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Give a Name… Ch. 04

February 22, 2014 / by gaystory

Chapter 4: To the Green Eyed Monster

By the time they arrived back to the reception hall, Sam was tired and he didn’t want his time with Luke to end. Luke was smart, funny and open. There was no guess work with the guy. Since, the man wore his heart on his sleeve.

The attraction in Luke’s eyes and body language was hard to miss, after awhile. Sam only hoped that he was more withholding, than Dean was with his car keys.

The clinic was eye catching with its latest gadgets and luxury. There was a gym, an Olympic sized swimming pool indoors, and other recreational facilities. The hospital side was modern, clean and comfortable-looking.

The medical machines were state of the art and were well hidden, behind dark wooden walls and cabinets. It gave the room, its comfortable feel, instead of the sterile and mechanical feel to ordinary hospital’s rooms have.

The copulation of luxury and comfort made iStahar a clinic worthy for the rich. Though, Stacy wasn’t rich like some of the other victims. Sam was left with no clues or hints to point them to their next victim. There were little distinctions between the women. It made it difficult to tell who she was and how can they help save her and her baby. Most of all, how can they stop what ever is coming after them.

Sam thought back to his parents. They weren’t rich. He wondered if his mother would have been targeted, too. That is, if she had any problems getting pregnant, to begin with. Looking back, she should have had. Then Sam would have never been born and their family wouldn’t have been torn apart.

Luke walked up the steps carrying two soya milked vanilla lattes. The bar was lit up with candles. After their tour had ended, it was getting dark outside and the setting sun basked the reception area in a luminous golden glow.

The smell of vanilla brought Sam out of his depressive thoughts. It took them, nearly three and half hours to see the entire place and when Luke had offered to drink a cup of latte. Sam loved the man more. He didn’t go for coffee much and Luke hated it, calling it hard and cheap bean water!

While sitting next to Luke in one of the white leather lounge sofas, Sam sipped his hot latte and enjoyed the comfortable silence that fell between them. His cup was wide and the foam had in cinnamon a woman’s symbol strewn over on top. The smell of the vanilla coffee permitted the air as it filled him lungs giving him a sense of calm.

Their legs were slightly touching and Sam didn’t mind. It was only his uneasy stomach that had him worried. Other than that, he liked Luke touching him. It was a nice pace for a change. Not having to keep up or keep a distance.

Throughout the tour, Luke left fleeting touches behind and stayed close. Sam was surprised how his body had reacted to Luke’s ‘accidental’ touches. He almost blushed at the contact, almost. If Dean was to ever see him blush, he would probably buy him a dress.

As a matter of fact, if Dean was here, Sam wouldn’t have had this peaceful moment with its light touches. Dean would have been either a foot away from Sam, unconsciously banging some rhythm on his knee or table, fidgeting and talking a mile a minute.

Dean’s coffee was always black and spiked with sugar. The combination made him hyper and annoying. Within those moments, of being on edge, Dean would be thinking a mile a minute.

Always, he would be thinking up ways to make Sam’s life a living hell. With Dean’s childish pranks: from hiding his underwear, to sticking fries in his salad, changing his ringtone and putting ribbons in his hair. Speaking of which, his brother has been getting on his nerves a lot, lately.

Maybe he should follow through on his threats and just smack his brother behind his head, when he did.

“You know, you frowning make me want to…” Luke said licking his lips, “…ask you for your…” looking at Sam’s lips “…thoughts.” bringing his eyes up to Sam’s.

“It’s nothing. Just, uhm… You know, thinking about this case.” Sam huffed, taking another sip of his latte.

Oh yeah, Luke was definitely flirting with me.

“This place is amazing. Uhm… even with the way you serve your latte.” Sam said turning his head, looking around and taking another sip.

Sam ran his hand through his hair and felt the light dampness of sweat across his forehead. He began to loosen his tie some more.

Damn it! His body was really working up a sweat and not just from the hot latte. Sam noticed the teasing look in Luke’s hazel eyes, and especially, the way Luke’s full lips were pouting and was glistening wet, during the tour.

“True, you’ve been saying that for like the past three hour and a half.” Luke replied as a matter of fact. “Besides, it’s supposed to be a representation of the planet Venus, not a tribute to the woman’s sex, but to their fertility.”

Sam looked at his latte, with different eyes. He had to admit he had some hang ups drinking his latte because of that symbol. It was bad enough Dean was calling him, the girl in their relationship.

Silence fell between them but this time it was awkward. Sam didn’t know what to say. It felt as if Luke was trying to keep his attention, but with Luke’s leg touching his. Sam found it to be distracting.

“Is there something wrong?” Luke asked coming closer.

“No…Uhm… you’ve been most helpful with our case. It’s just too bad, you know…. with, such a fine clinic as this. Why would anyone want to ruin its reputation?” Sam said while noticing Luke’s nearness.

It wasn’t a knee any more as the entire leg was pressed next to his.

“Imagine, in order, to get into our clinic, you’d have to pay next to nothing. And all you’ll need is to like pass your psychological evaluation.” Luke said after taking another sip of his latte.

“You can either pay your bill in unfertilized eggs or in blood per month.” Sam said looking around the open reception area and placing his cup on the white table in front of him. “And you get all of this with boarding for the nine months, to a tune of $1200, cheap with a guaranteed successful pregnancy and delivery rate.” Luke said nodding his head in agreement.

Luke set his cup down next to Sam’s and sat back. His shoulder was touching and Sam felt the guy’s body heat. It was nice. It was the first time in a long time that any one has sat this close to him in public. He stared at Luke’s profile and watched Luke turned his head away.

“I just wish there was more I can do to help you. Those women weren’t just patients for me. They’d become my friends. You couldn’t help getting infected by them.” Luke said quietly.

“Infected…?” Sam asked staring at Luke’s blond curls.

Here it comes! The supernatural clue to lead him to the reason behind, all those women’s deaths. It figured, why not start, a new strain of an apocalyptic virus to go with the ‘Crotoan’ virus? Why not create a new virus, to help plunge the world into madness and death? No redemption and no rebirth.

“Yeah…with their happiness…When they’d found out, they were pregnant. You couldn’t hold back from crying with them.” Luke said the last three words softly.

“We’ll get to the bottom of this. I promise…” Sam said leaning closer to Luke, rubbing the back of the guy’s neck.

He knew he was close enough to Luke. He had to move his arm out of the way and to the back rest of the sofa to let Luke’s shoulder touch his chest. Luke leaned more into his hand and sighed. Sam’s breathe ghost across the man’s freckled neck and Luke shuddered. Sam smelled the masculine scent tinted with vanilla and he didn’t want to pull back away from Luke.

Luke turned his head and there were tear tracks running down his cheeks. Sam heart slammed into his chest and he wanted to comfort the man. But before he knew it, he was leaning closer to the full pink lips of Luke’s slightly parted mouth and licking his-

Dean’s laughter filled the reception hall. Bringing, Sam back to his senses. Immediately, he moved back and away from Luke. The move pulled Luke’s hand off of his thigh.

When the hell did he put his hand there?

Of course, Dean with his friendly nature and dominant presence has amassed a team of women, fawning for him. Dean stood at the center of attention. While women surrounded him, as if he was some actor from a hit TV series. Sam eyes narrowed.

He felt his anger rise and wanted to drag Dean by his ear away from the crowd.

Seriously, we are on a case!

Instead, Luke grabbed him by his arm and tugged him back down to the couch. Sam, for one, hadn’t realized that he was getting up and further more Luke is one heck of a strong man. Sam can feel, Luke’s ‘simple’ tug. If Luke gripped him any more, it would leave a bruise on his arm.

“Don’t interrupt him. That’s cock-blocking.” Luke said smiling but was looking over Sam’s shoulder with menace.

Sam looked back and saw Dean giving him a serious glare, but he kept his pretenses up as he smiled. Not missing a beat of his flirtatious conversation.

Lena eventually, brought Dean out from the crowd of women. They were disappointed to see him leave as she brought him over to sit with him and Luke. Lena sat with Dean in the sofa across from them. Dean’s eyes were fixed on the hand, keeping him in place.

“You wanna let up on that hold there, lover boy!” Dean said smiling, not reaching his eyes.

“Would you like a cup of coffee, Agent Daniels? What about you, Lena?” Luke offered and removed his hand slowly away.

“Were your staff members fucking their female patients?” Dean asked suddenly.

“Agent Daniel!” Sam kicked his brother. Dean hardly flinched.

“Not to my knowledge, no. The women got pregnant after their eggs were fertilized. Only, then they’re put in my care. We’d checked like every week for any signs of sexual activities or semen in their vagina’s. Like, we totally advice against sexual contact and sexual liberation.” Luke said calmly.

“So, no tit fucking, fingering, anal sex, and especially, fisting. The women were practically forbidden from experiencing an orgasm or any sexual activities, even the non-penetrating kind.” Lena said.

“How about bringing me a caramel Thai Chi thee latte, Luke.” Lena added nonchalantly.

“Poor women, with all of these good looking men and women, in here, would make it difficult for the women to be… faithful.” Dean replied looking at Sam.

Dean seemed unfazed by what Lena said while Sam was choking on his spit.

What the hell has gotten in to my brother?

“True, but we’re qualified workers. I mean, we’ve got policies against those kinds of things. Even if one of us slips up, it’ll all come down to the women and what they want. They either lose their child for seconds’ worth of sexual pleasure. Or bare 9 months of sexual frustration to have one.” Luke said.

“So, do you take your coffee black…? Sugar?” Luke jeered.

For a moment Sam thought Dean wasn’t going to answer. Dean got mad when Sam tried calling him by an endearment and if anyone commented on how pretty he looks, Sam included, got a warning punch to the shoulder.

His brother replied with, “Bring the jar, Tooth fairy.”

Dean leaned forward, looking at Luke with a straight face as he said: “Strange, though that all seven of the women…-who were murdered-…, were under your care.” and rubbed his leg, where Sam had kicked him.

“Ha! This wouldn’t have happened, if you guys had solved this case, like two months ago!” Luke spat back vehemently.

It was quiet in the reception hall and everyone turned to look at them. Lena looked sadly at Luke and Dean smirked triumphantly. Sam couldn’t believe that his brother would go this far to harass this man who was only trying to help.

“I think we should go!” Sam said to Dean to get his attention.

“Don’t be silly. Our drinks are on their way, aren’t they, Luke?” Lena looked happily.

“I take it you don’t like milk in your coffee.” Luke finished and walked away.

Sam could see and feel the hurt emitting from Luke’s back. Sam turned to his brother and saw Dean glaring at Luke with unaffected emotions, besides conniving satisfaction.

“Not to worries about Luke, Agent Caine. We’re still pleased to have you guys. Hopefully, there might be a crack in the case with your help.” Lena said twirling a strand of light brown hair.

Sam nodded in agreement. He was going to have a serious word with his brother!

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