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A Cumbuck’s Tale Ch. 04

September 8, 2013 | fantasy setting | Permalink

Chapter 4 — Claimed By A Smuggler Chief Cam’s heart beat faster when he looked over his shoulder and caught Ralen gazing in his direction. The smuggler’s eyes followed him the way those of a man who owns a watering hole might watch a wild horse he meant to capture. He gave Cam food and [...]

A Cumbuck’s Tale Ch. 05

September 8, 2013 | fantasy setting | Permalink

A Cumbuck’s Tale, Ch. 05 Chapter 5 – Love and Loathing “Fire on the water!” The barque was a day past Konop, headed down river toward Merath to pick up a cargo. Ralen and Cam had retreated to the fore cabin after setting the watch, though they had not immediately slept. Ralen kept strictly to [...]