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Christmas at the Office

February 22, 2014 / by gaystory

Towards the end of every year, since anyone could remember, the advertising firm held a Christmas party for all employees, a warm event in an otherwise unforgiving environment. New York City was a cold place and Christine worked hard to get where she was, especially since she lost her foothold in the modeling business. Caroline had been Christine’s faithful friend through the turbulent time while her modeling dreams evaporated like water on a hot stove. Seeing how desperate Christine became, Caroline offered her an entry-level job in the advertising firm where she was an editor. Graciously, Caroline accepted the position.

Last week, after being employed for two months at the firm, Christine learned that Caroline was dismissed. Caroline sobbed while Christine tried to comfort her. She confessed that she had an affair with a manager. “Fred got drunk again and let us slip that we were seeing each other at the office” she managed to choke out to Christine between sobs.

Frederick McIlheney had been an executive at the advertising firm for the past decade. Between his drunken benders, naps at the office, and casual sex with female coworkers, he managed to irritate everyone at the office with his bad jokes and sexual harassment. Because his family owned the parent company of the advertising firm, he was immune to most things that came his way. The dirty little secret that was Fred was a small stain on the otherwise upstanding company. That’s why everyone loved Christmastime at the office so much. They loved to see his drunken antics at the party. Last year, he had managed to hump an ice sculpture of a nude woman in front of the whole office. On the crotch of his Santa costume remained a water spot that implied that he had peed himself. Christine had seen the pictures.

It was no surprise to see him as his usual miserable self at this year’s party. He even wore a Santa suit, along with several other genuinely merry men and women. Since the advertising company did not allow people to dress up for Halloween, employees used the Christmas party as an excuse. It was not uncommon to see Mrs. Claus wearing a silk teddy with red stockings or an angel modeling her latest white lingerie with wings and the halo. Christine had decided to join in and brought her Ms. Santa outfit. She wore a red velvet bustier with white furry trim, just short enough to show her navel and left everything above the nipple exposed. She also wore the traditional Santa pants and jacket, but with the jacket left open to demonstrate the tan surprise lying underneath. The furry Santa hat crowned her long, sateen dark hair.

Guys had tried to hit on her since she started at the firm, but she had long since mastered the art of dissuading guys to pursue her since high school. That’s why she felt doubly disgusted when Frederick made several passes at her throughout the night. He was too inebriated to understand her gentle, yet clear, hints. She couldn’t bear to think of what happened to Caroline. Still, he would persist with an apparent erection showing through his Santa pants. An idea formed in her head, she looked around quickly for George, when she saw him working the room, she grabbed Fred by the bulge in his pants and, without saying a word, led him to his office upstairs like a dog on a leash. He was still coherent enough to make the trip without falling over, or maybe his tempted penis took over the functions of his brain.

“Ooh Freddy,” she cooed, “I’ve been a bad Ms. Santa this year. Would Santa’s little helper like to come out and show me how it’s done?” She almost broke out laughing, but instead, she turned her impulse to laugh into a very seductive smile. With her back to the desk, she leaned back on it and guided his hands to her hips. “Sweetie, I thought you’d never ask.” He slurred.

He moved closer with his feminine figure, for he was not a big or athletic guy, and used the force of gravity to bend her back over the table when he tried to kiss her. She gracefully ducked out of the way and pushed herself up onto the table. He followed suit and Christine allowed him to climb on top of her. Being between a rock and hard place, she wrapped her left leg around his torso and slid out from under him by ducking under his right arm. She wound up sitting on the small of his back, while he laid down face first on his stomach.

“Wait here, I’m going to go get something. And just to make sure Santa does what Ms. Claus says, I’m going to tie you up.” She looked around the dark room quickly and found some masking tape. She had to hurry so he wouldn’t pass out. She taped his wrists and ankles to the legs of the desk. Christine then returned downstairs and looked for George. She found him over by the eggnog trying to seduce another man. “George, may I have a word with you?” she asked politely. A vicious rumor spread that George was the resident bisexual of the office. He never bothered to confirm nor deny this, so Christine wasn’t at all surprised to hear “Of course I’ll help you out” to her discreetly asked question of “Would you help my friend upstairs find out if he’s gay or not?”

Quickly the two of the found their way back to Frederick’s office. They found him snoring slightly in the darkness, and shut the door quietly. She crawled back up on him, sitting on the small of his back. “Baby, is that you? I’m ready.” Without a reply, she slid back over his legs and pulled the Santa pants down to his knees. She motioned George to come over quietly. Christine slid off Fred and George climbed on the table in a way so he could mount Fred. He undid his pants and pulled out a sizeable penis, while Christine fished in her purse for her cell-phone/camera. He put on a condom and slowly thrust into Fred’s sphincter, followed by a soft pumping motion. Instead of the anticipated screaming from Fred, Christine heard “Ooh, that’s a tight fit.” Slightly puzzled, she snapped a picture with her cell-phone/camera of them in the act, making Fred’s face the more visible of the two, and quietly returned downstairs to the party. Later in the night, George climaxed loudly enough to be heard downstairs in the party.

The next day, she returned to Mr. Frederick McIlheney in the same office. He wasn’t sitting down and said it was due to a bad stomach problem. She confronted him with the picture and the color drained from his face. She threatened: “You can either resign or come out of the closet, but I think you parents would be less upset if you resigned.”

An announcement came two days later that: “Mr. Frederick McIlheney would be leaving the firm after so many years of service to take another offer in San Francisco.” But that didn’t stop Christine. She forwarded the picture to everyone after he left, which created a lot of attention for her. But because Fred made more enemies than friends at the firm, the executives decided she should fill his vacant position, also due in part to her good looks. “Guess it never ends…” she thought when she noticed the male executives leering at her.

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