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A to Z and In Between

February 22, 2014 / by gaystory

Something my husband and I have discussed a hundred times, having a three-some. After discussing it in just about every way we gave up; discussions just weren’t getting it done. We couldn’t agree on the same kind of woman, I wanted cute little blonde, blue eyes, thin, small boobs; he wanted a big boobed red head or a Latina. As for men, he didn’t want another man having sex with me; giving it some careful consideration I brought up a gay or bi guy. He didn’t say a whole lot so I let it go.

One night after we’d been drinking I mentioned to my husband how much I enjoyed watching those porno movies where two guys were getting it on. He told me that he’d had sex with other men before we’d gotten married. I knew then that I had him, hook, line and sinker. “Do you know what would make me really hot?” I asked.

“No, what?”

“Watching you fuck another guy. Ph wow, just the thought of it makes me so wet.”

We got up and went to the computer; after browsing profiles for a couple hours, we’d narrowed it down to three. One, was blonde, blue eyed, kinda short, a little built. Second guy had long hair shaved underneath, just under six foot tall, muscular, amazing green eyes, a dark tan and lots of tatts. The third guy was right at six foot light brown hair and blue eyes and was a little on the thin side.

We sent them each an e-mail letting them know who we were and what we were looking for, and a picture. My husband is 6’2″, 170 lbs, brown hair, hazel eyes, nice tan and a goatee. I have black hair, big brown eyes, milky white skin, I stand 5’4″ and weigh just under 200 lbs. I’m a little on the heavy side, but hey it’s more to love. I wish sometimes that I had smaller boobs, but my husband says my 40 double D’s are perfect.

Almost immediately we heard back from the second guy; the hunky one with all the hair, his name is Zane. We Instant Messaged each other for a couple hours and set up to meet the following Friday night; today was Tuesday. Zane and I talked every afternoon and the three of us would talk after my husband, Alex got home from work.

Finally the big night arrived and we were meeting at a Mexican place about midways between our homes. When Alex and I arrived at the restaurant we were early and it was kind of crowded. We asked the hostess to seat us at the bar, and we let her know that we were meeting someone. I ordered a Pina Colada and Alex ordered a Southern Comfort and Coke. When the bartender handed me my drink he winked at me, I smiled and turned back to Alex. Taking a sip of my drink I spotted the hostess making her way towards us, and behind her was a very very handsome man.

I knew from talking to him on the computer that Zane felt that his name came with a reputation and at 25 years old he was doing his best to live up to it. Tonight was no exception, He was wearing a grey shirt with a white Chinese dragon on it, black fingerless fishnet gloves that went up to his elbows, very baggy pants with a lot of useless straps and pockets all over them and what looked like combat boots, but it was hard to tell under those pants. Zane was maybe 5’10″ and his long dark hair fell in damp waves down his back and seemed to be blowing in an invisible wind. I touched Alex on the shoulder and he turned to face Zane as he walked up. The hostess seemed very interested in our new friend as well and told us we’d be seated at the next available table. We all nodded and she walked away clacking her heels and swaying her hips.

I called the bartender over and Zane ordered a Pina Colada too, we sat talking for about half an hour and decided we’d all much rather grab a burger and head to Zane’s house. Things were going well, we all seemed to be hitting it off in person the way we did on the computer. Not to mention, I was really looking forward to seeing Zane in the buff and watching him and Alex together.

At the burger joint I got a cheeseburger but decided not to eat it now, I didn’t want to ruin the little buzz I had going on. We pulled up at Zane’s house, it was one of those big old Victorian houses that had been renovated and turned into four separate apartments. He was upstairs in the back, it was a small apartment with very little furniture. His computer set on a small desk in the living room, there was no television, but a nice stereo, his desk chair and a love seat. Alex sat on the couch and I went to the stereo and turned it on. It was tuned to the local rock station and Zane brought us al la beer from the fridge. We all sat talking for about an hour and I was getting really impatient. No one wanted to be the one to make the first move or they weren’t sure how to do it. Using one finger I motioned for Zane to come to me. He’d been sitting on the floor and crawled to me on hands and knees. I wasn’t sure what to do now, so I grabbed the hem of his shirt and pulled it up over his head. His tan chest was now bare, save the tribal tattoo’s covering him. I traced my fingers along the curves and edges of the tatts, he closed his eyes and ran his hands up and down my jean clad thighs. I looked at Alex and he moved behind Zane and started tracing the tattoo’s there as I was doing on the front. Leaning his back into Alex’s chest his hands on my thighs were alternating with rubbing and gentle squeezes. With hands on Zane’s chest I pushed a little and made the guys back up a little and got down on my knees in front of them. I felt four strong hands on me at once, Alex pulling my top off and Zane tracing the curves of my body. Reaching behind myself I unclasped my bra and those four hands went instantly to my chest. They each had a nipple in one hand and the other hand on the opposite breast lightly squeezing. I had one hand on Zane’s cock, massaging it through his pants, but I couldn’t reach Alex’s cock, there was just too much Zane in the way. I motioned for them to move side by side so I could play with both of them; now side by side, they undone their pants and then they each took a nipple in their very hungry mouths. Letting go of Alex’s cock I took one of Zane’s hands and put it on Alex’s very hard 10″ cock. Without anymore prompting Alex told hold of Zane’s 8″ cock and gave each other hand jobs.

After a few minutes I had Alex stand up between us, and I faced him towards me and took his massive rod in my mouth. With Alex’s ass in Zane’s face, he put a hand on either cheek and spread them, I felt Alex get harder and twitch a little in my mouth so I knew Zane was reaming his asshole. Reaching between us I grasped Zane’s prick and stroked him. Alex leaned over me a little giving the tongue in his ass better access; I knew from experience that my dear husband was close to Cumming. Our new friend must have noticed too because he slid a finger into Alex’s well lubed asshole and started licking and sucking his balls. Alex moaned loudly above us,”Oh God yes, Oh fuck baby.” He leaned over me a little more, gripping my hair. With a knowing smile Zane slid another finger into Alex’s ass and wiggled them, gripping my hair even tighter, Alex shoved his ass back hard against Zane’s fingers, dragging my head with, pushing deeper into my throat. He pulled back a little and I sucked hard on the head of his cock, applying just a little pressure with my teeth. “Oh fuck I’m Cumming baby. Oh god, don’t stop MMMMMMM yeah. FUCK!”

“Don’t swallow baby, share it with me,” said Zane, and then he was kissing me. Alex collapsed on the couch and watched us kissing sharing his cum. During the kiss Zane undone my jeans and dipped his fingers into my dripping pussy. He had two fingers buried in me and his thumb worked my clit to a frenzy. Alex leaned in from behind nuzzling my neck and kneading my breasts, pinching my nipples sent me over the edge, I moaned into Zane’s hot mouth as my whole body spasmed. I feel forward against the muscular expanse of Zane’s chest.

When the fog lifted a little Alex suggested we move to the bedroom. The room was close to what I expected, black satin sheets on a king sized bed set on the floor in a corner of the room, a dresser and a rug in the center of the floor with two Chinese dragons on it forming a yin yang. We all quickly took off what was left of our clothes and fell into the bed. Alex and I turned our full attention to Zane. Together we started at his chest, kissing and nibbling his nipples, then working our way over his ripped tummy finally coming to rest at his cock, he’d still not got to cum yet and he was so ready. We alternated licking and sucking his cock and balls finally I sucked him to an earth shattering orgasm, but he stayed hard. Alex was hard again by this point, and my jaw was sore.

“I want to be fucked, right now.” Zane stated.

I had planned on just watching this, but Zane had other ideas as he went to the dresser and came back with condoms and lube. Handing a condom and the lube to Alex, Zane turned to me. “I want to fuck you, while Alex fucks me. Is that ok?” We both turned and looked at Alex and he nodded his agreement. Zane laid me down on the edge of the bed, putting a condom on he crawled between my spread thighs. Reaching between us, I guided the head of his cock to the entrance to my pussy, leaning forward and pushing his hips, Zane buried himself deep inside me with one stroke. Alex positioned himself behind Zane and slowly worked his way into Zane’s puckered hole. I felt Zane grow harder and harder until every inch of Alex was deep inside him. We all slowly rocked together, getting used to the feeling. Pretty soon we all found a good rhythm and I was being properly fucked into the mattress. The harder Alex fucked Zane, the harder I got fucked, and I loved it. Using the momentum of each others thrusts to go harder and deeper with each stroke, it felt like Alex was fucking me through Zane. I fingered my clit and screamed when my orgasm hit hard and strong, aside from the scream I didn’t have enough air left in my left for any other noise. My pussy pulsing and clinching at the cock inside of it, I gripped Zane’s cock like a vise and he whimpered and kissed me hard, with a final thrust he came again, causing his asshole to spasm around Alex’s cock pushing him over the edge. Alex collapsed on Zane’s back.

“Gotta love that domino effect” I said hoarsely, both men just laughed.

When we could all move again, I went into the kitchen for drinks. After a brief rest we all started kissing and touching again. Alex rolled a condom onto Zane and I worked lube onto Zane’s cock and Alex’s asshole. I wanted to watch this one, so I opted to sit out. Zane lay flat on his back with Alex straddled over him, foot on either side of him, leaned back on his hands. I leaned forward and positioned Zane’s cock to Alex’s puckered little hole. Very slowly Zane worked his way into my baby’s ass, when he was completely inside him, Zane looked up at me, “I’ve got a seat for you too Honey, Sticking his tongue out at me. Smiling I planted my pussy over Zane’s greedy mouth and watched as he took hold of Alex’s hips and started really fucking him. I came almost instantly.

Zane was really pounding Alex’s asshole hard, and Alex’s was moaning and grinding his ass into invading cock. I took Alex’s cock in my hand and pumped him with the same rhythm his asshole was getting, I wanted us to all cum together again. I felt Alex tense and I let my orgasm explode, coating Zane’s face with my juices. When Alex came, Zane and I got splattered, grabbing his hips, Zane shoved hard and deep into Alex’s asshole one last time, and filled his condom to the point of exploding.

I slid off Zane and lay on my back beside him, Alex slid off onto his other side. I looked at them both and smiled, “How ’bout that domino effect,” They laughed again, and I think Alex feel asleep before the laugh ended. Turning to face me, Zane said, “I think we both need a shower.” Looking down at the drying cum, I nodded my agreement. I stretched and then got up to follow Zane to the bathroom. He turned on the water and we stepped in, picking up the bar of soap I worked it into a good lather, washing myself. I then turned to Zane and started washing him, starting with his chest, then I turned him around and washed his back and ass, paying special attention to his ass hole. He moaned and pushed himself back against my hand. I let the spray rinse the soap off of him and got on my knees behind him, spreading his ass cheeks apart. I replaced my fingers with my mouth; Zane hissed air in through clenched teeth. Working my tongue in and out of his asshole I reached between his legs to find his cock, full and hard again, I stroked it. He spun around and stood me up, pinning me to the shower wall, but with the height difference the angle was all wrong for sex. Picking me up like it was nothing he put an arm under either of my thighs and lifted me to a better position. With no help guiding him, he sheathed himself in my hot waiting cunt. I was so horny and ready I didn’t even think about protection, and at that point I didn’t even care, I was on the pill. He fucked me hard and fast until I didn’t think I could take much more, with his mouth on mine, our tongues wrestling we came again. He came so deep inside me he triggered another, stronger orgasm in me. I was on fire inside, and he cum felt like lava as he filled my cunt with his cum. We slid down the wall until we were sitting on the floor of the shower still kissing. I shivered, the water had long ago grown cold but we hadn’t noticed. Zane grabbed a towel and wrapped it around me, picking me up again he carried me to the bedroom, I was glad; I didn’t think I could have walked at that moment. Laying me in the middle of the bed I curled myself around Alex, and Zane lay behind me, spooning me.

Morning would come soon enough and a whole new adventure would begin. I know that right now nothing could be better than this.

Zane pressed tighter against me and I felt his cock hard again sliding between the fleshy globes of my ass, Alex rolled over to face me placing my hand on his hard cock. Alex slid himself against my pussy and Zane positioned himself against my asshole…… OK maybe something could be better than this.

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