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Brian’s Sleepwalking Adventure Pt. 08

February 22, 2014 / by gaystory

This story contains scenes of spanking, forced homosexuality and oral sex as well as other erotic themes involving adult men of college age or older. If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now. All persons, names, places, events, and descriptions, are purely fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons, names, places, events, or descriptions, is totally unintentional and a pure coincidence This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission. Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice. The author would appreciate your comments — pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.


It was Monday night at the Gym and three young college men sat in the Coach’s office, silently while another paced, agitated. The other three were still and somber while the fourth was excited and smiling.

Matt was thinking, I’m screwed, I am going to be a pimp and prostitute’s bouncer because I was a drunken bastard and screwed up one of my Fraternity brothers. He’s in a lot of trouble and it’s my fault. If I don’t go along, I’ll be a prostitute as well, and might get beaten to death and raped too.

Mark was thinking, I’ve got to leave town or something, I have screwed up now. I will lose my scholarship and get arrested and jailed, just like Brian. We’re sure to get caught by the police. Even if the authorities don’t find out, the brothers will and they will beat the crap out of me and the asshole who talked me into screwing with Brian that night. My life over.

Bruno was apprehensive. He was deep in the closet. He had a crush on Brian after he saw what a great athlete he was, how hard he worked, how beautiful he was and how nice he was to everyone. At first he was mad at the man who had humiliated his former team and so obviously used drugs to help him do it. Now the man he loved most in the world was in trouble and his asshole former Coach had asked him to help fuck him up some more. He had to take the job to try to save Brian, even though Brian would never know why. Bruno had no money and didn’t know anyone. What could he do, how could he help Brian get free? All he knew was he had to try.

Luke, completely unaware of what had happened at the Jail and what the coach was up to, was just happy his Uncle Joe had arranged for him to punish Brian and humiliate him for the next year and tonight, in front of his old team and a couple of Brian’s buddies. That would fix that cheating bastard!

Luke’s cell phone rang. The excited Luke listened and flipped his phone closed. “That was the coach. They’re on their way. I thought that pervert was a homo, he’s naked and he’s going to suck the coach’s cock all the way!”

Bruno’s heart almost stopped, his massive fists clenched!

Matt and Mark cringed, Brian wasn’t a homo. Everyone knew he was a straight virgin!

Luke grinned like he had just won 20 million in the lottery.


Meanwhile, Brian was naked except for his dog collar decorated with a big pink ribbon and another pink ribbon tied tightly around his package.

He was sucking the long thin cock sticking out of the coach’s smelly crotch.

The coach was taking him to the Gym for further humiliation.

The beginning of a life of sin and degradation had begun.

Brian’s ass was raw from the rape in the jail, his lips were chapped and his neck was sore from all the throat fucking he had endured the night before. Yet, Brian was feeling a thrill of excitement, adrenaline was pumping through his veins.

He shouldn’t be excited by this “fate worse than death” but his pencil dick was as hard as a rock, throbbing and leaking from the visions of depravity the coach had painted for him in the court parking lot.

Brian was sucking the coach’s cock like the pro the coach was going to make him.

The gang from the night before had trained him well and he was feeling a sort of victory about the moans and groans he was causing in the coach.

Brian was kneeling in front of the passenger front seat, his head in the coach’s lap, stroking the coach’s cock with one hand while he balanced himself with his other hand.

While he sucked and licked the coach’s cock, the coach would periodically reach over and slap Brian’s ass firmly to encourage him.

They had been riding along for nearly 20 minutes.

The relatively light but continuing spanking was making the endorphin’s build and Brian was starting to float.

The endorphins were making the pain in his ass fade.

The combination of the endorphins and the strong manly smell of the coach were making Brian feel really good!

Brian mind started to drift, his lips and tongue in automatic.

He knew he had to get out of this situation. If he didn’t, the perfect life he envisioned when he got his scholarship would be over. Any sort of worthwhile life would be over.

His parents would disown him if they knew what had happened, even though it was not his fault he had been kidnapped and later framed.

His Minister, a hard liner, would expel him from the church for being a sodomite.

With no powerful friends and no money, what could he do? Where could he go?

Then, after a particularly hard strike from the coach, he snapped out of his endorphin haze. It was like he had been struck by lightening.

His Uncle Knute!

Chapter 14

Knute’s family rarely spoke of him, even then in unflattering terms. Brian’s Mother had disowned her brother. Brian’s religious Father called him the spawn of the devil.

Brian didn’t feel that way. He was proud of his Uncle, even though he could barely remember him. The last time he had spoken to him was during a brief visit in 1992, just after the first Gulf War. Every birthday there was a card, a short note of affection and a hundred bucks!

His Uncle had been 30 in 1991. Unlike Brian, Knute was brilliant but without formal schooling. With his hard work and using his brilliant mind, he had rapidly risen to the rank master sergeant.

During the first Gulf War, Knute was assigned to covert operations. His small team of tough young Green Berets had been dropped deep behind the lines in Iraq to coordinate NBC and Scud missile air strikes.

Knute had a facility for languages like many Green Beret and that was what got him noticed and recruited by that elite force. He could speak Arabic, French, Hebrew and several other languages used in the middle east. He had learned French in High School and the Army had found to their pleasure, that he could rapidly learn new languages.

Knute used his intelligence and gift to get the best out of himself and his teams.

He looked nothing like Brian except he was almost as tall. He was 6 foot 2 inches tall with black hair, coal black eyes, and weighed about 175 pounds. Knute was hard as steel but slender. Except for his pale skin, he looked like he was a native of the Middle East.

Knute’s team was very successful finding targets and they even captured some important prisoners. One was a highly placed member of the Iraqi Secret Police.

The man was no fan of Saddam but like most still decent successful men in Iraq, he did what was necessary to survive. He was an expert interrogator and skilled at getting information from the men who were trying to defeat Saddam from inside and out but he did it without the brutal techniques of his less patient and sadistic colleagues. He knew the techniques from his training but also knew that they were less reliable than sensory and sleep depravation, withholding protein, close contact nudity with other male prisoners as well as other more subtle tools.

During the short time that Abdul was a prisoner of Knute’s team, he developed a healthy respect and admiration for the hard brave American. Expecting torture and death, instead, he was treated professionally and fairly. After being turned over to US Army intelligence and largely due to Knute’s behavior, he defected, finally free of the mad regime of the Dictator. After the war, the Dictator had lashed out, torturing and killing many of his subordinates, blaming them for his failure. Knute had saved his life and Abdul knew it.

As a result of the huge success of Knute’s patrol and his obvious value as a covert operator, he was noticed by the CIA and recruited to work the Middle East. He left the Army and lead a successful but completely secret life as a covert agent, repeatedly promoted and given more and more power to get the job done. A very valuable man in their human intelligence poor service, he had the full confidence of the higher ups.


Brian had his head buried in the coach’s musky crotch, his nose frequently tickled by the coach’s wiry black pubic hair as he periodically plunged down the full length of the coach’s long thin cock.

Over the 25 minute trip, the coach had Brian keep him on the edge.

Finally the coach was approaching the school and he ordered Brian to make him cum.

Fearing more punishment or return to jail and the gang, Brian did as ordered, sucking, licking and stroking for all he was worth.

The coach’s balls tightened, the precum flowed and his ass raised up to momentarily trap Brian’s head against the wheel, almost causing the van to crash.

The coach strained to force his ass back down to get control of the van, then, jet after jet of hot thick cum shot out of the coach’s cock, at first striking Brian in the back of his throat. Over the long trip, the coach had built a massive load.

At first, Brian couldn’t swallow fast enough, initially choking, coughing on the first stream, the thick white cum spilling out of his nose and lips, into the coach’s hairy crotch.

Finally, Brian got control and caught up, greedily swirling his tongue around the head of the coach’s cock, polishing the head and gathering cum like a starving cat, licking up the best cream.

Brian was beginning to like the taste of cum!

Slowing, to avoid an accident, the coach’s van slowly approached the Gym parking lot and pulled into his reserved space, a small shed next to the Gym used to store outdoor maintenance equipment.

Chapter 15

The coach turned off the ignition and totally relaxed. That was one of the best orgasms he had ever had. He had a gold mine in Brian. This was going better than he hoped.

Still suckling on the coach’s cock, Brian too was coming down, embarrassed and humiliated that he had enjoyed sucking another man’s cock.

Finally recovered, the coach grabbed Brian by an ear and firmly pulled him off of his shrinking and now tender cock.

He opened the driver’s side door and slid out facing the interior of the car with his fly still open. He reached down to zip up and found his fingers got wet from the cum spilled in his crotch. Angry that Brian had been sloppy and his pants might get wet and stained, he ordered the snorting Brian out of the Van.

“Get out here cocksucker, on your knees and clean up this mess,” he said, dropping his pants and shorts.

Brian quickly slid over, jumped out and kneeled on the cold pavement. He looked around trying to figure out how he could do as ordered.

“Lick up the cum running down my leg and on my balls. Suck the cum out of my pubic hair and lick my cock off. Don’t spend all day doing it!” Ordered the irate coach.

They made quite a picture, the big coach standing in his reserved space, shed door still open, his pants around his ankles while a big naked jock licked his cock and balls.

Brian couldn’t believe what the coach was forcing him to do. What if someone came along or drove by?

“That’s enough cocksucker,” said the coach.

The coach turned around, bent over slightly with his legs spread. “Get your slutty tongue on my ass and clean the cum off my asshole. I can feel it running down.”

Disgusted and retching from the strong smell, but afraid to refuse, he started to lick the coach’s ass crack.

“Deeper asslicker. Get in there and tongue my asshole,” ordered the coach.

Brian wiped the flat of his still cum covered tongue, up and down the coach’s hairy ass, running it over his sticky asshole on each long swipe. It tasted bitter and smelled worse. Still he did it over and over until there was no taste or smell at all.

Despite the pleasure Brian’s tongue was giving him, the coach looked at his watch and decided it was time to go in. Brian could finish up later and learn to suck his hot asshole when he took care of the rest of the team and the probation officers.

Coach pulled up his shorts and pants. While he buttoned up and tightened his belt, he pointed to a threadbare pair of oil stained work coveralls that hung on a hook next to the exit door. “Put those on pervert. We can’t have you wandering the halls in your uniform.”

The coach knew that the four probation officers were waiting in his office and the team would be back at school in time for the 6 PM party. This should be fun.


The coach, with the frightened Brian close behind, entered the coach’s office.

Instead of the four probation officers, only Bruno remained.

While Brian and the coach were on their way back, everything had changed.

When Luke announced that Brian was a homo and was sucking the coach’s cock, Bruno had flipped out.

“What the hell are you talking about,” hollered Bruno. “Brian’s a straight virgin.”

Looking at the two fraternity men, Bruno hollered, “What the hell happened Saturday night.”

Matt and Mark, big men but still intimidated by the massive enraged Bruno, stumbled and stammered out how Brian had sleep walked into the Living Room and stripped, tried to curl on the couch they already sat on and freaked them out. They explained they were drunk and how they had taken the sleep walking Brian to North Central and left him in Luke’s Laundromat, nude. They pleaded that they had really screwed up and admitted they were stupid assholes to try to calm the irate monster. They choked out that now the coach, with the help of Luke’s Uncle Joe, were blackmailing them to help the coach turn out Brian as a male prostitute and gay porn star. They explained that tonight’s activities were going to be secretly filmed like the video of the jail rape and sold along with more films planned for the University football team. They wanted to help Brian but were afraid of the coach and his brother the Judge. The coach had threatened they would be arrested for conspiracy to commit a sex crime and taken to jail to be raped like Brian.

Stunned, Luke couldn’t believe it. He had interrupted their story over and over, not believing what he and his Uncle were involved in. They just wanted to humiliate Brian a little, not enslave him. Not only was it real wrong, if it came out, it would ruin his whole family.

Finally, Bruno calmed down enough that Matt and Mark were no longer afraid of getting beaten to death by the massive football player. Brian raped, videos of it, more planned of the high school and University football team, prostitution? Jesus Christ, Brian was in a whole lot of trouble and now, so were they all.

Bruno told Matt and Mark to go back to the University. Somehow, he would see to it that Brian got back to the house. He told Luke to go home, but not call his Uncle and tell him what was going on in case he was in on it. Protesting his Uncle’s innocence, he finally agreed when Bruno convinced him that Luke’s Uncle was better off not getting further involved for now.

Everyone left except Bruno. He sat down heavily, his head down, eyes covered with his massive hand, tears streaming out. He tried to think.

After a about 15 minutes of not thinking of any long term solution, he called the team captains and told them the team meeting was off and would be rescheduled. He needed time to think of a solution. He would tell the coach that Brian had to be back right away to explain what had happened to the University coach or he would be suspended from the team for skipping Sunday and Monday practice with no explanation. Bruno figured the coach wanted Brian on the team so he could get the video of them gang banging him.

Ten minutes later, the coach came in and Bruno explained he had cancelled the team meeting for the coach and sent the rest home because Brian couldn’t attend. He explained that the coach could have another meeting next Sunday, a better time since the school would be empty and it would give the coach more time to set things up. He added, it would give Bruno more time to smooth things over with the University coach. He agreed to drive over the frat boys and Brian whenever the coach wanted them back on Sunday.

Disappointed but seeing the sense of it, he turned Brian over to Bruno and starting making calls, dismissing them both.

Bruno grabbed the confused but relieved Brian by the upper arm and marched him out of the coach’s office to his truck.

Chapter 16

“Brian, you’re in a whole lot of trouble. I just literally saved your ass back there.” Said Bruno, softly.

Brian started sniffing, trying not to cry. “I can’t believe my life has been destroyed in three days. I didn’t do anything to deserve this. What am I going to do Bruno?”

“You asshole, you took steroids and cheated Luke out of his scholarship. God’s punishing you for your selfishness and for being a lazy jerk off.”

“I know I screwed up in High School but I haven’t taken steroids in a couple of years. I have been working hard since, trying to make it without them,” blurted out Brian.

“I know, I have been watching you. I really like you but I don’t know how to help you. Do you have any money, know anyone that can help us out of this mess you’ve made? Coach is a more powerful man than I imagined with the county Judge his brother, hooked up with big time criminals and with the officers of the jail and county cops against you, I don’t know what to do?” Said Bruno. “We can’t let the coach film you having sex with minors on the high school team or with the men on the University football team. He’ll blackmail us all for the rest of our lives.”

“My Uncle Knute might be able to help. He works for the government in Virginia and told me if I were ever in trouble to call him. I have his number back at the house.” Offered Brian.

“Well, it is better than nothing. What does he do?” asked Bruno, hopefully.

“I don’t know but he was a decorated Green Beret in the first Gulf War. Maybe he knows someone that can help.” Said Brian.

They rode back silently the rest of the way, both trying to figure out what to do, each hoping the other would think of a solution and somehow Brian’s Uncle could help.

When they got to the Fraternity, Brian snuck in and packed a bag, got his address book and class books and returned to Bruno’s truck. Brian would stay with Bruno while they figured out what to do.

Bruno helped Brian up to his apartment and told him to get out of the overalls. He didn’t want them to stain his furniture. Bruno didn’t know what Brian was wearing or not wearing underneath. While Brian was undressing, Bruno went into the bathroom and took a shower, returning with a towel wrapped around him to tell Brian it was his turn.

There in front of him was a nude Brian, clothed only in his collar and ribbons. Stunned, Bruno froze in place. Before him was the fulfillment of all of his fantasies. Brian was dressed like a birthday present, just for him. He couldn’t help it, his eight inch long and almost two inch in diameter cut cock was stirring and growing. Almost instantly, it was at full mast.

Brian couldn’t miss the large cock tenting the thin towel. Knowing his salvation rested with his friend the huge football player, he instinctively knelt down with his hands behind his back, head down.

Bruno asked, “Do you know what you’re about to do? Are you doing it because you have to or want to?”

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