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Before reading this you should know that this piece contains m/m and f/f sex. Enjoy and don’t forget to comment and rate however you wish -ExR ************ ‘When I open my eyes, they go straight for him. When I try to listen to the music, all I hear is him. I hate him. I like [...]


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Monique had spent a week of nights prowling the bars and clubs of the beach community looking for the perfect birthday present for her Master. The blond surfer, all golden tanned and sleek but for his milk white ass, was ideal. He had very little body hair and the contrast between his white ass and [...]

Black Out Ch. 02

August 19, 2013 | vampires | Permalink

Hey, thanks for the comments, guys! Really nice to know people like my writing. Okay, I’ll smush together two chapters this time ’cause I didn’t realize how short the first one was… So not only is this Nix’s blackmail, but also his first day working for the incredibly hunky Rafe. Happy reading! ——————————————- “Wh-what?” I [...]