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Brian’s Sleepwalking Adventure Pt. 06

February 22, 2014 / by gaystory

This story is based on what may be an urban myth from my college days. A fraternity brother told me about the incident after my own adventure, described in my story “Pledge Class Payback” so I believe it to be true. When I asked about it, no one could remember the actual names or years or the fraternity. However, it fed my imagination and inspired me to write this story. It is based on a “true incident” with a lot of embellishments. All persons, names, places, events, and descriptions, are purely fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons, names, places, events, or descriptions, is totally unintentional and a pure coincidence. That is, except for the “urban myth” about a sleep walking football frat brother and his abandonment in another town.

This story contains scenes of kidnapping, non consensual exhibitionism, bondage, spanking, water sports, CFNM, forced homosexual acts and other erotic themes between adults of college age or older. If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now. This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission. Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice. The author would appreciate your comments — pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.

(Author’s note: My thanks to SlvGina for his technical advice and help with this chapter. It was invaluable.)

Chapter 11, Brian Meets His Roommates

Carrying a stained pillow and blanket in front of him, Brian and the sergeant walked down the hallway in the small cell block. There had been two heavy metal doors at the entrance, one to the women’s cells and the other to the larger male facility.

Starring down the narrow hallway, Brian saw bars on either side, no real walls. On the right were what looked like two large cells followed by 8 or 10 smaller ones. The other side had nothing but smaller cells. Each of them had a stainless steel sink and toilet, the toilet without a seat. The toilets were in the middle of the larger cells but against the walls in the smaller ones.

All of the cell walls were lined with yelling, laughing men.

“Fresh meat.”

“Hey new fish, share my cell, I’ve got something for you to suck on.”

“Cute outfit, girl. Did you make that yourself just for me or do you always walk around looking like a cocksucker.”

The sergeant didn’t interfere with the fun, preferring the men to intimidate Brian further.

Finally, the sergeant stopped in front of a cell filled with five white men. “This is the pervert cell. I can put you in with them or I have another cell with regular criminals. Since this is your first time, I’ll be nice and let you chose.” Brian didn’t know what the sergeant knew. The “pervert” cell was full of child molesters and he would be perfectly safe with them.

Brian foolishly chose wrong. “I’ll take the other one officer, thanks for being so nice to me.”

Laughing, the sergeant pulled the big jock down the hall to the other cell. Inside were five very black members of a male prostitute ring that had been arrested in Louisiana and relocated due to the hurricane. They were in jail awaiting trial for prostitution, assault, involuntary imprisonment, rape, and racketeering. They had been inside for nearly four months with nothing to do but play with some rapists that was rarely thrown into their cell as punishment.

Jamal, the leader, winked to the sergeant. “You’ll get yours for this sergeant.” He said it as a threat. The sergeant knew there would be a nice present for him when their lawyer came in next time.

“Everyone against the back of the cell. Hands on the wall, feet back 3 feet and lean in. You know the drill,” said the sergeant.

The gang cheerfully complied, knowing that a beautiful new toy had been delivered to them.

After they were in position, the sergeant unlocked the cell and pushed the reluctant and frightened Brian in. Slamming the cell door, the sergeant locked it and stepped back. “OK, you can let go of the wall now. You all play nice now.”

The sergeant walked down the hall, chuckling as he got back to the heavy door. He buzzed the jailer to let him out. Looking back, he could see four of the big black men moving slowly and carefully towards Brian, big smiles on their faces.

Closing the cell block door, the sergeant reached up to a bank of switches and flipped one of them, activating the surveillance cameras for that cell. He went back to his office and inserted three fresh high quality commercial video tapes into the recorders.

Brian, fearfully backed up against the corner bars of the cell, finally unable to retreat farther and froze like a mouse in front of a snake. Suddenly, a man in the adjacent cell, reached out and pinched Brian’s ass, hard.

Involuntarily, Brian jumped away, right into the arms of one of the approaching men.

“That’s so cute, can’t wait to play I see.” One of them said.

The man grabbed onto Brian’s upper arm and wrist, twisting them behind him, turning Brian around. He, pushed Brain up against the cell bars within reach of the neighboring cell. The pinching neighbor reached out, slid one scared hand into Brian’s jump suit and pinched his right nipple as hard as he could.

Yelling, Brain pushed away, his terrific ass pushing against the large thickening cock of his captor.

“Sweet ass boy. I am going to love this. I haven’t had me any pussy in months.” Said the gang member.

“Thanks for the assist, Jimmy, you’ll get a taste of him later for that,” said Jamal.

As Brian continued to struggle, Jamal observed. Jamal was about 5 foot 11 inches and 185 pounds, athletically built and in good shape like someone that played sports not too long ago. He was 24 years old and good looking. He had piercing intelligent brown eyes that missed nothing.

Before him was one of his men, playing with a very fit muscle boy. His man was giving Brian just enough freedom so he could move around and rub his man’s crotch with the boy’s perfectly shaped and by now, completely exposed and very red ass.

The other men in his posse were standing back, their arms crossed, grinning and enjoying the show. All of his men were taller than Brian, heavily muscled and built like tree trunks. Solid muscle and bone, used to getting their own way and not afraid of anyone except Jamal. They were also very ugly, most of them sporting scars from battles for Jamal.

Seeing enough for now, Jamal ordered a halt to the horsing around. “That’s enough, strip him but don’t rip the uniform, he’ll need that in the morning. I don’t want to get our friend the sergeant in trouble.

All of them joined in and together had no trouble removing Brian’s boots, socks and coverall, stripping off his clothing and his self respect. They weren’t even breathing hard.

Brian, however, was winded and lying on his left side, partially curled up and pressed into the cold concrete floor, nude again.

“Bring him over here Henry. Hold him over the shitter. The rest of you, I want that red ass a lot redder. Take turns,” Said Jamal.

While Henry held Brian down over the top of the stainless steel commode, Nat started spanking Brain’s already welted ass, hand prints immediately appearing so vivid you could almost see the finger prints. After 20, he switched with Frank who started at the top of Brian’s thighs and moved down to the middle of one leg and back up the other. After 20, he too switched with Harris who spread his spanking across both areas.

Brian’s ass, already welted and still sore from the strapping he got earlier was again balling like a baby, begging them to stop.

The spanking continued, the men, switching as before at 20 until Jamal heard what he wanted to hear, Brian begging them to stop and promising to do anything if they did. Jamal ordered a halt in the spanking after he heard it several times, sure now that Brian was at least partially broken.

“What’s your name pussy boy?” asked Jamal.

“Brian,” he croaked.

“Well, Brian, I’m afraid you fell into the shit. You’re naked and pretty and with five horny men who are completely ruthless. We’re all up for a number of serious crimes and the government has us dead to rights. There is no way we’re going to get out of a lot of hard time so we have nothing to lose. So, I advise you to cooperate and have fun or you will be beaten and raped and might not survive. If you cooperate and do what we say and do it well, I guarantee you’ll live and might even enjoy it some. You know what they say, when rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it. Well, it’s inevitable. Will you do what we say or should we start beating you almost to death and fuck you anyway?”

“I’ll do what you say, just don’t hurt me anymore,” sobbed Brian.

“Good, on your knees with them spread wide and with your legs sticking out of the bars in the front of the cell, back of your head against the bars.”

“Henry, you caught him first, so you can have him first. Mouth only for now,” ordered Jamal.

With Brian trapped in the bars, he couldn’t go anywhere but was in a perfect position to suck some cock.

Henry swiftly shucked off his coveralls and boxers, leaving his boots on. He stroked his stiffening dick, a good sized one, seven inches long and a couple of inches across. He stood in front of the naked pussy boy. Slowly and deliberately he painted Brian’s lips with his precum. Then his cheeks and eyes, placing a glob on the end of the young blondes nose.

“Get your mouth wet and stick out your tongue, boy.” Ordered Henry.

Brian, reluctantly stuck out his tongue, obviously trying to avoid touching his wet lips.

Henry slapped him lightly but enough to redden Brian’s cheek.

“Are you trying to piss me off boy? Lick up that sweet cum.”

Brian scrunched up his face and licked. Finding it sort of sweet and sort of salty but not that bad, he started licking more thoroughly, getting all there was.

“Good boy,” said Henry.

“Now, lick my dick from the balls to the tip and use the wide part of your tongue. Get it all and don’t stop licking until I tell you,” ordered Henry.

Brain started licking, not finding it that bad. He closed his eyes and began licking enthusiastically, afraid of further punishment. After a couple of minutes, Henry’s dick was soaking wet and it was obvious Henry was enjoying it.

“OK, boy, that’s enough of that, start doing the same thing to my balls.” Henry shifted slightly, spreading his legs some to give Brian better access.

Brian started licking again but this time the taste was a lot stronger, musky and bitter. Still, not wanting any more pain, he hastened to comply.

“You’re getting good at that pussy boy, but time for the main attraction. Make an O with your lips, covering your teeth. Lick your lips and get ready for some Louisiana black snake. If I feel any teeth, I’ll knock them out and you’ll be gumming our dicks and your food from then on.”

Fitting his two inch diameter dick head in the O formed by Brian’s lips, Henry slowly but relentlessly slid four inches of his thick cock into Brian’s mouth. He started slowly sawing his cock in and out.

“Suck on it you idiot, I’m not going to do all the work. Lick the bottom of my dick head with your tongue on the in stroke and suck hard on the out stroke,” growled the excited Henry.

Brian was learning, he swiftly followed instructions and Henry’s dick started leaking even more precum, filling Brian’s mouth with fluid from his dick and saliva. Having trouble swallowing with the thick black dick in his mouth, it was drooling down Brian’s chin, dripping to the floor in strings.

“OK, now put your right hand on my dick and stroke it while I pump your face,” instructed Henry. “Use both hands, one on my dick and the other, pull my balls down gently, massage them.”

The combination of having the big white muscle boy at his knees slavishly sucking his dick and Brian’s increasing skill, brought Henry closer and closer. As he approached his orgasm, his dick was going deeper and deeper. With Henry so tall and Brian kneeling in a low position, Henry was able to force his thick cock almost directly down Brian’s throat, almost avoiding his gag reflex. First Henry held onto the bars over Brian’s head with both hands and drove in fast and pulled back fast, almost gagging Brian, a couple of short strokes and then a long one. Lubricated by all the spit and precum it was sliding easily into Brian’s throat, but not for long enough to cause Brian’s gag reflex to take hold.

“I’m going to cum in your mouth bitch. Don’t swallow it but hold it in your mouth. I want to see it when I’m through.” Henry released the bars and held Brian’s blond head in his huge black hands, immobilizing it. Then with a long loud groan, his body shaking with tension, Henry reluctantly pulled his dick almost out of Brian’s hot wet mouth. He left just the large purple head just inside Brian’s ovaled sucking lips.

“I’m cuming you cocksucker,” Henry roared. After five strong pumps of cum and several weaker ones, Henry pulled all the way out with a pop and ordered Brian to tilt his head back and open his mouth wide. There in his mouth was a huge quantity of hot white cum, at least a couple of shot glasses worth.

To humiliate Brian more, Henry asked the rest of them to take a look and see how much he had pumped into the white boy, proud of his huge wad. After he was satisfied that they had all seen it, Henry gave Brian another order.

“Ok boy, swish it around in your mouth to make sure you remember the taste.”

Brian did as ordered, his eyes clamped tightly shut like he would never open them again.

“Now, put your hands under your chin, allow my sweet cum to drool out of your mouth but be sure to catch ever drop.”

Very happy to get the thick gooey cum out of his mouth, Brian eagerly complied, catching the huge amount in his cupped hands as ordered.

“Great boy, you’re doing well. Now, lick it up again and this time swallow all of that good juice.”

Gagging, Brian forced himself to follow orders again, retching a couple of times as the thick cum caught in his throat like he was trying to drink half a dozen small raw eggs.

“Don’t you have anything to say to Henry, boy?” asked Jamal softly.

“Uh, uh, thank you Sir for letting me suck your big magnificent cock and swallow your delicious cum?” sobbed Brian.

“Good attitude boy, I can see you’re going to work out fine.” Said Jamal. “Now that Henry has taken his mouth, time for his ass. You an ass virgin boy?”

“I never had sex of any kind, Sir,” replied Brian.

“Hear that Henry, you’re his first. He will remember you forever. Ok boy, crawl over here.”

Jamal directed Brian to drape his upper body across the end of an old army cot, put in the cell to handle the overcrowding.

“Put your arms up on the cot as far up as you can. Grab the sides and don’t let go or we’ll whip your ass good. Spread your legs as wide as possible.” Ordered Jamal.

Reaching over to a beat up table next to the sink, Jamal got a bar of hand soap, rubbed up a lather and started smearing it on Brian’s butt crack. Every once in a while he would stick a soapy finger in Brian’s ass to lubricate him inside and out. Jamal repeated this several times until Brian’s ass was slick.

“Henry, since you’re already done for now, straddle the cot and hold his wrists so he stays put.”

With his already lubricated fingers, Jamal pushed in his index finger and then his middle finger. There was a lot of resistance with the middle finger and it went in slowly but it was obvious to Jamal it wasn’t the first time.

“You’re tight boy but this is not the first time you’ve had something up that hot hole, is it? Asked Jamal.

“No Sir, the sergeant had his fingers up there earlier checking for drugs,” gasped Brian.

“Well, he didn’t stretch you too bad so I’ll forgive you for lying to me.” Jamal pulled his middle finger out and put his other index finger in along side the other one. Jamal began pulling outwards with both hands, stretching the hell out of Brian’s tender hole. Brian whimpered at the burning pain but wisely didn’t protest. Jamal inserted the middle finger of one hand along with the others and continued to stretch. Now, Brian was really hurting and couldn’t help himself. He began begging Jamal to stop. He was being ripped apart.

“You’ll be thanking me and kissing these fingers later after Nat gets his monster in there, even more when Frank busts your butt.” Jamal pulled all of his fingers out to soap them again.

Thinking his ordeal was over, Brian sighed in relief. “Thank you, Sir.”

“We’re not done yet fool, we’re just starting.” Jamal started where he left off last time, inserting three fingers then four, pulling outwards and rotating his hands together, first clockwise the counter clockwise and back to ream Brian’s tight virgin ass. The whole time Brian was puffing like a steam locomotive on a steep grade, trying not to yell and piss off the ruthless man.

After he was satisfied that Brian was ready and would survive the fucking of his two largest lieutenants, he stepped back and turned Brian’s hot soapy ass over to Nat.

“OK, Nat, your turn. When you fuck that hot ass, don’t tear him up too much, everyone wants a shot and it’s only 1 PM. Brian isn’t due for his hearing until late morning tomorrow. It’s going to be long day and night so be sure there is something left when you’re done. Cum in his ass, the others can use it for lube.”

Nat positioned himself between Brian’s wide spread legs and plunged his huge 9 inch dick into the hot wet hole of the virgin white boy. He didn’t stop the plunge until he was balls deep. Brian, couldn’t hold back and screamed in pain. The other prisoners yelled insults at the poor former virgin, happy it wasn’t them.

Jamal smiled and his cock began to stiffen for the first time in ages.

Brian’s day as a pussy boy had begun at last.

The five men would fuck him and force him to suck their cocks and the cocks of Jimmy and the happy men in the adjoining cells until well into the night. At meal times they threw a blanket over him to hide his increasingly filthy condition, telling the knowing sergeant Brian had an upset stomach and wasn’t hungry.

Finally around 4 AM, they tired of their sport, leaving Brian, sprawled on the cot, a river of cum leaking out of his ass, running out of his nose and down his chin. His hair was sticking together from cum and spit like it had been moussed.

At the end they had put him on his back with his head hanging over the end of the cot while they repeatedly fucked his mouth. He couldn’t swallow it all. He couldn’t even close his mouth so it all just ran across his face, into his eyes and nose, and onto his hair.

After his hair could hold no more, the combination of cum and spit had formed a wedge shaped curtain running from his forehead across to the crown and down to the floor like a frozen waterfall. He looked like a male version of a cover for a “Gag Factor” DVD.

He was exhausted. Smiling, he passed out, happy they were finally done with his sore filthy body. He had survived! Around 6 AM, the sergeant came into the cell block to wake everyone up. When he saw Brian’s cum covered state, he grinned widely and started counting the money he would get for the surveillance tapes. There were web sites that would pay a fortune for even a small piece of that day and night homosexual orgy.

He had watched the beginning and end. The great thing was that it was obvious that Brian was not being forced, he had cooperated with every order, ever command, just like he was a lifelong cock sucker and butt fucker, a boy toy. Even better was the smile on his face at the end. He looked like a well fucked pussy boy, happy in his work.

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