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Family Man (Complete)

February 22, 2014 / by gaystory

Jennifer lay next to her fiancé Chris, both basking in a post-orgasmic glow.

“I can’t wait to do this as man and wife, as Mrs Burton…” she sighed contentedly.

Chris turned to her, nervously,

“Talking of the wedding, are you sure you don’t want your dad there?” He knew that Jennifer had been estranged from her father, Bill, since the age of 12 and that their relationship was complicated.

Jennifer turned to look at Chris. She knew that Chris, as an orphan who had been raised in care till he was 14, considered family very important. It meant a lot to him and he had been so supportive when her mum had passed away a year ago. He’d given her space to grieve at that difficult time but had always been there when she’d needed him.

“Chris, I…don’t you think that it would be a bit like betraying mum? Like…she’s not here anymore, so I’m going to just forget what he did to her?”

“Jenny, I knew your mother. She knew you loved her and that she couldn’t have asked for a more devoted daughter…listen, the day I marry you is going to be the happiest day of my life…I want it to be yours too. I don’t want you looking back later and being upset that you had no family there, no one to give you away….”

“My uncle Mike….”

“It wouldn’t be the same, baby. Your mum would rather you be happy than missing out due to events that took place thirteen years ago.”

“I suppose I could call him, at least and arrange to see him…it’s not like he lives a million miles away…” Jennifer said, acquiescing.


Jennifer walked the aisle, her father on her arm. It had been 10 months since she had called him and begun the tentative steps at building a relationship. Looking ahead of her and seeing her intended waiting for her, she knew that he had been right. Today felt like she had finally put the past behind her and had the rest of her life to look forward too.

The ceremony went off without a hitch, everyone commenting on how perfect the couple looked together. Chris was every inch the perfect groom, tall, handsome, clean-shaven and lightly muscled. Jennifer ran her fingers through his light brown hair and into his warm eyes and smiled. He in turn, beamed at his beautiful bride, admiring her petite figure and soft breasts, wonderfully displayed in her white gown. He leant down and kissed her jewel littered blonde locks. She flashed her delicate blue eyes up at him,

“You may kiss the bride.” Encouraged the priest, though neither of the young people before him needed any kind of encouragement.


Bill Donaldson walked up to his son-in-law in the lush gardens of the hotel, an appraising look in his eye.

“So we finally get a chance to talk…” He said.

Chris turned to the older man. He saw a dignified, handsome man. For a man in his fifties, greying at the temples and in his trimmed beard, Bill didn’t look any older than 40. From Bill’s firm handshake and strong body Chris figured he worked hard to look good.

“Mr Donaldson…hi”. Chris said.

Mr Donaldson put a friendly hand to Chris’ shoulder and said,

“Son, I think you call me Bill or, even Dad, now, don’t you?”, laughing lightly, “Jennifer tells me that you played a big part in reuniting me with my daughter. I’ve got a lot to be grateful to you for.”

Chris blushed modestly, quietly touched.

“Jennifer also tells me that you work in advertising. My company is in that field too, you know? I keep abreast of most developments in town. You handled the Women’s Shelter campaign?”

“Yes…Bill…I asked for the job…family support issues are close my heart, I guess.”

“Well, I have to say I was impressed with that campaign. It confirmed my decision to offer you a job. How does junior partner sound? Make it a bit of a family firm?”

“Bill, I…don’t know what to say,” stammered Chris.

“Well, it’s a small step in the right direction to make up for all the missed years with Jennifer … plus I get the satisfaction of knowing the extra money will be enough to set you and Jennifer up and start thinking of my grandchildren a little quicker…”

Chris laughed, a little disbelieving.

“Thank you so much, Bill, you don’t know what this means” He said, gushing slightly.


Chris entered the hotel, with a joyful bounce in his step. He wanted to tell Jennifer the good news straight away. She was upstairs, somewhere, Room 48 apparently, changing for the reception.

He climbed the steps two at a time and soon reached the right corridor. He reached room 48 and opened the door.

He stopped and admired as the semi-naked blonde bent over and began to roll a stocking over her toes and up her shapely leg, seeming to enjoy the feeling of the fabric slide beneath her fingers.

Chris felt his cock twinge at the sight. It got to half hardness as the woman turned to the window and stretched, one arm in the air. Chris was treated to the sight of half of her breast bathed in the golden sunlight. It allowed him to glance down her tanned back, down to a curvy ass barely hidden by lacy red panties.

Something was wrong though…could he be looking at Jennifer differently now that she was his wife, he thought?


“What…Chris?!…Jennifer’s next door. We switched rooms.” Said Rachel, a bridesmaid, as she turned and gave him a full view of her breasts.

“Oh…right…ok…bye.” Stammered Chris, retreating from the room. As he pulled the door closed he shook his head to clear his embarrassment.

As he entered the right room this time, his joyful smile was back. Nothing could spoil how happy he was today.

Tanned and blissful from a perfect honeymoon, Chris entered the airy, well-lit reception area and saw Bill walking over.

“Son, welcome to Bill Donaldson’s Sure Media. I’m sure you’re going to be as happy here at BDSM as we are going to be having you.”

Chris thought he saw a strange expression cross Bill’s eyes but put it down to his own nerves.

“Let me show you around and get you settled in.” Offered his father-in-law, guiding him to an elevator.

As they stepped off, onto the top floor, they began walking towards a marble desk. Sat behind this imposing edifice was a most unusual girl Chris had ever seen. She had the most alabaster skin radiating from beneath the craziest purple dreads he had ever seen. He couldn’t help but notice the small bullring that adorned her nose, the sharp spike through her lip and the mass of earrings buried beneath her hair. From her ears he saw a strange tattoo filigreed down her neck, running below her crisp white collar and over her heaving cleavage framed by her blouse. The whole image was offset by the sharpest of business suits Chris could imagine.

Bill didn’t appear to notice Chris’ focus of attention as he began to think some more about that tattoo. When the woman looked up from her computer screen and stood up, Chris shook himself from his reverie.

“This is Monica. I couldn’t run this place without her. My secretary is away on a special assignment so we’ll be sharing Monica.”

Chris again had felt a moment of unease, quickly dismissed, as Monica had looked him up and down and subtly nodded approval towards Bill. At his last comment Monica’s purple lips had broken into a quick smirk that had instantly disappeared.

“Pleased to meet you, Mr Burton. Feel free to ask me if you need anything. Sorry I can’t stop and talk, just got to run these figures to accounting.” She breathed, huskily.

Bill and Chris turned and watched her walk down the plant-lined hallway.

“Would you look at the way her ass sways in that skirt? And that tattoo, I saw you notice…?” Chris blushed. ” I have it on good authority that it goes all the way down…” Bill whispered conspiratorially.

“Bill…I’m married to your daughter…I don’t think about other women!” Chris said honestly. He had said it with a slight laugh but he was shocked at Bill’s attitude.

“What…oh, quite right, quite right”, said Bill, looking chastened, “still can’t blame any man for looking huh…especially at my age.”


As Chris was shown around and acquainted with procedures a lady entered the office and approached them.

She was dressed in tight pants, a baggy top that left her shoulders bare and stilettos, all white. Her gold earrings and bracelets jangled as she walked. She was thirty years old, platinum blonde and walked like she knew she was hot!!

“Hello you must be Chris. I’m Ariadne, Bill’s wife. He’s told me a lot about you.” She said, introducing herself to her son-in-law.

“Pleased to me you. Sorry I didn’t get to meet you at the wedding…” said Chris, amazed that Bill could be married to a lady only five years older than he and Jennifer, and one that dressed like a tramp…he could see her nipples standing proudly through her white top!

“Well, Bill could have taken me, but I didn’t think Jennifer would want me there and you know…” trailing off. “Well, it was nice to meet you but this is a flying visit, just to take a look at you really…Hi Bill,” giving a quick kiss to her husband, who had joined them, “Bye Bill, Chris “

As she sauntered off Bill raised an eyebrow, exclaiming

“Did you notice how she was dressed? Swedish stock, yeah? Raised in a commune, you know? She threw off all the dress sense as soon as she was old enough, but I’m glad she kept some of that hippy attitude…” said Bill thoughtfully.


After his rather daunting first day Chris had settled in fine. He had never felt so at home. He’d eat his lunch with Bill, talking about Jenny and her plans for their new home or chat with the other guys at the gym several floors below. Bill was very pleased with his progress.


“Chris, I want you to look after a very special client today” Bill said to him at their morning meeting one day. “She’s a friend that Ari and I know socially. Her portfolio could be very lucrative for us.”

“Bill, I’ve only been here a few weeks….”replied Chris.

“Listen, son. I’ve seen your work and its good. I have every faith that you’ll do everything you can to make her happy, won’t you?” asked his father-in-law.

“Thank you Bill, I won’t let you down. You can count on me.” Chris said, proudly. He wanted to please Bill, who had given him so much.

“Good boy, son. She wants to meet you tonight at the Spanish restaurant on the corner at 7pm. That okay?” Bill asked him.

“Shouldn’t be a problem. I’ll call Jenny and let her know I’ll be late.”

“Tell you what, boy,” said Bill, putting a manly arm around Chris’ shoulders, “Take the day off tomorrow and be with Jennifer, help her with the decorating or something.”


That night, after reviewing the client’s account, Chris felt that he some good ideas to show the client, Mrs Reva. He joined her at her table after dispensing with the obligatory greetings.

He’d heard of her, of course. She’d taken over her husband’s firm after he had passed away and now it was producing record profits. He’d been afraid that she’d be a dragon, instead her found her to be a stately woman, in good shape for her age of 55. She gave off a delicate floral fragrance when she moved and had a warm and friendly manner.

She listened attentively to Chris’ ideas and added a few of her own. She kept topping up Chris’ glass of wine and really put him at ease. He was so much at ease that he let himself be taken by the hand and led onto the dark, secluded dance floor.

The mix of the red wine and the sexy Spanish beat clouded Chris’ head and he couldn’t stop himself from getting into the music. Here in the half-light Mrs Reva tugged at her hair and it came tumbling down to her shoulders.

“Really, I guess I’m too old for this kind of thing….” Said Mrs Reva. She had pushed herself body close to Chris’ swaying body so that she could make herself heard.

“You’re hardly old, Mrs Reva” protested Chris, catching a waft of her aroma.

Mrs Reva smiled. She put her hands on his waist and told him to the same. Chris hesitated, but all other couples on the floor were doing the same thing.

Soon the pair of them bending and twisting to the music. Her hands were stroking his back and had one leg between Chris’. As she moved up and down his body her graceful thigh and narrow hip would rub at Chris’ crotch.

Lulled by the rhythms and smells Chris shut his eyes. Mrs Reva turned around and was deliberately rubbing her full ass against the huge tent being made in Chris’ pants. She reached around, took his left hand and brought it up to a heavy breast.

Chris was moving his body to the tune, thrusting his clothed nine inches against this mature ass and loving the sensation.

Suddenly the lights came on and the music faded. Chris’ consciousness returned as he blinked at the light.

As they left the restaurant Chris thought he had better apologise to Mrs Reva, and find a way to put the faux pas behind him.

“Mrs Reva, I’m so sorry about what happened in there…. a bit too much to drink and the lighting…” he slurred slightly.

Mrs Reva turned to him. Her countenance was cold now and there was a steely glint in her eyes. When she spoke it was hard and neutral,

“Listen up boy. Bill said that you were the man to handle this matter. If that’s true I expect to get a lot closer than we did tonight, if you know what I mean? I’ll arrange an appointment next week. Good night.” she hissed vehemently at Chris as she got into her limo and shut the door.


When Chris got home, sobering up but as horny and as guilty as hell, found that Jennifer had fallen asleep. He sat in his chair and thought about how much Mrs Reva had scared him and the telephone went.

“Chris, hi, it’s Bill. How did tonight go? This could mean big things for you, you know?”

“Bill, I don’t think I’m right person to handle the Reva project. I….”

“Did something happen?” Bill asked, concerned.

“No…” he lied, “just a clash of personalities I think….” Chris replied.

“Oh son, I can put someone else on the case, I just really thought that you were up to it…. one more step up to senior partner” Bill said disappointedly.

Chris hated the tone that had crept into his father-in-law’s voice; he really didn’t want to let him down and hastily added,

“Wait, she’s going to make an appointment next week to see what I come up with…I’m sure that we can professional about it….”

“There you go kiddo. You’re the best man for the job, you’ve just got to know it!”


The next week Chris stood in the foyer and greeted Mrs Reva. As he walked her into his office he told Monica to that he didn’t want to be disturbed. Monica was licking a lollipop and lasciviously replied,

“Sure thing, gorgeous!!”

Chris didn’t like the smirk he glimpsed as he shut his door.


Chris seated Mrs Reva on the sofa in his office. So far the conversation had been polite and Mrs Reva’s scary side hidden beneath a professional attitude. Chris thought that maybe last week had been an aberration or one off.

She leafed through the print outs he had made and made relevant points concerning them. In fact, Chris thought that he had the contract in the bag and was about to wrap up his pitch when Mrs Reva stroked his hair and put a hand on his fly.

“I do so want to tell Bill that you made me happy, that he wasn’t wrong about you…” she said suggestively.

“Mrs Reva I am a married man. Bill’s my father-in-law for Christ sakes!!!” Chris spluttered.

“So? All I ask is that every once in a while I get a little fuck action from you. You get the Reva contract, respect from Bill and extra cash to treat the missus. No one gets hurt. Admit it, you might even like it…”

“You’re blackmailing me with the account, sexual harassment or something…”

“Absolutely. What are you going to do about it?

Chris shut his eyes and shook head. When he opened them Mrs Reva was stood before him, naked. He glanced over her body, her dark Hispanic nipples on her voluptuous breasts, her narrow waist and the black curly bush. He saw signs of aging, the slight wrinkles of her skin, but she was still a fine looking woman.

At the look of resignation that entered Chris’ eyes, she smiled. There was a hungry predatory look in her own.

Chris watched as she bent over him and unbuckled his belt. He lifted his body so that she could pull down his pants.

“I like a hard man to please, and you look like you’re going to be…” Mrs Reva laughed at her innuendo; Chris’ cock was ready for her despite the heartfelt resentment he felt about the situation. How could his body betray him like this?

“I want your cum. Estoy mirando adelante a el.”

Chris leaned back onto the sofa and shut his eyes. Mrs Reva straddled her victim and rubbed her cunt over his cock, coating it with her wetness. She reached down and skilfully applied a condom, whispering in his ear,

“I don’t know where you’ve been, after all.”

Chris felt indignant at that. He hadn’t slept with another woman since he met Jennifer six years ago. At the thought of her he retreated into his own mind. He pictured his wife naked and fantasized about making love to her. The way that she would kiss her way down his body, stopping off to lick his hairy chest and nipples, down to his navel and flicking her tongue in and out. From there she’d tease his cock before finally taking him in her mouth.

Noticing that Chris’ mind seemed to be elsewhere infuriated Mrs Reva. She grabbed his tie and pulled his head up.

“Pay attention, you damn boy whore”

Chris groaned, waking from his happy thoughts. Mrs Reva was panting above him as she moved up and down. Her pussy was loose and wet, allowing her to take his entire length easily.

“Estare alli pronto!!!” she screamed. “I’m cumming, aaaaaah aaaaah”

Feeling her cum on his cock made Chris shoot his load into the rubber that sheathed his dick.

Chris lay there deflated, his flaccid cock left exposed as Mrs Reva dressed and left. Finally Chris dragged himself to the shower next to his office and stayed there for a long time. He couldn’t make himself feel clean but consoled himself with the thought that he hadn’t wanted to do what he had done.


He walked into his house and Jenny pounced on him.

“Baby, I went to the doctor’s today. We are going to have a baby!!!” She shouted for joy.

Chris was flabbergasted. His thoughts of Mrs Reva disappeared as he picked his wife up into his arms and swung her round. All night just the sight of her was enough setting him beaming.

Over the next week Chris and Jennifer decorated the nursery, thought about baby names and planned their future as a family. He was able to dispel his memories of his infidelity.


“Jenny, your dad just phoned. He needs me to go over to his house. You know he’s away? Well he needs me to do some work on some files, that okay?”

“It’s a Saturday…” Jennifer whined but finally relented.


Chris let himself in to the big, expensive house and went to Bill’s home office and retrieved the folders. He was just settling down to work on them when he heard a noise downstairs.

Heading down, he was shocked to find a woman in the skimpiest bikini he had ever seen. It simply covered her nipples, her breasts spilling from its hold. The bottoms clung to her mound, leaving very little to the imagination. It left her round ass almost completely exposed.

When he tore his eyes to her face his jaw dropped,

“Rachel?!!! What on earth?”

“Chris?!! God! Bill’s an old family friend. He lets me use his pool when it’s hot like today.” Rachel explained.

“Does Jenny know?” Chris asked.

“Well you know how things were with her dad, after she told her mother about what she’d seen…I just didn’t tell Jenny that I still saw her dad…”

“What Jenny had seen…”? Chris didn’t know this.

Rachel, who was Jenny’s best friend took him into the lounge and explained everything,

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