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He’s Such A Bitch!

February 22, 2014 / by gaystory

I’d made a big mistake. Somehow I thought that having a gay guy share my apartment me and become my roommate would be a smart idea. Danny seemed like a good bet when I first met him. He had a job, was well dressed, came up with all the right answers to my questions. My last roommate was a nightmare, a bitchy, treacherous cunt. She came on to my boyfriend and almost wrecked our relationship. So maybe that’s why I was shying away from taking on another woman to share my place with me. And I couldn’t really consider having a straight guy as a roommate; that would just make my boyfriend Rick a little too uptight. So I figured maybe a gay guy was just the thing, maybe that would work out.

But it didn’t work out. After the first week, when he tried to make a good impression, Danny began to show his true self, his truly selfish self. He took no responsibility for anything. He was messy as hell, never paid his bills on time. And whenever I tried to bring up any of this, square things with him, he got really catty with me, acting rude, whining and sneering at me, treating me with nothing but contempt.

Danny was personally well-groomed, but otherwise he was a pig. He’d leave his shit all over the place and never lifted a finger to help out. He had himself a great appetite but you’d never see him even think about replenishing the fridge. All I knew was that he was beginning to seriously piss me off.

Soon it got even worse. He began playing his music at all volumes at all hours, acting even more rude and sullen to me, like he didn’t give a fucking damn at all. Finally I reached my limit when, one morning, I woke up and went into the living room. Danny was taking a shower. But what I saw on the couch — my couch, one I had brought — was a semen stain. I knew Danny jerked off a lot; he often didn’t bother closing the door to his bedroom and more than once I could see and hear him in there, beating off. He didn’t even have enough discretion and tact to close the door. But last night he obviously had decided to splatter his load all over my couch, leaving a big stain. There was a porn disc in the DVD player, and Danny had obviously done his thing right out there in the living room without the benefit of tissues or cleaning up. All this while I was out visiting my ailing mother in the hospital

I was furious and waited for him to finish showering and get dressed. Then I summoned him to the living room, pointing to the vivid stain.

“What is that?” I asked sharply and all he did was chuckle.

“What do you think?” he smirked.

“You know, if you’re going to jerk off on the couch the least you can do is clean up after yourself,” I told him.

“Yeah, right,” he said smugly, ignoring what I said. God, he pissed me off. Though I had to admit he looked great standing there in shorts and a T-shirt, all tanned and beach-boy cute. Maybe that had been my weakness. Even though he was gay, I sort of liked the idea that I’d have this great looking guy for a roommate. Mistake. Big mistake.

“You eat my fuckin’ food, you jerk off on my fuckin’ couch, you act like a selfish asshole in my fuckin’ house!”

“What’s your problem?” he whined.

“It’s not me who has the problem, it’s you who has the problem!”

“Oh, go fuck off, Rachel,” she said and just walked away from me, leaving me standing there dumbfounded and furious.

I had to do something about this, so I talked to Ed, the guy who managed my gym. I went to the gym four times I week so I saw Ed often and we’d sort of become friends. He was a real take-charge guy who took no nonsense from no one. And, believe me, in gyms you run into all sorts of jerks who demand this and complain about that, who violate one rule or another and often need to be told to shape up of they’ll lose their membership. I’d watch Ed handle more than one such guy and girl and he always had the upper hand. The most arrogant corporate lawyer or yuppie money man would walk away with his tail between his legs after Ed had chewed them out and pointed out all the things they’d been doing wrong. It didn’t surprise me at all when one day Ed told me he’d done a stint in the Marines. Plus, Ed was gay, like my roommate Danny.

So the next time I was in the gym I told Ed about all the problems I was having with my roommate. He shook his head disbelievingly, saying it was amazing how some guys could be such assholes, could take advantage of the niceness of others.

“If you want, Rachel, I’ll go back to your place with you sometime when he’s there and straighten the motherfucker out,” he offered.

Now that was an offer I couldn’t refuse. So later in the week, after I finished my workout and showered and knew Ed was done with his shift, he returned to my place with me. But heading out of the gym together Ed had us detour to a store a block away that I knew sold sex toys and stuff like that.

“Let’s go and get something,” Ed said, making me curious.

Inside, Ed led me to a shelf lined with dildos. He reached for a big, life-like dildo wrapped in clear plastic.

“Let’s get this one,” he said.

“What for?” I asked, more puzzled than ever.

“You’ll see, Rachel,” he said in a tone that suggested he had very definite plans.

“It’s huge,” I said, staring at the rubber cock. It’ must’ve been nine inches long and thick.

“I’ve seen bigger,” Ed said, his lips curling in a knowing smile, as he paid for the dildo and we headed out.

As I knew, Danny would be home. And there he was, stretched out on my couch, wearing a T-shirt, jeans and sneakers, the sneakers right up on the couch of course. I could never get Danny to take off his shoes when he stretched out on the couch. He was reading some dumb magazine and there was popcorn all over the place and a spill on my coffee table. Ed took one look, then looked over at me, and nodded. Right away he knew exactly what I was talking about.

He walked right over to Danny and without saying a word knocked the magazine out of his hands.

“What the hell!” Danny shouted, startled.

“Get up, asshole!” Ed snarled menacingly, grabbing hold of Danny’s T-shirt and dragging him off the couch.

“Who the fuck are you?!” Danny challenged angrily, trying to push Ed off him, but Ed held on tight.

“I’m your worst fuckin’ nightmare, ” Ed sneered, a cold, scary look in his eyes.
“Get your hands off me,” Danny protested, looking back and forth between and Ed and me, those cocky eyes of his now beginning to show a trace of fear. But Ed held on tight as he dragged Danny across the room, completely overpowering him.

Suddenly Ed pulled something out of his jacket pocket, a pair of handcuffs. Before I could blink, he snapped a cuff onto Danny’s wrist and attached the other end to the leg of a big iron table, forcing Danny to bend, squirming like a trapped animal, the look in his eyes even more puzzled and fearful now.

“What the fuck is going on?” Danny gasped, panting now, trembling. I loved seeing my cocky, arrogant roommate looking so scared and worried.

“Rachel has been telling me all about you, asshole, what a jerk you’ve been, thinking you could do whatever the fuck you wanted, having no concern for her, who was good enough to take you in as a roommate and share this beautiful place with you.

“So what’s it to you? And who are you anyway?” Danny said, wriggling and trapped, but still showing that nasty arrogant side of him.

“I’m just a guy helping out a friend,” Ed said with a cool smile as he reached down, unbuckled Danny’s belt, pulled down the zipper of his jeans, and lowered his jeans and his shorts down to his knees. Suddenly I was staring at Danny’s bare, smooth ass and his sleek, strong thighs. Jerk though he was, I always thought he had a great ass, and it looked even better bare. But most of all I loved it seeing it like this, involuntarily exposed and suddenly vulnerable, as Danny looked back at me and blushed, actually embarrassed and fearful, definitely not his usual cocksure self.

Now Ed removed his own belt from the loops of his jeans, a thick, wide heavy-duty belt.

“I think this little bitch boy needs to have his bottom beaten. Why don’t you do the honors, Rachel,” Ed said, handing me the belt. I stood there, holding it, frozen for a moment, unsure of what to do. But then, suddenly, I knew just what I wanted to do, my face lighting up with glee.

“Oh yeah,” I hissed, licking my lips.

Those months at the gym had given me plenty of upper body and arm strength. And now I was going to use it. I lifted the belt and then, using my gym-honed strength, brought it down with a loud snap on Danny’s bare bottom.

Oh fuck!” he howled as he felt it.

“Yeah, ‘little bitch boy,’ that’s what Ed called you, and that’s what you are,” I cackled mockingly, “and this is what you deserve.”

I brought the belt down on his bare ass again…. and again and again, Danny squealing and squirming like a trapped pig, his ass reddening, each downstroke of the belt leaving a red welt on his muscled cheeks.

You can’t do this to me!” Danny hollered.

“Oh, yes she can,” Ed said coolly, watching me whip his ass.

“Yes, I can, asshole,” I said, really getting into it, getting out all my frustrations, my resentments over how Danny had abused me and my trust.

“And speaking of assholes,” Ed said, winking at me as he reached for the bag and pulled out the dildo we’d bought. He tore open the packaging and waved the big rubber cock in Danny’s face, Danny staring at it silently with a very stunned look on his face.

Just what did Ed have in mind?

“I think you should show this asshole what assholes are for, Rachel,” Ed said with a smile, “got any Vaseline in the house?”

“Sure, it’s the bathroom, down the hall, in the medicine cabinet” I told him, pointing to the hallway. Ed went there and a few seconds later came back with a jar of petroleum jelly. In those few seconds I managed to beat Danny’s ass a few more times with the belt. Shit, I was really getting in the groove, liking this, liking it whole lot. Maybe whipping men’s bottoms would become a new fetish for me!

Now Ed opened the jar and dipped in with his fingers to scoop up a big dab, slapping it between Danny’s ass cheeks as Danny kept squirming, and tugging at the cuffs.

What the fuck are you doing!” he squealed.

“I’m greasing your asshole, bitch. I’m sure it’s been greased plenty.”

Ed was gay, and he knew Danny was gay. That’s why he was slapping the lube in himself. Ed’s eyes were sparkling. He may’ve been pissed off at Danny after hearing all about him from me. But he sure couldn’t deny that Danny was one hot looking young stud, and that he had a great ass. And I knew enough about queers to know that if there’s one thing they like, it’s a cute male ass.

I could hardly believe what I was seeing. The queer stud who managed my gym working a couple of stiff fingers up my roommate’s ass, Danny cuffed to the table, his jeans bunched around his knees, his bare ass first whipped and now greased. Somehow that really turned me on, watching one good looking stud ream another good-looking stud’s’ ass with a couple of stiff greased fingers.

“Here Rachel,” Ed said, handing me the big dildo, “you whipped that ass real good. Now how about you get in between those red whipped cheeks.”

I put down the belt and took the dildo from Ed. Holding it I was amazed how heavy it was, how big it felt. I was punishing my roommate I knew, but I had to admit all this was sort of turning me on too, turning me on a whole lot! I always had this fantasy of screwing a guy’s ass with a dildo but whenever I mustered up the courage to ask a guy if I could do that to him, he’d look at me like I was crazy, or something. Now here was my chance.

“Hey Danny?” I said to him as he looked over his shoulder at me, a wild, trapped look in his eyes. “Remember all the times you said ‘fuck you‘ to me when I asked you to do something simple like clean up a mess you made or buy us some beer after you drank up what was in the fridge? ‘Fuck you, Rachel,’ you’d say to me. Well now, Danny boy, fuck you!

Ed smiled, loving this as he reached down to hold Danny’s cheeks wide open for me, exposing that slick lubed hole. I pressed the fat knob of the dildo against his greased hole and, feeling rough and nasty, especially right after whipping him hard with that belt, I drove that thick rubber baby right up his ass, hard and deep.

God, Rachel! What the fuck do you think you’re doing!” Danny howled at the top of his lungs, squirming like an eel, wincing at the same time as he felt the thick rubber dick rammed up his ass.

“I think you need to shut the fuck up,” Ed hissed sneeringly, reaching down to unbuckle and unzip his own jeans. And then I saw it! I hadn’t even noticed that Ed had gotten hard. Well, ‘hard’ is putting it mildly. What Ed pulled out now was the hardest, the biggest, the thickest cock I’d ever laid my eyes on. Now I knew what he meant when I had said in the store that the dildo was huge and he said he’d seen bigger. Well, his was bigger, bigger and thicker. It had at least an inch on the dildo I was using. Suddenly Danny stopped squirming and whining as he saw Ed’s dick. With all the gay porno Danny watched and all the jerking off he did, I knew Danny was a sex freak. And now not only did he have a rubber cock up his ass, but he was staring at a real one that was so big and so beautiful that it could’ve won a prize at the state fair if they gave out ribbons for prize cocks!

“Open wide, bitch,” Ed said, bringing his cock up to Danny’s face, “this should shut you up.”

Suddenly Danny’s lips were clamped around Ed’s cock as Ed firmly held Danny’s head in his hands and fucked his face, working that big cock in his mouth and down his throat, gagging him. Cranked up and emboldened by all this, I kept fucking him hard and deep, to the rubber balls, up his ass.

“You fucking little cocksucking bitch!” I hissed at my roommate as I twisted the dildo around inside his ass, wanting him to feel it, to really feel it. I smiled to myself, liking what I was discovering -– that I really enjoyed roughing up my queer roommate like this, that it was turning me on and making my pussy wet and my clit quiver. And as I worked the dildo even harder and rougher, Ed was really pounding that huge cock of his into Danny’s mouth and down his throat.

This started off as a way to punish my roommate for all his transgressions, but it was turning into more than that, much more. I’d always wanted to watch two sexy guys make it, and now here was Ed feeding my roommate ten, maybe eleven inches of thick hard cock.

Of course the next thing that came to my mind was that Ed would probably love to work that big dick of his up Danny’s ass and fuck him really, really hard.

“Hey Ed?” I said, “you feel like having a piece of this bitch’s ass.”

“Sure, I’ll fuck his little whore ass,” Ed said, big smile on his face as he pulled his cock away from Danny’s mouth and I pulled the dildo out of his ass. Now it was me who held Danny’s cheeks wide open as Ed stepped in place behind him. As big as the dildo was, Ed’s dick looked absolutely massive as he held it in his hand and pressed the tip against Danny’s hole.

“Yeah, let me see you fuck this little asshole,” I cackled. meaning it literally and figuratively, Ed obliging, working his cock up Danny’s ass slowly, inch by thick inch, to the balls, Danny’s asshole so fucking obscenely stretched as it helplessly clenched the thick shaft, the steely intruder, the punisher.

Oh fuck!” Danny gasped as he felt the massive cock enter his body.

But Danny wasn’t complaining anymore, just moaning. I knew he was a whore for a big cock. I’d caught him whacking off staring at pics of huge cocks on his computer. Now I thought I’d remind him this started as a punishment for all his misbehavior. Last week I’d watched this really kinky video with my boyfriend and it suddenly gave me an idea.

So I stepped in front of Danny and raised his head so he’d look up at me. I was still all dressed. But now I decided to take off my jeans and pull down my panties and let these two queers see some pussy.

“Hey Danny?” I said, lifting his chin as Ed kept hammering his ass, “Look at me! Remember how I’m always telling you to lift the toilet seat when you piss? And you never do? I go to the bathroom to take a piss and I sit down and feel the seat’s wet and sticky because you were too fucking lazy to lift it? Since I’ve been forced to feel your piss against my skin, I think I should return the favor.”

I’d been needing to piss since we got back and now here was my chance. Danny looked absolutely stunned, stunned and helpless, as suddenly, holding my pussy lips wide open, I started to piss, to piss right on Danny’s face and in his mouth!

I once played pee games with this kinky girl back in college, so I knew a little about this.

He couldn’t believe what I was doing to him, but he couldn’t avoid it, cuffed as he was, Ed holding on tight to his hips and ramming his cock up Danny’s ass.

“Here’s what it’s like to get wet, bitch,” I sneered as I kept urinating on him.

“Holy shit, Rachel,” Ed cackled as he realized what I was doing, ” I didn’t know you were such a freak.”

“Well, I just needed to take a piss and Danny here seemed like a perfect urinal.”

Finally I stopped peeing and gave Danny a hard look.

“Are you going to be a good boy from now on?” I said, slapping his face.

He nodded.

“Because if you are, I may reward you by asking Ed to come over once in a while and work his big cock up your little whore ass. Would you like that?”

Again he nodded.

“I thought you would,” I sneered. “And if you’re extra good I might let you enjoy the honor of having me piss right on your fuckin’ face!”

Now I walked around behind Ed and watched him pump away, hammering Danny’s ass with a nice, steady rhythm, working it in deep and hard, his taut muscled ass and big balls a beautiful sight.

I knew he was queer, but I wanted to show my appreciation for how he had helped me out today. And I guessed he wouldn’t object to what I was about to do to him.

“I know all you queer studs really like this,” I said, dropping to my knees behind him, “like to get rimmed.”

And then I just held his cheeks wide open and dug my tongue into his crack, licking his hole. He groaned when he felt that. I’d eaten quite a few male asses and feasted on more than a few sexy females bottoms when I was in college, but this was my first gay male ass.

He kept hammering away at Danny’s ass and Danny, I had noticed, was whacking away furiously at his own hard dick. Soon I heard Ed start to moan and then gasp just as I felt his asshole quivering against my tongue. I’d fingered enough guys’ and girls’ assholes when they came to know that was the telltale sign as I was now sure Ed was unloading deep inside Danny’s ass. A few moments later Danny was moaning like a bitch in heat and I knew he was getting himself off.

Now I stood up as Ed slowly pulled his big cock out of Danny’s ass. Danny’s hole was raw and open, Ed’s cum already starting to leak out.

Danny was breathing hard now, weak from cumming, weak from all the hard ass fucking he had endured. The floor below was puddled with my piss and splattered with Danny’s own cum. I smiled to myself. Danny was about to show me that he knew how to clean up after himself and after me too, as I had so often cleaned up after him.

“Lick it clean, lick up the mess!” I said firmly, pointing to the piss and cum covered floor as Ed looked at me approvingly and Danny finally learned how to obey, lowering his face and starting to lap up my piss and his own cum off the floor like a good, good boy.

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