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Cathy Ch. 03

February 22, 2014 / by gaystory

Chapter 3: Mind Over Body

If you haven’t read any of my Cathy stories yet I strongly advise you to at least read Cathy (2) Once my Slave, before you go any further as it gives an insight into who and what she is.

Cathy woke up with a start, her arms and legs flailing around insanely, fighting off imaginary men. “Oh fuck.” she said, realising she was alone, “Now I’m having wet dreams.” She looked around and burst out laughing.

It had been two day’s since her night with Ted, Colin and Dean. She had looked so exhausted that Ted had sent her home and told her not to come back till Monday when they had to prepare for there trip to Belgium. She had slept all day Thursday, only getting up after dark for a bite to eat and drink. ‘Thank god it’s Friday’ she thought. She showered and went to the kitchen for a cup of coffee, as she poured it the phone rang.

“Hi hun.” Rob said.

A little shocked Cathy replied, “Rob, oh hi babe where are you?”

“I’m in Sweden, wont be home for at least a week babe, sorry.” Rob said, “gotta go, call you later bye, love you.”

Before Cathy could say anything her husband was gone. When she married Rob this was one of the deciding factors, he was always abroad, but now she needed him to be here, she needed someone to lean on, even to talk to. “Bastard!” she shouted angrily as she slammed the phone down. “You don’t give a shit about me, just work work bloody work. Well if you do not care about ‘us’ why the fuck should I.”

Cathy had spent a lot of time thinking about what was happening to her since Ted had ‘raped’ her, and she did call it rape, being forced to submit to his will whenever he wanted her. However, thing’s had changed. She knew that the Cathy of old, the slut, was well and truly awake now, she knew that whenever Ted told her to suck or fuck someone she would. Not just because he said so, but also because she wanted it to. She wondered if she was a nymphomaniac, or was it because the ‘business woman’ detached Cathy had ruled her life for so long. Whatever the reason, the slut was finding it easier and easier to dominate the businesswoman, especially when the businesswoman needed an added weapon to clinch a deal.

Cathy went upstairs to get dressed, still angry but with a smile on her face. Whenever she got angry with Rob, the slut would make the most of it. As she stood in front of the mirror in her bedroom the voice in her head said, “He’s only working for us; he knows we need the money.”

“Well if he was here he would know that we don’t need the money.” she said out loud, “He didn’t even give you a chance to tell him did he?”

“He must have been busy,” the voice said.

“He’s always busy, always too busy to spend five minute’s with you, we don’t need him. I don’t need him.”

With that, the meek voice in her head wilted into nothing, all that stood before the mirror was Cathy the slut, Cathy the woman. She looked at her reflection and ran her hands over her body, smiling as she did so, her body tingling at the touch, over her firm breast’s down to her thigh’s and between her legs.

“Hmm.” she said, “I think we need to tone up a little if were going to be displaying our wears regularly.”

With a smile at her reflection, she moved to her wardrobe and took out some of her new clothes, slowly dressing in front of the mirror until she was satisfied. It did not take long, but then all she put on was a thin top, short skirt and pull up stockings. Satisfied with how she looked she went to her study.

When they had bought this house, the previous owner had building permission and plans to build a two-storey extension, a double garage with a bedroom above it. Once Cathy decided that she needed to exercise, she remembered the plans and, probably through anger, decided to have it built; only the bedroom would become a gym and sauna. With the plans were quotes for the work and the name of the architect, a local office in town, she decided to go and visit him and then to call the builders.

She had to park in a multi storey car park and walk to the architects office and she couldn’t help noticing the looks that she got, she loved it and realised that she was instinctively walking to tease, swaying her bum and making sure her breast’s moved freely, even smiling at some of the men as she passed.

As she entered the office she was greeted by a woman in her fifty’s “Yes, can I help you” she said officiously.

Putting on her biggest smile Cathy said, “Would it be possible to see Mr Hexton please”

“Do you have an appointment?” A look of annoyance on her face

“Oh I’m sorry….what a lovely brooch, it’s gorgeous.” Cathy said still smiling, “May I have a look at it.”

The secretary was surprised, “Ye….yes of course.”

Cathy moved round the desk and ran her finger’s over the brooch, “It’s so pretty, it suit’s your colour so well.

“We….well thank you; it was a gift from my late husband.”

“Oh! I’m sorry I didn’t mean to pry,” Cathy said, “It just look’s so pretty on you.”

“Oh not at all, now then Mr Hexton you say.” The secretary was flustered now but Cathy knew that her trick had worked.

“Yes if it’s at all possible, I have these plans that he drew up and I would like to make some small changes to them, but if I need an appointment I could come back I suppose.”

“No, no don’t worry, give me a moment. You are….”

Cathy gave her name and watched as miss prim went through some door’s that Cathy assumed led to the offices of Hexton and Norton. She returned a moment later and said “Mr Hexton has someone with him at the moment but if you could wait he will see you as soon as he is free.

“Oh thank you so much,” Cathy purred, “I’ll wait thank you.”

“Would you like some coffee or tea perhaps?” The secretary asked.

“Coffee would be wonderful, your so kind. “

A moment later Cathy sat with a piping hot cup of coffee in her hand, and the secretary was offering some of her own private stash of biscuit’s “I keep these for special client’s” she said, “If they knew about them they would eat them all.”

“I promise I won’t tell.” Cathy said with a smile. “My names Cathy by the way.”

“Oh, Janet, call me Janet.” Again, she was flustered, caught unawares.

Ten minutes later Janet ushered Cathy into Mr Hexton’s office, “Ms Winters Mr Hexton”

“Thank you Janet, could you bring some coffee in and biscuits if we have any.”

“Oh I think I just had the last biscuit I’m afraid.” Cathy said as she approached the desk, hand held out, “And it’s Cathy, please.”

“Oh…oh well never mind, please take a seat he said watching her breast’s shake as he shook her hand.

Cathy looked over her shoulder and winked at Janet as she left. “So what can I do for you then….Cathy?” Hexton asked “Oh and its Daniel.”

Daniel was in his late thirties well dressed thinning on top, glasses and a stomach that belonged to a man ten years older. Cathy turned the chair slightly as she sat down and slowly crossed her legs making sure that he got a good look at them. “I have these plans that you drew up for the previous occupier of my home, I wondered if we could make a few changes.” she said handing them over to him.

“Well let’s see,” he said spreading the plans across his desk. “Yes I think I remember these, simple two storey extension. You’re not happy with them I take it?”

“Oh no it’s not that.” Cathy said as someone knocked on the door. Cathy guessed it was Janet so uncrossed her legs and sat looking like miss prim and proper.

“Come!” Daniel shouted and Janet walked in and laid a tray with two cups and a steaming pot on the coffee table. “Thank you Janet.”

As she left Daniel said, “You wanted some changes made.”

Cathy got up and moved round the desk, standing as close to him as she could, “Not much really,” she said, “I want to make this a gym and sauna instead of a bedroom and a wall between the garages so that I can make one an office that I can access from inside the house.” She was waving her hands over the plans and could hear his breathing increase as he took in her perfume and her closeness. “I was hoping to take it to the builders today, would that be possible?” she was looking into his eyes now, smiling.

“Hmm…. Shall we have coffee while we talk.” he said stepping around his chair and walking to the settee.

The office was obviously designed to entertain clients in comfort, there was a settee and an armchair that Cathy sat in, legs crossed, sitting slightly sideways so that he could see the top’s of her stockings.

They spent the next half hour discussing what Cathy wanted and spec changes. Finally Daniel said, “Leave that with me, its eleven thirty now, if you can get back about one thirty I will have them ready for you, is there anything else I can do for you?”

“Oh I’m sure there is Daniel, see you at one thirty then.” and with the sexiest walk Daniel had ever seen she swished out of the door. As she passed Janet she brushed her hand saying “I will be back about one thirty Janet ok?”

“Oh yes, see you then Cathy, take care dear.” Janet replied with a huge smile.

Cathy was pleased with her morning’s work; while she had something to eat; she decided to call the builders to make an appointment. She managed to convince the secretary that it had to be today and got in for three thirty pm. After her lunch, she had a while to spare so done a little shopping on her clothes card then went back to Hexton and Norton arriving fifteen minutes early. Janet was eating dinner at her desk, a container of salad. “Oh sorry,” she said, “A working lunch.” and started to pack it away.

“No please, Janet, have your lunch, just point me to the coffee and I will help myself.” Cathy said.

Janet pointed to the corner of her office where Cathy saw the percolator was full and hot, “You want one? She asked

“Mmmm….sorry, yes please one sugar if you don’t mind.” Janet said between chomps on her salad.

Cathy got the coffee and handed one to Janet, then she reached into her shopping bag’s and pulled out a tin of exclusive chocolate biscuit’s, “For being so kind this morning” she said laying them on Janet’s desk.

“Oh you shouldn’t have,” Janet said, “I’ll get fat.”

“Nonsense!” Cathy laughed, “You have a great figure, the odd biscuit or two wont do you any harm.”

Janet was obviously embarrassed, and Cathy knew it wasn’t just because of the gift.

“I’ll just see if Mr Hexton is available.” Janet said as she got up and escaped through the office doors, returning a moment later, “He will see you now.”

“Thank you Janet, I’ll take my coffee if that’s ok.” Cathy said

Janet did not reply, just looked at the floor as Cathy passed her, still embarrassed it seemed.

Cathy walked into Daniels office as though it were her own; throughout her dealing’s with him, she had managed to put on a good mix of both her business and her vamp side, neither of which had gone unnoticed. “So how are we doing then Daniel?” she said heading for the armchair.

“Yes it’s finished,” Daniel said, watching as she crossed her legs, “Quite simple really, just a couple of lines, here and here.”

He was standing next to his drawing board so Cathy got up and walked over to him, making sure he had a good view between her leg’s, he couldn’t miss the fact that she had no pant’s on and as her nipples were always standing out he now knew she was almost naked. Standing close enough to put her arm round his back and brush against him, she listened as he went into meaningless detail of the changes he had made. “All very simple really.” he said finally turning to walk away from her but only managing to get as far as facing her.

Cathy looked into his eyes and said, “Thank you Daniel, now then, you said you may be able to do something else for me. What did you have in mind?”

Finally willing himself to move he stepped aside and said “I uh….um….well we do site management as well.” he said finally, “You know, make sure the builders do the job on time and such.”

“Would that mean you coming round to my place then?” Cathy asked, “Regularly?”

“Well at least once or twice yes,” he said, “it’s not a long job.”

“That’s a shame.” Cathy said, “I am seeing the builders this afternoon, I’ll give them your number and you can arrange a schedule, call me soon ok” she was gathering her thing’s up as she spoke and with a final smile said, “Call me soon ok.” and then she was gone. With a final farewell to a still embarrassed Janet, she floated out of the office and made her way to the builder’s office.

Despite arriving early, the minute she was out of her car a man was at the office door to meet her. “Mrs Winters” I assume?” the man said, “I’m Dave Manning, come in to my office.”

‘Said the spider to the fly’ Cathy thought, but said nothing. The ‘office’ was a portacabin, part of which had a desk in it that left little or no room for anyone to move around and a second chair against a wall. The positioning of the chair that he beckoned Cathy to sit on meant that he could see right up her legs and he made it very plain that he was looking. Before she had said a word, Cathy had him hooked. “I believe you can help me.” she said, not trying to hide her legs or stocking tops, just twisting slightly so that he couldn’t see up to her naked quim.

“Oh I do hope so Mrs Winters, anything in particular?” he said

Cathy reached forward and put a hand on his knee, “Please call me Cathy.”

“Ok! Cathy it is.” he said with a leering smile, “And I’m Dave, at your service.”

Cathy took out a piece of paper and said, “I believe you wrote this quote for an extension to my house.”

He took the paper and studied it, “This was a while back, but yes it’s mine.”

“Good.” Cathy said as she pulling out the new plans. She stood up and rolled the plans out on his desk leaning over him as she did so. “I’ve made some changes but I would like you to start on me as quickly as possible.”

Dragging his eye’s off her tit’s he stood up, his hand accidentally running up her leg as he did so. “Yes I see, well I will have to have another look at the site and give you a new quote but it shouldn’t be a problem.”

They were standing so close that Cathy could smell his sweat, she turned to look at him, only inches from his face, “And when would you like to come?” she asked

“Well no time like the present.” he said softly, losing none of his bravado.

“Good.” she said turning slightly so her tit’s brushed his arm, “I’ll be ready for you.” She turned and slowly walked out, leaving the plans on his desk, she could feel his eyes burning into her back, lusting after her. ‘This is going to be fun’ she thought.

On her way home she felt exhilarated, she hadn’t had so much fun for years, “Slut” the voice said from far away.

She wasn’t in for long before Dave arrived in his white van, “Come in.” she said, Let me show you upstairs first, then we can get down to business.” Slowly she swayed her way upstairs, deliberately taking her time, knowing that his face was only inches from her arse, she could feel her pussy getting wet.

“Nice house.” he said, “Lot’s of space, nice curves.”

She ignored him and carried onto her small study. “As you see this room is hardly big enough.” she stood with her back to the wall, facing him, legs spread slightly.

“This side is the bathroom.” she said raising her arm up the wall “and this side is my bedroom.” she raised her other arm so that she was spread like a cross.

The look on his face was of sheer lust, however he tried he couldn’t hide it as the bulge in his trousers made it so obvious. “Do you think you could do something for me, make an opening here maybe.”

He stood in front of her, almost touching her and ran his hands over the wall either side of her. “Oh I’m sure I can do something for you Cathy, believe me when I say it will be a pleasure.”

Arms spread wide and looking into his face, she said, “Have you examined all you want then, or do you want to examine further.”

The intimation was unmistakable. “Well yes I should make sure that these are firm enough,” he said as he slowly moved his hands to her breast’s, still unsure that he could be this lucky. As he ran his hands over her nipples she let out an involuntary moan, taking this as a sign, he gripped them harder, looking into her still open eyes.

“What about the door Mr Manning.?” she asked, “Will it open?”

His hand shot down to her pussy, wet and warm, “Oh it’s open alright, and ready.” he said between gasping breaths

Breathing almost as heavily as he was she said, “Then maybe you should fit the door knob then Mr Manning. Make sure it fits properly don’t you think?”

In a second, his zip was undone and in another, he had lifted her off the floor and rammed into her, thrusting hard. Another second and he exploded into her. “Oh fuck your hot.” he said as he lowered her to the floor.

She was surprised how calm she was, he didn’t even have her started and yet she was totally calm. With his come running down her leg, she said. “You said I wouldn’t be disappointed Mr Manners.” She said quietly, “You were wrong.”

The look on his face was total shame, “I….I….” he started.

“I do hope your future work is of much higher quality.” she said as she brushed past him, “And much longer lasting.”

She walked downstairs and out the back door, “This is where you will be erecting, the extension” she said, knowing that he was still feeling bad. “I will be in the kitchen when you are done, wiping you’re come from my legs.”

His eyes involuntarily dropped to her legs where he could see his juices running down. “Uh….yes ok.” he said quietly, “I won’t be long.”

Cathy turned and walked into the kitchen, put the kettle on and started to wipe herself down. She wiped a flannel between her swollen lips and let it linger for a while, relishing the cold feeling on her hot clit. Suddenly she sensed movement behind her; slowly she turned round and saw Dave standing in the doorway. She dropped the flannel but did not stop the movement of her hand, slipping a finger into her wet pussy, watching him, smiling at him as she slipped another finger in and then out, legs spread wide, nipples standing out, breathing erratic.

Dave moved forward slowly and put his hands on her hips, feeling for the zip, finding it and unzipping it, watching as the skirt dropped to the floor. He ran his hands down her legs and then up again, continuing over her hips and under the top to her breasts. No word was spoken as he did this, nor as he lifted the top over her head to see her, finally naked, and fingering herself, her hand getting faster and faster.

Dave dropped to his knees and taking her legs and wrapping them around his neck, he lifted her onto the worktop. All the time Cathy was working on her clit. Then Dave slowly lowered his head onto her mound, as his tongue reached her lips she took in a sharp breath, as he touched her clit she let out a moan and as his tongue went to work on her she grabbed his head and pushed him closer. Although he was obviously experienced at clit licking, he didn’t need to be, Cathy was so high she would have come whatever he was like.

Cathy was like a drone, her eye’s were open and she was looking down at him, his face buried between her legs his tongue working on her clit, she let out the occasional moan but said nothing until her orgasm shot through her. She felt it rising as usual in the pit of her stomach. A smile wafted across her face as she gave herself up to it, rising, rising and then the overpowering strength of it making her go rigid. Grabbing his head and pumping it into her swollen pussy. He lifted her up and half staggered half carried her around the room licking her all the time, until she screamed out loud and threw her arms wide, falling backwards. He almost dropped her, the movement was so violent, so unexpected.

As she became silent, he slowly lowered her to the floor where she curled up into a ball. He picked her up and carried her to the living room. Laying her down on the settee, he went back to the kitchen and with a banging of many cupboard doors, made some coffee. When he returned she was still curled in a ball but at least she was sitting up. “I don’t know how you like your coffee.” he said.
“Black, no sugar.” she said softly.

He handed her the coffee and at a loss as to what to do with himself stood drinking his own. “Are you ok?” he asked after a while.

She had settled down now, the trembling had subsided. This was not supposed to happen, well not yet anyway. “Yes I’m fine.” she said confidently, “At least you got that bit right.”

“Err yeah sorry about…well upstairs.” he mumbled

“So then Dave, how about my extension.” she said, all business now, “When can you start.”

“Err well….yes well how about next Thursday.” he said

“Well I’m in Belgium till Friday will you be able to start without me?” she asked

“Yes that should be fine.” he said, “We can dig out the footing’s”

Cathy stood up and standing in front of him naked said, “How long will it take and how many men will I use?”

“Well if I get two guy’s it will be cheaper but it will take a month, if there are four of us it will be more expensive but only take about two weeks.” He said.

Cathy ran her hand over his newly erect cock and said, “Four men, I like the idea of four rough hardy builders erecting for me, I will see you next Thursday, Mr Manners.” with that she gave his erection a final rub and then walked upstairs.

“See yourself out Mr Manners.” she said as she went into the bathroom.

Moments later as she slid into her hot bath, she went over the day. Quite successful really. Daniel at her disposal, Janet poor thing, and then the ever-erect Mr Manning. She had not intended fucking him. She meant to tease him a little but once she started, the whore in her took over. And then she needed to be satisfied and she didn’t really care how, or who with.

Things had to change though; she could not go through her new life shagging any man that came along. Well, not all the time anyway. One thing was certain; Ted was going to get a shock for sure. He still thought he had little miss businesswoman by the tits whenever he felt like it. Wrong. She would have to put him straight on Monday. However, for now she was happy with her day. Her extension was going to be built, and all she needed to do once that was done was equip it properly. She had seen a sauna in the town earlier that day and placed her order so she had better tell Daniel how thing’s had gone.

She got out of the bath and wrapped a towel around herself. Grabbing a coffee she was surprised to see that it was seven thirty already. She decided to ring Daniel first thing in the morning. She spent the rest of the evening lazing in front of the fire naked. About eleven thirty though the phone disturbed her peace. “Hello.” she said into the receiver.

“Hi babe, how’s you.” It was Rob

“Hi Rob how are you doing or are you too busy to talk.” she regretted it the minute she said it.

“Aw come on babe you know I am doing this for us don’t you?” he said

“I’m sorry.” Cathy replied, “It’s been a busy day, I didn’t mean to take it out on you, when will you be home.”

“That’s why I rang.” he said excitedly, “I’m home on Tuesday for a couple of days, well I have to leave Wednesday night but hey we will have some time together wont we.”

“No Rob we wont, I am in Belgium from Monday for the week, I wont be back till Friday.” she said, and was quite surprised how calm, even relieved she was when she said it.

“Belgium?” he said surprised, “Why Belgium.”

“I got promoted to PA so I will be travelling almost as much as you now.” she said

“That’s great babe, you deserve it,” he said “really you do, you work so hard.”

“Well I hope it all goes as they say because I’ve spent all our saving’s on the extension.” she said, still detached and not caring whether he liked it or not.

“But we said we were going to wait for a while before we built the new bedroom.”

“Yes I know, but I thought you might like to have a gym instead, with a sauna.” she had lowered her voice now to a purr, “You always said you would like one and it was going to be a surprise for you, did I do wrong then darling.”

“No it’s fine.” he said, “Just don’t break the bank ok.”

“I wont.” she said.

They chatted for another ten minutes and then Rob had to go. As she put the phone down, she burst out laughing. “If only you knew what a slut wife you have.” She was still laughing when she took the bottle of vodka upstairs and still laughing when with a final goodnight to her reflection she fell asleep.

She woke with a start, the phone was ringing. “Yes!” she shouted into the mouthpiece.

“Err Cathy, err Ms Winters.” a voice said, “It’s Daniel Hexton.”

“Oh Daniel sorry.” she said, “I was asleep, what time is it.”

“It’s nine forty, Ms Winters, can we talk.”

“Daniel, call me Cathy ok.” she said “And no we can’t talk, ring me back in fifteen minutes and ask me why then ok.”

“Err yes C…Cathy fifteen then.”

Not bothering to dress she went down stairs and made some coffee as she sat down to drink it the phone rang again. “Hello.”

“Cathy? It’s Daniel.”

“Hi Daniel and good morning.”

“So why couldn’t we talk then?” he asked, the tremor in his voice showed that he was trying to be brave.

“Because I was in bed naked Daniel.” she said with a laugh.

All his bravado evaporated, “Oh…Oh I’m sorry….” he stammered, “I didn’t know, sorry.”

“So how doe’s it feel then Daniel.” Cathy said feeling the tease rise in her.

“Err…feel, sorry feel what.” he said

“Daniel I’m hurt you don’t remember.” she laughed, “Your one of the very few men who knows I sleep naked.”

Even over the phone, she could feel the heat of his embarrassment. “Oh dear, yes, well. Erm….”

“Did you have something to say Daniel because I’m still naked.” she teased

“Oh dear, no well yes, shall I call back later and let you well….dress.”

“No Daniel, I like talking to you when I’m naked.” she laughed, “It makes me all horny.”

“No I think I better go and call back later Ms Winters, I’m happily married.” He panicked

“Oh don’t be silly Daniel, I’m only teasing you, what did you wake me up for.” she said softly.

“Oh yes.” he said fighting to get his composure back, “Err did you find a builder.”

“Oh yes I was going to call you but you beat me to it” she said

She gave him the name and number of Mr Manning and the shop supplying the sauna. They discussed a few more details and then Daniel said farewell. Cathy laughed as she went for her shower, she decided that it was so rare these days to find a loyal husband that she would have to fuck Daniel, just for the hell of it.

Cathy spent the rest of the day at her mother’s playing with her son Jordan. Sunday she spent online buying exercise equipment a sun-bed and packing for her trip. Once that was done, she went to her mother’s again and spent as much time as possible with Jordan. She didn’t know when she would see him again but as she left she promised her mother that she would call and then come round as soon as she could after Belgium.

“That’s ok Cathy darling.” Jane said, “Your looking so much better than before, you enjoy your trip, you know he’s safe and well and if your needed we will call you.” she said as she kissed her daughter on the cheek.

Monday morning she dressed in another of her new work outfit’s. White low cut suit, short skirt and bolero type jacket, stay ups and nothing else. As usual, she made the coffee and took a cup into Ted’s office. “You look good enough to eat.” he said, “You seem, shall we say, different today.”

“You could say that Te….Mr Heron sir.” she corrected herself. “I have had a lot of time to think since last week and have been forced to make a few decisions, or should I say admit a few thing’s to myself.”

Ted sipped at his coffee, “And what would they be Cat.”

Cathy took a deep breath. She wasn’t sure what his reaction would be but she was determined to say her piece. “Well.” she started. “We both know that you can have me whenever you want, make me do whatever you want. However, you should know that it’s not by your choice anymore. Whether it was your intention, I don’t know but you have woken the old me up more than you realise. Last week with Clive and Dean, and yes, even the cab driver was wild, even though I fought against it, I wanted it to happen. Well I couldn’t stop it, my body wouldn’t let me.”

“Well I’m glad to hear that you have accepted your place in the scheme of things.” Ted said.

“No!” Cathy said, “That’s not what I meant. Yes, you can have me, and I won’t stop you. You can make me fuck anyone you want and I won’t stop you. However, it has to be mutual, not just, because you say so. I need to have a say in it if I want. I would rather be friends than slave and master. You will still get what you want, just given instead of taken all the time. It would be so much better, I promise.”

“I see you have done a lot of thinking about this Cathy.” Ted said thoughtfully, “We’ll see how it goes ok, I can’t say anymore than that.”

Cathy jumped out of her seat “Oh Ted you won’t regret it I promise you.” and she kissed him on the cheek. As she pulled away, he put his hand to her face and reached up to kiss her lip’s, she kissed him back, allowing her tongue to slip into his mouth. As she pulled away she added, “It will be so good I promise.”

“I know.” Ted said with a smile. As she left his office he thought, ‘Why not, I’ll make the most of her. It will be nice to actually have her on my arm for a change.’

As Cathy left Ted’s office, she saw Denise walk in with a huge smile. “How are you doing with the promotion Denise, managing ok?”

“Oh Cathy I do hope so, it all seems so strange, even though I’m basically doing the same thing it all seems so different.” Denise said excitedly, “Any way that’s enough about me look at you all dressed up, you look stunning and I can see you’re….well you know….” Denise was looking at Cathy’s boobs, “Your not are you?” she said.

“Shhhh” Cathy said and took Denise by the arm, “We don’t want everyone to know do we.”

Cathy decided to take the bull by the horns. She grabbed Denise’ hand and led her back through the to Ted’s office.

As she opened the door Ted’s gaze fell on Denise’, “Good morning Denise, your looking particularly nice today.”

Denise flushed, “Thank you Mr Heron.”

“What can I do for you Cathy.” he said

“Can I borrow the exec suite for an hour Mr Heron Sir” she said, deliberately using the title. “Denise and I need to discuss a few things.”

Ted raised his eyebrows but got nothing further from Cathy. “Yes, no problem.” he said as he handed over the keys.

Cathy smiled “Thank you Mr Heron Sir, I’m sure we will all benefit from our discussions. Maybe we will need you to take part a bit later”

“Ok Cathy, let me know ok” he said as they left.

“What are we doing Cathy, the exec suite? Why?”

“Privacy, we need to sort a few thing’s out” Cathy said leading the way to the lift, “Did you see the way he looked at you? Tell me you didn’t enjoy that.”

“I know I didn’t know where to look.” Denise replied, “It was quite exciting, he’s quite good looking really isn’t he.”

“He’s the dominant type,” Cathy said with a laugh, “Like’s to have a woman at his disposal.”

“Have you….,” Denise said, “You know, you and him.”

The lift had come to a stop. Before Cathy replied, she led Denise into the Exec suite. “You quite fancy our Mr Heron don’t you?” Cathy said

“Well he is a bit dishy even though he’s that bit older, I find it quite attractive.” Denise laughed, “You have haven’t you, with him, you know….how do you know what he like’s if you haven’t?”

“Well I’d been teasing him for ages and one day he made a pass at me, I fought him off but all the teasing had turned me on too and he knew I wanted it. He bent me over the desk ripped my pants off and took me in the office. Ever since then I have dressed hoping he would do it again but I think he only has eye’s for you, I think he really wants you, and after his look this morning I think you know it too.”

“Oh he can take me anytime,” Denise said as she flushed bright red. “but I don’t think he’s interested, I’m not gorgeous like you.”

“Denise you are a really nice person and you have a great body.” Cathy said, “But you buy a beautiful top like that and then stick a roll neck sweater underneath. You could even have taken a couple of inches off your skirt.” Cathy was laughing as she said it.

“Oh I knew you would say that.” Denise said, “I put the top on this morning, no bra or anything, but I just couldn’t, I wouldn’t dare, not like you, they don’t even move.”

Cathy laughed again, “Oh yes they do, I make sure they do.”

“Cathy!” Denise squirmed, “How could you.”

“Because like you I have a great body, and the men will do anything if they think they can get there hands on it. It gives me power over them, power that you could use Denise, power to control.”

“No it’s not the same, you’re just so gorgeous.” Denise said, “I’m just plain really.”

“Right!” Cathy said walking over to the bar, “I’ve had enough of this. Do you trust me, really trust me.”

Denise looked shocked, “You know I do.”

She handed Denise a tall glass of neat vodka “Then I will make you a deal.” Cathy said, “You spend one day dressed to kill and if you don’t like the feeling it gives you, or none of the men comment, I will never mention it again, ok.”

Denise thought for a moment as she sipped her drink, “Oh I don’t know if I can Cathy I really don’t know.”

“Ok then how about you do it for two hours and then we meet up to see how it’s going.” Cathy said, “That’s a fair deal isn’t it.”

“Mmm ok but only a couple of hours.” Denise’ face was a mix of excitement and fright..

“Ok drink it all. Now, Dutch courage” Cathy said,

“I can’t drink all of it.” Denise said as she put the glass to her lips.

Cathy didn’t give her a choice, holding the bottom of the glass till it was drained.

“You nearly choked me.” Denise laughed, “I will be back in a minute” and she headed for the bathroom.

“Oh no you don’t.” Cathy said, “You just stand there and I will dress you. We need to get it right or you won’t feel comfortable”

Denise was about to protest but she did as she was told and stood with her arms by her side and her eyes closed. Cathy undid the buttons on her thin top, it was quite low cut and semi transparent but the pattern would hide her nipples from all but the closest looks. As she undressed Denise, Cathy deliberately brushed her nipples, listening for the tell tale gasp each time. First, the blouse came off and then the jumper over her head, moving behind Denise Cathy undid the bra and slid her hands forward to remove it, deliberately cupping the smooth firm breast’s as she did. Her hands lingered for a moment as her hot breath ran over Denise’ neck.

As Denise leaned back into Cathy’s arms she seemed to suddenly wake up, her arms came up and crossed over her breast’s, “I’m sorry.” she said, “I didn’t mean….” realising that she had trapped Cathy’s hands harder against her boob’s she dropped her arms and moved forward. “I’m sorry….I….I….” she stammered.

“Don’t worry about it.” Cathy said.

“But I like men.” Denise blurted out, and then softly added, “I’m not very experienced but I know I like men.”

Cathy laughed, “So do I. More than I should sometimes, but that’s no reason to cut out half the population is it. I enjoyed touching you, your soft and warm, it was nice, I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“No you didn’t….oh I’m confused.” Denise said.

“Denise, I have noticed recently that whenever we talk about our bodies you not only get embarrassed, you keep looking at my boobs. I think you have been having feelings towards me and I think you have been fighting them off.” As she spoke, she removed her top. “Give me your hands”

Denise was standing with her arms across her breasts, eyes tight closed. Cathy took her hands and stiffly led them to her boobs. As they came into contact, Denise let out a gasp, but didn’t pull away. Slowly she ran Denise’ hands over them until she was doing it by herself. She moved her hands to Denise boobs and lightly ran her fingers over the swollen nipples. “Open your eyes,” She said.

Slowly Denise opened her eyes, her hands still moving. First she looked into Cathy’s eyes and then slowly watched her hands moving over Cathy’s tit’s. “They’re so soft, and yet so firm.” she said.

Cathy moved closer, so close there breast’s touched. Once again, Denise gasped, lifting her eye’s to meet Cathy’s. Slowly Cathy lowered her face till there lips met. At first, Denise didn’t respond but slowly, very slowly she joined with Cathy, responding more passionately. Cathy felt Denise go tense but ignored it and lowered her mouth till she felt her nipple softly licking it and then taking it into her mouth.

“Oh fuck.” Denise moaned.

Cathy took her by the hand and led her to the settee, sitting Denise down, she said, “Just relax, and enjoy, I’ve wanted to do this for so long.”

Cathy started once again with a kiss, long and lingering, sliding her tongue slowly into Denise’ parting lips. Still kissing her, she laid Denise down, one leg on the settee and one on the floor. She kissed Denise from head to foot, lingering at each nipple and then going down slowly to her hips, her inner thigh, down her legs to her toes.

All the while Denise was moaning louder and louder, her hand resting on Cathy’s head. As Cathy returned up her body she lingered again at Denise’ inner thigh, Denise spread her legs wider and pushed Cathy to her quim. Cathy breathed in the scent of her sex, her juices making the swollen lips shine, then her tongue ran the full length of the slit, flicking at the swollen bud as it passed.

Denise let out a cry of total pleasure, her cries getting louder and more intense as Cathy worked her bud. “Oh fuck!” Denise screamed, “Oh shit, you got me, you got me I’m gonna come, oh fuck I’m gonna cooooome….” and she started thrashing around arms going wild, thrusting her throbbing pussy into Cathy’s face, moaning, screaming and eventually crying, tears flooding down her face. Slowly she came to stop, breathing erratic, face red and tear stained.

“Oh god that was brilliant, out of this world.” Denise said when she was finally able to speak.

“Hmmm, and what would you say if Mr Heron was here, naked, right now, eh.” Cathy said with a laugh.

“Ohh god I’d say fuck me and fuck me hard.” Denise laughed.

Cathy grabbed hold of Denise and rolled her off the settee, they ended up on the floor with Denise on top, Cathy pulled Denise’ face close to hers and said, “Then say it, say it loud.”

Denise smiled, “Fuck me Mr….” she stopped, movement to her right, she turned her head and saw Ted Heron, standing naked only feet away, his erection throbbing.

Cathy pulled Denise face back to hers and kissed her softly, “Say it, fuck me Mr Heron sir, say it loud, .”

Denise glanced to the side and then back at Cathy “Mmmmmm, Fuck me Mr Heron Sir, please fuck me.” and then she locked lips with Cathy.

Ted had been watching for some time and didn’t need telling twice, he knelt behind Denise and slowly pushed his throbbing erection into her wet pussy, slowly moving in and out.

As Denise broke the kiss with Cathy she said, “You bitch, oohh god harder Mr Heron harder please, take me, fuck me ram it in”

That was all Ted needed, he gripped Denise by the hips and rammed into her hard keeping up that vicious pumping. Cathy took Denise by the tits, ripping at one with her hands and biting hard on the other.

The combined pain brought Denise quickly to another sort of pain. Ecstatic climatic orgasm. Thrusting back onto Ted and pushing down onto Cathy she forced herself to keep moving until it was all a blur of orgasmic agony. She screamed, loud, long and painful, all rhythm and co-ordination gone, just a plaything for these two expert lovers and a slave to her orgasm. Finally as Ted slowed Denise collapsed onto Cathy and lay there unmoving, eyes open but glazed, Cathy kissed her eyes closed and let her lay for a while to recover.
When Ted watched Cathy leave his office he knew something was going on, Cathy only used the ‘Mr Heron Sir’ bit when she was serving him, also Cathy had her own key to the exec suite in her desk. Cathy knew that the suite was rigged for sound and vision and Ted had watched as they entered the suit. He was more than surprised to hear that Denise fancied him. He had never thought of her in that way but had to admit she was a good looking woman. He had to admit it even more as Cathy stripped her. Her tits were not as big as Cathy’s was but they were nice and firm. As the minutes passed and he saw what was happening he remembered Cathy’s last words before she had left his office, “Maybe we will need you to take part a bit later.” Cathy had set this up for him as well as for herself. He took Cathy’s keys and made his way to the exec suite, quietly letting himself in. Cathy saw him enter and smiled, he quietly removed his clothes and from a safe vantage point watched as Denise had her first female on female orgasm.

When Cathy asked what Denise would do if Ted had been standing in the room, he knew it was his cue. He waited for the reply and then moved forward. He half expected Denise to scream when she saw him, he was ready to back off, but when, after seeing him, she repeated her request he was more than ready. Now he watched them as they got to there knees in front of him, Denise unable to look at him, eyes looking down.

He put his hand to her chin and lifted her face, “If I had known how you felt I would have reciprocated a lot sooner.”

“I didn’t think you would be interested in me.” Denise said quietly.

“How could I not be.” Ted said, “You’re a gorgeous looking woman, and as I have found out today, you seem to love my sort of sex.”

“What do you mean.” Denise said puzzled, “Your sort of sex?”

Cathy laughed, “I think he means, quick rampant lust, shag on demand or as the mood takes him, or you.”

“I’ve never done this before.” Denise said relaxing a little.

“But you enjoyed it.” Ted said

“God yes.” Denise giggled “It’s never been like that before, but I just don’t know anything, I’ve had a few men but never really known what to do and they never lasted long enough for me to find out.”

“Have you ever sucked a guy off?” Cathy asked

“Not really, one guy put it my mouth but then took it out and spent the next ten seconds fucking me, then he was gone. “Denise said.

“Then now is the time to learn, that and much more.” Cathy said looking at Ted for approval.

Ted smiled and nodded his head. Cathy took his semi erect cock into her mouth and then pulled Denise closer, “Watch me and then copy, ok”

Denise nodded, eyes wide as if she was a child with a new toy. She was a quick learner and between kissing each other and sucking his cock, they soon had Ted close to orgasm. “Don’t come Ted, I think we have a bonus for you.” Cathy said

She moved behind Denise and spread her legs, then she started with her tongue again, taking juices from her wet pussy and spreading it around her bum crack. Then she started to push her tongue into the crack as well. Denise was moaning and sucking at the same time, squirming her bum, pushing it onto Cathy’s tongue. After a while when she thought Denise was ready Cathy sat on the settee and pulled Denise’ head to her lap.

Ted knew what was expected and as Cathy kissed Denise tenderly, Ted slowly pushed his erection into her tight virgin arse. As Denise let out a moan, he slowed a little, then pushed some more until he was all the way in. As he slowly pumped into her arse Cathy lifted her legs onto the settee and moved Denise’ face till it was on her wet pussy. Slowly, Denise started to lick Cathy’s throbbing clit making her moan with pleasure.

Cathy and Ted watched each other as they used Denise to slake there lust. Every time Ted thrust into Denise her face would ram into Cathy’s pussy, forcing Denise’ tongue harder on to her clit. At this point neither Cathy nor Ted cared whether Denise was getting any pleasure or not, they were both moaning loudly and still looking at each other, as though it was a race. Then Ted started to speed up and Cathy felt her orgasm rising, she knew instinctively that it wasn’t going to be major but right now any orgasm would be good, she let her body go limp and gave herself over to Ted’s thrusting and Denise’ tongue.

When her orgasm came, it was like tidal water on a beach, rushing up, holding for a second, and then slowly ebbing away, it was more beauty than passion. She moaned long and hard which triggered Ted to his final thrusts and his jism shooting into

Denise’ arse.

Denise’ tongue was still working when Ted pulled out of her, she moaned as he withdrew, “Oh, I could have come, I swear I could have come.” she said

“Next time Denise.” Ted said smacking her on the arse, “Next time.”

“Oh don’t do that or I will come.” Denise said without moving, her hands still resting on Cathy’s knees.

“Oh a pain lover.” Cathy said and smiled at Ted who promptly slapped Denise again.

“It would seem so.” Ted said walking over to his clothes, “Let’s see how much shall we?”

Ted walked back with his leather belt and with a look at Cathy swung it hard across Denise’ raised bum cheeks leaving red welts.

“Arrhhh.” Denis cried and gripped Cathy’s legs.

“Let me try.” Cathy said and pushed Denise aside.

Ted handed her the belt and Cathy swung it hard again on the raised buttocks, again Denise let out a cry but didn’t protest. Cathy moved higher and her next stripe with the belt went across Denise’ back, the end of the belt flipped under her body and whipped her naked tit’s. “Arhhhhh. yes” Denise cried.

Cathy done it twice more, once from each side so that both Denise’ tits were throbbing with pain. They were all breathing heavily. “I think maybe it’s time to go.” Cathy said handing the belt back to Ted.

Ted laughed and said, “You can be a right bitch sometimes Cat.”

Before Cathy could answer Denise moaned, “You should try it from where I am, I’ll be dripping juice all day.”

Cathy laughed, “I didn’t know you were into pain.” she said

“Neither did I till just now, or women or up the arse or anything else.” Denise said, “Now all I keep think of is what else can I try.”

“Well to start with, no bra.” Cathy said

“And no pants” Ted added

“Pants.” Denise gasped, “No I cant, bra’s fine but pants, no I can’t.”

“Yes you can Denise.” Cathy said, “Two hours, then see how you feel, no one can see can they, unless you want them to.” she laughed

“Oh fuck it why not.” Denise said, “After what I’ve just done I might as well give it all a try, go on then.”

Ted was dressed by now so picked up Denise’ bra and pants and as she looked put them in his pocket, “If you want them back you come to me, but you will have to ask very very nicely understand.”

“Of course Mr Heron sir.” Denise mimicked, and gave a naked curtsy. She put on her skirt and the thin top, allowing Cathy to undo a couple of buttons and fuss a little.

Once Denise was dressed, Cathy turned to Ted and said, “Well what do you think to the latest member of your harem Mr Heron sir.”

“Yes Cathy, you have done well, she look’s good enough for a gang bang.” He said.

“I wouldn’t put that passed you two either.” Denise laughed

“Neither would I.” Ted said seriously, as he turned for the door.

As the lift went up Ted helped himself to a good grope of both his girls and then left them as the door’s opened. Denise was plainly nervous but Cathy pulled her along the corridor to their office and took her to the nearest man she could find. “So, what is Ian doing then Denise?”.

Denise looked over Ian’s shoulder and went into a diatribe of what he was up to, Cathy grabbed her by the waste and pulled her alongside Ian so that she would have to lean over to go through the papers. Ian started to lose track of thing’s and when Denise looked at him, she could see why, his eyes were glued to her swaying tits, she went to stand up but a firm hand on her back stopped her, she had no option but to continue when Cathy asked her another question. It didn’t take long before Denise started to get wet, she was enjoying Ian’s gaze, so much she even moved without reason just so her tit’s would swing a bit more, she lowered her gaze to his crotch and was surprised to see a bulge, a throbbing bulge. “Ok then Ian, well done.” Denise said, but couldn’t help adding, “Keep it up.” It was only then that she realised that Cathy had moved her hand and was walking away, she ran to catch up with her ignoring her bouncing tits.

“Bitch.” Denise said, “I’m all bloody wet again.”

“So you won’t be wanting your bra back then?” Cathy asked

“Hmm, I might ask for it back but, no, I wont be wearing it. “she said

“Ian has lunch at his desk, maybe you should re-examine his work while he eats.” Cathy said, “But sit on his desk this time.”

“Sit” Denise said, “Why?”

“So he can look up your skirt you silly cow.” Cathy laughed.

“Noo, I can’t.” Denise giggled.

“Denise, Ian is harmless and he’s new.” Cathy said, “He is also very young, give him a thrill now and he will be your loyal puppy forever, who knows one day you might even fuck him.”

“Your terrible you are.” she said, but she didn’t say no.

At lunchtime, Cathy and Ted were leaving for there Belgium trip. As they left, Denise was sitting on Ian’s desk while he did his best not to look up her skirt, Cathy walked over and said, “Everything ok Denise?”

“Oh yes Cathy everything’s fine.” Denise replied with a smile, “Have a good trip.”

“We will.” Cathy said, “Oh and by the way, you need a shave.”

“Oh, sorry.” Ian said

“Not you, her.” Cathy said as she burst out laughing.

“Cathy!” Denise cried.

Cathy looked at Ian who was bright red as she joined Ted by the door, “Bye Denise, see you next week.” She was still laughing as she got in the lift.

As the lift closed, Cathy said “Well Mr Heron sir, how did I do, did I serve you well sir.” she was still laughing.

“Yes Cat.” Ted said sternly, “You did very well. I have to admit I was a bit confused to begin with, when you asked for the keys but the penny dropped in the end. I had no idea that Denise fancied me, she will be a useful addition to our exclusive team, who knows I might even get you two to put a show on for some of our more illustrious clients.

“I thought you might say that.” Cathy said with a broad smile.

Six hours later, they were unpacking in there Brussels hotel. They were in adjoining suits and while they were unpacking, Ted opened the adjoining door so they could discuss the following day’s agenda, popping in and out as he did so.

“We have a meeting with Madrans directors in the morning and dinner with them in the evening. Wednesday we are meeting with Expelex and if that goes well we could be on our way home for Thursday instead of Friday so keep your fingers crossed.

Cathy had read the files and knew what to expect and what was needed. While neither account was that big, she knew that each one was worth a lot of money to her in bonuses so she meant to do everything possible to win the account.

Through out dinner and in fact throughout that whole night Ted was the perfect gentle man. No slave no master no sex, well just a bit of teasing the waiter but that was by Cathy’s choice, he was good looking though, and young, and fit.

The following morning they breakfasted and drank coffee till the Madrans car arrived for them. The two main directors greeted them. Henri was young, while Stefan looked a bit older, his mannerism’s were a bit olde worlde, but this was all new territory to Cathy, she had no idea how people spoke or acted outside of foreign holiday resorts.

The meeting went well and it was obvious that both men liked what they heard and liked what they saw even more, namely Cathy, who was all smiles and charm. They agreed to meet for dinner that evening and Ted and Cathy spent the rest of the day sightseeing and doing some shopping. Ted kept on saying how they both fancied her to which Cathy said “As long as they sign they can fancy whoever they want.”

That evening when Ted walked into Cathy’s room to collect her he took a sharp breath, “You look absolutely stunning.” he said

“Why thank you kind sir” Cathy said, spinning around, “Not too much then.” She was dressed in a full length chiffon dress, it had folds in all the correct places, just enough to hide the fact that she wore neither pants or bra, unless you were close that is but not hiding the fact that she wore stay up’s.

Ted smiled “Perfect.” Then crooking his elbow he added “Shall we.”

Cathy hooked her arm through his and they went down to the restaurant. The maitre D called a waiter who showed them to their table. Before they had ordered a drink, their guests arrived.

The meal went really well, Cathy was totally relaxed and thankfully Henri and Stefan both spoke perfect English.

As the restaurant started to thin out a bit Ted stood up. “I do hope you will excuse me, it has been a long day and I’m not as young as I used to be, Cat will see to all your needs,” he said looking her straight in the face, “won’t you Cat?”

His meaning was unmistakable, he was telling her to fuck them, if that’s what they wanted. It wasn’t what she wanted, not by order anyway. “Well it has been a long day.” she said, standing up, “I think I will retire as well, it’s been nice meeting you both and I hope we will see a lot more of each other.” As she said it, she held out her hand to them.

Henri took it and said, “It has been a pleasure, I am sure we will see much more of you.” He kissed the back of her hand and said, “I will call you in the morning after the board meeting and let you know what they say.” Stefan smiled at her as she turned to leave.

It was obvious that Ted was angry but he remained silent until they got into the lift, “What the hell are you doing, don’t you know how much that account is worth.”

“Yes Ted,” Cathy fumed, “I know exactly how much, but I thought we had a deal, I won’t fuck to order Ted not anymore.”

Ted sucked in his breath and calmed himself down, “Yes.” he said, “we do have a deal, I made a mistake.” He was still angry when the lift stopped and still angry as he slammed his door shut.

Cathy was pleased, even though he was angry, she had stood her ground, now he would have to be understanding of her feelings. She undressed and went to bed.

The following day went pretty much as expected. Explex agreed terms there and then thanks to Cathy’s ground work and Henri had phoned and confirmed that they too would sign their contract so all business was complete by midday and they returned to the hotel.

As they entered the lobby a short fat seedy looking man in a dishevelled suit approached them, “Ted, how are you what you doing here in Belgium,” he said “how long you here for”

Ted looked surprised, “Marcus, god how long has it been.” he said, “We go back tomorrow.”

“No!” Marcus said looking at Cathy with beady eye’s, “You gotta come for dinner, tonight, in the penthouse, both of you, lets say seven thirty, penthouse, gotta go, later’s.” and before Ted could say anything else Marcus ran out the door and into a cab.

“Who on earth was that.” Cathy asked.

“That was Marcus. An old friend” Ted smile, “Don’t let appearances fool you, he is a very successful film producer, and very mean so dinner is an honour believe me.”

There was five hours before there dinner date so Ted and Cathy did a bit of site seeing and then returned to the hotel with plenty of time for a rest before they got ready.

Cathy had a long soak and then again dressed to impress. This time she wore a white woollen crochet mini dress and stay up’s. The dress was so short her stocking tops were clearly visible and the holes displayed her breasts to there fullest, nipples on display and the triangle between her thighs on full view,

As she looked in the full length mirror in her room, she looked at it and said, “A successful trip and no sign of you.”

“No?” came the reply “So why are you dressed like me, like a whore?”

“It’s my choice.” she replied to her reflection, “Not yours. Ted knows where he stands now, he won’t try anything again”

“You sad slut, do you really believe that?”

“I make the rules now.” she said and moved away from the mirror, retreating from the voice in her head. “I make the rules.” she said again, without her previous conviction.

“Perfect, just perfect.” Ted said, making Cathy jump, “Again you look stunning, truly stunning.”

“Why thank you kind sir.” Cathy said with a smile, hoping he hadn’t heard her talking to herself. Ted crooked his arm and Cathy took as they headed for the lift

The lift went straight up to the penthouse. As Cathy stepped out of the lift Marcus was waiting for them, his eye’s jumped out of his head, which was running up and down Cathy’s body like a mower over grass, back and forth back and forth. “Fuck me but your stunning.” he said grabbing her by the arm and leading her to the bar, “What’s your poison.”

Pulling herself free of his grasp she said, “Vodka ice please.” While he poured her drink, she glanced around the penthouse. It was huge and surprisingly tidy. The only tools of his trade she could see was a camera on a tripod in one corner, but the rest of the room was clean and tidy, which was more than could be said for Marcus who was dressed in shorts and a T shirt that looked like it hadn’t been washed for months.

“Here” Marcus said thrusting a glass into her hands, “Take a seat while I have chat with Ted.”

Cathy felt herself getting angry, she didn’t like being ignored, she glanced over to them and saw them looking at her, she finished off her drink and went to get another.

“That’s it you help yourself, dinner will be here soon.” Marcus shouted.

So she helped herself and then helped herself again before Ted joined her. “Sorry about that just talking over old time’s, you know what it’s like.”

“It seems I’m not needed maybe I should go.” Cathy said disgruntled.

“No, don’t worry it wont happen again I promise.” Ted said “You have to allow me to at least show you off, as per our agreement of course, relax have fun. Get you another” Ted took Cathy’s glass without waiting for a reply.

Marcus came over and sat next to Cathy, so close he was squashing her in the arm of the settee. “You’re a looker you are.” he said, “Ever been in films, you certainly got the body for it, nice tit’s nice arse nice….”

“Marcus!” Ted said, “Cathy is not available right now ok so back off you lecher.”

“Oh sorry mate.” Marcus said moving enough for Cathy to breath, “Didn’t know you too were at it like.”

“Marcus….” Ted started, but was interrupted by a knock on the door.

As Marcus went to the door Cathy stood up, “God what a creep” she said.

“Yes,” Ted said I’m afraid he can be like that when he has a new project going, it puts him on a high I think.”

Cathy looked over to the door as four waiters each pushed a trolley into the apartment all laden with food, another waiter carried a tray of drink’s in and then went over to the large window and stood with his hands behind his back. ‘Probably waiting to serve’ Cathy thought. The other waiters did the same, waiting by the door.

“Cathy you sit here, Ted you can sit next to me.” Marcus said, “Let’s get this party on the road.”

Cathy was sitting with her back to the room, the waiter’s behind her. “So what is your new film about then.” Cathy said.

Marcus looked at her with those slimy eyes and said, “Well maybe Ted should give you the details.” his face was all leering slime as he ran his eye’s over her body. She was beginning to wish she had dressed differently, in fact, he was beginning to make her feel dirty.

“Well,” Ted said, “It’s about this woman who gets ideas above her station.”
The way Marcus and Ted were looking at her set alarm bells off in her head. “She seemed to think that she had a choice about what she did and when she did it, even though she was just property. Oh it’s a porn film by the way, and you’re the star.”

“Whaaa….” Before she could say anymore, the waiters sprung into action. “Ted Nooo.” she cried. Two of the waiters grabbed her arms, lifted her off her chair, and held her, her feet dangling in the air.

“Nothing to do with me Cathy.” Ted said holding a hand out to Marcus, “I sold you for the night.”

Cathy saw a bundle of notes pass from Marcus to Ted and was nearly sick. “I won’t do it, I wont!” she cried.

Marcus stood up and reached out his hand, pinching her nipple as hard as he could he put his face to hers running his tongue over her mouth. “Gooood.” Marcus said, “Cos this is a rape film, gang rape. How many times you get fucked is up to you, when you beg to suck my cock and then beg me to fuck your arse long and hard, maybe I will call a halt, what do you say?”

The thought of his slimy body anywhere near her made her feel sick, “Never you bastard.” she said ignoring the pain in her nipple, “Ted please don’t do this please.”

Ted smiled and looked at Marcus who was on his mobile, “Yeah ok we’re ready” Marcus said and walked over to the door. All the while, Cathy was struggling to get free but she had no chance against the two men that still held her off the floor, so far, neither of them had said a word. A moment later Marcus opened the door and three men and a woman walked in, as her eye’s followed them Cathy saw one of the waiter’s holding the camera she had seen earlier on his shoulder, on of the new comers took t from him and started moving around the table.

“Now then little miss prim, I have over one hundred men on my books and they will be coming into this room as and when I call them, you going to love it, believe me, I know I am.” Marcus said laughing, “Ok lets go, or should I say ‘Action’”

Cathy felt her feet touch the floor, pulling an arm free she tried to run. She felt her head snap back as her hair was pulled and as she spun round a hand hit her across the face, stunning her.

“No bruises.” she heard Ted shout.

She was pulled upright by her hair as one of the guy’s grabbed the front of her dress and tried tearing it off. “its wool you prick it wont tear.” she shouted and spat at the man in front of her.

Marcus walked up to her and took his hand out of his pocket. She saw a flash and stared at the blade of a knife, she kicked out at him and suffered a punch in the stomach for her efforts. The knife felt cold against her skin as Marcus slipped it through the dress and cut it from neck to hem as though through butter. Catching her breath, she looked at him in silence.

“Nice tits” Marcus said, “if you want to keep them, don’t try biting any cocks off.” and with that he brushed the knife over her right tit, drawing blood.

“Marcus!” Ted called.

“Don’t worry Ted, I will only cut it off if she bites too hard.” Marcus said and laughed, “get on with it.”

The cut on Cathy’s breast didn’t worry her half as much as the look on Marcus’s face, she knew without a shadow of a doubt that he meant what he said.

The remainder of her dress hung unceremoniously, covering nothing. Now all around her she could see the waiters stripping off, one of the new comers had a camera and another came out of the bedroom with another, the woman, who could have been Marcus’s twin carried a microphone on a pole, it took only a second for Cathy to take this all in.

Again, she was pulled back by the hair, feeling a naked body behind her. Her hair was released and hands darted under her arms and grabbed her tits, another man stepped in front of her and she lashed out with her feet, catching him on the leg, but not enough to stop him. He now grabbed her hair and pulled her over the settee so her face was over the back, her legs were lifted and she was put into the doggy position. She buried her face into the settee, doing what she could to avoid what she knew was coming next, a hand went between her legs and viciously pulled them apart, fingers ramming into her pussy. Her arms were flailing about everywhere, trying to hit the man behind her and free her head at the same time, then she felt what she knew was an erection touch her pussy lips and ram right into her.

The pain of the penetration made her lift her head and scream as another stiff cock went into her mouth, almost gagging her, it went in so far. Her hand automatically went to the cock in her mouth and gripped it sliding it out slightly, “That’s it bitch.” a voice said, “Work it, work it good.”

The man behind her was thrusting into her harder and harder when he started to slap her hard on the bum, other hands were now groping her tit’s and squeezing them painfully. There was no pleasure in this, it was all pain, but despite herself, she couldn’t help but feel herself getting aroused. The man behind her took his erection out and tapped it on her bum, she felt his jism hit her flesh warm and sticky, then felt it trickle between her bum cheeks making its way to her pussy. Before anyone could take his place, Marcus said “Right get her in the bedroom.”

She was grabbed by the arm as the cock in her mouth was pulled out and then she was half dragged half carried towards the bedroom, something told her to fight, something inside her said ‘danger’. She started lashing out with her arms and legs, kicking out at anything and everything. Someone grabbed her leg and she toppled over, before she hit the floor, someone else grabbed her arm and she was carried by one arm and one leg into the bedroom and unceremoniously thrown on the bed. She lay for a second waiting to be jumped on but it never happened, so she jumped into a sitting position and took the chance to look at her assailants..

There were four naked men, strong bodies, average dicks she thought to herself, two other men with cameras and the woman with the mike and Marcus.

“You ready to quit yet, eh” Marcus said, “ready for this.” his hand went to his crotch and grabbed his semi erect cock.

“Never!” Cathy said, “Never as long as I live you piece of shit.” She felt the juices between her legs going cold, making her shiver.

Marcus leered, “That’s what I like to hear,” he said, “A woman with spirit. Ok guy’s anything you want, go and get it but make it look good for the camera”

She had nowhere to go, four men split up, two either side of the bed and grabbed for her, she tried to fight them off but she already knew that her attempts would be futile. As she pulled away from one side of the bed, she was grabbed on the other, one man holding her arms the other her legs. She was lifted into the air, face down and saw a man lying on the bed. Changing position so that they had an arm and a leg each they held her over bed hovering over a throbbing erection, slowly they lowered her until she felt it brushing her pussy lips and then they dropped her onto it, she gasped as went in but managed to land on her knees, her tit’s went into the mans hands so keeping her head up, she looked straight ahead and as she opened her eye’s she saw reflection in a huge mirror, only it wasn’t the her on the bed, it was the whore.

“In control are you? Say no did you?” the voice said leering at her, “Already your body is starting to enjoy it.”

“No!” Cathy screamed in her head, “No!” but she knew that her alter ego was right, like it or not her body was beginning to respond, the pain, if anything, only heightened her senses. She closed her eyes so that she could shut out her whore reflection but as she felt a hard cock tap at the door of her arse she let out a moan of pleasure and as she felt it slide in, she moaned even louder. All the time she would see a camera slip in and out of her view but ignored it. Another erection brushed her mouth and she took it deep into her throat. The man underneath was still holding her up by the tit’s, twisting and squeezing them, but she was lost now, she felt no pain only a rising unwanted torrent of pleasure. Outwardly, she fought it but inside she had already lost the fight and every time she opened her eyes and saw her reflection, she knew it was her that she saw, the real Cathy, the slut.

She was in a strange sort of flux, her mind detached from what was happening, but her body given totally over to it. As the man in her mouth released his juice she let it dribble from her mouth as her own orgasm racked through her body, totally detached from her mind, she knew she was moaning loudly but was unable to stop it.

As mouth man disappeared, Marcus sat on the bed leaning against the mirror, legs spread, his erection showing through his shorts. His eyes gleaming with lust, “Just say when and it’s all yours.”

Her body nearly replied but her mind intervened, “Fuck off you piece of shit.”

Arse man, who was the only one still pumping rammed in hard, making her scream, her mind retreated in the mist of the pain. That thrust must have been enough for arse man as he unloaded his juices into her. A few seconds later as Marcus got off the bed she was tossed aside as the three men who had just fucked her got up and stood at the side of the bed. She lay on her side curled up in a ball, thankful that it was over.

“Let me introduce you.” Marcus said, “This is Dave Mark and Kevin. If you want it to stop at that now is the time to say, cos I won’t ask again.”

“Fuck off.” she said, “Just fuck of all of you.”

“I’m so glad you said that cos this is gonna be one hell of a porn movie, ok guy’s send the others in”

It didn’t register with Cathy what he said until another group of men started pulling her around. She thought it was all over, when she suddenly realised it wasn’t she panicked and started fighting again, once again she was easily overpowered. From the moment she felt a hard cock ram into her pussy she was the perfect slut, her mind retreated as far back as was possible without giving in to insanity.

She didn’t know how long it lasted. She didn’t know how many different men. She didn’t even know how many orgasm’s she had, just that she did. All she knew was at some point the fat slimy woman sat on her face and Cathy eagerly licked and slurped at her stinking pussy till she fell off. Finally, through a mixture of agonising pain and exhaustion she submitted.

“No more.” she begged, “No more please, I can’t do it anymore.”

“Be nice, say it to the camera.” Marcus said.


“Say it!” Marcus said softly

Cathy racked her brain for the words, in the end she just said, “I want you Marcus.”

“No!” Marcus said, “Not like that, with meaning. I want to suck you Marcus, I want you to fuck my arse Marcus PLEASE. With meaning, with a smile”

Cathy was exhausted but she knew if she couldn’t summon up a smile and a little enthusiasm from somewhere it would all start again. She dug into the depths of her endurance and in the sexiest voice she could she said, “Oh Marcus please let me suck you, let me make you hard I want to feel you in my arse, please Marcus please.”

Marcus lowered his face till his nose brushed her cheek, “Remember that request,” he said, “when I have you it will be at your best, till then I will let you rest, but you owe me don’t you.”

Cathy said nothing, fearing a trap.

“Say it.” Marcus shouted, “Marcus I owe, whenever your ready I owe you.”

Quietly, slowly Cathy repeated his words, and then waited for the assault on her body, but it never came, suddenly she was alone. She collapsed on the bed and through sheer exhaustion fell asleep.

She didn’t know how long she slept, the first thing she knew was Ted shaking her awake, thinking her assault was about to continue she lashed out and scrambled to the end of the bed.

“Shssss, it’s me” Ted said, “I’ve brought you some breakfast, or should I say dinner you’ve been asleep all day.”

Cathy realised she was in her own room, “How did I get here.”

“I carried you.” Ted said, “I thought you might like to have this and then a long bath and then we could go downstairs for dinner, if you feel up to it.”

Cathy took the offered tray, croissant and coffee without giving and answer. Ted sat in a chair across the room. She ate the food and gulped down the coffee without saying a word. Feeling only slightly better, she began to feel the aches in her body. “Why?” she asked.

“I could say it wasn’t supposed to happen like that but I don’t suppose that would make you feel any better.” Ted said quietly, “Do you really want to know.”

“Do I really want to know? you fucking shit.” she screamed throwing the tray at him, “I have no idea who or how many or even how long it went on and you ask me that you fuck.”

“Ok ok.” Ted said raising his hands to fend off the tray, “Stupid question.”

“Well there were at least fifteen, I say at least because some went back for more, oh and of course Beth, Marcus’ sister. It lasted about four hours.”

“Why!” She said softly, “I thought we agreed I had a say in it, you promised.”

“I needed to teach you a lesson.” Ted said softly, “But it went too far, Marcus was only supposed to have you for an hour. Believe it or not he’s not a man to argue with, and despite being set up you seemed to be enjoying most of it.”

She remembered her alter ego taking over but didn’t realise that it had been so total “What lesson? Why?” she asked again

“Henri and Stephan, you knew they wanted you,” Ted said, “you knew why I left you so early.”

“Ohhh Ted.” Cathy moaned putting her hands to her head, “If you hadn’t made it so obvious, made it seem like and order, it would have happened anyway, you messed it up Ted not me.”

“Maybe we need to discuss things a bit more.” Ted said, “So we don’t get it wrong again.”

“I didn’t get it wrong Ted, you did. She said, “Now get out while I repair the damage. What time is it”

“It’s seven forty.” Ted said.

“Well give me an hour, god knows what I’m going to find once I start checking out the aches and pains.” She said.

Once Ted had gone, she gingerly got out of bed and walked to the full length mirror to examine her body. Her legs were so shaky she could hardly walk, her arse felt like you could park a bus in it and her pussy felt just as bad, she was sticky all over and the mirror showed some severe bruising on her thighs and tits. All in all, she felt a wreck, but she would recover. She went to the bathroom and turned on the taps, while the bath filled she sat on the floor under the shower, just letting the hot water run over her, tensing her bum and vaginal muscles to get them feeling as normal as possible. Once the bath was ready, she slid in, moaning as the heat touched her most tender spots, she quickly soaped herself and then just lay in the water soaking up the heat. Her mind wandered to the night before. She forced herself to try and remember detail, but the only thing that really stuck in her mind was the slut, ‘Yes’ she thought, the slut would have loved it that’s why Ted thought she was having fun. The slut would have taken anything that was given and begged for more, the slut would have taken a full and active roll.

“Too right I did” the voice said. Cathy sat up with a start thinking someone had walked in, the voice in her head was loud, dominant. “I fucking loved it, you know we did.”

“No!” Cathy said gritting her teeth, “No. We didn’t” She forced the voice into silence, determined it would not upset her relaxation, but it was too late, even though the voice was silent it had shattered the peace. She got out of the bath and dried herself, her bruises still hurt but she felt much better. She grabbed a dress to wear and decided that Ted was not going to get the benefit of it, long but low cut she put a blouse on underneath, the split in the sides she could hold together if Ted got into a position to see anything. She done her hair and put on her makeup, making sure she covered any marks and then knocked on the adjoining door. After a moment Ted appeared and crooked his arm, she ignored him and walked out of her room to the lift ahead of him.

As they made their way to the restaurant, several of the waiters smile at her. She smiled back at two of them before she realised these were the men who had raped her the night before. Faltering she nearly ran back to her room but realised that if she did, they would be laughing behind her back Her stubborn streak took over and she continued to smile back each time one of them smiled at her.

They ate their meal in silence, except the waiters who kept trying to drum up conversation, which she ignored. Ted ordered the coffee to be served in the lounge and Cathy followed him there.

Once the coffee had been served Ted said, “So what are we going to do Cat.”

“I think maybe we should make some rules.” she said, “maybe we should be totally honest with each other, totally open before things go drastically wrong. We have a good thing going here, thanks to you I will admit, I don’t think you want to spoil it anymore than I do.”

“True!” Ted said, “Maybe I should start for a change.”

“Yes maybe you should.”

“Ok, well,” Ted said, looking for the right words.

“Ted, just say it how it is, or we will be beating about the bush for ever.” Cathy said annoyed.

“Ok, well I just can’t help it Cat, I just love fucking you, you bring out the animal in me, and I love to see you in full swing with other men, and women I’ve never known a woman who loves it the way you do. You can be anything, be anyone from an aristocrat to a street whore and you do it so naturally. I am a naturally dominant man and I love it when I just fuck you without any warning, I can’t help myself sometimes, I just have to have you.”

Cathy let him say his piece, knowing that this was about as honest as he had ever been with a woman, when he stopped he couldn’t look at her, she smiled as she realised he was uncomfortable with himself.

“Well done Ted.” Cathy smiled, “Honesty at last.”

“Yes well I hope you can be as candid.” Ted smiled

Cathy thought for a minute, should she tell him of her alter ego, or keep her quiet. No, she decided, that was an important part of Cathy’s psyche. “Well Ted, I don’t know if you have noticed that sometimes I am in full agreement with what you do to me, I don’t fight or disagree, in fact quite the opposite.” she said

“Well yes,” Ted said, “Sometimes you do seem, different shall we say.”

“That’s because for many years I subdued the slut that you knew when I was at college.” Cathy said. “Since meeting you she has been set free and in, shall we say certain circumstances, that part of me takes control, not all of those times but the more dirty ones.”

They talked for hours about what had happened up till now and the way they both wanted things to go and eventual came up with an agreement. Ted would retain his role as the dominant Mr Heron for anything other than clients. With them, it would be up to Cathy to decide, with help from Ted if it was needed. However, at times Cathy would be allowed to approach Ted for sex if she felt so inclined, as she did with Denise.

“This will however start from the time return home.” Cathy said, Till then I am on leave, agreed.”

Ted raised his cup, “Agreed.”

Cathy stood up and crooked her arm, Ted smiled and hooked his arm through hers with a smile. She felt much better now that things had been ironed out properly, in fact she felt so good she walked over to the Maitre D’ and said, “I assume you and your waiters enjoyed yourselves last night?”

To say he was shocked at her openness would be an understatement, “Er sorry?” he said.

“Good!” she said ignoring his attempt at evasion, “Because I will be expecting a huge cash discount, in my hand, before I leave tomorrow, shall we say three hundred euros.”

“But…wha….wha.” he stammered

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