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The HIV Panic That Should Happen

August 26, 2013 | hispanic | Permalink

According to BlackWomen’sHealth, in 1999, African Americans made up 13 percent of the population, yet accounted for 41 percent of all AIDS cases in the United States. The Harvard AIDS Institute estimated that by the year 2000 more than half of all our country’s AIDS cases would be within the African American community. Numerous reports [...]

Journey to Mirage Ch. 01

August 20, 2013 | hispanic | Permalink

(Journey to Mirage is a fifteen-chapter gay male novel of a young man’s journey into the totality of the gay male life as he crosses the United States from Baltimore to Arizona as a “star” of a “fantasy experiences” movie being filmed en route to a gay film festival in Mirage, Arizona. Chapters will post [...]