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Games Boys Play Ch. 03

February 22, 2014 | anal sex | Permalink

This is a follow on from the original ‘Games Boys Play’. It is a work of fiction. The minutes passed and yes, I found out who the spectator had been. It was of course Rob the janitor. It made sense when I thought of it because where else would David had got the key to [...]

A Fantasy Realized Ch. 02

February 22, 2014 | anal sex | Permalink

It had been just three days ago that I had sucked my first cock, Mike’s cock. I couldn’t stop replaying it in my mind and I wanted that cock deep in my throat again soon. Mike and I had talked a few times since and were finally able to arrange to get together in a [...]

A Secret Life Ch. 03

September 8, 2013 | anal sex | Permalink

Sorry, this one is a bit short… * * * * * * * Dave Okay, maybe I wasn’t dreaming. I thought when I first woke I must be, or something awful had happened and I’d got pissed and brought a strange guy home, but then the memories hit me. I had to check it [...]

A Changed Life Ch. 05

September 8, 2013 | anal sex | Permalink

Thanks for the comments and votes on this story – I’ve had more comments for this than anything I’ve submitted before and I really appreciate them – it’s great to know that people enjoy what you’ve written. Apologies now, I meant to submit this thursday night so you’d only have to wait two days (which [...]

The King and I Ch. 02

August 26, 2013 | anal sex | Permalink

This is the second part of a multipart story. It takes up immediately after Ch 01. The five of us entered Sandy’s flat. It was large and well furnished, not at all the usual student tip. As we trooped in he turned on a gas fire and the room quickly warmed up – just as [...]

Fountain of Youth

August 26, 2013 | anal sex | Permalink

//NOTE: There will be a few more chapters to come!// It was Friday night in Chicago and I decided to go downtown to Boystown—the gay district in Lake View East. I wanted to get my boyfriend a new dildo and look at some other toys, and it was the perfect time to do it, considering [...]

Dominated by the Alpha

August 26, 2013 | anal sex | Permalink

Erik tensed as the chill wind cut through the forest, his senses were on fire. Corbin would attack from the right, he always did. They had been taught predictability was death, yet the pup never learned that lesson. Erik made it a point to drive it home tonight. The rustle of leaves, a breaking twig, [...]


August 26, 2013 | anal sex | Permalink

THIS STORY TAKES PLACE BEFORE MICHAEL AND BILL Anthony. After spending the morning looking for a new place to live (See Betsy and Lisa, coming soon), and calling friends for leads on roommate situations, I needed to get to work, but got to the mall earlier than my scheduled shift. I figured I might as [...]

Deciphering the Bloom Ch. 05

August 20, 2013 | anal sex | Permalink

This is a copyrighted work of fiction by the author seeker71. All rights reserved Thank you to my beta readers. Deja it was incredibly kind of you to be my second pair of eyes on this. I have no editor, so as usual all mistakes are mine. I know the wait was insane, but for [...]