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Fun in the Forest

February 22, 2014 | nature | Permalink

It was going to be a long miserable weekend. I’m Frank, twenty-six and the Assistant Scout Master for our troop and was going off for three days to look for a decent place to take our Boy Scout troop for a few days of a scouting jamboree in the backwoods of Pennsylvania. The weather forecast [...]

The Sea Siren

February 22, 2014 | nature | Permalink

People, places and names are purely fictional and any resemblance to persons, places or names are purely coincidental. * Life on The Sea Siren was not an easy one, to be a hard core fisherman on the Bering Sea you had to be tough and willing to work hard. October and January are the best [...]

Eric’s Eagle

February 22, 2014 | nature | Permalink

Wow!! Look at the time of the year!! But what a great time to read a story about nature and human life than in the greatest time of the year…spring!! Yes, this was for the Arbor Day challenge but I don’t care. Still show your appreciation by commenting and liking the story. Special thanks to [...]

Father and Son Campout

August 26, 2013 | nature | Permalink

*All characters in this story are 18 years or older at the time of all sexual activity.* * “Here we are!” Dad called out happily as we emerged from the narrow rock opening. He was ahead of me by a few feet and had stopped there, putting his hands on his hips and breathing deeply. [...]