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Mi Familia Ch. 06

August 26, 2013 | erotica | Permalink

The three grown men were laughing while sitting outside on the steps of the beach house. They recalled that evening of Jared catching Vince and Diante’. Diante’ combed his dreads, shaking them out while staring into Jared’s face. He leaned forward, stealing a smooch from his husband. “I thought you’d kill us that day.” “Yeah [...]

About Writing Sequels

August 20, 2013 | erotica | Permalink

Summary: A brief essay about my philosophy on writing sequels. Thanks: To MAB7991 for a quick edit of this brief essay. To my fans, I am greatly appreciative of your support for my stories. I love when you leave comments and when you e-mail your thoughts. I love getting requests for original stories and I [...]

Ass Paid in Full

August 19, 2013 | erotica | Permalink

Anthony peered over at DeQuan from the corner of his eyes. Watching the nigga bop his head to the heavy beats booming from the speakers and whip the Caddy like shit was gravy made Anthony’s blood boil. He clenched his teeth and shifted his eyes back to the road to squelch any visible sign that [...]