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His Wish Ch. 02

February 22, 2014 / by gaystory

As of now, he has used his power over a dozen times. All of the girls he ever wanted in school were on his bed moaning and wailing as he fucked them. Their mouth, pussy, ass; he fucked all of them and filled each with his thick cum. Now he sat and wondered who his next slut would be. Suddenly an idea popped into his mind. He mentally made his wish and when he turned his head, the person was on his bed.

Taller than Jeff was, Sandy person was much skinnier and fit. With hair that was cut short, it stood out against the stark white, pale skin. Jeff could feel his heart start to beat harder, that feeling in his stomach that made him sweat. He moved and sat down on the bed and the two stared at each other.

“So what do we do now? Just get naked?” Jeff asked.

“Sure if you want to.” Sandy replied. “Here, let me help you.”

Their hands moved to Jeff’s pants and undid the button. Slowly and awkwardly, his pants and boxers slid off, his hard cock pointing upright. Now lying on the bed naked, Jeff closed his eyes as his cock was grabbed and slowly jerked up and down. The feeling of a hot mouth around it was incredible, the tongue flicking the tip and the sounds of slurping and gagging. Soon his orgasm struck, cum blasting from his cock down Sandy’s throat, followed by gagging with surprise and leaking from the mouth. Sandy licked spots of cum off his Jeff’s shrinking cock, making sure all was cleaned up.

“Was it good?” Sandy asked as Jeff panted. “It’s my turn now right?” Jeff’s eyes moved up to meet theirs and he nodded with a quirky smile.

Sandy stood up and undid their pants and in a teasing manner, slid the pants and underwear down. Lying back in a spread eagle position, Jeff crawled over and slowly lowered his head. The taste on his tongue was different and the feeling was too. His tongue slid all around and he began to lavish it more as he did it. As he licked and sucked, he heard Sandy’s moans and knew he was doing things right. Faster and faster he went and he felt the sudden tense of their body as Sandy’s orgasm erupted. Cum filled Jeff’s mouth as he continued to suck and lick, the hot liquid making him gag as it shot into his throat.

“Wow, you can suck cock pretty good.” Sandy panted, overcome by his orgasm.

“Beginners luck I guess.” At this time, his hands were shaking and he wanted this wish to be done with. He made his mental thought but nothing happened. Sandy sat there on the bed. Again, he tried but he wouldn’t disappear. This was not right at all.

“Now let’s see how tight that ass of yours is.” Sandy said as he moved over to Jeff. Jeff started to scramble off the bed and fell onto the floor. Before he could get up though he was pinned down on his stomach and could not move. He could feel strong hands hold his arms in place as he struggled to get free.

“NO!!! I DON’T WANT THIS! PLEASE DON’T!” Jeff cried out as Sandy began to press his hard, thick cock against Jeff’s crack. He struggled to fight as Sandy pushed into him. Jeff could feel pre cum oozing from Sandy’s dick as his rape began.

“You fucking pussy, you are going to get it now!” He said as he pushed all the way in. Jeff screamed out as the thick cock was sliding in and out of him. He had never felt this before and the pain was blinding. Gripping for anything to help him get away, Jeff’s hands scrambled all over the bed. Suddenly two hands clamped downed on his wrists and held them tightly to the bed, close to cutting of circulation.

“Oh god, you really are innocent aren’t you?” Sand hooted as he continued his raping. The sound of flesh slapping flesh filled the room along with the cries and moans of pain that were escaping Jeff.

“I wish Sandy was gone. I wish Sandy was gone.” The wish was unheard and he felt himself being torn apart by Sandy’s large member. He was being slammed harder and harder, with each thrust more pain followed. Feeling Sandy tense up, he knew he was close to cumming. “I WISH HE WAS GONE!” were his thoughts as he heard Sandy cry out and slam one last time. But before he could push his cock back into Jeff, he was no more. Lying on the bed for a second, Jeff cried and whimpered over the pain he felt. “But at least he couldn’t finish” Jeff thought. Slowly he began to get up and as he hunched down on his legs, he felt something warm leaking down his legs and thighs.

To be continued…

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