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A Different Kind of Sleepover Ch. 02

February 22, 2014 / by gaystory

*To pick up where we last left off. Me, Bobby, Mark, and Sam all had gay sex, for the first time. We’re now just leaving the house to go meet the girls.

“So, do we ever do that again? Like are we all done with that, we’ve had enough experimenting”, I said.

” Fuck no,” said Bobby. “We’ll do it again later tonight, I mean if you’re all up for it.”

“Yea I am, but I bet we can make it better somehow, we’ll think of something.”

So off we went to Trinital Park to meet the girls. We walked, we had to. We all forgot that at one in the morning none of us could be able to drive out with out our cars making too much noise. The park was only like a fifteen minute walk away from the house, and it was a nice night outside, it was like mid 60′s and kind of windy. My cock felt a little bulgy in the cool spring nighttime air. None of us talked on the way over that much. I think we were all probably taking some self time. After all someone was on someone else for the past few hours. I felt right about what I did, but guilty at the same time.

We walked up the path around the tall bushes into the park. The park was huge, and empty of course. Underneath our hoodies we carried two gigantic bottles of booze. It was like 12:45 and the girls were coming at like one, but so were we. We just decided to the get there early, I guess we were just a little excited. What guy wouldn’t be with alcohol, girls, and of course, guys!

The four girls were coming from their own sleepover at one of their houses, I think it was Michelle’s. Michelle is my ex-girlfriend, but we’ve still maintained a great relationship. We had almost two years of dating behind us, it ended in a fight, and my guess is that I was about two more dates away from having sex with her. Mark was the only on of us guys to have sex. Michelle was beautiful. She had an angelic body, with the lightest blondest, most perfect hair ever. Her smell was sensuous and to die for. The other girls were Rachel, Kelly, and Melissa. Rachel is a bitch, but a sexy one at that. She has black hair, and huge tits. She’s from New York, and has a Bronx accent, but not too rough of one, it’s a turn on to me. I don’t know why though. Kelly has blonde hair, she kind of resembles Michelle, but is a good girl. She’s a cheerleader and never had a serious boyfriend. I only found out recently that she’s only done a little bit of touching. She has a very cute, athletically toned body. Melissa is just a slut. All of us four, but Bobby have done a little something with her. She actually has boyfriends for some time, but as soon as he’s gone a new one is there within like a day sometimes. She has a tight ass, and always wears skimpy shorts and stuff. Her top is always loose, and showing cleavage, or it’s so tight, and showing cleavage. When she’s wearing a bra, it’s always a pushup. She wears a ton of make-up, and looks like a cum slut. She’s the girl you can count on at the party to get drunk and make-out with any guy and occasionally a girl.

In the middle of the park is a big playground, with a large jungle jim, that can hold a million kids. We sat on one of the bridges connecting two parts of it. Way of in the park lights, we could see the girls walking closer, but still far away. My cock jumped a little bit thinking about what could happen, and what has already happened. “You know what would be cool, and eight-some with them.” Bobby said. We all laughed, and dreamt. I really hoped to get back with Michelle tonight, at least something with her, but I’d take any of the other girls.

” Hey guys” they shouted.

” So how much do we have”, said Melissa.

” A lot”, I said.

” I stole a bottle from my dad, too”, Rachel announced. So we had even more now. The night looked even better. We sat in a circle on the basketball court ground, and rationed it in the couple water bottles we had.

Thirty minutes went buy and the bottles were going near dry. Everyone was acting so goofy. My senses were delayed like two seconds, and Melissa kept rubbing her hand on Sam’s leg, and putting his on hers. There was definitely some flirting going on between them two and everyone else kept looking at each other.

” Alright now, let’s play truth or dare.”

Yea, she definitely wanted some from someone. “O, I’ll go first”, said Rachel. “Melissa, truth or dare?”


“Which guy here do you most want to give a blowjob to.” Wow, that was a question. I’d be nervous to answer something that big in front of all my best friends, but you know we were all drunk.

” Umm, Sam, I guess.” We all knew that she would probably say that though. If you had seen Sam’s eyes when she said that. They almost bulged out of his head. So it was almost safe to say that he was checked off the list to get something from a girl tonight.

“OK, my turn.” ” Aron, truth or dare.” OK it’s my turn now, and why not go for dare. I mean the truth questions were just as dirty right?


” Give Michelle a hickey on one of her tits!” Holy shit, I haven’t done anything with Michelle in almost a year now. And I certainly haven’t done anything with her when anyone was watching. Gulp. I crawled over to Michelle, nervous as shit. We looked into each other’s eyes, held our breathes, and we both pulled down her shirt on one side, giving everyone a look at her boob. I moved my head in, smelled her perfume on her neck, and kissed my way down from her shoulder to the top of her boob. I licked the nipple, then started to suck on top of it. I sucked and licked for thirty seconds, until I lifted my head up and saw a black circle on her tit. She pulled her shirt back up, but I still sat next to her. We were welcomed back to earth with applause. It was my turn now though.

During our show it seemed that everyone kind of paired up. I was closer to Michelle. Melissa was sitting on Sam’s lap. And the other four were easing their way closer to each other, but hadn’t exactly picked one up yet. “Kelly, what’s your choice.”


” I dare you to make out with Rachel.” This is what I had in mind. Some girl-girl action.

” But, I’ve never done anything like that before.”

” The game’s the game”

Rachel knew that it would take about twenty more minute of bitching and moaning before she would actually do anything so she walked up and smacked her a kiss on the lips. Kelly didn’t resist. In fact, after a couple seconds she pulled off a little and opened her mouth. Their mouths were barely touching, so you could see their tongues dancing together. It was such a beautiful site. Rachel’s kisses were so passionate, and Kelly’s were so virginal. Rachel reached he hand up her shirt and cupped her braless breasts. Her hand accidentally pulled he shirt up, so the part that wasn’t being groped was showing to us. She had definitely developed into a beautiful woman. Rachel’s hand left her tits and rubbed he pussy through her sweatpants. They did this for about two more minutes. Kelly even grabbed Rachel’s tits from the outside, before it was over.

“Since I had to go through that so do others.” Kelly said. I was excited I must say. Maybe Michelle and Melissa were going to get together now. ” Sam, dare.”

” What happened to truth?”, he said.

” We’re not playing that anymore, it’s just dares now.” she said. ” I dare you to give Mark a hand job.” I looked at the girls faces first. None of them gave looks like they were going to hate someone if they actually agreed to it. I bet it was a dream that they all had probably even discussed with each other. I think Sam and Mark did the same thing, because they were going to do it if they accepted them to do it. When all was assured and agreed upon, Mark took off his pants, with the quick help of Kelly basically ripping them off, and sat with his legs extended and open. His penis was practically rising an inch per second. By the time Sam got to him, Mark was standing at full attention. Sam knelt down, between his legs, spit on his hand for lube, and started to rhythmically and slowly pump his cock. He was going faster and faster with each breathe, and a dot of precum was on his dick. Sam was licking his lips then dove his head on top of Mark’s pole. After only half a minute of this he shot all over his mouth. There was so much is was pouring out from his lips onto his chin. He swallowed what he could. Everyone was stunned. Me and Bobby a little less than the girls. ” That was so hot”, Kelly said.

I don’t think that this game is going to last much longer. Everyone was too hot and horny. Everyone had done something in the game for the most part except for Bobby. “Bobby, I dare you to jack yourself off and then cum all over Rachel’s face.”

Bobby stripped completely naked, and ripped at his dick. He wouldn’t last long. No one could last long at these conditions. He was breathing heavily, and moaning too. Rachel had a hand down her unbuttoned jeans. Her face was sweating. She must have been so hot. Especially from what was coming, literally. ” Rachel, Rachel, come closer.” She came within about a foot of his face and closed he eyes and opened her mouth. He released a powerful stream that covered her mouth eyes, nose, cheek, chin, and forehead. She was covered in cum. This was more than I have seen in any porn movie or anywhere. Kelly licked Rachel’s face like a dog, then they both went at Bobby’s pole licking it clean.

“I want you so bad”, Michelle whispered in my ear. I got up and took a condom out of my pocket. I took off her shirt as she took off mine. We kissed each other deeply for a second or two. I unhooked her bra and she took off my pants. She pulled down my boxers as I ripped off her panty free skirt. I got on my knees and licked her pussy, until she was wet. I got up, she got down. She rolled the condom on my dick, he other hand played with my balls. She got up and I picked her up by her ass. Her legs were wrapped around me. She grabbed my dick, and aimed it into he vagina. I pumped with more power and emotion. I was so tired and I laid down with her on top of me, and she did the pumping. She was bouncing up and down so hard. Her tits must have been sore because they were going up and down, and they were so luscious and big. I felt her pussy clench around my dick, as juices oozed out from our love. That sent me over as I shoot my load into the condom and filled it up.

The scene around the hoop turned into a full blown orgy, of both straight and homosexual behavior. Mark was titty fucking Rachel’s tits, while Bobby licked his dick and her tits at the same time. Sam was laying down eating out Melissa’s pussy, while she was eating out the clean shaven one of Kelly, who was sucking Sam’s dick dry.

Michelle and I joined the party of Bobby, Rachel, and Mark. I got up behind Bobby who was kneeling on the ground, and lunged my dick into his ass. Michelle jumped onto Rachel’s head and demanded her to eat it.

I was the first to come and it was all in his ass. It must have felt weird having a dick cum in your ass, maybe I’ll try it sometime. Bobby wasn’t getting anyone jacking him off so I pulled him off to the side a couple of feet and sucked his dick for a little while. Mark came all over Rachel’s tits then he cleaned it all off of her himself. That’s another thing I have to try, my own cum. By this time Sam had gotten up and was drilling Kelly in her virgin ass, at the same time Melissa fingered the shit out of her vagina. She kept toying with her clit making he moan louder than a virgin can.

I was taking every inch of Bobby in my mouth which caused me to gag. I pulled his spit covered dick out of my mouth and smiled showing a little bit of cum in my teeth. I put it back in my mouth and sucked it until I felt his veins really pumping, then I pulled out. I grabbed his dick and aimed his load onto my dick. He shot into my pubic hair, dick, and balls. “Lick it all off.” He got down and kept it all in his mouth. He put his mouth over mine and swapped it into my mouth and had me drink it. I did.

We all laid on top of someone else for a couple minutes, with a couple of us dozing off. We slept for only about a half and hour, then we all put our clothes back on, said our good-byes, and walked back to our respective sleepovers. We walked home leaning on one another for support.

*Stay tuned for maybe another part.

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