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Submitting to Master Ch. 02

August 26, 2013 | black man | Permalink

I swallowed all of his come trying not to gag too much. He pulled me up to my feet and placed his lips on mine again, making me even hornier… As his lips kissed mine, my body pushed against his. I could not believe how horny I was for this man. He pulled my head [...]

DARK Submission: A Bisexual Journey

August 20, 2013 | black man | Permalink

Summary: Couple live out bisexual fantasies with dominant BLACK teens. Note 1: This story is dedicated to TheOriginalAnonymous who suggested the idea and was a sounding board as this lengthy tale developed. Note 2: Thanks to MAB7991, LeAnn and TheOriginalAnonymous for their editing. Note 3: EROTIC MOVIE SCENES WATCHED ARE IN BOLD ITALICS; flashbacks and [...]