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Vampire LaCour’s 2nd Coming Ch. 12

February 22, 2014 | gay horror | Permalink

Gage Angle strutted down the stairs of his new plantation house, gathered his extra-long sweat shirt around his waist, climbed onto his cycle, and roared off down the long driveway on his way to the Hornet’s basketball stadium in downtown New Orleans. He’d have to wear long sweat shirts like this when he wasn’t cruising [...]

Forever Love: The Past

August 26, 2013 | gay horror | Permalink

*ok this is the second chapter in my series. its not finished yet but felt I should post it. anyways hope you all like it so far* & Jameson Ramsey was a hard working man. His life, as most in this era, spent day and night tending to their land. Providing for their families wasn’t [...]

Found Ch. 06

August 26, 2013 | gay horror | Permalink

Walking up the stairs, Melania heard her brother Lucas walking around his room. She wondered about his and Calen’s outing to the property earlier. The expression she saw on Luke’s face when Calen walked in during the meeting was priceless. She knew she HAD to bug him about it. “Hey can I come in?” Melania [...]