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Dorm Room 8-A

February 22, 2014 / by gaystory

“Hey Brandon wanna hang out with us?”

It was the girl with the weird orange hair. I couldn’t recall her name. She and a few of my other dorm mates were gathered round the television in the common room. I was just passing through from the showers.


“Jill.” she giggled. “We were just going to watch the SciFi Friday line up. Your welcome to hang out with us.”

“I would love to,” I lied taking in the assemblage of out casts. They didn’t call this ‘The Geek and Loser Dorm for nothing. I fit right in. “but, I have a ton of homework to catch up on.”

It did feel good that they seemed to want my company. I wasn’t used to that.

I finally disengaged myself from my roomies, towel drying my hair as I went.

When I was in the privacy of my own room, I dropped the bag of toiletries and eagerly checked my cell phone.

No new messages.

I really did have homework and figured I might as well get started on it.

I was feeling a bit depressed. My boyfriend Dan was attending a party tonight. He was a big man on campus and one of the star players on our school team. All the pretty and popular crowd would be there. I hadn’t been invited.

Dan told me that he really didn’t want to go. He insisted that he’d rather hang out with me. He claimed he felt he should go because the party was being held in honor of the team’s last big win. The invite list was like a page from the campus ‘Who’s Who’. I wouldn’t fit in with that crowd at all.

No one knew that Dan and I were an item. Dan wanted to keep our relationship on the down low until he worked up the courage to come out to his family. We confessed our feelings for each other our senior year in high school and only just recently began having sex…if you can count quick covert make-out/hand job sessions sex that is. He’d never even been up to this dorm to see me. He did take me once or twice to see the house he and his brothers rented near campus.

Dan’s place was always full of his team mates, family, and friends so we were always on our guard to be careful not to let our affection for each other show.

I was beginning to feel like a dirty little secret. What was I thinking getting myself involved with someone way out of my league. I was untimely going to get my heart broken. I felt it every time we had our clandestine little meetings. Even if the people in his world accepted the fact that Dan was gay, they would never ever except me. I was getting sick of the hiding and the stress (not to mention the jealousy) of having to be kept separate from his social life.

I vigorously began drying my hair with the towel before breaking out the books. It was still wet and dripping down my neck and back. I was at least grateful I didn’t have a roommate for the weekend. Since no one was around to nag me about keeping things neat, I tossed the damp towel toward the only chair in the room. I missed, but I didn’t give a shit. I was dressed in nothing but a tan pair of pajama bottoms stamped property of the VA.

While I was pulling books and papers from my knapsack, someone knocked on the door.

I figured it was Jill or one of the other dormies letting me know the pizza they ordered had arrived and perhaps wanted to offer me some.

I was stunned when I pulled open the door to see Dan standing there.

My heart began to hammer in my chest as it always did when I beheld the man of my dreams. He looked self-conscious and a lot nervous to be calling on someone in the famous ‘Geek and Loser’ dorm, but he was here!

“Hey,” he greeted me looking fine all dressed up for a party. I noticed Jill and company craning their necks around the corner of the hallway to get a better look at my guest. I also noticed Dan was carrying a single red rose. No doubt from one of his many adoring female fans or worse perhaps from Ric Cornell the only other guy he’d ever dated besides me.

“Can I come in?” he grinned at me in his lopsided way. That smile could make me do anything he wanted.

“Sure, man.” I stepped aside so he could enter. I played it like he was just a good buddy coming to call. It would be believable for the school jock to call on a nerd for homework answers.

“I thought you were going to be at the party?” I hadn’t meant to be sarcastic, but that’s the way it come out. “What are you doing here?”

“How fast can you get dressed?” he was gawking around my room taking everything in. I could tell he found it unacceptable.


Dan took a deep resolute breath and looked me straight in the eye. Chills shot up my spine.

“Your coming with me to the party.”

Had he gone mad?

“I wasn’t invited.” I reminded him gently.

“I’m bringing you as my guest.” Two bright red spots glowed in his cheeks and he suddenly had a fevered look in his eye. “I think it’s time everyone found out our true relationship!”

He strode over to the wardrobe and began pawing through my clothes.

“I hate it that you think I’m ashamed of you and I’m so sick of pretending to be someone I’m not. It’s time that every one knew the truth and what better way than to just do it!”


I was speechless for a moment.

He suddenly remembered he was still holding the flower. He handed it to me with another of his grins. My heart twisted in my chest.

“For you.”

No one had ever given me a rose before. Not even a girl.

“I don’t know if I have a vase (I pronounced it the snooty sounding way) to put it in.”

I made a show of looking around the place for a container of some sort. I joked around so he wouldn’t see the tears that suddenly sprang to my eyes. I couldn’t believe this was truly happening. He was choosing me over them. He was ready to stand up in front of everyone and declare that he and I were a couple. I was also touched by the small token of his love that he’d brought so openly in front of my dorm mates.

“Don’t worry about it now.” Dan’s voice was soft. “It has a little vial of water to keep it alive for a while. Throw it on the dresser and help me find something for you to wear.”

I realized that I really didn’t want to go to this party. I was comfortable in what I was wearing. I didn’t feel up to the happy chatter of Dan’s friends or dealing with a mob scene when he announced to everyone that I was his boyfriend. I wanted us out, but not this way.

I had been after him to call a quiet family meeting with his folks and letting them know he was gay. After that he could tell them about us. If they wanted to have me over to get to know me better that would be fine. Then we could deal with our peers. I didn’t want to just show up this party and stir things up.

I turned around and for the first time since he arrived placed my hands on his hips and pulled him over to me.

“Dan, I’m glad you want to let everyone know about us, but I don’t want to do it this way. I’m not up to a party. I think that you should still get your parents together and tell them first before we tackle your brothers and friends. It will be so much better that way. I also want to thank you for the rose. That was sweet.”

Dan placed his strong arms around my neck and leaned into me for a kiss.

“I can’t stand being away from you. I hate leading a double life. I want you by my side, sharing with me all the victories and defeats that come to any couple. I want the world to know that your not only my best friend, but the one I love. I want to just go out tonight and get it over with.”

I wanted it over with too, but not tonight. I wanted him all to myself and hoped he didn’t really want to go to that stupid party.

My mother always grumbled that men were easily manipulated by the part of their anatomy that made them male. I decided to test that theory. This would be the first time we could truly be alone.

I pulled him back to me and kissed him again.

Dan melted in my arms and returned my kisses with increasing passion.

“Do you realize we’re totally alone in here?” I asked him breathlessly.

Dan’s eyes narrowed, but his voice was playful.

“Are you trying to seduce me?”

“Yeah, Is it working?”

For an answer he tongue wrestled with me for a few minutes. He brushed up against me and I could feel the bulge in his jeans pressing up against the one forming in my pajama bottoms.

“Fuck the party.” he started kissing me all over my face. “We can have our own right here.”

“I will talk to my parents.” he reassured me between kisses. “They want me to come home next week end….I’ll tell them about us.”

I reached up and claimed his lips again. I wanted to silence him before the thought freaked him out so much he let it interfere with what we were doing.

We knew the walls were thin. We could hear the television blaring in the common room. We tried to keep our voices down when we spoke.

“What’s this your wearing?” Dan teased me slipping his fingers under the elastic of my pajama bottoms.

“Property of the VA.” he read out loud. I felt myself blushing.

These pants were no doubt garage sale bargains my mother picked up some where.

Dan and I were indeed from two different worlds.


I wanted to make some witty comment, but Dan began kissing his way down my throat and shoulders. I gasped when he reached up to play with one of my nipples.

I was rock hard in seconds. I loved when he did that. I found out a few days ago when we played around in the hot tub at the gym that my nipples were a definite erogenous zone. Also adding to the excitement was the fact that anyone could have walked in on us. It could still happen now. Being nosey Jill might still come pounding on the door.

Nudging me toward the only chair, Dan gently pushed me into it. Kneeling down in front of me, he began kissing my chest. He flicked out his tongue and began playing with my nipples orally.

The feeling was exquisite. I moaned a bit too loudly.

“Ssssh.” he cautioned, but was grinning wickedly from ear to ear. It pleased him that he had such power over me. “You’ll have that one goony looking chick pounding on the door to see if you are all right.” he grimaced then. “Or worse wanting to join us. She looks the type.”

The idea made us both laugh. I thought Jill was a pretty sweet girl in a looney kinda way. She’d always tried to make me feel welcome here and I was grateful to her for it. I actually consider myself bi and am equally attracted to women. Perhaps if Dan and I hadn’t hooked up I may have given her another glance (not to mention remembered her name), but I am a totally monogamous person. I wanted Dan and I to last forever.

Dan was once again tugging on the waist band of my pants.

“I think you need to loose these.”

I had never been completely naked around Dan. We had always had to settle for fooling around under the cover of darkness or under the water of the hot tub at the gym.

I was so aroused and suddenly nervous as hell at the same time.

“No fair, jock boy. If you want to see mine, you have to show me yours.”

He removed his team jacket gracing me with a seductive smile as he did so. He draped it around the back of the chair. I caught a whiff of the expensive after shave he always wore. Precum began leaking from my cock in anticipation of what we were about to do. This wouldn’t be the hurried jerk and go sessions we had to make do with in the past.

Grinning down on me and undulating in the manner of a male stripper, Dan reached up and loosened the tie he was wearing and pulled it from around his neck. He playfully looped it behind my head and pulled me forward for another kiss. I reached up pulling him down on top of me. It was easy to get lost in his kisses. He was just that damn good at it.

As if they had a mind all of their own my fingers were fumbling with the buttons of his shirt. Dan broke our kiss and started assisting me in undressing him. He flung the dress shirt in a careless manner in the general direction of the bed. He unbuckled his belt and flung it over to join his shirt. His shoes one after the other joined his pile of discarded clothing.

I tried to help him out of his jeans, but with a grin he gently pushed my hands away. He stepped back and started unzipping his tight black jeans very slowly. I was so excited I could barely breathe. In fact by the constricted tightness in my chest and the way I was wheezing I knew I was about to have an attack. I quickly looked around for my inhaler.

I’m such a loser.

“It’s on the bedside table.” Dan stopped the strip tease routine. Half out of his jeans took the two steps over to the bedside table to retrieve it for me.

He was back at my side in an instant, his fingers playing in my damp hair. I took a hit of the inhaler.

“Are you going to be O.K.?”

I nodded letting the medicine take effect. That’s when I noticed that Dan had stepped out of the jeans. I had to take another pull when I saw my lanky hard bodied lover was wearing nothing but a pair of leather bikini briefs.

“You like?”

“Yeah,” I rasped out. Like was an understatement. “Where did you get those?”

You didn’t see leather undergarments at the local Wal-Mart or K-Mart.

“I ordered them from one of Steve’s lingerie catalogs.” Dan laughed.

Dan’s brother Steve took out multiple subscriptions to various lingerie catalogs. They were his whack off aide of choice and a well worn dog eared issue could always be found under his mattress. Dan told me he used to ‘borrow’ them from time to time so that his brother didn’t suspect he was queer. He also joked that it would never occur to Steve that there was always a few pages featuring men. Dan confessed to me that if he was lacking visual stimulation that he made due on occasion with the plastic looking Ken dolls in those magazines.

I reached out and placed a hand on his hip. He stopped smoothing my hair to rest his hand on my cheek. Concern and love in his very blue eyes.

“You sure your OK?”

I nodded and tried to smile up at him. Now that my fantasies were about to become reality, I was suddenly apprehensive. I was going to cross some sort of line. Like I mentioned I was excited and afraid at the same time. I also felt like a dork.

Time seemed to stand still for a few moments. He hoovered over me as if trying to make sure I wasn’t going to die on him. We locked eyes and laughed. I could see he was nervous too.

I started running my fingers along the sides of his crazy leather undergarment.

It looked good on him, but I suspected it had to be uncomfortable.

“I want to go down on you.” he whispered.

I wanted that too for the most part.

He firmly pushed my hand away again and knelt down to tug at my waist band once more.

I scooted my ass forward on the chair and lifted up to help him. I felt myself start to tremor violently once I was totally naked.

Damn it!

The rest of my body may have been quaking in fear of the unknown, but my dick stood right up to say hello.

“Dawg…” Dan gasped out his eyes full of awe. “I knew you were packing some heat, but you never told me you had Godzilla hiding between your legs! It’s like a foot long!”

It was in reality maybe nine to ten inches long and just a little less then three fingers wide depending on my arousal.

The compliment, plus the heat in my lovers gaze, flattered me. I tried to relax.

We were both laughing again.

” Easy,” he crooned. He sank down as if to worship my blood engorged pole. He gently caressed my thighs in a soothing manner. “Just relax…”

In spite of the way I was trembling more precum dripped from his touch.

A delighted gleam sparkled in his eyes as he reached out and gently grasped the base of my cock.

“Your juicing up for me.” he looked more than pleased with himself..

I gasped as he leaned forward and slowly licked the precum from the shaft to it’s source.


I felt a jolt of electricity run through me as his tongue flicked in and out of my piss slit. He was playing with my balls a little as he did this.

“Shit!” I hissed mindful to keep my voice down. “That feels so fucking good.”

Dan’s eyes glinted up at me pleased he’d found another hot spot. He continued to tease my hole for a little bit. I bit back my moans. I was going to go fucking insane if I couldn’t scream.

Easing up on me, Dan started licking around the head. Still looking up at me while I groaned from the warm wet sensations, he began drooling all over my cock before taking me into his mouth. The feeling was fucking incredible. It was such a turn one watching him bob up and down on my rod. The whole time he kept his eyes on my face.

My hands were in his hair running the short spiky locks through my fingers.

I closed my eyes to shut down the thrill watching was causing me, but just hearing the sloppy slurping sounds made the heat of passion more intense for me. I was whimpering like a puppy dog (so he said later) and finding it real hard to keep quiet. I should have thought to turn on the radio to drown out any noise we might make in here.

Dan was starting to moan too as he slobbered up and down my length. His tongue would swirl around my head and tease my hole again, then he’d go back to the up and down motion.

I was so close to blowing. I felt a prickly numbing sensation in my ass and the backs of my legs.

“Dan….” my breath came in jagged gasps. “I’m gonna cum.”

I thought it would be considerate to give him fair warning should he not want me to come in his mouth.

“MmmmmHmmmm.” Dan picked up the pace. He was also taking me deeper with each stroke. The vibrations of his vocal encouragement plus the sight of his nose pressed up against my pubes, caused my cock to throb violently.

My balls literally exploded and shot hot lava. The intensity of my orgasm rocked me. I was literally sobbing trying to keep quiet.

Dan expertly took all I had without wasting a drop. He’d given head before. It made me jealous to know I wasn’t his first. I brushed that thought back as he licked my softening prick clean.

Dan pulled himself up and practically sat in my lap.

He took my face in his hands and rammed his tongue down my throat in a hot kiss.

He hadn’t swallowed it all. He’d saved some for me. Instead of being revolted by my own flavor, I eagerly sucked his tongue in return.

Dan broke the kiss and pressed his face against mine.

“I’ve wanted to do that to you forever.” he sighed.

I wasn’t nervous anymore. I wanted to do everything to him he’d just done for me.

I reached down and caressed the steel bulge through the leather.

“I think it’s your turn to sit in the Captain’s chair.”

“Ok” was Dan’s very enthusiastic reply.

He kissed me quickly on the lips before standing to peel the leather briefs down his slender hips.

I admired the well shaped masculine tone of his body.

My lover had only a smattering of hair on his chest, but to my shock not a hair on his pubic area.

He smiled and rubbed the length of his slender eight or nine inch slightly banana curved cock.

“I think we might have found the lock ness monster.” I quipped remembering (with maybe just a touch of pride) his Godzilla comment earlier.

His face flamed, but he laughed.

I reached out to pull him to me so I could examine him up close and personal. “You don’t have any pubic hair?”

“I shaved it for you. I wanted to make your first time as easy as possible.”

It never occurred to me a guy could do this and wished I’d have thought of it.

“That’s hot.”

I stood up and pushed him down into the chair.

Eagerly, he spread his legs, giving me a very sexy ‘come and get it’ look, as I sank down to my knees in front of him.

His cock was glistening with precum. I thought perhaps I should start by licking him clean.

“Lick it, Baby.” he instructed in a heated whisper. “Lick it all over.”

I had never tasted another guy before.

With a slight taste of plastic or vinyl that I suspected might have been the ‘leather’ briefs, his precum was slightly salty, but good.

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