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CD Cum Slut

August 26, 2013 | crossdresser | Permalink

I shave my body smooth and get dressed up slutty in heels, nylons, garters, panties, short skirt, tits, wig, makeup, fake nails, etc. A ripped punk rock tank top and spiked belt complete the whore look. You pick me up off a street corner near my place, I hop in your car and before we [...]

Seducing Jay at a House Party

August 20, 2013 | crossdresser | Permalink

Ann seemed pretty happy with the party she threw for her birthday. People were mingling in her garden, talking and laughing while they fought summer’s heat with beer. I didn’t know many of Ann’s friends – in fact, the only face I recognized at the party was her own, but I knew she kept company [...]