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The Preacher’s Son

February 22, 2014 | interracial | Permalink

With the few customers taken care of, I picked up a rag and proceeded to wipe down the empty tables. I stepped out onto the sidewalk in front of the book store’s coffee shop and wiped off the outside tables. Someone had left a newspaper on one of the tables. As I picked it up, [...]

Just Another Confused 18-year-old

February 22, 2014 | interracial | Permalink

This is a fantasy story that involves unprotected sex between two virtual strangers. Hey, guys, this is fantasy. Back in the real world, play safe. * I was just another confused eighteen-year-old. And, boy, was I confused. I’d hang out with my mates but, more and more, we wanted different things. Most of all what [...]

White Cocksucker

November 15, 2013 | interracial | Permalink

Summary: Seeing a big black cock in sauna turns straight married man. Note: This is a Nude Day 2013 Contest Entry. Note 2: Thanks to MAB7991,Leanne and Goamz for editing this story. WHITE COCKSUCKER I went through my mid-life crisis recently, but instead of buying a Porsche or a 800 inch flat screen TV or [...]

Company Cocksucker Pt. 17-18

August 30, 2013 | interracial | Permalink

Part 17: Pleasures of the Program I could see where this reward program was going. I was going to wind up sucking off, one-by-one, week-by-week, each of the guys I had been trying so hard to hide my behavior from. First Tim then Murphy were getting what they wanted precisely because they threatened to reveal [...]

Coming Home: Davis Brothers Ch. 05

August 26, 2013 | interracial | Permalink

“Baby, can you help me to the bathroom?” Ben asked, his voice sounding urgent. Benji lifted his head from Ben’s chest and opened his eyes halfway. “Hm?” Ben couldn’t help but smile. His boy’s hair was all mussed up and he had a little string of drool dripping from his mouth. So stinking cute. “I [...]

Vanilla Fudge

August 20, 2013 | interracial | Permalink

This story could have gone into either the non-consent / reluctance or into the transsexual / cross dresser category. It contains explicit description of a non-consensual encounter between a transsexual and a straight man. If this is not your thing please pick a different story. I am happy to receive feedback, positive or negative, about [...]

Jamaican Holiday Ch. 11

August 20, 2013 | interracial | Permalink

2nd Thursday – 5th day as BBC slut wife, Jaye and her new Master humiliate B. Jaye is fisted in pblic. B submits to his own Master: After I cleaned up their morning fuck, theyh eaded for the shower together. My wife smiled sweetly at me and gave my cock a quick squeeze as she [...]

One Man’s Search Ch. 09

August 19, 2013 | interracial | Permalink

**********AUTHOR’S NOTES********** Since I failed to warn about the Hetero sex in the last chapter I figured I would move my Author’s notes to the top rather than the bottom, to give adequate warning for any specifically non-gay male category elements. n this chapter there will be slight Het sex but no real detail on [...]