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Borderline Ch. 03

August 26, 2013 / by gaystory

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I think the tone of my voice was what made him stop and stare at me. He’d always seen me as Paul, the steadfast friend but he’d never experienced Paul, the lover. I was different as we all are once we’re in the zone and I was definitely there. I watched his look of confidence erode into fear and I hesitated, reminding myself that Chris wasn’t a normal date. He was as uncomfortable with himself as he was with me and it was up to me to put him at ease and to make this experience enjoyable for him.

I casually stood and fixed a drink for myself, pouring one for him also and pretended that I didn’t notice him staring at my half-hard and still dribbling cock. “I’m going to take a shower. Want to join me?”

“Naw. I’m okay. I’ll wait for you.”

“Suit yourself.” I guzzled half of my drink and set the glass down on the counter, padding toward the bathroom and dropping my shirt along the way. I turned on the water, adjusted the temperature and stepped under the cleansing jets, hoping that my plan would work. Five minutes later, I knew it had when I heard the glass door scrape open. I kept my back to Chris, pretending not to notice his entrance and only stopped soaping my chest when his hand closed over mine and his naked body pressed against my back.

“I’ll scrub your back.”

“Okay.” I answered his whisper with my whisper and relinquished the bar of soap, sighing as his big hands rubbed my back, creating suds. He made sure that every inch of my back and shoulders were clean, then much to my joy, he let his soapy hands travel down, measuring my ass cheeks in his palms.

“You’ve got a nice ass.”

“Thank you.” I gasped as his thick index finger traveled down my crack, teasing my ass hole. I pressed back into him and he chuckled lightly in my ear. “I thought you were the pitcher.”

It took me a few seconds to figure out that he meant he thought I was a top. I was but not exclusively. “I catch, too.”

His hand disappeared and I moaned aloud at the feel of the fat head of his cock now riding my crack. “Would you catch if I pitched?”

“Yes.” I held my breath as he pulled my cheeks apart with his thumbs and rubbed the head right against my hole. A violent shiver moved through me and my half-flaccid cock came to life, tingling with excitement. He abruptly released me and I turned around to face him, letting my eyes take in the muscular beauty of his form and the six inch cock that jutted from a patch of dark blond hair. His cock may have lacked for inches but it was at least a good inch-and-a-half thick. Chris looked at me with a grin.

“I call it my fireplug.”

“And well you should.” I found myself dropping to my knees in front of him, my mouth suddenly watering. “Let me see if I can get any water out of it.”

I knew that it would be difficult to deep throat him but I’d underestimated his girth. I started out by licking the fat head, enjoying the taste of his cum and reveling in the difference in our tastes. Chris leaned back against the wall and groaned, laying his head back as my tongue lapped the sensitive underside of his cock and my lips followed. Five minutes later, I was sucking the head into my mouth, wildly flicking my tongue wherever I could find skin. He shivered and pressed his cock forward into my mouth, making me gag a few times but giving me the opportunity to push him away if I wanted.

I didn’t want to. Gradually, my jaw muscles relaxed and I was able to take more of him in my mouth, holding him back when the head butted up against my uvula. He looked down at me, his eyes questioning and I raised my hands, taking his and placing them at the sides of my head. He got the hint and began to fuck my mouth, keeping his thrusts shallow at first. His lemony taste bathed the back of my tongue and I just swallowed in complete bliss, letting him control the action.

I knew he was close when he rammed deeper and I was glad that he popped a short time after that because I don’t think I could have survived much more. His cum flooded my mouth and oozed from between my lips, quickly washed away by the water. He pulled back immediately, holding his tool and aiming the remaining three spurts into my open mouth with a huge grin on his face.

“I can’t believe you did that. No one’s even taken me like that before.”

“Oh, so you’ve done it with someone else?”

He shook his head, trying to draw in a deep breath. “I tried but I scared him away.”

“Well, if I didn’t know you, that fireplug of yours would certainly scare me away.”

He pulled me close and gave me a deep, loving kiss, planting little kisses along the line of my sore jaw. “I hope I haven’t scared you away.”

“Not yet.” I trembled as his hands rinsed the soap and semen from my skin, handling me like a precious piece of porcelain. “Not yet.”

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