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Rewriting Singularity Ch. 06

February 22, 2014 | gay mystery | Permalink

I stepped out of his closet into paradise. Color and light. Huge windows. Space. Bookshelves to the ceiling. Purple walls. Hec’s bed looked like something out of Middle Earth– a four poster made out of tree trunks. Its roots appeared to sprout from out of the floor, and vines carved and wound around the trucks [...]

Death on the Rhine Ch. 12

August 26, 2013 | gay mystery | Permalink

Folsom was stunned and immobilized. He shook Tiho and looked into his eyes, willing him to be alive. But Tiho was already gone. His eyes, full of amazement and hurt, just stared back at Folsom in glassy emptiness. There was no room to maneuver out from under what was now dead weight in the confessional [...]

Death on the Rhine Ch. 15

August 26, 2013 | gay mystery | Permalink

Folsom awoke to Ralf’s sex-satiated, very satisfied snoring. They were both on their sides in one of the beds in Folsom’s cabin on the MS River God, the American’s well-worked butt nestled into the Australian’s well-exercised groin and his strong arms encircling Folsom. The palm of one of Ralf’s hands was spread on Folsom’s lower [...]