be the best ambulance trip I have ever had,” I remarked.

The ride home was pretty quiet, and I was taking in what had just happened. When we arrived back at the hospital I started to get out when Amy said “We have to take the ambulance back to the station, but thanks for a great trip”

“I can’t wait until the next trip I have to take with you two,” I eagerly said

Amy replied “We are working a 24 hour shift this weekend all by ourselves. Maybe you could stop by the Ambulance station, say around 6:00pm Saturday?”

“No problem, my wife will be working afternoons this weekend, I will definitely be there.”

“Great! And by the way bitch, wear your wife’s panties, and bring some lube!” Laughed Robin

I don’t know what they have in store for me next but I can’t wait to find out.

That Summer As A Camp Counsellor

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I’ll never forget my first summer as a camp counsellor at a camp for underprivileged kids. Most of us, the staff, were teenagers, away from home for the first time. It was a great place to be a guy, with young women in bathing suits all over the place.

About halfway through the summer, my friend Dan and I were asked to go on an overnight trip with our groups, by canoe. Because we were going away from the campgrounds, we were required to take another staff member with us. We picked Jenni, a young lifeguard, not because she would keep everyone safe, but because she was a hot redhead.

We paddled to the campsite, miles away from everyone else. The kids were a pain, but we knew they’d be tired from paddling and wouldn’t stay up late. Dan and I packed only one tent, which meant that if Jenni wanted to sleep inside, she’d have to sleep with us, or sleep with the kids. She saw us unpack the one tent. “Nice try, guys,” she said, leaning over in front of us to pick up firewood, her breasts swelling out of her bathing suit. “I think I’ll sleep out under the stars.”

“Whatever,” Dan said, and gave me an oh-shit look when Jenni wasn’t watching.

After the kids had gone to sleep, Dan and I stayed with Jenni around for the fire for a while, but got tired of the bugs and not getting any action and slipped into the tent. I pulled a bottle of JD out of my boot, where I’d hidden it, and we passed it back and forth. It was a hot night, so we sat in our boxers, drinking JD and listening to the fire crackle outside. I could see in the light of the lantern that Dan was playing with himself a little. His circumcized cockhead peeked out of his drawers. I tried not to notice.

After half an hour, we heard a noise at the top of the tent and realized it was raining. We heard Jenni sigh outside the tent, pick up her things, and make her way into the tent. “Okay, guys, you win, but no funny business. Why aren’t you guys wearing pants?”

“It’s too hot for pants.” She sighed again and plopped down between us. Her bathing suit shimmered in the lantern light, droplets of rain glistening. “Give me the bottle,” she said. “You’re not supposed to have booze at camp.”

“Have some. Nobody’ll know,” I said.

She looked at me, then looked at the bottle. “Whatever.” She slurped back a little. “This stuff’s awful!” she sputtered. “How can you guys drink it?”

“It’s all we got,” said Dan.

We sat there, talking for a bit, drinking the JD. I was a little tipsy, and I could tell Dan and Jenni were, too. Then Jenni became more tipsy.

She grinned. “You guys were planning to take advantage of me on this trip, weren’t you?” she slurred.

“Oh no,” said Dan. We’d never do that.” Jenni smiled. The strap of her bathing suit slid down her shoulder.

“Oops,” she said, fixing the strap. It fell down again almost right away, further this time, halfway down her ample breast. “I can’t get it to stay up.”

“Then don’t worry about it,” said Dan, pulling down the other strap. She reached her hand up to pull it back up. I pulled the other one down further, exposing her white flesh and her pink nipple. “Guys, you shouldn’t be doing that,” she said, and put her hands at her side. I reached over and took her sweet nipple in my mouth, and she moaned. Dan pulled down the other side and sucked her other nipple. Our eyes yet, and we both smiled as we sucked on her gigantic teats.

I could feel myself getting harder and harder. I liked watching Dan suck her tit more than I liked licking Jenni’s nipple, which surprised me. Dan gave me a look that said “watch this” and sat up on his knees, pulling down his boxers, exposing his meaty cock. I put my tongue down Jenni’s throat, reached down, and moved her bathing suit aside between her legs. She squeezed her legs together, but changed her mind and relented. I slid my finger into her wet hot pussy, and she moaned. Then I looked at her, opened up her lips and pushed her head gently towards Dan’s cock. She took it all in. She moved back and forth, slowly. Then she licked the head and stroked his balls. I pulled off her bathing suit down past her knees, then off her feet. “You guys,” she murmured, then went back to Dan’s cock. She readjusted herself, leaning forwards on her knees to suck his cock. I opened her legs and started to tongue her cunt from behind. God, it tasted good. My nose rubbed up against her asshole as I licked her. I could feel her pucker gently pinching my nose. I decided to try something different, and ran my tongue around the outside of her asshole. She moaned, then told me not to stop.

I was about to tongue her hole when Dan said, “Come over here.” He lay down on the sleeping bag and pulled her towards him. She straddled him, and before she knew it his throbbing cock was deep inside her. I whacked for a while as I watched, but decided I had to get back in there. I moved up between Dan’s legs, spread Jenni’s ass cheeks, and started licking her asshole again. Then I ran my tongue a little inside her, then further in. She shuddered. My tongue was only an inch or so from Dan’s cock. She started pumping her on it and my tongue kept slipping out. Then the underneath of his cock slid against my lips. I recoiled at first, but then figured Dan hadn’t noticed, so I went back in. Then his cock rubbed against my lips again. Did he do that on purpose?

I licked Jenni’s asshole some more, then found Dan’s cock against my lips again. I gave up on Jenni’s asshole, and moved my lips up and down Dan’s cock. Why not? I got down further and bound his balls. I took them in my mouth and sucked them. After a while he moaned.

“Don’t cum inside me!” Jenni said. “I’m not on the pill.” She got up off Dan and fell to the side of the tent. “I’m kind of tired anyway,” she said, and found her way into my sleeping bag and rolled over. Dan put his hands in the air and said, “What the fuck?” I shrugged my shoulders. He lay back and jacked himself a little. Jenni was already snoring. Dan gave up on his cock and put his arms over his eyes. I moved forward, reached out, and touched the head of his cock. It jolted at my touch, but Dan didn’t move his arms. I wrapped my fist around it and started to pump it slowly. He let me jack him. Then I leaned over, decided to go for it, and took his cock in my mouth. I saw him move his hands away from his face as he feigned surprise, but he didn’t stop me. I ran my tongue around the head of his beautiful cock. I’d been wanting to do this all summer. I moved my tongue and lips up and down his cock. God, it filled my mouth, that perfect cut cock. After a while his breathing hastened. I could feel him tensing. “I’m going to cum,” he whispered. “I’m going to cum. Watch out.” Nothing doin’. I sucked harder on that cock, felt it stiffen, then Dan shuddered as he filled my mouth with cum. It was almost like he was having a seizure, trying not to make any noise. The cum felt good and warm in my mouth and found its way down my throat.

“Oh, man,” he whispered.

Jenni stirred, and Dan and I moved quickly away from each other. “Are you guys still up?” she asked. “Yes,” I said, looking down at my enormous erection. “I’m really horny,” I said. “Can I fuck you if I promise not to cum inside you?”

“I guess so,” she replied. I moved up behind her and spooned her. My cock quickly found its way inside her hot pussy. She sounded reluctant, but her cunt told me she was ready. I wondered if she’d been listening to what Dan and I had just been doing. While I was fucking her, I could feel Dan’s hand on my back, gently rubbing. He moved down to my ass. He spread my cheeks apart and started to finger my asshole. Then I felt his hot breath on my cheeks, then his tongue on my rosebud. His tongue moved in and out of my ass. Then he would finger me again, then put his tongue back in. After a while, I moaned. “Out you go,” Jenni said, as I was about to come. “Fuck,” I said, my cock throbbing. “Why don’t you just get Dan to suck it? You think I don’t know what you two were just doing? It doesn’t matter to me.” Dan shrugged, leaned forward, and took me in his mouth. God that felt good. I started to moan. I reached over and felt Jenni’s beautiful breasts. She reached down and started playing with her clit, and moaning herself. “Oh god, I’m going to cum,” I said. Jenni moved down my body and watched as I filled Dan’s mouth with my hot cum. I looked down in the lantern light and saw cum squeezing out the sides of his lips. Jenni slid in and licked one side of my cock. Then the two of them licked it, up and down, cum now on both of their lips and running down my cock. I shuddered again, and spurted more cum onto Jenni’s face. Dan leaned over and licked it up, then Frenched her. Jenni swallowed it.

We finished off the bottle of JD and stayed up most of the night, sucking and fucking. Dan wanted to fuck me in the ass, and I wanted to fuck Jenni in the ass, but nobody had any lubricant. We decided to save that for our next trip. I fell asleep with my cock inside Jenni’s tight pussy. Dan fell asleep with his head nestled between her tremendous breasts.

I couldn’t wait until our next trip.

Skinny Dipping

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One night, after weeks of working at a resort in a summer tourist town fairly far north, seven of us, the younger staff, decided to kick back a little and have some fun. Most of the tourists had left, leaving the cabins and the lake to us. Our boss had decided that we were old enough to take care of the resort with only a few people left, so we had the run of the place.

We shut down the restaurant and bar for the night, snuck out a couple of bottles of wine, and headed down to the lake. The night was cool, but the water was still warm. We waded in the shallow area, hidden by the rocks, in our bathing suits, three guys, four girls, laughing and splashing and drinking the wine right out of the bottle. Tanya, tipping over with the wine, climbed a short ladder on the lightpost and turned off the light. Suddenly we could see very little. The lake was lit only by the stars and the dim light from the boathouse. It wasn’t too dark for us to see Tanya strip off her bathing suit as she walked back into the water. “Come on you guys, don’t be prudes,” she giggled.

I couldn’t really see anyone else, but I could sense their discomfort. Should we? Troy said, “Fuck it” and pulled down his bathing suit. I could see his growing member, barely, silhouetted against the glimmer of the water. Tracy, my girlfriend, squealed and took off her bikini top. “I’ll start with my top,” she said. She hugged me and put her tongue down my throat. I reached my hand down the back of her bikini bottoms and reached down, trying to feel her warm pussy. She pushed me away. “Not here, not now,” she said. My boner tented against my shorts. I felt like whacking off right then and there, but there was no way.

Over the next hour, everyone took off their suits an splashed around in the water. Even Tracy finally slithered out of her bottoms and joined the rest of the group as we wrestled in the water and throw each other off the dock. I took every opportunity to squeeze breasts and asses when Tracy wasn’t looking, and I could feel hands from time to time on my throbbing cock and on my ass.

With the bottles of wine nearly empty, clouds gathered in the sky and blottled out the moon and stars. It was now really dark. I could hear the other giggling and still splashing, obviously drunk and losing their inhibitions. I wanted so badly to fuck Tracy, but she had kept pushing me away. She wouldn’t even let me caress her ass, even though no one else could really see. I was feeling really down, and waded a little away from the group, closer to the rocks under the hanging willow branches.

Suddenly I felt arms around me in full embrace, one hand reaching immediately for my cock. Tracy had obviously come around. She massaged my cock — for the first time since the first week of the summer — and squeezed me. But what was that I felt against my lower back? Why was Tracy so strong? She started kissing my neck and I could feel — what was it? — the roughness of someone’s chin. “Tracy?” I whispered, afraid to move.

“Shhh,” grumbled a low voice. “It’s Troy.” I tried to pull away but he held me close. I could feel his cock now against my ass crack. He was stroking me a little harder now.

“Troy, stop it,” I said softly. But my cock was getting harder and, strangely, his cock felt good against my ass.

“Shut up,” he said, and continued to stroke me. I could hear the others giggling and singing closer to the dock, but couldn’t see them. My god it felt good, my cock being pulled by another guy. I’d looked around in the group showers at the other guy’s cocks more out of curiosity than anything else. I remember seeing Troy’s cock, small, uncircumcized. He had been embarrassed in the shower room and always covered up as fast as he could, but I was intrigued by his thin, hooded penis, and always looked away before he’d see me or my slowly swelling friend.

He switched hands, started jacking me with his left hand, and started fingering my asshole with the fingers of his other hand. “What are you doing?”

“Your ass feels good,” he said. The shift from his right hand to his left slowed things down a little and I was no longer about to cum. He splashed a little water with his hand onto my ass as he fingered my hole. Then he stopped jacking me for a moment and pressed the head of his cock against my asshole. “Easy,” he said. “Shhhh.” I could feel it starting to go in. It hurt, and I tried to pull away, but he held me tight, both arms now wrapped around my front. His cock moved further into me. It hurt more, but my cock was harder than ever before. My body was trying to expel his tiny penis from my ass, but the more I pushed against it the further it snuck in. I decided to give in. Soon the entire length of his thin cock was inside me. I could hear his breathing quicken. He started jacking me again with his right hand and pumped me slowly from behind. God it hurt, but I didn’t want him to stop. He started pumping harder, careful not to let his cock slip out of me, knowing that I probably wouldn’t let him back in. He fucked me harder and harder and jacked on my throbbing rockhard cock. I could still hear the others, only a few feet away, starting to quiet down, probably pairing up.

“Hurry up,” I whispered. He groaned and fucked me faster and harder. It felt awesome. I was worried about the others hearing us. Time was running out.

“Oh god,” he whispered, biting my neck gently. “God your ass feels good. Later on I want to suck your big fat cock and I want you to cum in my mouth.”

“Fuck me, fuck my ass,” I gurgled.

“Oh god,” he said again and bucked against me. “Oh shit, oh fuck.” He grunted and shuddered and I could feel his warmth inside me. His breathing shortened. He jacked me harder now. I could hardly stand it. He slid his tongue into my ear, pinched my nipple with his left hand. “Picture yourself cumming on my face,” he said. I fell back against his cock and burst into spasms of cum. “Shhhhh,” he whispered as I exploded. I pictured my cum splashing all of his face, all of his lips, his nose, his cheeks, down his throat.

“Fuck you,” I said, “You bastard, suck that cock.”

“Shhhh . . .” His cock was starting to fade inside my ass and slid out as he pulled the last of the cum out of my cock. “We’ll play later.” He pulled his limp member out of my hole, hugged me close, then waded back towards the group.

I could feel my seed all over my legs, tangled in my leg hair, one thin thread swinging down from the end of my raw cock. I washed myself down quietly then slid under the water, careful not to get any in my hair. I couldn’t see the water, but I pictured it covered in a skin of my semen.

I made my way back to the group. My ass stung. I couldn’t imagine what I had just done. I’d never ever thought about doing anything like that, but now couldn’t wait to get back to my room, which I shared with Troy. I was somewhat afraid of what would happen over the last three days of summer, but also curious. The clouds receded and the stars and moon came out again, and I could see the group again, paired up, embracing, tickling each other.

“Danny,” said Tracy. “Where were you?”

“Oh, just thinking things over,” I said. I heard Troy snicker under his breath and could see him caressing his girlfriend’s tits.

“Yeah, me too,” said Tracy. “You know, we’re going home soon. I think we should start seeing other people.” She squeezed my arm and gave me a sympathetic grin.


Drive Ch. 01

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“Drive you home, Chris?”

The young blond stopped at the door and looked back at his night’s employer. The eighteen-year-old’s pulse began racing. He’d thought the older man wasn’t going to.

“Sure, Mr. Mathers.”

Another week. Another babysitting job at Mathers’ home. Another drive. Chris lived an eight-minute walk from Mathers’ house. Somehow, Mathers’ wife never asked why driving the boy home often took half an hour. Sometimes more.

The first time wasn’t Chris’ idea. Lou Mathers had gotten the boy’s number from a friend. His wife was away for the weekend. Lou called for a babysitter. When Chris showed up, Lou stayed. There were questions. Hypotheticals. Showing. Touching. A meaty arm around Chris’ shoulders, leading him into the bedroom. Pain. Ecstacy. A sore ass, and sticky underwear for the walk home.

The next week, Lou called again. It was a legitimate job, while he and his wife visited friends. They came home, and Lou acted as though nothing taudry had ever happened in the bedroom.

“Drive you home, Chris?”

Sure, Mr. Mathers.

Chris glanced beside him in the dim car. The only light came from the low-playing radio. Lou hummed along to most songs, singing along quietly when he knew the words. That wasn’t often. The houses grew more sparse along the road. The trees, more dense. Chris began noticing the peculiar shapes of a few along the road. This was the seventh time Lou had offered the ride.

Ten minutes of driving, and Lou pulled the car over to the shoulder. He reached to turn the radio off, and in the last second or two of light, Chris looked over the man next to him. Forty-six. Portly. Balding. Thick black frames to his thin-lensed glasses. Greying mustach. Still in the suit he wore to work that morning. Still smelling of generic aftershave and Dial soap.


Seventh time. Same opening line.

“Looks far enough, eh? Why don’t you, um, come a little closer…”

Chris edged his hips along the older car’s bench seat. A thick arm reached around the boy’s lower right side, the hand cupping a soft mound encased in denim. Squeezing. Smoothing. Lou’s right arm swept around Chris’ back, gripping the boy’s shoulder from behind. Lou pulled the slender, petite body closer. Closer. Thin lips advanced on the boy’s full, alluring pout. Moist kisses. Harder gropes. A father of three daughters pushed his tongue into the mouth of the son he’d never had. Lou liked to pretend that way.

Chris lolled his head back slowly. He sighed, kisses running down his neck. Buttons popping loose on his shirt collar. More. Lou pushed the fabric open, licking along the thin boy’s visible clavicle. The grunting started. Lou moaned against the boy’s milky skin. He was sure it sounded sexy. To Chris, it always reminded him of a pig rooting through a fresh trough.

Lips closed around a pert nipple on a hairless chest, and sucked. Chris gave his first whimper of the evening. Lou exhaled his thinly-whiskered grin. He shifted position, onto his right hip. The familiar bulge in his pants pressed into the crotch of Chris’ jeans.

“Take ‘em off, son.”

Chris’ hands steadily went to his waist. The top button and four more down the fly popped open with the same soft, inaudible shudder. Lou’s chubby fingers reached for the warm flesh of the boy’s naked belly. For skin and bones, the boy was the softest, supplest thing he’d ever felt. Obviously queer. That made it okay to use him.

The natural blond fought against the seat to get the jeans off of his hips. Off of his thighs. His calves. His ankles. Lou’s meaty hand flattened to the boy’s crotch, rubbing circles over the soft white hair and the thick, half-erect organ it surrounded.

“Come on, come on. On your back.”

Lou stole a quick glance at the darkness outside the car. No headlights on this road. No house lights. He looked back to the boy, licking his fingers as he perused the barest outline of the body lying before him. Lou always stared at Chris when his wife didn’t notice, memorizing the boy for just these moments.

Chris spread his legs. The dampened fingers rubbed at the tight pucker lying in wait. Chris heard a short zipper pull down. The light sound of fabric rumpling. Lou’s grunt as his briefs pulled down and his bulge was freed. More saliva, this time wetting the head of a penis that had been stiffening since before they’d left Lou’s house.

A smooth, wet dome pressed to Chris’ hole. The hard shaft driving it pushed it steadily into the boy’s body, stretching the rectum as it entered. One inch. Two. Four. Seven. Lou groaned out a low breath as his loaded balls pressed to tender flesh. He pulled out until the lip of his cockhead caught on Chris’ seizing sphinchter. Lou pushed back in. Pulled back out. The hot friction made the boy squirm. Pant. Moan. Almost like struggling. Enough for Lou to like it.

Thick hands touched behind the boy’s knees, spreading Chris’ thighs wider apart. Lou leaned down, nearly lying atop of him. A broad, hot lick along a taut, porcelain cheek. A heavy hand gripping the boy’s chin, forcing him still for a lurid kiss. Lou’s tongue dove inside, lapping at his babysitter’s. Chris fought for a look between his legs. It wasn’t easy in the darkeness, nor past the hanging paunch of Lou’s stomach. The boy’s erection was full by now, in perfect position to keep Chris from seeing Lou’s shaft entering him.

He could still see Lou’s hips rolling back and forth. Still felt the veiny pole driving into him. No lube. No condom. Only hard human flesh, burning from the libidinous blood surging through it. Lou’s spit was little help. Chris whimpered from the discomfort. Lou stroked in him faster. Chris closed his eyes tightly. The darkness in the car was a blessing, but he wanted no chance of seeing Lou during the inveitable moment when Chris silently admitted that he liked it. It could be any man, and Chris would like it. It had nothing to do with a chunky suburban loan officer. Chris didn’t want the seven inches buried in him. They just happened to be there.

Lou raised onto his knees, gripping the boy’s legs to keep him spread. The space left Chris able to reach for his own erection and stroke it. The boy’s head thrashed from side to side on the fake leather seat. The cushions creaked and hissed from the exertions they supported. This was where Lou’s wife sat. Where his daughters sat. Now the same spot where Lou habitually fucked his babysitter. The male babysitter. Sweat beaded on Chris’ skin in the closed car. It poured off of Lou’s forehead, feeling like warm rain on the boy’s stomach. The windows were fogged and starting to condense. Chris lie jostling on his back, biting his lip to keep himself quiet. Lou loved that sound. He waited for it. Lived for it.

“Hoo, yeah. Let me hear it, son. Come on, jerk it faster. Faster. That’s better. Gonna cum, son? Are you? Come on….”

Chris fought it every time. He wanted Lou to leave satisfied – it would mean another job another week. But Chris didn’t want to enjoy it. Lou always got the impression that making the boy cum meant that he was an unparallelled god to both sexes. A candle and ten minutes could do the same thing; it meant nothing. Yet every other day, Lou would spot Chris around town. His beefy hands would grip either side of his belt buckle. He’d wait until Chris saw him, then give his pants a short tug. Remember this? It made you cream yourself last Thursday.

So do yearbook pictures of the diving team. Whatever.

In the end, it was always a losing battle. Chris kept his teeth clenched, gasping loudly through them. Lou rolled his hips faster, longing to see how red his prize equipment made the boy’s hole. Maybe one of these days, he’d spring for a motel room a town over and find out. Short, fast moans left the boy’s voice. The tortured song of lust culminated in a deep scream made louder by the closed windows.

Spurts of hot fluid splashed onto Chris’ naked stomach. Some reached past his ribs. The semen lost its heat quickly, even against Chris’ sweaty flesh.

“Rub it in, son.”

Exhausted to be spent and still participating in the bout of intercourse, Chris obeyed. His slender hands ran over his stomach, feeling out cooling, slimey gobs of sperm and coating his skin with them like a lotion. He was always too tired to shower when he got home, and the cum liked to stick to his bedclothes. Chris brought his coated fingers up to his lips. He sucked off the thick patches. Licked off the rest. Lou loved listening to it.

Lou’s hands slipped under the boy’s hips, squeezing the curvaceous buttocks savagely. It also gave him enough purchase on Chris’ body to slam his meat in deeper. The laboured wheezing was starting now. Lou’s face must be purple.

“Here comes your tip, Chris…”

Wow. Just as funny the seventh time. Lou growled out loudly in the enclosed car. Twice. Three times. Each punctuated by a burst of hot ejactulate spraying deep into Chris’ ass. That sensation, as usual, made Chris try to wriggle out of Lou’s hold. The son of a bitch could at least blow the wad into a rubber. But, no. Barebacking was just one of those things Lou got off on. Like Chris’ struggling. Lou pinned him, forcing a last tongueing and adding a few more slaps of his crotch to Chris’ cheeks. Each final thrust spit one more drop of sperm into the boy. Lou beamed his pleasure in the faint moonlight. Chris glared at him from the darkness of his lower position.


Lou wrested his penis out of the boy quickly. Again with that odd, soft thpt sound from the accrued vacuum.

“Get your clothes on.”

The return drives were as quiet as the first halves. What was there to talk about? Going out, Lou was only interested in having sex with the small town’s homosexual. White trash, even if he did have a middle-class mother and absent white-collar father, perfect for using up and disposing of. Coming back, Chris was sticky, sleepy, and grudgingly satisfied for another twenty-four hours.

“You sure are a pretty little thing.”

Christ, don’t try striking a conversation now…

“As much as I like that mouth open, it’s good you’re a boy who knows when to keep it shut.”

It was good for me, too. Thanks.

“You, um, keeping Thursdays open now?”

“Not especially. No one else has called for one yet.”

“I think you should start.”

Chris looked over to the night’s employer. Lou stared out at the road confidently. His lips pursed. His chin stiffened, approving of his decision. Feeling virile over laying a teenager, making him climax, and doling orders to be at his elder’s beckoned call. Don Juan triumphant.

The rest of the trip to Chris’ house was quiet. Summer crickets. Excitable dogs. Tires crackling over gravel and through turns on the pavement. But no talking. Lou’s brakes were developing the fainest squeaking as the car pulled up to the curb. Lou grunted out a weary breath, twisting to reach into his pants pocket. A folded stack of bills stood ready for the counting. Lou licked his thumb before leafing through them. Under a street lamp, Chris could see him looking at the boy through the frivolous gesture. He expected Chris to find any view of his tongue a turn-on.

“That’s that. Go get yourself in a shower, faggot.”

Chris stopped after his first step away from the car.

“If you don’t like me, why don’t you let your daughters sit themselves?”

Lou gazed back at him from inside the car, as though the answer were the most obvious ever discovered.

“I like you a lot, son. You can’t get pregnant, and my wife would get wise if Daddy kept taking his girls out for rides. Thursday. Six o’clock.”

Lou drove off for home. Chris looked down to the bills in his hands, recounted his night’s wages. Fifteen bucks for babysitting. A sore rectum full of sperm for giving a middle-aged man an orgasm. Fifty dollars for keeping quiet about it.

Brian’s Sleepwalking Adventure Pt. 06

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This story is based on what may be an urban myth from my college days. A fraternity brother told me about the incident after my own adventure, described in my story “Pledge Class Payback” so I believe it to be true. When I asked about it, no one could remember the actual names or years or the fraternity. However, it fed my imagination and inspired me to write this story. It is based on a “true incident” with a lot of embellishments. All persons, names, places, events, and descriptions, are purely fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons, names, places, events, or descriptions, is totally unintentional and a pure coincidence. That is, except for the “urban myth” about a sleep walking football frat brother and his abandonment in another town.

This story contains scenes of kidnapping, non consensual exhibitionism, bondage, spanking, water sports, CFNM, forced homosexual acts and other erotic themes between adults of college age or older. If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now. This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission. Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice. The author would appreciate your comments — pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.

(Author’s note: My thanks to SlvGina for his technical advice and help with this chapter. It was invaluable.)

Chapter 11, Brian Meets His Roommates

Carrying a stained pillow and blanket in front of him, Brian and the sergeant walked down the hallway in the small cell block. There had been two heavy metal doors at the entrance, one to the women’s cells and the other to the larger male facility.

Starring down the narrow hallway, Brian saw bars on either side, no real walls. On the right were what looked like two large cells followed by 8 or 10 smaller ones. The other side had nothing but smaller cells. Each of them had a stainless steel sink and toilet, the toilet without a seat. The toilets were in the middle of the larger cells but against the walls in the smaller ones.

All of the cell walls were lined with yelling, laughing men.

“Fresh meat.”

“Hey new fish, share my cell, I’ve got something for you to suck on.”

“Cute outfit, girl. Did you make that yourself just for me or do you always walk around looking like a cocksucker.”

The sergeant didn’t interfere with the fun, preferring the men to intimidate Brian further.

Finally, the sergeant stopped in front of a cell filled with five white men. “This is the pervert cell. I can put you in with them or I have another cell with regular criminals. Since this is your first time, I’ll be nice and let you chose.” Brian didn’t know what the sergeant knew. The “pervert” cell was full of child molesters and he would be perfectly safe with them.

Brian foolishly chose wrong. “I’ll take the other one officer, thanks for being so nice to me.”

Laughing, the sergeant pulled the big jock down the hall to the other cell. Inside were five very black members of a male prostitute ring that had been arrested in Louisiana and relocated due to the hurricane. They were in jail awaiting trial for prostitution, assault, involuntary imprisonment, rape, and racketeering. They had been inside for nearly four months with nothing to do but play with some rapists that was rarely thrown into their cell as punishment.

Jamal, the leader, winked to the sergeant. “You’ll get yours for this sergeant.” He said it as a threat. The sergeant knew there would be a nice present for him when their lawyer came in next time.

“Everyone against the back of the cell. Hands on the wall, feet back 3 feet and lean in. You know the drill,” said the sergeant.

The gang cheerfully complied, knowing that a beautiful new toy had been delivered to them.

After they were in position, the sergeant unlocked the cell and pushed the reluctant and frightened Brian in. Slamming the cell door, the sergeant locked it and stepped back. “OK, you can let go of the wall now. You all play nice now.”

The sergeant walked down the hall, chuckling as he got back to the heavy door. He buzzed the jailer to let him out. Looking back, he could see four of the big black men moving slowly and carefully towards Brian, big smiles on their faces.

Closing the cell block door, the sergeant reached up to a bank of switches and flipped one of them, activating the surveillance cameras for that cell. He went back to his office and inserted three fresh high quality commercial video tapes into the recorders.

Brian, fearfully backed up against the corner bars of the cell, finally unable to retreat farther and froze like a mouse in front of a snake. Suddenly, a man in the adjacent cell, reached out and pinched Brian’s ass, hard.

Involuntarily, Brian jumped away, right into the arms of one of the approaching men.

“That’s so cute, can’t wait to play I see.” One of them said.

The man grabbed onto Brian’s upper arm and wrist, twisting them behind him, turning Brian around. He, pushed Brain up against the cell bars within reach of the neighboring cell. The pinching neighbor reached out, slid one scared hand into Brian’s jump suit and pinched his right nipple as hard as he could.

Yelling, Brain pushed away, his terrific ass pushing against the large thickening cock of his captor.

“Sweet ass boy. I am going to love this. I haven’t had me any pussy in months.” Said the gang member.

“Thanks for the assist, Jimmy, you’ll get a taste of him later for that,” said Jamal.

As Brian continued to struggle, Jamal observed. Jamal was about 5 foot 11 inches and 185 pounds, athletically built and in good shape like someone that played sports not too long ago. He was 24 years old and good looking. He had piercing intelligent brown eyes that missed nothing.

Before him was one of his men, playing with a very fit muscle boy. His man was giving Brian just enough freedom so he could move around and rub his man’s crotch with the boy’s perfectly shaped and by now, completely exposed and very red ass.

The other men in his posse were standing back, their arms crossed, grinning and enjoying the show. All of his men were taller than Brian, heavily muscled and built like tree trunks. Solid muscle and bone, used to getting their own way and not afraid of anyone except Jamal. They were also very ugly, most of them sporting scars from battles for Jamal.

Seeing enough for now, Jamal ordered a halt to the horsing around. “That’s enough, strip him but don’t rip the uniform, he’ll need that in the morning. I don’t want to get our friend the sergeant in trouble.

All of them joined in and together had no trouble removing Brian’s boots, socks and coverall, stripping off his clothing and his self respect. They weren’t even breathing hard.

Brian, however, was winded and lying on his left side, partially curled up and pressed into the cold concrete floor, nude again.

“Bring him over here Henry. Hold him over the shitter. The rest of you, I want that red ass a lot redder. Take turns,” Said Jamal.

While Henry held Brian down over the top of the stainless steel commode, Nat started spanking Brain’s already welted ass, hand prints immediately appearing so vivid you could almost see the finger prints. After 20, he switched with Frank who started at the top of Brian’s thighs and moved down to the middle of one leg and back up the other. After 20, he too switched with Harris who spread his spanking across both areas.

Brian’s ass, already welted and still sore from the strapping he got earlier was again balling like a baby, begging them to stop.

The spanking continued, the men, switching as before at 20 until Jamal heard what he wanted to hear, Brian begging them to stop and promising to do anything if they did. Jamal ordered a halt in the spanking after he heard it several times, sure now that Brian was at least partially broken.

“What’s your name pussy boy?” asked Jamal.

“Brian,” he croaked.

“Well, Brian, I’m afraid you fell into the shit. You’re naked and pretty and with five horny men who are completely ruthless. We’re all up for a number of serious crimes and the government has us dead to rights. There is no way we’re going to get out of a lot of hard time so we have nothing to lose. So, I advise you to cooperate and have fun or you will be beaten and raped and might not survive. If you cooperate and do what we say and do it well, I guarantee you’ll live and might even enjoy it some. You know what they say, when rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it. Well, it’s inevitable. Will you do what we say or should we start beating you almost to death and fuck you anyway?”

“I’ll do what you say, just don’t hurt me anymore,” sobbed Brian.

“Good, on your knees with them spread wide and with your legs sticking out of the bars in the front of the cell, back of your head against the bars.”

“Henry, you caught him first, so you can have him first. Mouth only for now,” ordered Jamal.

With Brian trapped in the bars, he couldn’t go anywhere but was in a perfect position to suck some cock.

Henry swiftly shucked off his coveralls and boxers, leaving his boots on. He stroked his stiffening dick, a good sized one, seven inches long and a couple of inches across. He stood in front of the naked pussy boy. Slowly and deliberately he painted Brian’s lips with his precum. Then his cheeks and eyes, placing a glob on the end of the young blondes nose.

“Get your mouth wet and stick out your tongue, boy.” Ordered Henry.

Brian, reluctantly stuck out his tongue, obviously trying to avoid touching his wet lips.

Henry slapped him lightly but enough to redden Brian’s cheek.

“Are you trying to piss me off boy? Lick up that sweet cum.”

Brian scrunched up his face and licked. Finding it sort of sweet and sort of salty but not that bad, he started licking more thoroughly, getting all there was.

“Good boy,” said Henry.

“Now, lick my dick from the balls to the tip and use the wide part of your tongue. Get it all and don’t stop licking until I tell you,” ordered Henry.

Brain started licking, not finding it that bad. He closed his eyes and began licking enthusiastically, afraid of further punishment. After a couple of minutes, Henry’s dick was soaking wet and it was obvious Henry was enjoying it.

“OK, boy, that’s enough of that, start doing the same thing to my balls.” Henry shifted slightly, spreading his legs some to give Brian better access.

Brian started licking again but this time the taste was a lot stronger, musky and bitter. Still, not wanting any more pain, he hastened to comply.

“You’re getting good at that pussy boy, but time for the main attraction. Make an O with your lips, covering your teeth. Lick your lips and get ready for some Louisiana black snake. If I feel any teeth, I’ll knock them out and you’ll be gumming our dicks and your food from then on.”

Fitting his two inch diameter dick head in the O formed by Brian’s lips, Henry slowly but relentlessly slid four inches of his thick cock into Brian’s mouth. He started slowly sawing his cock in and out.

“Suck on it you idiot, I’m not going to do all the work. Lick the bottom of my dick head with your tongue on the in stroke and suck hard on the out stroke,” growled the excited Henry.

Brian was learning, he swiftly followed instructions and Henry’s dick started leaking even more precum, filling Brian’s mouth with fluid from his dick and saliva. Having trouble swallowing with the thick black dick in his mouth, it was drooling down Brian’s chin, dripping to the floor in strings.

“OK, now put your right hand on my dick and stroke it while I pump your face,” instructed Henry. “Use both hands, one on my dick and the other, pull my balls down gently, massage them.”

The combination of having the big white muscle boy at his knees slavishly sucking his dick and Brian’s increasing skill, brought Henry closer and closer. As he approached his orgasm, his dick was going deeper and deeper. With Henry so tall and Brian kneeling in a low position, Henry was able to force his thick cock almost directly down Brian’s throat, almost avoiding his gag reflex. First Henry held onto the bars over Brian’s head with both hands and drove in fast and pulled back fast, almost gagging Brian, a couple of short strokes and then a long one. Lubricated by all the spit and precum it was sliding easily into Brian’s throat, but not for long enough to cause Brian’s gag reflex to take hold.

“I’m going to cum in your mouth bitch. Don’t swallow it but hold it in your mouth. I want to see it when I’m through.” Henry released the bars and held Brian’s blond head in his huge black hands, immobilizing it. Then with a long loud groan, his body shaking with tension, Henry reluctantly pulled his dick almost out of Brian’s hot wet mouth. He left just the large purple head just inside Brian’s ovaled sucking lips.

“I’m cuming you cocksucker,” Henry roared. After five strong pumps of cum and several weaker ones, Henry pulled all the way out with a pop and ordered Brian to tilt his head back and open his mouth wide. There in his mouth was a huge quantity of hot white cum, at least a couple of shot glasses worth.

To humiliate Brian more, Henry asked the rest of them to take a look and see how much he had pumped into the white boy, proud of his huge wad. After he was satisfied that they had all seen it, Henry gave Brian another order.

“Ok boy, swish it around in your mouth to make sure you remember the taste.”

Brian did as ordered, his eyes clamped tightly shut like he would never open them again.

“Now, put your hands under your chin, allow my sweet cum to drool out of your mouth but be sure to catch ever drop.”

Very happy to get the thick gooey cum out of his mouth, Brian eagerly complied, catching the huge amount in his cupped hands as ordered.

“Great boy, you’re doing well. Now, lick it up again and this time swallow all of that good juice.”

Gagging, Brian forced himself to follow orders again, retching a couple of times as the thick cum caught in his throat like he was trying to drink half a dozen small raw eggs.

“Don’t you have anything to say to Henry, boy?” asked Jamal softly.

“Uh, uh, thank you Sir for letting me suck your big magnificent cock and swallow your delicious cum?” sobbed Brian.

“Good attitude boy, I can see you’re going to work out fine.” Said Jamal. “Now that Henry has taken his mouth, time for his ass. You an ass virgin boy?”

“I never had sex of any kind, Sir,” replied Brian.

“Hear that Henry, you’re his first. He will remember you forever. Ok boy, crawl over here.”

Jamal directed Brian to drape his upper body across the end of an old army cot, put in the cell to handle the overcrowding.

“Put your arms up on the cot as far up as you can. Grab the sides and don’t let go or we’ll whip your ass good. Spread your legs as wide as possible.” Ordered Jamal.

Reaching over to a beat up table next to the sink, Jamal got a bar of hand soap, rubbed up a lather and started smearing it on Brian’s butt crack. Every once in a while he would stick a soapy finger in Brian’s ass to lubricate him inside and out. Jamal repeated this several times until Brian’s ass was slick.

“Henry, since you’re already done for now, straddle the cot and hold his wrists so he stays put.”

With his already lubricated fingers, Jamal pushed in his index finger and then his middle finger. There was a lot of resistance with the middle finger and it went in slowly but it was obvious to Jamal it wasn’t the first time.

“You’re tight boy but this is not the first time you’ve had something up that hot hole, is it? Asked Jamal.

“No Sir, the sergeant had his fingers up there earlier checking for drugs,” gasped Brian.

“Well, he didn’t stretch you too bad so I’ll forgive you for lying to me.” Jamal pulled his middle finger out and put his other index finger in along side the other one. Jamal began pulling outwards with both hands, stretching the hell out of Brian’s tender hole. Brian whimpered at the burning pain but wisely didn’t protest. Jamal inserted the middle finger of one hand along with the others and continued to stretch. Now, Brian was really hurting and couldn’t help himself. He began begging Jamal to stop. He was being ripped apart.

“You’ll be thanking me and kissing these fingers later after Nat gets his monster in there, even more when Frank busts your butt.” Jamal pulled all of his fingers out to soap them again.

Thinking his ordeal was over, Brian sighed in relief. “Thank you, Sir.”

“We’re not done yet fool, we’re just starting.” Jamal started where he left off last time, inserting three fingers then four, pulling outwards and rotating his hands together, first clockwise the counter clockwise and back to ream Brian’s tight virgin ass. The whole time Brian was puffing like a steam locomotive on a steep grade, trying not to yell and piss off the ruthless man.

After he was satisfied that Brian was ready and would survive the fucking of his two largest lieutenants, he stepped back and turned Brian’s hot soapy ass over to Nat.

“OK, Nat, your turn. When you fuck that hot ass, don’t tear him up too much, everyone wants a shot and it’s only 1 PM. Brian isn’t due for his hearing until late morning tomorrow. It’s going to be long day and night so be sure there is something left when you’re done. Cum in his ass, the others can use it for lube.”

Nat positioned himself between Brian’s wide spread legs and plunged his huge 9 inch dick into the hot wet hole of the virgin white boy. He didn’t stop the plunge until he was balls deep. Brian, couldn’t hold back and screamed in pain. The other prisoners yelled insults at the poor former virgin, happy it wasn’t them.

Jamal smiled and his cock began to stiffen for the first time in ages.

Brian’s day as a pussy boy had begun at last.

The five men would fuck him and force him to suck their cocks and the cocks of Jimmy and the happy men in the adjoining cells until well into the night. At meal times they threw a blanket over him to hide his increasingly filthy condition, telling the knowing sergeant Brian had an upset stomach and wasn’t hungry.

Finally around 4 AM, they tired of their sport, leaving Brian, sprawled on the cot, a river of cum leaking out of his ass, running out of his nose and down his chin. His hair was sticking together from cum and spit like it had been moussed.

At the end they had put him on his back with his head hanging over the end of the cot while they repeatedly fucked his mouth. He couldn’t swallow it all. He couldn’t even close his mouth so it all just ran across his face, into his eyes and nose, and onto his hair.

After his hair could hold no more, the combination of cum and spit had formed a wedge shaped curtain running from his forehead across to the crown and down to the floor like a frozen waterfall. He looked like a male version of a cover for a “Gag Factor” DVD.

He was exhausted. Smiling, he passed out, happy they were finally done with his sore filthy body. He had survived! Around 6 AM, the sergeant came into the cell block to wake everyone up. When he saw Brian’s cum covered state, he grinned widely and started counting the money he would get for the surveillance tapes. There were web sites that would pay a fortune for even a small piece of that day and night homosexual orgy.

He had watched the beginning and end. The great thing was that it was obvious that Brian was not being forced, he had cooperated with every order, ever command, just like he was a lifelong cock sucker and butt fucker, a boy toy. Even better was the smile on his face at the end. He looked like a well fucked pussy boy, happy in his work.

Brian’s Sleepwalking Adventure Pt. 08

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This story contains scenes of spanking, forced homosexuality and oral sex as well as other erotic themes involving adult men of college age or older. If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now. All persons, names, places, events, and descriptions, are purely fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons, names, places, events, or descriptions, is totally unintentional and a pure coincidence This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission. Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice. The author would appreciate your comments — pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.


It was Monday night at the Gym and three young college men sat in the Coach’s office, silently while another paced, agitated. The other three were still and somber while the fourth was excited and smiling.

Matt was thinking, I’m screwed, I am going to be a pimp and prostitute’s bouncer because I was a drunken bastard and screwed up one of my Fraternity brothers. He’s in a lot of trouble and it’s my fault. If I don’t go along, I’ll be a prostitute as well, and might get beaten to death and raped too.

Mark was thinking, I’ve got to leave town or something, I have screwed up now. I will lose my scholarship and get arrested and jailed, just like Brian. We’re sure to get caught by the police. Even if the authorities don’t find out, the brothers will and they will beat the crap out of me and the asshole who talked me into screwing with Brian that night. My life over.

Bruno was apprehensive. He was deep in the closet. He had a crush on Brian after he saw what a great athlete he was, how hard he worked, how beautiful he was and how nice he was to everyone. At first he was mad at the man who had humiliated his former team and so obviously used drugs to help him do it. Now the man he loved most in the world was in trouble and his asshole former Coach had asked him to help fuck him up some more. He had to take the job to try to save Brian, even though Brian would never know why. Bruno had no money and didn’t know anyone. What could he do, how could he help Brian get free? All he knew was he had to try.

Luke, completely unaware of what had happened at the Jail and what the coach was up to, was just happy his Uncle Joe had arranged for him to punish Brian and humiliate him for the next year and tonight, in front of his old team and a couple of Brian’s buddies. That would fix that cheating bastard!

Luke’s cell phone rang. The excited Luke listened and flipped his phone closed. “That was the coach. They’re on their way. I thought that pervert was a homo, he’s naked and he’s going to suck the coach’s cock all the way!”

Bruno’s heart almost stopped, his massive fists clenched!

Matt and Mark cringed, Brian wasn’t a homo. Everyone knew he was a straight virgin!

Luke grinned like he had just won 20 million in the lottery.


Meanwhile, Brian was naked except for his dog collar decorated with a big pink ribbon and another pink ribbon tied tightly around his package.

He was sucking the long thin cock sticking out of the coach’s smelly crotch.

The coach was taking him to the Gym for further humiliation.

The beginning of a life of sin and degradation had begun.

Brian’s ass was raw from the rape in the jail, his lips were chapped and his neck was sore from all the throat fucking he had endured the night before. Yet, Brian was feeling a thrill of excitement, adrenaline was pumping through his veins.

He shouldn’t be excited by this “fate worse than death” but his pencil dick was as hard as a rock, throbbing and leaking from the visions of depravity the coach had painted for him in the court parking lot.

Brian was sucking the coach’s cock like the pro the coach was going to make him.

The gang from the night before had trained him well and he was feeling a sort of victory about the moans and groans he was causing in the coach.

Brian was kneeling in front of the passenger front seat, his head in the coach’s lap, stroking the coach’s cock with one hand while he balanced himself with his other hand.

While he sucked and licked the coach’s cock, the coach would periodically reach over and slap Brian’s ass firmly to encourage him.

They had been riding along for nearly 20 minutes.

The relatively light but continuing spanking was making the endorphin’s build and Brian was starting to float.

The endorphins were making the pain in his ass fade.

The combination of the endorphins and the strong manly smell of the coach were making Brian feel really good!

Brian mind started to drift, his lips and tongue in automatic.

He knew he had to get out of this situation. If he didn’t, the perfect life he envisioned when he got his scholarship would be over. Any sort of worthwhile life would be over.

His parents would disown him if they knew what had happened, even though it was not his fault he had been kidnapped and later framed.

His Minister, a hard liner, would expel him from the church for being a sodomite.

With no powerful friends and no money, what could he do? Where could he go?

Then, after a particularly hard strike from the coach, he snapped out of his endorphin haze. It was like he had been struck by lightening.

His Uncle Knute!

Chapter 14

Knute’s family rarely spoke of him, even then in unflattering terms. Brian’s Mother had disowned her brother. Brian’s religious Father called him the spawn of the devil.

Brian didn’t feel that way. He was proud of his Uncle, even though he could barely remember him. The last time he had spoken to him was during a brief visit in 1992, just after the first Gulf War. Every birthday there was a card, a short note of affection and a hundred bucks!

His Uncle had been 30 in 1991. Unlike Brian, Knute was brilliant but without formal schooling. With his hard work and using his brilliant mind, he had rapidly risen to the rank master sergeant.

During the first Gulf War, Knute was assigned to covert operations. His small team of tough young Green Berets had been dropped deep behind the lines in Iraq to coordinate NBC and Scud missile air strikes.

Knute had a facility for languages like many Green Beret and that was what got him noticed and recruited by that elite force. He could speak Arabic, French, Hebrew and several other languages used in the middle east. He had learned French in High School and the Army had found to their pleasure, that he could rapidly learn new languages.

Knute used his intelligence and gift to get the best out of himself and his teams.

He looked nothing like Brian except he was almost as tall. He was 6 foot 2 inches tall with black hair, coal black eyes, and weighed about 175 pounds. Knute was hard as steel but slender. Except for his pale skin, he looked like he was a native of the Middle East.

Knute’s team was very successful finding targets and they even captured some important prisoners. One was a highly placed member of the Iraqi Secret Police.

The man was no fan of Saddam but like most still decent successful men in Iraq, he did what was necessary to survive. He was an expert interrogator and skilled at getting information from the men who were trying to defeat Saddam from inside and out but he did it without the brutal techniques of his less patient and sadistic colleagues. He knew the techniques from his training but also knew that they were less reliable than sensory and sleep depravation, withholding protein, close contact nudity with other male prisoners as well as other more subtle tools.

During the short time that Abdul was a prisoner of Knute’s team, he developed a healthy respect and admiration for the hard brave American. Expecting torture and death, instead, he was treated professionally and fairly. After being turned over to US Army intelligence and largely due to Knute’s behavior, he defected, finally free of the mad regime of the Dictator. After the war, the Dictator had lashed out, torturing and killing many of his subordinates, blaming them for his failure. Knute had saved his life and Abdul knew it.

As a result of the huge success of Knute’s patrol and his obvious value as a covert operator, he was noticed by the CIA and recruited to work the Middle East. He left the Army and lead a successful but completely secret life as a covert agent, repeatedly promoted and given more and more power to get the job done. A very valuable man in their human intelligence poor service, he had the full confidence of the higher ups.


Brian had his head buried in the coach’s musky crotch, his nose frequently tickled by the coach’s wiry black pubic hair as he periodically plunged down the full length of the coach’s long thin cock.

Over the 25 minute trip, the coach had Brian keep him on the edge.

Finally the coach was approaching the school and he ordered Brian to make him cum.

Fearing more punishment or return to jail and the gang, Brian did as ordered, sucking, licking and stroking for all he was worth.

The coach’s balls tightened, the precum flowed and his ass raised up to momentarily trap Brian’s head against the wheel, almost causing the van to crash.

The coach strained to force his ass back down to get control of the van, then, jet after jet of hot thick cum shot out of the coach’s cock, at first striking Brian in the back of his throat. Over the long trip, the coach had built a massive load.

At first, Brian couldn’t swallow fast enough, initially choking, coughing on the first stream, the thick white cum spilling out of his nose and lips, into the coach’s hairy crotch.

Finally, Brian got control and caught up, greedily swirling his tongue around the head of the coach’s cock, polishing the head and gathering cum like a starving cat, licking up the best cream.

Brian was beginning to like the taste of cum!

Slowing, to avoid an accident, the coach’s van slowly approached the Gym parking lot and pulled into his reserved space, a small shed next to the Gym used to store outdoor maintenance equipment.

Chapter 15

The coach turned off the ignition and totally relaxed. That was one of the best orgasms he had ever had. He had a gold mine in Brian. This was going better than he hoped.

Still suckling on the coach’s cock, Brian too was coming down, embarrassed and humiliated that he had enjoyed sucking another man’s cock.

Finally recovered, the coach grabbed Brian by an ear and firmly pulled him off of his shrinking and now tender cock.

He opened the driver’s side door and slid out facing the interior of the car with his fly still open. He reached down to zip up and found his fingers got wet from the cum spilled in his crotch. Angry that Brian had been sloppy and his pants might get wet and stained, he ordered the snorting Brian out of the Van.

“Get out here cocksucker, on your knees and clean up this mess,” he said, dropping his pants and shorts.

Brian quickly slid over, jumped out and kneeled on the cold pavement. He looked around trying to figure out how he could do as ordered.

“Lick up the cum running down my leg and on my balls. Suck the cum out of my pubic hair and lick my cock off. Don’t spend all day doing it!” Ordered the irate coach.

They made quite a picture, the big coach standing in his reserved space, shed door still open, his pants around his ankles while a big naked jock licked his cock and balls.

Brian couldn’t believe what the coach was forcing him to do. What if someone came along or drove by?

“That’s enough cocksucker,” said the coach.

The coach turned around, bent over slightly with his legs spread. “Get your slutty tongue on my ass and clean the cum off my asshole. I can feel it running down.”

Disgusted and retching from the strong smell, but afraid to refuse, he started to lick the coach’s ass crack.

“Deeper asslicker. Get in there and tongue my asshole,” ordered the coach.

Brian wiped the flat of his still cum covered tongue, up and down the coach’s hairy ass, running it over his sticky asshole on each long swipe. It tasted bitter and smelled worse. Still he did it over and over until there was no taste or smell at all.

Despite the pleasure Brian’s tongue was giving him, the coach looked at his watch and decided it was time to go in. Brian could finish up later and learn to suck his hot asshole when he took care of the rest of the team and the probation officers.

Coach pulled up his shorts and pants. While he buttoned up and tightened his belt, he pointed to a threadbare pair of oil stained work coveralls that hung on a hook next to the exit door. “Put those on pervert. We can’t have you wandering the halls in your uniform.”

The coach knew that the four probation officers were waiting in his office and the team would be back at school in time for the 6 PM party. This should be fun.


The coach, with the frightened Brian close behind, entered the coach’s office.

Instead of the four probation officers, only Bruno remained.

While Brian and the coach were on their way back, everything had changed.

When Luke announced that Brian was a homo and was sucking the coach’s cock, Bruno had flipped out.

“What the hell are you talking about,” hollered Bruno. “Brian’s a straight virgin.”

Looking at the two fraternity men, Bruno hollered, “What the hell happened Saturday night.”

Matt and Mark, big men but still intimidated by the massive enraged Bruno, stumbled and stammered out how Brian had sleep walked into the Living Room and stripped, tried to curl on the couch they already sat on and freaked them out. They explained they were drunk and how they had taken the sleep walking Brian to North Central and left him in Luke’s Laundromat, nude. They pleaded that they had really screwed up and admitted they were stupid assholes to try to calm the irate monster. They choked out that now the coach, with the help of Luke’s Uncle Joe, were blackmailing them to help the coach turn out Brian as a male prostitute and gay porn star. They explained that tonight’s activities were going to be secretly filmed like the video of the jail rape and sold along with more films planned for the University football team. They wanted to help Brian but were afraid of the coach and his brother the Judge. The coach had threatened they would be arrested for conspiracy to commit a sex crime and taken to jail to be raped like Brian.

Stunned, Luke couldn’t believe it. He had interrupted their story over and over, not believing what he and his Uncle were involved in. They just wanted to humiliate Brian a little, not enslave him. Not only was it real wrong, if it came out, it would ruin his whole family.

Finally, Bruno calmed down enough that Matt and Mark were no longer afraid of getting beaten to death by the massive football player. Brian raped, videos of it, more planned of the high school and University football team, prostitution? Jesus Christ, Brian was in a whole lot of trouble and now, so were they all.

Bruno told Matt and Mark to go back to the University. Somehow, he would see to it that Brian got back to the house. He told Luke to go home, but not call his Uncle and tell him what was going on in case he was in on it. Protesting his Uncle’s innocence, he finally agreed when Bruno convinced him that Luke’s Uncle was better off not getting further involved for now.

Everyone left except Bruno. He sat down heavily, his head down, eyes covered with his massive hand, tears streaming out. He tried to think.

After a about 15 minutes of not thinking of any long term solution, he called the team captains and told them the team meeting was off and would be rescheduled. He needed time to think of a solution. He would tell the coach that Brian had to be back right away to explain what had happened to the University coach or he would be suspended from the team for skipping Sunday and Monday practice with no explanation. Bruno figured the coach wanted Brian on the team so he could get the video of them gang banging him.

Ten minutes later, the coach came in and Bruno explained he had cancelled the team meeting for the coach and sent the rest home because Brian couldn’t attend. He explained that the coach could have another meeting next Sunday, a better time since the school would be empty and it would give the coach more time to set things up. He added, it would give Bruno more time to smooth things over with the University coach. He agreed to drive over the frat boys and Brian whenever the coach wanted them back on Sunday.

Disappointed but seeing the sense of it, he turned Brian over to Bruno and starting making calls, dismissing them both.

Bruno grabbed the confused but relieved Brian by the upper arm and marched him out of the coach’s office to his truck.

Chapter 16

“Brian, you’re in a whole lot of trouble. I just literally saved your ass back there.” Said Bruno, softly.

Brian started sniffing, trying not to cry. “I can’t believe my life has been destroyed in three days. I didn’t do anything to deserve this. What am I going to do Bruno?”

“You asshole, you took steroids and cheated Luke out of his scholarship. God’s punishing you for your selfishness and for being a lazy jerk off.”

“I know I screwed up in High School but I haven’t taken steroids in a couple of years. I have been working hard since, trying to make it without them,” blurted out Brian.

“I know, I have been watching you. I really like you but I don’t know how to help you. Do you have any money, know anyone that can help us out of this mess you’ve made? Coach is a more powerful man than I imagined with the county Judge his brother, hooked up with big time criminals and with the officers of the jail and county cops against you, I don’t know what to do?” Said Bruno. “We can’t let the coach film you having sex with minors on the high school team or with the men on the University football team. He’ll blackmail us all for the rest of our lives.”

“My Uncle Knute might be able to help. He works for the government in Virginia and told me if I were ever in trouble to call him. I have his number back at the house.” Offered Brian.

“Well, it is better than nothing. What does he do?” asked Bruno, hopefully.

“I don’t know but he was a decorated Green Beret in the first Gulf War. Maybe he knows someone that can help.” Said Brian.

They rode back silently the rest of the way, both trying to figure out what to do, each hoping the other would think of a solution and somehow Brian’s Uncle could help.

When they got to the Fraternity, Brian snuck in and packed a bag, got his address book and class books and returned to Bruno’s truck. Brian would stay with Bruno while they figured out what to do.

Bruno helped Brian up to his apartment and told him to get out of the overalls. He didn’t want them to stain his furniture. Bruno didn’t know what Brian was wearing or not wearing underneath. While Brian was undressing, Bruno went into the bathroom and took a shower, returning with a towel wrapped around him to tell Brian it was his turn.

There in front of him was a nude Brian, clothed only in his collar and ribbons. Stunned, Bruno froze in place. Before him was the fulfillment of all of his fantasies. Brian was dressed like a birthday present, just for him. He couldn’t help it, his eight inch long and almost two inch in diameter cut cock was stirring and growing. Almost instantly, it was at full mast.

Brian couldn’t miss the large cock tenting the thin towel. Knowing his salvation rested with his friend the huge football player, he instinctively knelt down with his hands behind his back, head down.

Bruno asked, “Do you know what you’re about to do? Are you doing it because you have to or want to?”

You Lose. Now… Ch. 03

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When I finally did see Shelly again, I did not think the threatened spanking would occur. Karen and I were spending a long weekend at her mother’s cottage near the lake, and Shelly and Alan were coming too. I always liked Annie, a fun woman who looked younger than her fifty-two years, but I never imagined that she was into the kind of fun we’d been enjoying.

The accommodations were not conducive either. Annie’s place had only two small bedrooms, so one couple would have to use the sofa bed in the main room, which was a combined living room, eating area and kitchen. A deck with a hot tub was just out a sliding door from this room, and it was in view of the one neighbor’s cottage, so it too lacked any real privacy.

Because we arrived later than Shelly and Alan, that sofa bed was ours. After a late dinner, Karen and Shelly seemed ready to turn in earlier than I expected, so we all began preparing for bed. Unexpectedly, Karen said, “We can change in here,” and ushered me into Shelly and Alan’s room.

I was wondering how we’d keep quiet enough not to be heard by Annie. Shelly told Alan to get ready for bed, and Karen told me the same. Neither of us knew what our wives were up to. As if to get us moving, the two of them started to change clothes, stripping down to their underwear. They then made us turn our backs so we couldn’t see anything as they finished changing.

When they allowed us to face them again, they told us to hurry up. While Alan and I started to undress, Karen left the room. Again, we didn’t know what was up, but we continued taking off our clothes until we were both down to our underpants. Mine were rather skimpy briefs. Alan still favored boxers, so I felt a bit more exposed.

I had no idea how exposed.

Karen returned, saying everything was ready and we should go out into the other room. I figured she meant that the bed was made up, but I was still wondering why we had come in this room in the first place.

Walking out, I was in for a shock. Annie was there on a chair next to the bed, in her nightgown and robe. She looked equally surprised at my state of undress. At a loss for words, I just wanted to get under the sheets, but at the same time I was hesitant to move closer to her. Although she was staring at me, she also looked amused.

Her expression changed again, and I’m sure mine did too, when Shelly snuck up behind me, grabbed my pants by the waistband, and yanked them down. Immediately, I put my hands over my penis, and just as quickly, Shelly slapped my bottom hard.

“You know where those hands go.”

Another hard spank and I got the message. My surprise and embarrassment were complete when Shelly had me step out of my pants. I did not feel better about being nude in front of them when Alan was called out of the room and similarly stripped by Karen, except she didn’t need to spank him to get his hands up and on his head. Side by side, he and I made quite a show.

Shelly said, “See, mom, we told you these guys were naughty.”

“I don’t know about naughty, but I see plenty,” she laughed. “Did that spank leave a mark?”

“Turn around, pal,” Karen told me. I turned to allow Annie to inspect my bottom.

“Yes, I think it does show a little red there. Alan, turn around too so we can see if there’s a difference.” Annie seemed to get right into the scene and enjoyed it. “Okay, turn again and let us look at those penises again.”

“Didn’t I tell you they’d like it?” Shelly remarked. “They’ll be even bigger after their nightly spankings. Want to do the honor since we’re in your home?”

There had been no bets, and I’d never heard about any so-called “nightly” events. Even so, I was excited to have another woman, and an attractive one at that, in on our game.

So I was happy to hear Annie reply, “Sure, I’ll take them over my knee.” With that, she got up briefly to remove her light robe, and I could see dimly through her gown, the shape of her breasts, her nipples, even a hint of pubic hair in teasing glimpses.

Shelly took hold of my penis to lead me to her, and Annie held it briefly as well before guiding me over her lap and clamping it between her legs. The ten spanks stung only a little. I was concentrating more on the feel of her legs.

As Shelly predicted, my penis was fully erect when I stood again. Annie gave it one more squeeze before Karen led Alan by the penis to her for his spanking, leaving him fully, if not equally, erect. Other than letting us stand there for several minutes, nothing else happened that night while we were together in the room. Left alone when the others retired to their rooms, Karen and I made love wildly. We might have been heard, especially given the fact we could hear similar sounds from Shelly and Alan’s room.

The next morning was casual again, which meant that the women came to breakfast in their sleepwear while Alan and I remained nude. At least the three of them seemed unconcerned about gaping necklines. It was not much consolation, though, because any views were very brief and teasing.

For the afternoon, the plan was to go out on the lake. Of course, Alan and I had to dress somewhat normally in order to leave the house, so we were all in swimsuits. That didn’t last, though. Annie had a pontoon boat on which we could picnic, lay in the sun, and go swimming. She found a secluded cove for us to anchor in, and announced, “I’ve been coming to this spot for years, and I can promise you that there’s no reason to be shy here.”

As she said this, the three women were looking at Alan and me expectantly. We did not take long to understand what was expected and we both pulled off our trunks. “That’s better,” Annie said. “I think I’ll get some sun too.”

You might imagine that we were all a little stunned to see Annie untie her top and let it fall. Her breasts were as big as oranges and were heavy enough to sag somewhat on her chest. The evenness of her tan suggested that she had been sunning topless before.

For Alan and me, the reactions caused by the sight of Annie’s breasts were the obvious ones that everyone could see. The reactions of Karen and Shelly were something else. They simply gawked and giggled at their mother’s bravado as well as at our nudity. The giggling stopped when Annie asked, “What’s keeping you two from getting into the spirit of things?” Neither made any move, and Annie continued, “If I understand correctly, these guys have already seen ‘em, so get ‘em out and get ‘em tanned.”

Karen went first. She smiled at all of us as she answered her mother’s challenge, facing us as she untied her top and slipped it off. A red blush covered her chest, and her dark nipples looked hard.

Shelly had little choice then, but she turned away to remove her top. “I said no reason for shyness,” Annie reminded her, and Shelly finally turned to face us. Her chest also showed a blush, but her nipples were warm and wide.

At Annie’s suggestion, we all began helping each other with sunscreen. The women took charge of this activity again. Annie helped Shelly ensure that no part of my body was unprotected. I leaned on the rail, as instructed, and Shelly took the opportunity to finish the job by giving my bottom a couple of spanks. Annie then went to help Karen cover Alan in similar fashion, right down to the finishing spanks. Neither of us, however, was allowed to rub lotion onto the other’s wife. Annie took a little pity on us and let us put some on her back. Shelly took a picture, and Annie liked the idea of being photographed with two nude attendants.

Our erections settled down while we ate lunch and enjoyed the warm sun. Soon enough, though, the day felt hotter and drove us into the water. I’d never been skinny dipping before, and the sensation was great. Away from the boat a bit, I had the chance to talk with Karen privately, and she squeezed my penis under the water and said excitedly, “I can’t believe how much I’m enjoying having you two guys naked around us. I’d forgotten how cool it was when Sheila let me see her boyfriend’s body. How you doing, pal? Having a good time?”

I didn’t really have to answer her since she could feel how excited I was. Even so, I told her, “I never knew how much fun it could be to let others see me nude.”

“Really? I figured you were going to say you were having a good time because Shelly and Mom were showing their breasts.”

“Well, I like seeing them too, and to be truthful, I get more excited from seeing your nipples exposed to the others. That and the fact that I’m naked are what makes this day special.” She kissed me sweetly before swimming back to the boat.

Alan and I didn’t care that much about tanning, so we were in the water more while the women worked on their tans. Talking to him, I found out he felt pretty much the same as I did. “Seeing Karen topless is a dream come true,” he said, “but, damn, seeing Shelly take her top off about made me come right there on the boat. And then having Karen and Annie looking at and touching me all over, damn, I about came again.”

We were interrupted when a lake patrol boat approached. I thought it was fortunate that the lake was by no means clear and I could safely stay in the water. Karen and Shelly, on the other hand, were scrambling to cover themselves with towels. Annie remained calm. “Don’t worry, it’s my good friend, Jill.”

Sure enough, the patrol boat pulled alongside, and the middle-aged woman in uniform greeted Annie with a hug. Looking at Karen and Shelly, who had relaxed their grip on the towels, she asked, “Are these the two daughters you told me were coming to visit?”

“Yes, that one’s Shelly, and Karen’s her bigger sister. But I guess I should say her older sister since she certainly ain’t bigger. Hard to believe they’re mine, isn’t it? Oh, well, their husbands seem to love them.”

Jill laughed and said, “Don’t let her tease you two. At least your nipples are not headed for your waistline like Annie’s and mine.”

Then Annie called, “Hey, you guys, come meet my good friend and neighbor.”

Alan and I swam a little closer to the side of the boat, but Annie came to the ladder with towels, as if she expected us to get out of the water. Karen was smiling at me and wasn’t trying to get me off the hook. Shelly was telling Alan to be a gentleman and greet Jill properly. I went first. When I came up the ladder, Annie stepped back so that I could not grab the towel without stepping on the deck. My penis was partially erect, despite the cool water, and Jill looked approvingly and came forward to shake hands before I could reach for that towel. By then, it hardly mattered, so I simply stood there nude while Alan followed me onto the boat. The water had affected his penis more, but Jill and the others made no sign that they didn’t enjoy seeing his shriveled penis. And then it didn’t stay shriveled for long once it was warmed by the sun

Jill had some tea and talked with us for a while. I thought it was a little strange that all of us except Jill were fully or partially nude, and that sense was only heightened by the fact that she was a taller woman and wearing a uniform. Everyone acted as if nothing was odd, though, and Jill assured us that nudity was okay as long as it was out of sight of the regular tourists. When she left, Annie invited her over to the cottage for that night. “We may be moving this party to the hot tub later, so dress casually.”

Jill answered, “I’ll be there. And did you say ‘undress casually,’ or is my hearing going bad?” They laughed, and Jill added, looking at Alan and me, “I’ll be seeing you again.” Thoughts of the hot tub and Jill undressing made my penis stiffen a bit, as if to wave goodbye to her.

We stayed out a couple hours more. Back at home, we took turns getting in the shower. Annie had the privilege of going first, and she called to Karen when she was done so we could go next. When I followed Karen into the bathroom, I was in for another surprise. Annie was standing next to the shower, putting her towel over the towel bar before getting her robe. Which is to say that she was nude. I saw her from behind only for a couple of seconds until she put on her robe. She didn’t seem upset when she turned to leave.

“Enjoy the view?” she giggled, and she paused at the door to pull my trunks off for me. “I’ll pretend that these actually got wet and hang them on the line outside,” she laughed and then left after giving my bottom a light slap.

Karen laughed once we were alone. “We may not have the same bra size, but we are really mother and daughter in some ways she doesn’t realize.”

We were together in the shower, and I asked, “What do you mean?”

“That little scene was almost a replay of something I did years ago. I never told you all the details, but that time Sheila brought her boyfriend to our place, he wasn’t the only one walking around nude.”

“I know. You said Sheila left the bedroom door open and then left the bathroom door open the next morning while they showered.”

“Well, pal, I left out the detail about my shower. I had to get to class and couldn’t wait until they were finished. They were at the sink, laughing about how brushing their teeth was sexier when naked. I came in with my robe on, trying to act nonchalant and not stare too much. Sheila just watched me in the mirror, but her boyfriend turned to see what I’d do.”

She paused. Her hands were washing my erection. “So what did you do?”

“I dropped my robe, looked over my shoulder at the guy and his hard-on, stepped into the shower, and pulled the curtain shut.”

“So he saw your bottom?”

“Yes. And I guess that doesn’t bother you.” She was stroking my penis more.

“No, I like imagining the scene.”

“The play wasn’t over then. They dawdled so that they were still in the bathroom when I wanted to come out of the shower.”

“What did you do then?”

“I peeked around the edge of the curtain. Sheila’s expression told me she was daring me to do it. I didn’t want to look like a chicken, so I stepped out, grabbed my towel, and dried off as quickly as possible.”

“Facing them or turned around?”

“Facing them. Well, sort of. I didn’t turn around, but I didn’t really face them in the sense of look them in the eyes. But they saw everything, if that’s what you mean.”

“I don’t get it.”

“Well, I was bent over while drying my hair, and I was still bending over and keeping my legs tightly together while drying off, so I was kind of hiding behind my big towel. But when I started to dry my back, I stood up straight, and you know how holding the towel that way makes you stretch. Sheila’s boyfriend just stared and made some comment about my shaved pussy.”

Her story and stroking led me to the edge, and I shot a string of semen over her hands. “Glad to see you enjoyed it as much as Sheila’s boyfriend.”

“He came right there from looking at you?”

“No, but he had a very stiff hard-on. When I finally put on my robe to leave, Sheila offered to let me spank him for his rude comment, I said ‘no thanks’ and just hung my towel over his penis as I walked out.”

We had to get moving so that Shelly and Alan could get cleaned up before dinner. Without even thinking about it, I left the bathroom and went back to the living room nude. Karen soon followed in shorts and a blouse. Annie looked at us and laughed, “Seems there’s some disagreement about whether we’re dressing for dinner.”

By that time, I guess I didn’t mind being nude that much, and with Alan there, I wasn’t the only one without my clothes. Even so, dining nude was made a bit more embarrassing by the fact that Jill, who was indeed Annie’s next door neighbor, came to eat with us. It was okay while we were seated, but Alan and I had to clear the table and bring coffee and tea, and all the women commented on the “good looking busboys.”

After dinner, we moved to the porch. Being outside nude was not a problem there because Jill’s house was the only one with a view into Annie’s backyard. In fact, Jill said, “It’s lucky I bought that place since Annie and I can enjoy the hot tub in private that way. So, didn’t I understand that we all would be getting in tonight?”

Both Karen and Shelly said they didn’t want the discomfort of putting on wet suits again, and Annie replied, “Who said swimsuits were needed?”

I looked at Karen, and she seemed to be considering the possibility, but Shelly said, “No one said they were needed yet, so I’ll say it now.”

“But if you won’t put on your wet suit, you won’t be able to enjoy the warm water and jets. And Jill and I can tell you that the tub feels best without a suit and with a cool drink.”

Alan and I were sent to get the drinks, and when we returned, Annie and Jill were in the tub. Their clothes, including underwear, were set neatly on a chair. I couldn’t see most of their bodies beneath the water, but Annie’s heavy breasts were just at water level, and Jill was seated so that her large breasts were visible. Like Annie’s, they were tanned, but hers were firmer, and her nipples were very light pink.

“Set those down here and join us,” Jill said.

Alan and I got in the tub, but before we could sit, Annie said, “Karen, get the camera and take a picture of us. Jill and I don’t usually have guests in the tub.” When Karen came back with the camera, Annie had Alan and I sit on the edge between them. Karen had us turn and bend over as if to be spanked for another picture, and Jill did in fact slap our bottoms a few times.

“Now, what about you two?” Jill asked after the photo op was over. Shelly was still reluctant, and Karen was sort of following her lead. Even when reminded that she had been topless that afternoon, Shelly would not consider getting in the tub. She pointed out that the four of us already in it were taking up all the room it allowed. Karen looked a little disappointed, but she remained seated in her chair on the deck.

As promised, the warm water was indeed relaxing, and the sight of the older women’s breasts was stimulating as well. I got out once to refresh some drinks, and everyone could see my erection. More stunning, however, was Jill answering a call on a cell phone that was in one of her pockets. Without any hesitation, she stood up, stepped out of the tub, and talked briefly on the phone while standing over the tub facing us. Her tall, lean body was lovely, and her russet pubic hair was thin enough to allow a clear view of her red labia.

When she finished her conversation, Jill said, “I think I’ll call it a night. Annie, you coming over to my place so maybe the girls will have enough room to join their husbands in the tub?”

“Yeah, it’s getting to be that time,” and Annie started to get out of the tub. Once again I saw her well rounded bottom, but this time, she faced us while drying off, and I could see her dense, dark triangle of pubic hair.

She and Jill dried each other’s back, and it seemed that they spent extra time on each other’s bottom. Then they faced each other, and Annie started to rub Jill’s breasts while Jill ran her towel between Annie’s legs. Within moments, they had dropped the towels and were embracing tightly.

Finally turning to us, Annie said, “Didn’t mean to shock you. What did you think us two old ladies would be doing all this time without any decent men in these parts? Besides, a body always likes the feel of another’s hands. Let me show you.”

She reached for me and had me get out and stand next to her, and then she pulled Alan onto the deck next to me as well. Both of us were sporting erections, and Annie surprised us by fondling each. “Feels good, right?”

We both nodded silently. Annie invited Jill to feel us also. “You like that too, don’t you?” And we nodded again.

“So now feel each other.”

Alan and I didn’t move at first. Annie said, “Don’t be afraid. You know they don’t bite.”

I looked to see that Karen and Shelly were watching, dumbstruck but fascinated. Moving slowly, I reached for Alan’s penis. Then he reached for mine.

Webmeets Diary Ch. 02

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Note to the reader: In this diary I will tell the true stories of my sexual encounters that have come about thanks to the Internet. Some more precise details such as names and places will be left out to protect other’s privacy, and mine, and also because they don’t matter, but otherwise I will try to be as accurate and truthful as possible.

After my first experience with Ed, I took a break from looking for meetings through the Internet, mainly because I moved to a different country for a year. For a while I did amuse myself by creating a new account on the site pretending to be a girl, complete with a photo of me from the back dressed in some of my sisters clothes. Unsurprisingly this profile got a lot more responses than my male one, from men of all different ages, so if you’re a woman finding someone to have sex with through the internet is a lot easier than for guys. The trick would be in finding someone who isn’t a weirdo, and finding the meets that would be worthwhile amongst the tens for replies you’d get.

Once I was back in the UK I decided that a year without sex was far too long, so I started working on my real profile again, concentrating on getting some guys to begin with. Fairly soon I started getting some replies, but as despite the fact that I was quite clear in my profile that I couldn’t accommodate, people still kept assuming that I could. One who didn’t though, James, lived in a city not far from my university city, so I told him when I would be back there so we could arrange a meeting. He was 30, so a nearly ten years older than my 21, but from his pictures he looked pretty attractive, and was straightforward in his messages. We exchanged phone numbers, but then for a whole month after I was back within easy reach of him, we still failed to meet.

Finally though we agreed on a Wednesday morning, when I didn’t have class and he didn’t have work. Unfortunately it meant that I had to get up at 7.30 in the morning, but I managed it, taking a shower, dressing in jeans and a jumper rather than my more usual hooded top. I then waiting in my room rather than having breakfast as I didn’t feel like explaining to my housemate, who I could here moving around, why I was up so early on a day without lectures. I left the house and went to catch the train, which took about an hour, during which I slept and fantasised about what we would be doing together soon, trying to get myself aroused enough to overcome the butterflies in my stomach at meeting someone new again. Once at my destination, I sent James a text to ask him where he was, half-hoping he wouldn’t be there, and considering just getting back on the train and going home, but he sent one back straight away saying he was in a silver Clio opposite the station, facing me in fact. Taking a deep breath, I went over to it and got in.

“Hi, I’m Jack,” I said, greeting him.

“Nice to meet you finally,” he replied. “It’s been what, about a month we’ve been meaning to do this? We started making small talk, about the journey up, our two cities, going out, that sort of thing, and I was checking him out, noticing that he was very good-looking, a well toned body, nicely dressed, unlike my very casual gear, even wearing shades.

“You want to go back to my place then, yeah?” James asked suddenly in the middle of the conversation, maybe because I seemed nervous, which was reassuring to me, as he was clearly far more experienced than me, so he could have just taken it for granted that I would do what we agreed.

“Yeah, sure,” I replied, sealing my fate.

He continued driving, finally pulling into a fairly nice estate of semi-detached houses, hardly a car to be seen, and pulling in a drive at the end.

“There’s no one about is there?” he remarked getting out. I followed him quietly as he opened the door and punched in the code for the alarm, then into the kitchen. “Would you like something to drink?”

“Some water would be fine,” I replied, my mouth bone dry as the nervousness, which had been ebbing away, came back full force. He passed me a glass of water, pouring one for himself, and I drank a couple of mouthfuls.

“So what do you want to do?” he asked. This was exactly what I didn’t want him to ask. I was fine telling people my desires on the Internet, but saying them out loud seemed kind of corny. I took another sip of water before replying.

“Well, you know, we’ll see how it goes,” I mumbled.

“Do you want to start down here, or go upstairs?”

“Probably best to go upstairs, I think.” I turned and climbed the stairs, feeling him close behind me, and followed his directions into the first room on the left. It was full of stuff, only a small area of floor free from clutter, and several big mirrors arranged around the place, behind the double bed and next to the door. A little taller than me, he came closer, and not saying a word more, began kissing me, his arms pulling my closer. I put my arms around him, mimicking his moves a bit, squeezing his buttocks and doing my best to tongue him back and return the kiss against his stubble. I began to relax, and decided it was time to take my jumper off. He did the same, and then we resumed kissing, the only sound we made the rustle of our hands over each others clothing, our breath and the occasional wet smack of our lips.

James began pulling my buttocks harder, grinding my groin into his, and then reached around to cup it. I also wanted things to progress, so I took off my T-shirt, and once again he copied me, so now I could feel his strong muscular chest while he felt me up. Grinding into his hand a little, I decided to see what his package was like, as the pictures he’d sent me months before had been automatically deleted and I couldn’t remember what kind of size he had. To my surprise it felt pretty big, and I began to think that finally I was going to be properly filled by a real cock!

Trousers were the next to come off and without the denim in the way, my estimate of the size was proved to be correct by the feel through the fabric of his boxers. Eager to see it for real, I knelt down and pulled his underwear off, releasing a beautiful shaven cock, only semi-erect for the moment, but clearly not much less than two inches thick and a little more than six inches long. To begin with I licked at his smooth balls, taking each in my mouth to suck gently, tracing the shape with my tongue, tasting his skin, but moving my attentions quickly on to his shaft, feeling it harden, circling the head a few times before taking it into my mouth.

I actually had difficulty fitting it in without my teeth touching his skin, but I began sucking and pushing forwards, trying to use my tongue at the same time. James put his hand on the back of my head and began pushing me more down which helped, although it meant some silly sounds got made as air escaped between my lips and his cock, and I could soon tell that his cock was fully erect. Glancing to the side, I could see myself sucking his dick on the mirror, which turned out to be a real turn on. He began thrusting harder, pushing further into my throat so I could no longer really suck and just kept my mouth open, trying not to choke.

When I really was starting to choke I stopped him and stood up, and he took that to mean that it was his turn to go down on me. Pulling my trousers and boxers off, he repeated the ritual, licking my shaft and then peeling back my foreskin. As he began sucking I closed my eyes and really started to relax, resting my fingers lightly on his tanned shoulders and feeling myself grow in his warm wet mouth. His hands pulled at my hips, getting me to thrust at his mouth, which I did, but not as enthusiastically as he had, leaving most of the work to him. It felt real good, but this wasn’t quite what I had been looking forward to for months, so I pushed him gently away and rummaged in my trouser pocket on the floor.

Meanwhile James had sat down on the side of the bed, where I passed him the condom I’d been searching for, and while he was putting that on I got out the tube of KY jelly I’d brought and began smearing it around my arse, before squeezing some into my palm and lubricating his rubber coated cock. Turning around, I was now standing between his legs facing the mirror with my back to him, then holding his hot shaft in my right hand and holding his legs with my left for balance, I bent my knees to lower myself down. I tried to relax my muscles, and guided his head to my rear entrance, pushing to my hips down to get him inside. At first, it stretched me too much, stinging a bit, so before it was all the way in I came up again, but gradually I relaxed more and admitted more of him inside, the slight ache soon eclipsed by the pleasant feeling of being filled.

In order to make things easier for me, James lay back, enabling me to bring my feet up on the bed so I was crouching over him and watching myself in the mirror as I bounced slowly up and down on his cock, holding my balls up out of the way so I could see better. Unfortunately, as I wasn’t used to being in this position, my thighs were not strong enough to keep going for long, so I had to get off. James took the opportunity to get a little bottle of poppers out of the drawer next to his bed and take a sniff, offering me some but I refused. As he was still on his back, I decided to try kneeling over him so I could look down on his smooth chest decorated with tattoos while pushing my arse back to take him inside me again, doing my best to tighten my muscles now rather than relax them. We stayed in this position for a couple of minutes, but even with him thrusting up to meet me it was still going a little slow for what we were both in the mood for, and my attempts at giving him a tighter hole to fuck kept interrupting things each time it forced him out, so I got off once more.

“Let’s try it like this,” I suggested, getting on my hands in knees in the classing doggy stance, and waited for him to get ready. He entered me easily now, and it didn’t ache at all, although I could feel all the way in, pushing against my insides and producing a fantastic sensation. His strong arms pulled my waist back to meet the thrusts of his hips, so I was able to just sink down on my elbows and enjoy him. But this position soon became frustrating as he couldn’t penetrate me as deeply, so once more it was time to change position.

This time James asked me to get on my back and move closer to the edge of the bed. He was still standing, and lifted my legs right up out of the way to push himself inside my arse again. Now he could really start pounding my arse, thrusting deeper and faster, and reaching down I could feel his rigid shaft sliding in and out between my fingers, then I cupped my balls with my hand. As he continued to fuck me at that speed, the sensation began to change from just pleasant to fantastic, a hot feeling rising up into my chest so that I couldn’t help but gasp, even though I was no longer erect it felt like I was about to cum, but the feeling stayed without anything further happening. James bent down over me, supporting himself on his muscular arms, and I arched my back up to meet his lips for a passionate kiss, mostly licking each other’s tongue’s.

“Let me know when you’re near,” I whispered.


“I want you to finish in my mouth,” I said, and grinned to myself that I’d actually said it, and that I’d be able to live out one of my fantasies at last. He continued fucking me, and I tried to tighten my arse around him again, playing with my cock, and then wrapping my arms around his back, feeling his chest, moving my hands down his body as he kissed me and moved above me, until I spread my hands over both his taut firm buttocks, pulling him into me.

“Oh, I don’t want to cum yet!” he said suddenly, and pulled out for a breather. I sat up, cupping and gently squeezing his balls until he was ready. When he was he didn’t lean over me again, staying stood up instead but thrusting even faster, sighing “yeah, yeah”, and then he pulled me right up so only my shoulders we still touching the bed, my legs straight out either side of his neck. He put me down again and started wanking me at the same time, my cock which had been semi-hard most of the time filling out again. I closed my eyes and spread my arms out on the bed, moaning and gasping as his hand on the outside and cock on the inside brought me nearer to orgasm. My breathing suddenly quickened and I gasped loudly, a haze seeming to fill my brain as I came, James still pumping his hand on my dick and my hot spunk splattering all over my chest, engulfed in it for at least a minute.

I’d barely come out of it when he pulled out and took off the condom. I quickly sat up, taking his had cock from his hand and putting it in my mouth. Sucking hard I played with my sticky cock with one and whilst massaging the shaft of his with the other, bobbing my head as fast as possible in response to his gasps of pleasure. Soon I could taste another hot liquid join my saliva on my tongue, and I slowed but sucked harder, enjoying the sound of his moans and the strange sweet taste in my mouth until I noticed no more had come out for a few seconds, swallowing and licking around the head, getting it nice and clean before I finally stopped and sat back.

We looked at each other and smiled, both catching our breath. “Just what the doctor ordered, I think!” James said finally, and we laughed. Not saying anything else, we both cleaned up and got dressed, then he drove me back to the station, making small talk on the way once again. We said good bye and I got out quite quickly. It had been great, but I was feeling a little strange from our abrupt parting. As I was waiting for the train though, I received a text message from him saying: “Cheers m8 that was fantastic, well horny! Hope u enjoyed it 2?” I replied that I had, and since then it our meetings have become a semi-regular thing every two or three weeks.

Christmas at the Office

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Towards the end of every year, since anyone could remember, the advertising firm held a Christmas party for all employees, a warm event in an otherwise unforgiving environment. New York City was a cold place and Christine worked hard to get where she was, especially since she lost her foothold in the modeling business. Caroline had been Christine’s faithful friend through the turbulent time while her modeling dreams evaporated like water on a hot stove. Seeing how desperate Christine became, Caroline offered her an entry-level job in the advertising firm where she was an editor. Graciously, Caroline accepted the position.

Last week, after being employed for two months at the firm, Christine learned that Caroline was dismissed. Caroline sobbed while Christine tried to comfort her. She confessed that she had an affair with a manager. “Fred got drunk again and let us slip that we were seeing each other at the office” she managed to choke out to Christine between sobs.

Frederick McIlheney had been an executive at the advertising firm for the past decade. Between his drunken benders, naps at the office, and casual sex with female coworkers, he managed to irritate everyone at the office with his bad jokes and sexual harassment. Because his family owned the parent company of the advertising firm, he was immune to most things that came his way. The dirty little secret that was Fred was a small stain on the otherwise upstanding company. That’s why everyone loved Christmastime at the office so much. They loved to see his drunken antics at the party. Last year, he had managed to hump an ice sculpture of a nude woman in front of the whole office. On the crotch of his Santa costume remained a water spot that implied that he had peed himself. Christine had seen the pictures.

It was no surprise to see him as his usual miserable self at this year’s party. He even wore a Santa suit, along with several other genuinely merry men and women. Since the advertising company did not allow people to dress up for Halloween, employees used the Christmas party as an excuse. It was not uncommon to see Mrs. Claus wearing a silk teddy with red stockings or an angel modeling her latest white lingerie with wings and the halo. Christine had decided to join in and brought her Ms. Santa outfit. She wore a red velvet bustier with white furry trim, just short enough to show her navel and left everything above the nipple exposed. She also wore the traditional Santa pants and jacket, but with the jacket left open to demonstrate the tan surprise lying underneath. The furry Santa hat crowned her long, sateen dark hair.

Guys had tried to hit on her since she started at the firm, but she had long since mastered the art of dissuading guys to pursue her since high school. That’s why she felt doubly disgusted when Frederick made several passes at her throughout the night. He was too inebriated to understand her gentle, yet clear, hints. She couldn’t bear to think of what happened to Caroline. Still, he would persist with an apparent erection showing through his Santa pants. An idea formed in her head, she looked around quickly for George, when she saw him working the room, she grabbed Fred by the bulge in his pants and, without saying a word, led him to his office upstairs like a dog on a leash. He was still coherent enough to make the trip without falling over, or maybe his tempted penis took over the functions of his brain.

“Ooh Freddy,” she cooed, “I’ve been a bad Ms. Santa this year. Would Santa’s little helper like to come out and show me how it’s done?” She almost broke out laughing, but instead, she turned her impulse to laugh into a very seductive smile. With her back to the desk, she leaned back on it and guided his hands to her hips. “Sweetie, I thought you’d never ask.” He slurred.

He moved closer with his feminine figure, for he was not a big or athletic guy, and used the force of gravity to bend her back over the table when he tried to kiss her. She gracefully ducked out of the way and pushed herself up onto the table. He followed suit and Christine allowed him to climb on top of her. Being between a rock and hard place, she wrapped her left leg around his torso and slid out from under him by ducking under his right arm. She wound up sitting on the small of his back, while he laid down face first on his stomach.

“Wait here, I’m going to go get something. And just to make sure Santa does what Ms. Claus says, I’m going to tie you up.” She looked around the dark room quickly and found some masking tape. She had to hurry so he wouldn’t pass out. She taped his wrists and ankles to the legs of the desk. Christine then returned downstairs and looked for George. She found him over by the eggnog trying to seduce another man. “George, may I have a word with you?” she asked politely. A vicious rumor spread that George was the resident bisexual of the office. He never bothered to confirm nor deny this, so Christine wasn’t at all surprised to hear “Of course I’ll help you out” to her discreetly asked question of “Would you help my friend upstairs find out if he’s gay or not?”

Quickly the two of the found their way back to Frederick’s office. They found him snoring slightly in the darkness, and shut the door quietly. She crawled back up on him, sitting on the small of his back. “Baby, is that you? I’m ready.” Without a reply, she slid back over his legs and pulled the Santa pants down to his knees. She motioned George to come over quietly. Christine slid off Fred and George climbed on the table in a way so he could mount Fred. He undid his pants and pulled out a sizeable penis, while Christine fished in her purse for her cell-phone/camera. He put on a condom and slowly thrust into Fred’s sphincter, followed by a soft pumping motion. Instead of the anticipated screaming from Fred, Christine heard “Ooh, that’s a tight fit.” Slightly puzzled, she snapped a picture with her cell-phone/camera of them in the act, making Fred’s face the more visible of the two, and quietly returned downstairs to the party. Later in the night, George climaxed loudly enough to be heard downstairs in the party.

The next day, she returned to Mr. Frederick McIlheney in the same office. He wasn’t sitting down and said it was due to a bad stomach problem. She confronted him with the picture and the color drained from his face. She threatened: “You can either resign or come out of the closet, but I think you parents would be less upset if you resigned.”

An announcement came two days later that: “Mr. Frederick McIlheney would be leaving the firm after so many years of service to take another offer in San Francisco.” But that didn’t stop Christine. She forwarded the picture to everyone after he left, which created a lot of attention for her. But because Fred made more enemies than friends at the firm, the executives decided she should fill his vacant position, also due in part to her good looks. “Guess it never ends…” she thought when she noticed the male executives leering at her.