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Discovery Days Ch. 01

February 22, 2014 | masturbation | Permalink

John had always felt restrained by his wife, Catherine. She was raised in a strict catholic village and had no interest in sex after the kids were born. Sure, there was the occasional fuck on birthdays and anniversaries but nothing like as much as John desired, or in fact needed. His sex life now consisted [...]

The First Time Ch. 02

February 22, 2014 | masturbation | Permalink

This is the second chapter of a story about two eighteen-year-old guys and their first sexual experiences together. It was a couple more weeks before Sean and I were alone again, but I couldn’t get our mutual masturbation session out of my mind. I found myself jerking off thinking about his cock and imagining what [...]

Taming the Stray Ch. 03

August 30, 2013 | masturbation | Permalink

Here’s the last of it. *** January, Cont. “Here, Derek. I found tracks.” Derek had been wandering around the remains of his burnt-out cabin for nearly twenty-four hours. Gina had flown out immediately, as had Gorge, one of the FBI agents working with Ruben’s father. They went over the property with fine-toothed combs. The basement [...]

The Hole

August 26, 2013 | masturbation | Permalink

When I went to college in the 1970s I was incredibly naïve about the world of homosexuality. It helps to remember that in the United States in those days being gay was still something to keep secret. I knew a couple of guys in high school who I was pretty sure were gay, but it [...]

Wally’s Wonderful Wang

August 26, 2013 | masturbation | Permalink

Prolog My name is Malcolm Hargrove. My vocation is that of a writer. Portions of my work at times are a bit of an erotic nature. While I cannot explain the reasoning for many of those that choose to share their experiences, the phenomenon continues. Sometimes their motives don’t become apparent until much later. I [...]

A Look Into Tyler’s Life Ch. 01

August 26, 2013 | masturbation | Permalink

*Beep, beep* *beep, beep* A loud beeping filled my room as y alarm went off again. Slapping snooze I turned over to get a couple more minutes of sleep, when my mom walks in. “Tyler, get up, you have school today” I was tempted to start the cheesy; but mooooom… stuff, but it was the [...]

Born Wolf Ch. 04

August 20, 2013 | masturbation | Permalink

AN: For anyone who cares Tahryn is pronounced ‘taa-rin’, with a long extended vowel at the beginning. All main and sexually active characters are over 18. I do not condone violence of any kind. Wolf rules are very different from human rules. *** Kurt couldn’t remember the last time he’d actually felt nervous. Not properly [...]

Don’t Shout Ch. 01

August 20, 2013 | masturbation | Permalink

Cole loved college. The difference between sixth form and secondary was such a big divide it may as well have been the damn-Grand-fucking-Canyon. School had been hell, a shit-fight every day of drama and hormones and his parents going off on him every time he put half a toe out of line. College was heaven. [...]

Power Trip Ch. 01

August 20, 2013 | masturbation | Permalink

Reader Warning: Over the course of several chapters this story will contain cuckoldry, forced-bi, male chastity, humiliation, and other female domination themes. These kinks are not for everyone; if you do not enjoy FemDom themes you will not enjoy this story. Veronica held down the CTRL-ALT-DELETE keys on the keyboard again, trying to get her [...]

Pantomime Cow

August 19, 2013 | masturbation | Permalink

Part of the ‘Butt Monkey’ series of stories by Robert Furlong === Jake mentioned over tea that the drama department at his college was looking for someone to help out with the Christmas pantomime. It was still early November but rehearsals were already underway. “I didn’t think you were interested in drama, Jake.” “I’m not [...]