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Desperate Slut

August 26, 2013 | party | Permalink

A/N: This is a fantasy that I have had for the longest time that I would love to do with this very cousin mentioned. All of this stuff turns me on and I mean ALL of it and I’m always craving to have these needs fulfilled by whoever…….if you catch my drift. Enjoy. He was [...]

Sequences Ch. 03

August 26, 2013 | party | Permalink

“Still hurt, Sequence?” Tulip asked as she helped him wash the next morning. “My arms are ok. My side still hurts a bit. A little tear. I’ll be ok.” Sequence replied quietly. “You nervous?” Daffodil said. “Can’t walk in those shoes. I’ll fall, he’ll be angry.” “Small, high steps.” “High?” “Yeah, lift your knees high [...]