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A Fantasy

February 22, 2014 / by gaystory

I walked into the room, stood nervously waiting as you fiddled with the video camera. When you have finished you turn to me, compliment me on the way I’m dressed, then you tell me what is expected of me.

I’m to be your whore, your slut, your slave, I’m yours to do with as you please for the night. That I should expect to be used fully for your pleasure but that I would be punished with a spanking if you feel it is necessary. You ask me if I agree to this.

I feel my legs tremble, partly from the unaccustomed strain of the high heels but mainly from my nervousness. This is only my second time with a man when I have been dressed as a woman and the first time when I am to be spanked.

I drop my gaze to the floor as I reply. “I agree” I hear myself say.

“Good girl. You’re going to make an excellent slut Katie, I’m going to enjoy using you. First though, I’m going to give you a thorough inspection. Come and stand in the centre here where there’s more room”.

I obey on shaky legs, scared but becoming excited at the same time. Your eyes take in every detail of my uniform as you walk around me, my white blouse with the school tie slightly askew, my high heels, the black stockings the tops of which are visible below the hem of my very short black flared skirt.

“Very nice, slut” you comment as your hand slides over my bottom then slips up my skirt to fondle my cheeks. I sigh and push myself against your hand, enjoying your touch but you smile and with a final squeeze, remove it.

“Plenty of time for that later, I haven’t inspected all of you yet. Now Katie, I want you to kneel down with your head on the floor and push your bum up in the air”.

I get into position, all too aware that the short skirt and tiny thong are hiding nothing from your gaze. It excites me to be on display like this, more so when you tell me to slide my knickers down to my stocking tops. I can almost feel your gaze between my cheeks as a physical caress when I am completely open to you.

I am much more relaxed as you inspect me. You kneel behind me for the best view, spread my cheeks further. “Mmmm! nice tight hole, slut. I’ll be loosening that up with my cock later. I’m going to stretch your hole wide open for you. Now let’s see how tight you really are”.

You circle my hole with a finger. I hold my breath as you increase the pressure, your finger probes my entrance and as the sphincter relaxes, slips past it and slides on deep inside me. I exhale as a sigh of pleasure while your finger glides in and out. I feel so wanton, I am now the slut that you wanted, totally into the role and ready to be used in any way.

I groan as you insert a second finger, push back to take the full length.

“Ah, enjoying that are you slut. You like my fingers up you?”

“Yes sir” I reply panting.

“Good because you’ll be getting more later, more fingers too, but now I want to taste you”. You remove your fingers but quickly replace them with your tongue.

You press your face firmly between my cheeks and your tongue darts out to lick and probe my ring. You soon have me squirming against you so you begin to use both fingers and tongue on me until I’m panting and moaning with pleasure.

However, I’m there for your pleasure and not my own so when you finally stop and tell me to take out your cock, I don’t mind. In fact I thrill to be able to finally touch it.

You stand with me kneeling at your feet. I reach out for your fly but you momentarily unbalance me by pulling my face into your crotch. “Rub your face against it first, feel it rubbing against you” You swivel your pelvis and II can feel tour stiffness pushing at me.

Then you allow me to extract it from your clothing. I wrap my hand around the base and inspect it as you so recently did me but you clamp my head with a hand and pull me forward. I obediently open my mouth and take the angry looking head inside, my tongue flickering over it as I begin to suck.

It’s large and very thick so I have trouble at first. It makes me quiver knowing that sooner or later you’re going to force this between my cheeks and I wonder if I’ll be able to take it there either, but soon my jaw loosens a touch and it becomes more comfortable.

You begin to push back and forth from your hips so that you are gently fucking my mouth. I continue sucking and licking, working with my lips and tongue. I know it’s having the desired effect as your breathing speeds, your hips jerk forwards more urgently so it comes as a surprise when you pull me off you and step back.

“Useless” you bark. “Absolutely hopeless. I can see you need a lot more practice but you can do better than that”. You haul me to my feet. I’m hurt by your words, I didn’t think that I was that bad but then it all becomes clear.

“Not good enough slut, I shall have to punish you”.

My mouth goes dry, this was it.

You pull me across to the chair and sit down.. “Now, you whore, I’m going to teach you a lesson. Bend over my lap”.

I awkwardly obey, lowering myself over you until my head is almost touching the floor while my rear is raised right up.

I feel you pull at my skirt, then slide my knickers down until they are again at my stocking tops. I’m scared but also immensely turned on. I daren’t breath and as I feel you move, I clench my cheeks in anticipation of what is about to happen.

The first blow lands with a resounding smack. My head jerks up at the sting but a tingle runs up my spine. Although it hurts, I like it. It is a pleasurable pain. I am more relaxed as the next blow lands.

You take your time at first, alternating the blows to each cheek and I begin to wriggle and squirm in your lap as my bum becomes warm, then hot but you finish off with a flurry of slaps that quickly cover both cheeks and has me hissing at the sting.

When you’ve finished, I desperately want to rub my rear but you won’t allow it. Instead I feel your hands do it for me, roving over my glowing flesh, soothing the tenderness. I push my bottom up as your fingers delve into my crack, finding my entrance there, rubbing and probing.

It slips in easily, my hole still wet with your saliva opens for it and I groan as it plumbs my depths. A second finger joins it as you question me.

“How was that, slut? Did you enjoy that? Your fingers are reaming me. “Did you like being spanked like a naughty little girl?

“Yes sir” I gasp. I like the questioning, it adds a spicy edge to the humiliation of the spanking. “I deserved to be punished”.

“You’ll be getting more later, much more, but that will do for now.”

Your fingers are still firmly embedded between my cheeks, working away and I’m squirming again, loving it.

I think you need to be fucked, don’t you little Katie? D’you want to feel my cock forcing it’s way into your ass, eh?” you emphasise the question with a slap.

My head whips up “Yessir. Please!”

Ask me nicely then slut. A dirty slut should always ask nicely and you are a dirty slut aren’t you Katie? You’re a really filthy slut!”

“Yes sir, I’m a dirty slut, please use me” I revelled in it. “Please fuck my


“Good girl, of course I will but we’ll have to get you ready first. Have to stretch you so you can take my cock, won’t we?”

Your fingers leave me for a second but then began to push back in only, now, a third had been added.

“How about that you slut, d’you want another finger up you?”

“Oh god, yes. Yes please sir. I want another finger…..”

I didn’t get time to finish. You forced them in me, right up to the second knuckle. I pushed back, opening myself a little further, felt them squeeze all the way in. I was panting heavily but it just felt so good to be opened like that, to be stretched and violated. I wanted more, wanted to be totally used and abused. I wriggled on your fingers even though it hurt a little, felt your knuckles grind against my tender buttocks and new that they were as deep as they could go. I was a slut, I still wanted more.

Your fingers twist and turn as you work them in and out, I grunt with each stroke. “Ah! That’s so good” I gabble.

I’m moving about so much now that I’m in danger of falling from your lap so we move to the floor where I prostrate myself for you, my rear raised invitingly.

You burrow your face into my split, nuzzling and licking, tongue hungrily probing my entrance.

You shuffle round beside me, thrust your cock at my face as you reach behind to spear me on your fingers again.

I suck your cock in and start working on you with my tongue, though I’m pretty sure that, no matter how good a job I do, it’s going to earn me another spanking. Pride and slutishness make me do my best and I manage to swallow half your cock before having to back off and bob up and down again.

The heat rises in you. You stab your fingers into me more violently but I know I’m winning, I know you are close to coming. I’m about ready for the final push but before I can do it, you jerk back and hold me off so that I can’t reach you.

“That was better slut but still not good enough. Get up on the bed and lie face down”.

I jump up and scramble onto the bed, hampered by my knickers that are mid thigh. You rip them off me then push me down flat. You splay out my arms, tie each wrist to a bed post. You spread my legs and attach ropes to my ankles so that they are held in that position then you ease my hips up and slide a pillow beneath to raise my bum up.

I’m scared again. Scared and helpless, completely at your mercy but I’m also breathless with excitement. I hear you undress and approach, feel something smooth trail across my buttocks, it feels nice and cool.

A swishing sound and a sharp crack! Herald the start of my punishment but it’s not the spanking I expected. You’re using your leather belt to strap me and it turns me on even more than your hand did. My bottom seems to rise of it’s own accord to meet each blow and although I wince as it lands, I’m still eager for the next. After the first five lashes my bum is on fire, burning furiously but I don’t want it to stop and the fact that I’m helpless and vulnerable adds to the sensations coursing through me considerably. I squirm and twist against my bonds but they hold me fast, captive so that you can have your way.

By the thirtieth stroke my buttocks are white hot and we are both panting heavily as if we had run a five mile race, but you haven’t finished with me yet. You resume the punishment with your hand, spanking me again and again until I’m crying out with each slap but still you continue until I’ve received another thirty blows to my rear. Thirty seems to be the magic number for mercifully it ends there.

There is to be no respite for me though, the sight of my inflamed ass has aroused you. I feel you climb on the bed between my legs, feel your weight descend on me, pushing me down into the soft mattress.

Then your engorged cock is nudging my entrance and I forget my burning cheeks, my whole being is now centred on my tight entrance and the monster that is trying to invade it.

Your voice seems to come from far away ” I’m going to fuck you slut. I’m going to fuck you hard.” You rub your cock up and down my crack as you pant the words at me. “I’m going to split your hole and fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before. D’you want that Katie, d’you want my big fat cock up you?”

“Yes”, a whisper, “Yes, fuck me”.

“Beg me then. Tell me what you want, beg for my cock!”

I can’t help myself, I want it so badly. “Please fuck me. Please…I want your cock, put it in me….Please sir, give it to me, stretch me” I’m babbling, almost incoherent, begging to be impaled. It’s now my whole universe.

I feel your cock at my entrance, feel you start to push. “Take it slut, open up and take my cock”.

I push back, yielding my internal muscles, offering and opening myself to you but you are big, so, so big that it is difficult.

“Oh God, I can’t………”

But I can, you see to that. You bear down with your weight, crushing me to the bed as your cock penetrates by force. I bite down on the duvet, hands clenched like talons as you invade me. The pain is exquisite! I’ve never been stretched like this before, I feel as if I’ve been ripped apart, filled beyond measure.

You pause when the head is in, helping me to adjust to it. The pain recedes to a more manageable level although my head is still pounding and my chest is heaving like a bellows.

After a minute, I try a little experiment, I move very gently against you .I groan but the pain hasn’t increased, quite the opposite, it’s just that I’m so focused on that part of my anatomy that everything seems intensified a hundred fold.

You take my movement as your cue however and start easing into me. The pain returns but it’s not so intense, more bearable so I grit my teeth, try to stay relaxed and bit by bit as you slide in, it gets better. And better!

I am almost fully relaxed by the time I feel your course pubic hair press against my cheeks. I’ve taken all of you and I don’t know how, nor do I care. The important thing is that I have.

“Ahhh! You’re so big, I’m so stretched”

You pull back a couple of inches then press forwards, repeat the movement, begin fucking me gently. You take your weight on your arms, releasing me, so that we are connected only at your groin by your cock. “Is that nice Katie, do you like it now I’m up you?”

Your slow thrusts are lengthening as I reply “God yes”

I feel as if I will choke on your cock as it slides in. “It’s so, so good. Please, don’t stop…..don’t…” I lose breath for a second as you hilt me “Don’t stop. Fuck me, please fuck me!”

You pull back so far that you almost slip out but you drive forward with perfect timing, burying yourself in me to the hilt. My back arch’s with pleasure as you continue the long deep strokes, your entire length impaling me. The feeling is indescribable, I’d never have believed it could be this good. I try to urge you on but only manage a garbled litany “So good…fuck….oh yes , fuck me, harder…..slut, fuck me like a slut” I beg.

You take me at my word, ramming yourself in, gripping my hips tightly to pull me onto your thrust. “Ahh! yes, yes. Fuck me , fuck me harder. Harder, harder”

Whether you hear me with my face buried in the duvet I don’t know but I certainly feel a response as you begin slamming into me, fast and furious. You pound me, stomach smacking wetly on my cheeks at each thrust, bouncing me on the bed like a rag doll.

I hear you cry out “Too tight, can’t hold…….coming…I’m coming”

You’re savage in your climax, almost lifting me from the bed as you ram in even deeper. I cry out as I feel a warmth flood me, your come deep in my bowels. Feel your cock twitching and jerking inside.

You collapse onto me , your cock still between my cheeks but within a couple of minutes you’ve recovered enough to roll aside.

I relax exhausted but you haven’t finished with me. I feel you move and you’re beside me, cock twitching by my face. “Clean it slut” you aim it at my mouth. ” lick it clean”.

Your cock is coated with your semen and I can also detect the musky odour of my ass but I don’t hesitate, taking you in my mouth, relishing the taste of our mingled flavours. I don’t stop until long after every iota has disappeared.

There is a throbbing in my ass, as if you are still inside me even after ten minutes has passed. We lie there quietly recovering and although I’m still tied spread-eagled to the bed, I’m happy. Especially when, out of the corner of my eye, I see your cock give a little twitch, begin to stiffen.

I know it’s going to be a long night.

You slip a gag into my mouth and I’m puzzled for a moment but then with exquisite timing, the door opens and in walk two of your friends. I’m tied helpless and now can’t even comment as you explain to me that you are giving me to them to use.

Both men then take full advantage of the position I’m in. First using their fingers on my raise bum, massaging my cheeks, slipping into my crack and probing my entrance.

Then the first one mounts me. I’m still lubricated from the previous fucking so even though he is quite large he has no trouble entering me. He then proceeds to take me, thrusting deep. There is no subtlety as his stomach slaps against my buttocks, just brute force, pounding away at me.

He doesn’t last long. Soon I feel him shoot into me and to my great disappointment, he extracts his cock from my hole.

Then weight descends upon me, and I feel another cock slide straight up me. It’s not quite as long as the first but it is a lot thicker and I stretch open to accommodate it. As the second man begins to fuck me, the first removes my gag then pushes his semi erect cock at my face. I look at his cock, still glistening with our combined juices, then take it into my mouth. My head seems to fill with taste of his come, the musky flavour of my own arse. As I suck and lick him clean, he becomes erect and proceeds to fuck my mouth so that I am spit roasted on two cocks.

The second man empties himself into me, makes a squelching sound as he withdraws himself.

You put down the camera and untie me. I’m turned over and dragged around so that I lie across the bed, my head dangling over the side.

The first man kneels at my head, pushes his cock back in my mouth then grasps my ankles. He pulls them back and apart which opens my cheeks, making me vulnerable.

You take full advantage, sliding your cock straight up me and giving me a good hard fucking.

The three of you rotate so that at any given time I have a cock in my arse, a cock in my mouth while being photographed and videoed by the third man.

As a finale, you lay flat on the bed holding your cock upright so that I can kneel astride you and impale myself on it. Then my head is jerked up by the hair and a second cock is thrust into my mouth for me to suck and I think it is just a continuation of the previous round robin but then I feel another set of hands grip my cheeks from behind. You wrap your arms round me and hug me to you, trapping me.

Then I’m being stretched as another cock tries to force it’s way into my arse. I suppress my rising panic, knowing that my best chance lies with being relaxed.

The head stretches me beyond belief but the cock is well lubricated and gradually manages to insert itself beyond my tightly stretched ring. I’m panting around the cock in my mouth as the second cock forces deeper and deeper. I push back to help accommodate it until with a final rush, it is all the way inside.

The three of you then fuck me, pounding away at both my holes until one by one, you come inside me.

Afterwards, when we have all recovered, you tell me that you are pleased with me because I have been such a dirty slut. However, because I had been so naughty, I would have to be punished again.

I am then forced to bend over each of your laps in turn whereupon my skirt is raised and I receive a firm spanking.

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