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How We Became An "Owned Couple" Ch. 08

August 26, 2013 / by gaystory

It was evident that Connie was much more interested in Laura than me but I still enjoyed the sessions where she invited me to play with along in their little love games. Laura and I had only had sex one time since she had allowed Connie to seduce her and begin exploring this new lesbian lifestyle. Though that was the case, I was still confident my girlfriend loved me, even though our sex life, at least with each other, was lacking.

One day after classes, I went home to the apartment to find a note from Laura that she was next door with Connie. That in itself was no surprise as she seemed to spend most of her afternoons and evenings there now. But the note said to shower up and come on over. I hoped that the evening might prove fruitful as I was really horny from going days with no relief.

There was no answer at the door so I knocked a little harder. Seeing the knob turn in my hand, I pushed it open just enough to announce my presence. I thought I heard noise from the back bedroom, the unmistakable sounds I had heard often enough. Assuming the door had been intentionally left open for me, I locked it behind myself and slowly, stealthy made my way to Connie’s bedroom. There on the bed with her legs wrapped tightly around Connie’s was Laura.

They were in a passionate embrace as they slithered naked on the bed, Connie’s ass moving upwards ever so slowly as she moved her pelvis grinding, methodically into my girlfriend’s hips. Connie’s mouth covered Laura’s; allowing only soft sighs to emit between the moans and wet kisses.

Connie was wearing her black strapon and was using it to perfection as she moved up and down, sliding the rubber phallus into my lover. Laura’s hands grasped the cheeks of Connie’s gorgeous ass, guiding her into her wet box, with her lean tanned legs tightly wrapped around Connie’s calves.

Connie saw me out of the corner of her eye and looked over for just a second before she returned her fixed gaze upon my girlfriend and returning her lips to Laura’s as they met in a hot, wet kiss. I watched as Connie’s tongue positioned itself just inches from Laura’s face who reached up and sucked the pink soft flesh into hers, sucking it as if it were candy.

In our time together over the break and since, I had still never kissed Connie, and ached to suck on her tongue myself. I could only imagine how sweet it was as I watched the two women swap tongues which plunged in and out of each other’s hot mouths.

I could tell by Laura’s moans that her orgasm was approaching as the pace quickened and Connie seemed to thrust more deliberately now as she ground her cock into Laura’s snatch.

“Fuck me, please fuck me,” Laura cried as the older dyke smiled and pushed her cock into her new lover.

“Yea, give that pussy up to me. You like me fucking that little pussy don’t you sugar? You like me fucking that sweet pussy,” Connie teased.

“Fuck, yes, oh yes I love it. I love your cock,” Laura cried back. I watched in awe as my girlfriend lifted her hips off the bed trying to meet the oncoming thrusts. As great as our sex was, there was a definite rhythm between Laura and Connie, an unmistakable dance as they moved in unison.

I was almost lost in the sight, when Connie’s voice broke my concentration, “You like watching us Gary? You like seeing me take Laura, fucking that sweet delicious pussy of hers, making her mine?”

I did. I did like watching this crazy dyke fucking my girlfriend. As jealous as I should have been, I was hard as a rock watching them make lesbian love.

“Tell him what you are,” Connie continued, “Tell your boyfriend what I’ve made you.”

“I’m a cunt, a lesbian cunt, your cunt,” Laura answered between groans.

I’d never heard her talk like that, using language that obscene … those words.

“Ohhh,” Laura continued. “Fuck that pussy, take it. It belongs to you. Make me cum for you.”

“Are you sure that’s what you are baby? You’re a lesbian like me? Like Sandy?” Connie pressed.

“Yes, yes I am,” she cried. “I’m just like you. I’m your dyke. I’ll bring girls home for you just like you asked. Fuck them, do whatever you tell me to do. Please make me cum. Make me cum for you. Fuck me with your cock, please,” she kept on.

“I love hearing you say you’re a dyke. Saying that in front of Gary. Listen at her Gary. Look at what your girlfriend has become. Just a few weeks with me and she’s a die hard little dyke wanting to turn her little girlfriends into lesbians,” Connie teased as the cock moved in and out of her pussy. “Don’t you baby? You want to bring Connie home some pussy. Show her what a good little dyke you’ve become. My little lesbian slut.”

“Yes, I’m your lesbian slut. Your dirty little dyke. Fuck me, fuck my pussy and then when you’ve had me… fuck my ass. I want you to take me,” Laura rambled on like a madwoman possessed.

“Undress love,” Connie motioned to me with her face, careful not to pull her body off Laura’s which continued to shake under her. “When I’m done with her, I’m going to have some of that ass of yours. That’s what you been dying to have me do isn’t it sweet. Do your ass? We haven’t done that in front of Laura have we?,” Connie teased.

I hadn’t thought about it but she was right. While Connie had jacked me off, spanked me, and even had a little foot play with me, she had yet to take me with the strapon that I had come to love. That Laura had come to love as well.

I pulled off the polo and rolled my jeans down my legs leaving my briefs which were pulled off in a flash leaving me nude with my cock swinging back and forth. I unconscientiously jacked it a couple of times as Laura thrust madly against Connie as she experienced wave after wave of orgasm wracking her body.

The two kissed passionately as Laura’s face came to rest in the nape of Connie’s neck as she sucked and licked the soft flesh exposed to her hungry lips.

When Laura had settled, Connie motioned me over to the bed and had me lie on my stomach. I felt her squirt the cool gel of lube down my crack, working it in with her small fingers as they probed gently at my hole as she allowed the liquid to dribble onto my balls as she reached under me and stroked my manhood.

Seldom did she use her hands on me to caress as it seemed she spent most of the time spanking me with her bare hands. Today however, she rubbed and caressed my shaft, stroking it and my balls as lovingly as any lover ever had.

I felt her fingers dip lightly into my eager hole, then a couple as she relaxed me. I raised up on my knees a little allowing her more access to my shaft and balls which she continued to slide her hands across, gripping as she jerked my meat. I moved my body with each thrust and then felt the familiar head of her rubber shaft as it positioned itself against my opening. I knew what we both wanted and pushed back as the head slipped in easily.

After months of her fucking me in the ass, I was more than accustomed to the cock and backed into it until I felt her hips resting against my cheeks.. I moved back and forth, moving my ass in time to her thrust. I loved the feel of her cock and urged her on. “Take that ass, fuck my ass. Yea that feels so fucking good,” I moaned.

Laura seemed to come to life after her intense orgasm, moving up the bed and kissing me on the lips. Her lips were warm and soft against mine and even with this new relationship taking and diverting much of her love away, I could feel the passion between us. If there was any reservation in my mind that I was losing her, it was quickly erased as I felt the intensity of her embrace as her tongue slid between my lips, probing my mouth.

Connie had slow even strides as she moved her hips back and forth, inching the cock in and out without ever removing the head from my cheeks which clenched the shaft of her rubber phallus. Laura and I kissed for several minutes before she trailed off and slid up a little allowing her small breasts to come into view as she guided a taut nipple to my hungry lips.

I sucked the hard nub in and licked around her nipple, taking much of her small breast into my eager mouth. She groaned as I sucked and bit lightly at the nipple going from one tit to the other sensing her sexual desire return.

Laura scooted under me and moved up to the head of the bed exposing her little pussy to me. While she is shaved cleaned now, at the time she had a soft brown tuft of hair just over her pussy lips that gently tickled my nose as I stuck my tongue out and tasted the juice that was already flowing from her delicious pussy.

I pressed my face into her box and pushed harder as I lapped deep between her lips, stopping long enough to suck on her clit which I drew into my mouth causing Laura to sigh and tightly grasp my hair between her clenched fingers.

I loved her taste, sweet and juicy as she pushed her twat into my face, encouraging me to eat her pussy. We went at it for several minutes until Laura, having enough oral sex, slid under me and grabbed my throbbing hard on and slid it into her wet box. It was the first time I had fucked her in perhaps a couple of weeks and I was overjoyed at having her pussy.

Laura is a small lady and her pussy has always been incredibly tight but it was noticeably less so now. While it still felt great around my shaft, it was not nearly as snug, obviously stretched out by the huge strapon that Connie had been using since the night she and Sandy had seduced my lover.

It seemed an almost every day session since then as Laura spent afternoons and evenings with her new lesbian lover and Connie took every opportunity to fuck both her pussy and ass.

It was a really wild sensation as Connie was laying on top of me now, her nipples poking into my back as Laura lay under me, pushing back up as I fucked her pussy. I was getting it from both ends and the sensation was more than I could handle. It seemed only a minute or two before I launched my load deep into Laura’s hot pussy.

Connie took notice of my intense groans and pushed hard into my backside as her hands rested on my shoulder blades. She withdrew slowly as I felt her move off my body and then move to the bathroom to wash off the rubber cock dangling mightily from her waist.

In the meantime, I slid off Laura and looking into her eyes, stared at this woman with whom I just shared the most intense sexual experience of my life.

“Hey, get down there and clean that shit up before it gets on my bed,” Connie barked reentering the room. I knew she was referring to the load that was just starting to seep out of Laura’s hole. I was long past the stage of being reluctant to take my own load and got between Laura’s legs and lapped at the semen I had deposited there as Laura smiled and stroked my hair lovingly.

She moaned gently as my tongue scooped up each drop as she pushed out more and more. Eventually I secured the last of it and leaving some in my mouth, scooted up the bed and kissed my girlfriend on the lips, opening my mouth and letting the last of my hot load slip from my mouth to hers.

Laura accepted it and smiled as her eyes seemed to sparkle her delight that we had again shared such an intimate exchange.

That afternoon signaled many which were to come as the three of us engaged in some of the best sex I had ever experienced. While Connie never allowed me to engage in intercourse with her, I did go down on her several times and Laura and I took turns with me fucking her and her using Connie’s strapon to fuck me.

Having Laura fuck me the first time with the strapon was a wonderful experience and I knew then that it was the first of many as she eased her cock into my ass and jacked me as I orgasmed under her.

Laura seemed turned on to proclaim to Connie that she was just like her – a lesbian, a dyke. While it was true that she perhaps did enjoy the taste of a woman and the feel of female flesh, perhaps more than mine, she wasn’t totally a dyke. She still allowed me to fuck her pussy, but rarely in the presence of Connie. The few times we actually had intercourse, it was with the blessing of Connie who seemed to be secure that her cock and Laura’s enjoyment of it, was far greater than my dick.

Connie reveled at the belief that she had turned my girlfriend into a dyke like her and both Laura and I enjoyed allowing her to believe that. I’m not sure if she was totally convinced or not but it did not deter her from pressing her lesbian agenda on Laura as both of us would soon experience.

Chapter 9

We were well into the year, some time after spring break when I came back to the apartment and popped my head into Connie’s apartment to see if Laura was there. Laura had begun going over to Connie’s after her tennis practice and matches and waiting on me there instead of my apartment or back at hers.

When I knocked on Connie’s door, I had become accustomed to sticking my head in and announcing myself. Connie was sitting on the couch and encouraged me to come on in. She told me to grab a beer for us both while I was up. Connie was watching something on TV and informed me Laura was in the bedroom getting a massage.

Inquiring about it, Connie informed me that she had challenged Laura to win her match a couple of days before and if so, she would get her a massage. “She’s in the back with Tim,” Connie stated.

It was then that Connie let me know the bet had come at a Georgia Tech match earlier in the week. I wasn’t aware that while she was in Atlanta, instead of staying with the team, she broke curfew and actually stayed with Sandy and Connie. Sandy as you may recall from earlier in this story was Connie’s girlfriend and helped seduce Laura that first night she experienced lesbian sex.

Apparently, the player Laura was rooming with was cool with Laura staying over with “friends” and covered for her while she stayed over that night.

Connie relayed how excited Sandy was at the progress Laura had made accepting that she was at the very least bisexual if not well on her way to becoming a full fledged lesbian, which both girls hoped she would become.

Sandy made up for lost time and spent a great deal of time going down on Laura and having my girlfriend do the same. The thrill for Laura, according to Connie, was when Laura fucked Sandy for the first time with her strapon.

Laura had not shared any of this with me and I had to admit to getting hard hearing of how my girlfriend serviced the other two dykes while out of town on a school tennis match. It was at this match that Connie promised to line up the best set of hands in the world if Laura could take the number one seeded girl who was heavily favored. Laura won a best two out of three sets.

Connie’s demeanor that particular day was much more like the easy going, pleasant woman I knew prior to our first encounter over Christmas break. She didn’t seem to be nearly as dominant and controlling as she had been in the months since.

“So you ever had a massage yourself,” Connie inquired.

“No, not a real one. Just playing around with Laura and a girl I used to date. We gave each other massages,” I replied back.

“Not the same at all. Listen, I paid for Tim to give us both one, but I’m not really up to it. Why don’t you enjoy yourself… my treat,” Connie smiled.

I thought about the offer and was just going to turn it down. I mean I wasn’t into a guy rubbing oil on me or anything. “I’ll just see how they’re coming,” Connie shot back not waiting for a reply. In seconds she was up and off to the bedroom.

I took a sip of my beer and reflected. Perhaps a rub down would be just the thing. I was kind of sore from all the heavy lifting at the store. Within a couple of minutes Connie was back and letting me know Tim was just finishing up with Laura and I should take a brief shower, get relaxed, and Tim would likely be ready.

“Just slip on a towel and go on back when you get out,” she smiled.

I swallowed the last of my beer and did as directed, heading back to the bathroom and enjoying a nice shower. After which I wrapped one of Connie’s big fluffy towels around me and exited the bathroom to see Laura on the couch talking with Connie. I hung a left and headed back down the hallway and entered the bedroom to find a man folding a couple of towels beside the bed. He wore only a pair of gym shorts, shocking me a little with his bare abs. This guy was totally built leaving no doubt he worked out regularly.

Tim noticed my stare and instantly explained, “The chicks really enjoy the look. Kind of adds to the experience. If it makes you uncomfortable, I’ll slip something on.”

“Nah, that’s fine. Gary,” I shot out my hand.

“Tim,” he replied taking it and giving it a firm shake. “Go ahead and lose the towel … unless you’re modest,” he added. “Not particularly,” I assured him.

“Good, face down, on your stomach,” he directed.

I automatically slid to the center of the bed and he had me move back to where my side was almost at the edge of the bed. Gary then proceeded to rub oil into his hands and rub my arms starting at my wrist and then down to my shoulders. He really pressed hard into my shoulders and down my spine almost causing me to wince at the pressure. After a few minutes he had me flip on my back and did my right arm in almost the same manner.

After he finished with my arms he moved all the way down and raised my foot off the bed, rubbing the oil into the pads of my foot, stretching my toes, pulling them, as he kneaded my calves. He worked his way all the way up to my thighs, with his hands rubbing just along the inside of my thigh.

A couple of times his hand inadvertently brushed by my cock and it stirred causing a tad of embarrassment but he didn’t say anything and I certainly wasn’t going to draw attention to it.

After rubbing the inside of my thigh for some time, he asked me to flip back over on my stomach again. Once more I was on the edge of the bed and he began the same ritual, only this time my face was perhaps an inch or two from his crotch.

I had never thought about sex with a guy before although I had for weeks been taking Connie’s cock both in the ass and sucking on it at her request. Somehow it didn’t seem gay to suck a rubber cock from a woman’s strapon but here I was now thinking about this guy’s cock. All the while his hand was moving inside of my leg, sometimes accidently brushing, slowly touching my own cock which had definitely hardened from all the incidental contact.

Tim interrupted my thoughts by asking me to move to the center of the bed and spreading my legs as I felt him take a position between mine as I continued to lie on my stomach. Tim again rubbed hard into my back, working his fingers up my spine, and kneading the flesh of my shoulders and around my neck.

“Damn, you’re really tense,” Tim remarked as he moved his hands up and down my shoulder blades. “Just relax, this is about you. We’re going to make you feel good. Better than you’ve ever felt before. Just trust me, relax, don’t think about anything, just let your mind go…drift…relax,” Tim went on.

Tim’s fingers worked magic and the harsh rub down became a little softer and then I felt him kneading my buttocks. The ball of his palm was pushing hard against my tailbone. My own cock was rock hard and slid back and forth against the bed. I felt him spread my cheeks and allow a stream of lube to fall between my crack.

Tim’s fingers then rubbed it in and I didn’t resist him as his finger trailed along my asshole stopping just a second to dip. I knew where this was leading but it felt so good. I felt Tim’s weight shift on the bed, before I felt the familiar touch of a vibrator against my asshole.

I didn’t think there was much difference between Laura or Connie doing it versus Tim and I’m sure he read my acceptance when I spread my legs further and raised my hips off the bed slightly to meet the probing of his device.

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