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Borderline Ch. 04

August 26, 2013 / by gaystory

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When we stepped from the shower, I was still trembling from the gentle washing I’d received from his hands. He had insisted on washing me and I couldn’t say no when I say that tiny bar of soap sudsing in his big hands. He had me face the back wall and moved behind me, his lips nibbling my neck and shoulders as he scrubbed my chest, taking extra time to rub my nipples and make me weak with need. His hands moved downward, sliding across my stomach and into my patch where he gave me a couple of teasing strokes before moving on.

I tensed, waiting for his next touch and was not disappointed to feel his hands on my ass, gently kneading while his lips moved from cheek to cheek. He continued his exploration by running his hands down the back of my legs, then turning me around to soap the front. I realized that my cock was at his eye level and hoped that he would pay it some attention but all he did was give it a simple kiss, then stood, pressing his body against mine as he put his arms around me and took my ass cheeks in his hands.

“There’s one place where I have to make absolutely certain that you’re clean.”

His hands pulled my cheeks apart and the fingers of one hand slid into my crack, gliding downward and brushing my ass hole. Such a strong wave of pleasure coursed through me that I found myself plastered against him, rubbing our cocks together while I sought the warmth of his mouth. His roughened fingertips rimmed my ass hole, giving a bit of gentle pressure and making my teeth grind together.

“You like that?”

“Feels wonderful.”

He pulled us back under the water and lifted me up, coaxing my legs around his waist and as his mouth took mine again, one thick finger slid into my ass. I moaned, shivering as I felt him sink it in to the knuckle and flex slightly. My dick was so hard that I started dribbling again and he gently set me down with a smile.

“We’d better get out or we’ll have to shower all over again.”

I wrapped a towel around me and watched him towel off, marveling at the economy that he used to ensure that he was dry and noticing that he was no longer shy about being naked in front of me. He dropped the towel on the floor and went back out into the room, heading for the drinks.

“How about some food? We could order room service.”

“Sounds good. Let’s look at the menu.”

We climbed on the queen size bed and it seemed like the most natural thing, to be lying next to him naked. Since we were on our stomachs, I had to adjust my cock a bit, especially when he insisted on being skin-to-skin, with our feet hanging and touching together. I tried to pay attention to the appetizers and entrées that he was pointing out but all I could think about was the way he smelled, an intoxicating mixture of soap and musk. I wished he was on the menu.

We ended up ordering turkey sandwiches and more soda to mix with the Jack, stuffing ourselves and talking about what had happened in our lives since we’d last connected. While he talked, I watched his lips move, not really hearing what he was saying. I was entranced by the movement and remembering that those luscious lips had been wrapped around my cock not so long ago.


“Huh?” I shook myself out of my study and found Chris with a smile.

“Were you even listening to me at all?”

“Uh, yeah.”

He wiped his mouth and took a few swallows of his new drink, giving me a sly smile. “Then what did I say?”

“You were talking about your flight here.”


I gave him a sheepish look. “Wrong?”

His eyes met mine, holding my gaze as he slowly rolled me onto my back with just his proximity. I was so busy being mesmerized that I missed the stealthy crawl of his hand up the covers until he was cupping my balls. The warmth of his hand sent a shiver through me and I closed my eyes for a quick second, enjoying the pleasurable ripple that snaked through me. When I opened them, his face was close to mine, his lips dipping to brush against mine.

“Can I make love to you?”

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