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Couples Only: Glory Hole Night

August 26, 2013 / by gaystory

“I am not doing it. This has to be the stupidest idea you ever dreamed.” I fumed at my roommate, Joe.

“Come on Dave. I think it is a great way to get laid.” He implored.

“The party will be great for you but what about me? I won’t be getting any.” I argued loudly.

“Don’t worry about it. You can lose the clothes after we have been there awhile. There will be so many people there so no one will notice.” Joe tried to rationalize with me.

I warned, “Joe, this is a dangerous and stupid game we are playing. I don’t like it.”

“Hey listen. The place is for couples only. Neither of us has had a date in too long and I am totally fucking horny. I need to get laid!” He pleaded.

“There has to be a better way.” I tried my last gambit but to no avail. Once he has his mind made up on a plan, no matter how stupid it was, he was going through with it.

Try as I might, I knew I was not getting out of it so I conceded.

He was so elated he almost hugged me. He was excitedly telling me he had to get some things as he was running out of our apartment.

I had time to reflect on what I just agreed to do. I grabbed another beer out of the fridge and contemplated my situation. I just agreed to go to a “Couples Only” club dressed as a woman.

Saturday night came all too quickly for me. Joe did not let me see what he chose for me to wear. I was still brooding over the situation when my roommate entered the apartment with a female friend of ours, Eve. She was dating someone we knew so I knew this was not a booty call. She was sexy as usual and seemed very excited as she came over to me, giving me a peck on the lips.

“Oh, this is going to be so much fun. I can’t wait to dress you up, Dave.” Eve chimed.

I groaned out loud but took her hand as she led me to the bathroom.

All business like, she explained, “Now, honey, just shower with this pretty soap and shampoo and shave everything. And I do mean everything-face, legs, crotch, chest-everything. Oh, make sure you wash your butt real well, too.”

Not taking a word from me, she chuckled and left me holding the scented soap, lavender shampoo and conditioning.

Succumbing to my fate, I did shave everything she asked and I washed with the pretty lotions and shampoos she gave me and I dried thoroughly. While drying myself, I wondered to myself why I had to wash my asshole and I did not understand why I pushed a finger in me when I did it.

I exited the bathroom and called out to Eve to let her know I was ready for the next step. I walked into my bedroom with her quickly catching up to me. She closed the door behind us and helped me put on the purple undies and sat me down to put on my make up, all the while chattering about how a girl should walk, talk, etc.

I was surprised at my transformation in the mirror. She put on the make up, the wig, and finally attaching a false set of breasts to my chest. She then helped me with the purple lace bra and nude thigh-high stockings. I slipped into a short red dress and 2 inch heeled shoes and received an approving nod by our sexy neighbor.

I walked out of the bedroom, swishing my hips, holding my pocketbook and taking dainty steps as Eve introduced me to my roommate. “Joe, meet your sexy date for the evening, Dawn.”

I batted my eyes at him and believe it or not was turned on as he absorbed me with his eyes.

“Wow.” He said anxiously, “You look fucking awesome.”

I curtsied to him and exaggerated my narrow hips pushing out, accentuating my shapely ass, as I leaned towards him.

He almost kissed me as he approached us. Eve would have none of it and pressed us together so our lips touched. The kiss ended with me backing up and telling her that she must me insane. She brushed me off and said that if we were to pass off as a couple we must act like it. She then grabbed each of our shoulders and told us to try again.

I think Joe was more into it than I was because he seemed eager for us to press our lips together again. I allowed Eve’s to drape my arm over his shoulder as we kissed-mouths closed, of course. The moment seemed to last forever and I think she was getting horny because she pressed us closer together during this homosexual contact. I pushed off Dave’s chest and looked at Eve and watched her pout when I moved a few steps back.

Eve then told us to sit next to each other on the couch and get to know each other, how we met, etc. while she called us a cab.

“Well, how do you want to do this?” I asked in my best female voice. “How did we meet?”

We decided to keep it simple. We met in a coffee house and have been dating a couple weeks enjoying each other and having great sex. We then decided it would be fun to attend this “Couple’s Only” party.

The taxi arrived and we slid into the cab, waving bye to Eve. There was a 20 minute drive, giving us plenty of time together. Joe was really close to me so when I turned to say something to him, our lips were almost pressing together. He continuously complimented me, telling me how beautiful I was and very sexy. He was staring at my chest so much I had to ask him if he wanted a feel. He wasted no time grabbing a handful. I held his wrist and told him to be gentle. He chuckled and his lips were so close to mine. I was confused but kissed him anyway. I was totally getting into being a girl. I really got into it. He did not object and was kissing me back!

Joe still had his eyes closed as I eased my hand to his waist and then lower. He did not object when I slid my fingers to his crotch and found his stiffening cock. He groaned into my mouth as my fingers slid around his girth. Releasing my lips from his I said that he must be extremely horny to feel a guy’s touch. He replied saying that tonight the touch was from a sexy woman. I looked down at my fingers grasping him through his trousers and pondered what he just said.

The ride finally ended. I fixed my lipstick and we left the taxi staring at a nice two story house. Several cars were parked around it and we noticed people entering dressed as well as each of us. I noticed Joe fidgeting in his buttoned shirt, nice slacks and black shoes. We held hands as we entered and was pleasantly greeted by the busty blonde hostess, Anne. She and Joe exchanged pleasantries and he introduced me as Dawn. We air kissed on the cheeks as she led us inside the bustling house.

There were people everywhere. Men and women were dressed to have a good time. They were talking, kissing, petting. There were couples, threesomes, foursomes, touching, kissing, and chatting. The scantily clad waiters and waitresses were serving drinks, being touched and touching those they handed drinks.

Anne told us to make ourselves comfortable as she left to meet the newest arrivals. Dave was holding my arm as we moved about the living room, pausing only to note the soft core porn on the big HD screen. We bumped into a couple whom Dave knew and he introduced me, as Dawn (!) to his friends. They seemed to accept me readily enough. Since I was not confident in my voice I kept my answers brief and held onto Joe’s arm harder than probably necessary. He took it in stride as we talked with this couple, then the next.

A brunette caught my eye and she motioned me over for a chat. I patted his arm and sauntered over to her, totally getting into my new character. She kissed my cheek and led me away from the crowd, chatting about this and that. I noticed a couple things about her. One, her voice was more rough than a woman’s and two, she moved like a man.

We walked through a door and she closed it when I was inside. I noticed a few women kissing and touching each other and watched deliciously as pieces of clothing were removed. The brunette, Janet, saw my lecherous eyes and leaned in closer, whispering in my ear that I haven’t seen anything yet.

She guided me to another part of the spacious room that had a wall with holes in it. The area was not lit as well as the other areas in the house and I noticed each hole was about six inches in diameter. One hole about hip high and the other was about chest high. Women were dancing in front of the wall, moving saucily between holes. I saw hands reaching outwards to grab an ass cheek or a tit.

“That is where we will be tonight.” She excitedly exclaimed.

Understanding my confusion, she led me to one waist-high hole and took hold of the female hand that seemed to be searching for something to grope. She leaned over kissed each female finger and slowly guided it to her hips. She smiled at me as she lifted her dress, exposing her panties, and led the hand inside. Smiling widely at me, the unknown hand was gripping, grasping, and pulling on the woman’s present. Janet then watched me as she lowered her panties to show me that the unknown hand was groping her hard six inch cock!

Janet motioned me over to her, held onto my ass cheeks then kissed me. I was shocked, in awe, and incredibly excited as her tongue invaded my mouth and squeezed my groin. My cock was so fucking hard I could not believe it. She pushed me to my knees and I kissed and licked the hand as the fingers continued to stroke the brunette’s man-meat. All too soon, the brunette retreated and the hole was vacant once again. Still on my knees, Janet moved her cock in my direction and I quickly stood up and quietly told her no.

“Listen to me, lover boy.” She said, roughly grabbing my ass. “You are dressed like a girl, so act like it.”

I started to sputter that I was into women when she told me the party was meant for couples and, for some, transvestites were exciting for both the females AND the males. I was the reason Dave and I were invited to the party.

I was still confused so she continued, “You were invited to this party so we can play with you and your boyfriend. We all like fresh meat so if you want to join the party you will have to comply. I guarantee by the end of the night you will be balls deep in at least one woman and have sucked more tits than you can imagine. However, that means you are going to suck a few cocks, have your ass played with-maybe even fucked. You will do so and LIKE it. Those are the terms. Do you understand, my horny young man?”

I tried to disagree and maybe rationalize with her/him when a semi-hard cock popped through the hole. She put a finger to my lips and led us both to our knees. She licked the tip of the dick and then threatening me to do the same. She squeezed my balls so tightly I thought I would pass out. I was shaking my head but she pushed me forward to meet the cock head. My closed lips mashed against the tip and she gripped my jaw so my mouth opened, letting him enter.

A million thoughts entered my mind as his tip, then his head, and then the shaft pushed between my lips. I pulled my head back but Janet held me steady as I felt the cock harden in my mouth. She pulled my head back and forth as the dick left and then entered my mouth one, twice, many times. She released by balls then and started massaging my back, my sides, my ass cheeks, encouraging me to take him deeper and deeper.

His cock was hard and I tasted his precum, which was not bad. I smiled as I tasted more and more of his cum. I don’t know why but it was exciting. I moved my hands to the wall and gently squeezed his balls, urging more of his nectar. He did not disappoint me as he grunted again and again. The first shot hit the back of my throat. The next hit my tongue. The third hit my teeth and lips. I rubbed his cock head across my lips and felt the last of sperm coating my cheeks and chin.

I turned to Janet when the cock slipped away and she quickly covered me with kisses. She licked the cum from my face and kissed me several times, exchanging his fluids with our tongues. I instinctively ran my hands to her blouse and squeezed her chest. She too had false tits but I enjoyed the feeling all the same.

Another cock popped through and Janet took the lead, sucking it inside her mouth quickly in case it moved away. I watched her swallow the dick while moving her hips side by side and up and down. I watched her technique as she lathered the cock with her tongue and then lick then swallow him to the back of throat. I watched her look at me as she licked each testicle before stuffing them in her mouth. She went back to kissing the cock head and then pulled me to her so we could both lick and suck him.

As soon as he groaned, Janet stuffed his cock head in her mouth to catch all his sperm. I watched as the cock lurched forward several times and Janet held onto the wall until he finished. The cock pulled away then Janet quickly pushed her lips to mine so we can share her bounty. We tongue kissed, swapping his cum between us over and over again.

I looked to my left and noticed a pretty blonde bare her tits and lean towards the top hole. She pushed her tit through it and I noticed fingers slither out below her to feel her panty covered pussy. She purred as her cunt was being fingered and her tits were probably being sucked. On my knees, I crawled over to slide her panties down and licked her ass. She looked down and parted her ass cheeks so I could dig my tongue inside her. She again shifted and I noticed a cock peeping through where the hand disappeared. The pretty blonde pushed forward and I was soon pushing my tongue across her hole and lightly tickle the ball sac of the guy now fucking her.

I was on all fours as I reached to tongue her pussy, her ass, and the condom covered pole of the guy she was fucking. My short dress was pushed up to my hips and an incredible feeling ran up my spine. My panties had been eased down my hips and a tongue was caressing my ass cheeks as fingers opened me. I let out a sigh as I felt lips then a cool liquid being spread around and inside my exposed asshole. I continued to lick and suck the blonde and the hard cock as her finger eased inside me.

I figured it was Janet and did not put up much of a struggle as she slid a second finger in me, though it did hurt like hell. I nibbled and sucked the blonde’s ass but I was beginning to feel Janet’s assault on me. I felt her fondle my cock, kiss then finger my ass before pressing into me.

At first I thought she was pushing two fingers in me but quickly I realized it was HER. She was whispering something in my ear as she jerked my cock and pressed forward. I pushed my lips to the blonde girl’s calf and felt the head of Janet’s condom covered cock press into me. I was immobilized while she pushed herself deeper in me. I almost cried out in pain as I felt her cock head move past my asshole and then her shaft as she continued forward.

I was grunting; feeling her cock push in and out of me with a steady rhythm. She gripped my hips and held me tightly in place as she slowed and then quickly picked up the pace. I was staring at the floor as I felt Janet jerking my cock in perfect timing to her fucking. The pain in my ass subsided and I let the new feeling wash over me as she now frantically fucked me faster and faster, harder and harder.

She collapsed on me and I felt her cock throb and I swear I could feel the condom filling with her cum. Her fingers were gripping my dick so hard I could not orgasm. I was so fucking horny I grabbed her hand so she could jack me off. Oddly, though, I felt a ring on her finger. I am sure I would have noticed it before since I was watching her jack off the hard dick earlier. I am sure I would have seen it when I licked the cum off her fingers. I turned my head and saw the “woman” on top of me was a redhead.

I panicked and pushed her off me. Her cock slid out of me as I moved to the side. She landed with a thump next to me and I watched her cum filled condom begin to slip off her shaft.

She giggled, “Sorry honey but that ass was just calling to me and I could not help myself.”

Exasperated but still horny I took a long look at the person who just took my anal virginity. She looked sexy wearing her light green mesh stockings and matching lingerie. She was lying on the floor slipping the condom off and then offered the contents to me. I declined but she only smiled as she began to tip the contents into her mouth.

Janet appeared on her knees between us and shared the man/woman’s cum with her. They kissed and sucked each other’s tongue for few moments before they both leaned back and watched me.

Janet spoke first, “Dawn, I want you to meet a good friend of mine, Rachel.” She laughed quietly, “Well I know you two already met but now you know her name.”

Rachel crawled over to me, putting a hand on my chest and our lips met. The kiss lasted longer than I realized and soon our mouths parted and I could taste cum on her tongue as she invaded my mouth. I was too horny to stop and the cum in my mouth did not taste too badly.

Our kiss broke and Janet led me back up to my feet. “No rest for the weary.” She said while pointing to the wall, another semi hard cock bouncing slowly up and down. “We have more work to do.”

Janet and I kneeled before the cock and took turns sucking and stroking the piece of hardening meat. We took turns sucking it and I tried to get him as deep in my mouth as possible. I felt it throb once and then felt the cum shoot to the back of my throat so quickly I swallowed it without thinking. The second shot filled my mouth and I handed the spewing dick to Janet who took the rest of the loads of hot and tasty cum.

The dick slipped back through the hole and I barely noticed when Rachel was next to us, kissing Janet then me. She forced her tongue in my mouth to take the cum I worked hard to remove from the big dick I just sucked. Us three “gurls” sucked and jacked off cocks for hours, pausing to chat, drink, or use the bathroom. I watched Janet get fucked then Rachel take a big piece of meat. They made sure I got fucked at least once more.

I was sitting down and drinking my fourth or sixth beer when I felt female fingers caressing my shoulders. “I am so horny for you right now.” She whispered in my ear.

I turned and saw it was blondie from earlier. She kissed me hard on the lips and I allowed my hands to travel up her slim legs to her crotch. I was hoping to feel gash and could not believe my fingers when I felt a rubber cock and balls. I broke the kiss and looked at her hips. Sure enough, there was a big fake dick staring down at me.

“Suck it.” She told me as she smiled lasciviously into my eyes. “Suck it good and I might fuck you with my beautiful dick.”

I did as I was told and I sucked it for all I was worth. I wanted to impress her and hopefully be fucking this chick after she had her way with me. I squeezed and played with her ass as she really got into fucking my face with the dick.

“Play time is over, sweetie.” She pulled her rubber cock out of my mouth, slapping my cheeks with it. “Lay down, baby. Spread those ass cheeks for me.”

I laid down for her, lifting my hips up and holding my legs as she poured lube over my abused asshole. She positioned herself between my legs and I watched her c-cups bounce as she stuck two fingers in my lubed hole then began to slowly fuck me. She eased her fingers from me and began the slow and hard push of her rubber phallus into me. Ever so slowly she pushed and pushed and pushed. I had to admit that I enjoyed watching her breasts jiggle, her brow sweat, and her pretty face as she lecherously watched the cock move deeper and deeper in me. I enjoyed her soft fingers dig into my thighs and her excitement increasing as each inch pushed into my ass.

She lay on top of me as she started to pummel my asshole. I grabbed her heavenly breasts, pinching her nipples. My cock thumping against her belly as her body went wild on me. She let me suck her tits as I alternated squeezing her tits and her ass. I felt her body tremble again and again as she paused then fucked me harder then paused again to allow the orgasms to rack through her body. She pushed a tit into my mouth with each cum and she was not quiet during her orgasms.

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