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February 22, 2014 | curious | Permalink

Finally the play was over. All those hours he put in during hell week had finally paid off. All that was left now was the cleanup. Almost everyone left even though the director had clearly said that she wanted everybody to stay afterwards to help cleanup. Alex was the only one left in the building. [...]


August 30, 2013 | curious | Permalink

I realized that I would have to hand over my ID card to get my computer back from the repair shop. Shit, I hadn’t accounted for this. I am several days unshaven which makes me look a lot different than the photo and the name on my ID doesn’t match the name that I gave [...]

Curious. Just Curious.

August 20, 2013 | curious | Permalink

At the time, I was not much sexually advanced. I’d had some intense make out sessions with former girlfriends or passing flings, sucked on some random nipples, even gotten handjobs and blow jobs from my current girl. I was still a virgin, even though I was twenty. Still unpracticed in the way of sex, of [...]