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Carla Likes to Watch – Me Ch. 04

February 22, 2014 / by gaystory

After Carla’s and my gang fuck things were kind of weird for a few days. It was like we were avoiding each other or certainly avoiding any conversation about our raunchy play time. Finally on Friday night we ended up drinking a bottle of wine and smoking some dope which of course lowered our defenses and we talked. Both of us was afraid of what the other one thought about their behavior at the sex party. I was humiliated that she had seen me fucked by a bunch of guys. That she had seen me with various cocks down my throat and covered with cum. She was embarrassed about pretty much the same thing.

“But Jeff, if you like guys I sure love watching you with them. So hot to see you loving cock! Cause I know you love it with me too.”

“So we’re justifying here? As long as we like it it’s ok? As long as we don’t lose the hots for each other?” I replied. “As long as nothing takes the place of each other.”

“Yeah, pretty much. I mean baby, I just loved that whole scene with Rob and all those guys. I came so much. If it didn’t freak you out I’d go for something like that again.” She said as she started rubbing my cock through my pants. And of course one thing led to another and pretty soon we were fucking like crazy and out came the dildos and my ass was getting fucked again!

As luck would have it I had to go to Denver on business. And I know in Denver there are a bunch of glory hole bookstores as well as a few xxx theaters. I asked Carla if she wanted to go and of course she was always glad to take a few days off work especially if it’s with me. So off we went. While we were in the air I told her about all the bookstores and theaters that I knew about in Denver and how we were going to go to some of them and be sluttier than we were with Rob and the boys. She got so hot she was rubbing herself under the blanket she had on her lap.

There’s this one theater there that’s got two screening rooms. One is gay and the other is straight. Oddly there’s hardly anyone in the gay room while the straight room is always somewhat crowded- – -with guys sucking other guys cocks which seems pretty odd but who cares. The straight room has about fifteen theater seats and a lot of open area. There’s a small tv over the door that shows the front door of the place so you can see if the cops bust in and have time to get straightened up before they get to the room. Carla and I dressed as tacky slut as we could: she had on three inch heels with black thigh highs. Her “pants” if you could call them that, were denim cut offs that were so holey as to be mostly not there. Let me put it this way: I could fuck her pussy or ass while she had them on and never move a thread to get to either hole. Her top was a cut off men’s white undershirt that was mostly worn to the point of ultimate thinness. I had on white socks and Reeboks with these short yellow satin gym shorts. I too had on a white undershirt but mine had some holes in it. Like where my nipples are. Her short blonde hair was all punked up and looked hot.

We were both wearing dark glasses when we got to the theater. I paid for us both and we went into the lobby type area. We went into the gay theater just to sit down and get un nervous. There were two older guys in there and while they looked at us they had no interest. I got out my bottle of popper juice and we both did a hit, looked at each other through the rush haze and got up to go the other room.

We walked in through the door and I could immediately feel all these eyes eating us alive. We both stood there letting our eyes adjust to the dim light. There were ten or so guys in the little theater. All but two were either standing or sitting around looking for something to happen. The other two were jerking each other’s cocks over in the corner. The back row had two open seats at our end so we sat down with Carla on the inside and me on the aisle. She was sitting next to a guy who looked totally startled when she sat down. She sat and stared straight ahead at the screen which was showing a standard guy/girl fuck scene. The guy next to her looked at me from behind her and I smiled at him. Mid thirties dark hair ok looking. He leaned over towards Carla and put his hand on her breast. And of course through the thin cotton of her worn undershirt it was like touching her bare tit. Her nipples immediately swelled and pushed against the material. The guy muttered something like “Horny little bitch.” He was alternating between her two nipples pinching them til they stood out like big erasers.

“Feel his cock baby.” I whispered to her. “See if it’s big enough for you.” Without ever taking her eyes off of the screen she dropped her right hand into his lap and started feeling for his dick.

He shifted his legs so they were more open and as she found his cock thru his sweat pants I could see a tent starting to form. Most everyone but the two guys jerking each other off were watching us to see what might happen next. I was rubbing my cock through my shorts and when it was hard and hot I worked it out the right leg hole so it could get some “fresh” air. I was absently playing with the head while the guy with Carla pulled down the front of his pants so that his cock could get out. Decent sized and cut. Carla had her right hand wrapped around it and was stroking him up and down while he encouraged her.

“Oh yeah bitch. Jack my dick for me.” He said as he watched her hand slide up and down.

“It looks tasty baby. If you don’t want to suck it I sure do!” I whispered. She looked at me and gave me a sly smile as she shifted in the seat so that she could bend her head into his lap. She was situated so that her ass was towards me as her head bobbed up and down on him. I had my fingers in the pussy and ass holes in her shorts and was fondling both of her holes to get her hot.

“Godallfuckingmighty but this cocksucking bitch can eat dick!” He said loudly as she slurped noisily at his cock. A couple of other guys got up and moved near us in order to see the action better. Both of them were standing in the row of seats in front of us. One was at least fifty with a beer belly. His cock was poking out from his fly and he was touching it while he watched my wife suck cock. The other guy was black. Maybe thirty or so. He had on red warmup pants and was rubbing his cock through them. I motioned him over to the aisle next to me.

He came over and flopped his cock over the top of the elastic waistband. Big veiny thing already with a reddish purple head. Had to be eight inches- – -easily. “Why dontchu warm me up for your white bitch muthafucka. Suck my dick hard so I can shoot hot white cum on your cunt slut.” I watched his dick as he pushed it towards me and then opened my mouth to take the head in. He left it in my mouth and I swirled my tongue all around it licking it and slavering over it. He held my head with one hand and had the other on his cock working it back and forth as I sucked the head. “Oh this white cocksucker does it good! If I didn’t wanna shoot cum all over his bitch I’d shoot it down his nasty throat for him!”

Just then the guy Carla was blowing grunted that he was going to cum. I pulled off the black guy’s cock and turned my head in time to see her lift her mouth off of his dick and take it in between her two hands. She stroked up and down with one and ran her other thumb and two fingers over the head until he cried out and shot a wad of cum into the air that landed on his stomach. He kind of collapsed in his seat spent from my hot little bitches mouth and hand job. She looked over at me holding the black guy’s cock while I watched her. “Come out into the aisle and blow this big black cock baby.” She’d never sucked or fucked a black guy before so she hesitated just a bit. But then she squinted and caught a glimpse of his big cock. I smiled at her and she worked her way out of the row and into the aisle. She knelt down in front of the black guy and took his big dick in between her palms and started jacking him off.

As she was playing with him I felt someone sit down in the seat next to me. I turned and saw that it was a pretty hot looking crossdresser. I mean it was obvious that it was a guy but he was all made up and really looked good. He/she had on a short red mini skirt with black hose and some sort of heels. She had on a black tube like top. Longish hair of some indeterminate color, gold hoop earrings that glinted in the dim light and very red lipstick. She was sitting back in the seat watching the movie while she squeezed her tiny tits through the material. I reached over and started rubbing where her cock should be and there it was getting all hard for me. I moved up next to her and we kissed. Sucking each other’s tongues. Really hot kissing while I reached under her skirt to find her cockclit tucked but waiting to get out of her little bikini panties.

I got on my knees on the dirty floor but before I paid attention to my hot CD I looked over to see Carla with her mouth getting tickled by the black guy’s pubes. He was buried in her throat and she was choking and gagging on his big dick. He backed off a little and cursed her. “Motherfucking bitch! Dontcu gag on my dick. Swallow that motherfucker bitch!” And with that he pushed it back into her throat and fucked her. There were a couple of other guys standing around watching while they played with their cocks. Her arms were slack at her sides as he held her head and fucked her face like it was her cunt.

I pulled my eyes away from her and looked at the CD’s cock bobbing in front of me. It was a mouthful size and long enough to get into my throat. I closed my lips over it and made my tongue into a trough under the head. I slid my tongue back and forth on her making her moan and shift in the seat. I kept my tongue like that and moved my head up and down on her taking it all the way into my throat where I swallowed and swallowed making myself gag but knowing that it felt exquisite to her.

“Look at your bitch get it cocksucker!” Said the black guy in a stage whisper. I turned away from the pretty cock in my mouth and watched as he jerked his cock out of Carla’s mouth and held her head as he pointed it towards her face. He jerked his dick a few times and then thrust forward so that the first splash of hot cum hit her from just a couple of inches away. She tried to jerk back from it but he held her hard and tight so that the cum really splattered her. He forced her mouth open with his fingers and then shoved himself into her so that the rest of his cum could flood her cumpot mouth. I could see her cheeks caved in on him as she tried to suck his cum out and into her.

Seeing her that way made me so fucking hot. I turned back to the CD’s cock and engulfed it all the way down to her sparse pubic hair. As I held her in my throat I swallowed making my muscles suck the head. She gave me a very audible “ummmmm” and pushed into me. I came back off of her and ended with just the head in my mouth as I swirled my tongue over it and around it trying at the same time to suck the life out of her. She pulled me up to my seat next to her and as I jacked her cock we kissed.

“You like being the girl baby?” She asked me. “You like having a nice dick in your boy cunt? Maybe let your cumslut girl watch you get it?”

“Oh yeah. I like being a little bitch lover.” I whispered in between kisses. Her cock was oozing pre cum and I was rubbing it over the head like it was lube making her hotter still. She told me to climb over the row in front of us and lean over the chair to suck her cockclit. I did it and with just the tiniest effort I leaned over the back of the seat and started on her again. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Carla sitting back in her seat now watching me as she jacked off her clit. A skinny young guy came over to her and said something I couldn’t hear. She nodded, got up and came to my row next to me. She bent over the chair and then reached back to spread her ass cheeks apart. I looked and the skinny kid had his shorts down around his ankles and was working his very impressive cock up and down her crack sliding it from her asshole to her pussy getting her even more sexed up.

“God fuck this is so fucking bad baby.” She whispered to me. And then “Oh fuck!” as the guy’s dick went into one of her holes or the other. My CD pulled my head around and back onto her cockclit. I was so hot I sank her dick all the way down and was mauling it with my mouth when I felt hands on my ass spreading it and playing with my hole. Something warm and liquid was all over my ass and onto my balls and in no time a finger was in my pussy playing around. I didn’t know and didn’t care I was so sexed up. Some more fingers went into me and whoever was finger fucking me knew how to spread an ass open. And then the inevitable happened and a big cock was pushing into me and then the head just poured into me and the shaft went balls deep into my ass cunt and started fucking in and out. Someone put a rag with popper juice on it in front of my nose and I inhaled deeply as I was fucked from both ends. “Isn’t his cock hot baby? He fucked both my holes and made me cum in seconds with it.” Whispered Carla. “God you look so hot sucking that bitch’s cock while he fucks you. Make her cum in your mouth lover. Suck her off for me. Eat her cum all up.”

The CD was pushing hard into my mouth and moaning loudly now. She held my head and I felt her cock throb and then she shot into my mouth. Hot cum and a lot of it! I held it in my mouth and sucked as much as I could get out of her until she gently pushed my mouth off of her sensitive cockhead. I turned my head towards Carla and opened my mouth so she could see the thick white cum in it. She kissed me and we frenched the cum while the skinny white guy fucked my ass. He finally pulled out and I turned and sat in the seat next to Carla. She used the CD’s cum to lube my hard cock and started jerking me off while the guy stood in front of us and jerked off.

“Oh fuck I’m gonna fucking cum you kinks!” And he shot his spunk all over me and then turned his dick towards Carla and shot on her too. This sent me off and I shot a big wad of cum into the air that shot back onto my chest. Carla leaned over and took my dick into her mouth and sucked me until I had to push her off or I would have screamed.

“We’re nothing but a couple of pig sluts baby.” She said to me. “We can’t ever do this again. But I bet we will.”

So do I.

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