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Half Light

February 22, 2014 | ftm | Permalink

William stared at his lover asleep and snoring lightly, the sheet casually draped across his semi hard cock with a mix of desire and envy, the two emotions swirling together to make a new formula something altogether more powerful than mere desire, a curiosity, a will to break limits, a new strange feeling. William watched [...]

Her Crewcut and Masculinization

August 26, 2013 | ftm | Permalink

It had to stop. She was spending far too much money on her hair with frosting and tints. The bill for her nails was ridiculous. It was as if she picked the most expensive place in town. And lingerie! For what she spent, we could have bought an entire Victoria’s Secret. It was always spend [...]


August 20, 2013 | ftm | Permalink

He shoves me down onto the bed, mouth roaming my skin leaving hot wet kisses against my skin and I whine. “Sir,” I gasp out, his hands pressing against my skin and my plea turns into a whimper. He growls, a warm hand splayed against my mouth and his other hand pulls out a scarf, [...]


August 20, 2013 | ftm | Permalink

He leans against me and I can feel a hot puff of breath against my skin and I whine. “Sir.” He lets out a low throaty chuckle, pressing a kiss to the small of my back, dipping the tip of his tongue into my crack and I arch my hips. “SirSirSir, please please please,” I [...]