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The Love of Leander Ch. 05

February 22, 2014 | gay 18-year-old | Permalink

Trevor and Nick waited for Lion at the gates to walk home with him. Nick was sure that something was going on between the two and intended to find out. “So Leander.” He said. “Think you’ll ever get back with Jason?” “Ack no.” Lion shook his head. “Not a chance.” Trevor elbowed him in the [...]

First Lust: First Love

February 22, 2014 | gay 18-year-old | Permalink

Jonty watched Carol walk away. Why was it that he didn’t feel anything? He was eighteen, fit and healthy — a red blooded man like any other — but he couldn’t feel the fire. She was dumping him because he wouldn’t put out; he knew that he would be the butt of many a joke [...]

Eyes Like Winona Ch. 08

August 20, 2013 | gay 18-year-old | Permalink

*I’m taking eighteen credits this semester. That’s not an excuse, seeing as the procrastination started this summer, but studying was part of the reason this installment was so late. I hope I’m not getting a reputation, but on several of my stories now, I have taken way WAY too long to finish things up. I [...]