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Last Call Ch. 07

November 15, 2013 | gay rough | Permalink

It was amazing how time can move so slowly in the heat of danger—or to be more specific, how much fucking Fazil Fikret was able to fit into such a short span of time. It took Chaz and his team longer to bring me back around to consciousness than it had taken Fazil to meet [...]

The Dreamer Ch. 02

August 20, 2013 | gay rough | Permalink

“Hey, what’s up?” I heard from the doorway of my room. I had been hunched over a chemistry book studying before the interruption by a dorm mate, Ronnie. “Hey, yourself,” I replied. “What’s up with you?” “Ah, just bored,” he replied. “I’m thinking about going for a drive out by the lake. You interested? Do [...]