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I Begged Him To Kiss Me! Ch. 01

August 26, 2013 / by gaystory

“What a beautiful morning!”, I thought to myself as I drove home from the airport. I had just seen my wife off on a two-week trip to visit some friends in Europe, and I was looking forward to some alone time. I work from my home office, but I had very little to do while she was away, so I planned for a couple of weeks of relaxation and to catch up on some reading.

As soon as I arrived home, I slipped out of my jeans, shirt and underwear, and pulled on a pair of surf-shorts. I grabbed a book and a 6-pack and headed out to one of the communal swimming pools in our complex. Our apartment complex is huge, and would be better described as a resort, with several pools, gyms and playgrounds for kids. I decided to head to one of the smaller, quieter pools in the hopes of catching a little sun and reading in peace.

The plan worked. There was nobody else around, so I cracked a beer and began to enjoy this perfect day. After about an hour, an older gentleman, perhaps late 60′s or early 70′s, arrived and gave me a nod as if to say “Hey”. He was dressed in a terry cloth robe, and he walked past me toward the hot-tub adjacent to the pool. As he removed his robe, facing away from me, I remember smirking to myself at the fact that his swimsuit was a little red speedo. It was especially comical to me because he was a big man, well over 6-feet and easily 200lbs.

I went back to my book, grateful that it was a quiet old man invading my solitude instead of a pack of raucous kids. Ten minutes later, I heard the words “Nice day for it.”, and looked up to see the old fellow toweling off in front of me. “Hmmm?”, I replied. “It’s a perfect day for a cold beer”, he reiterated. He didn’t have a beer in his hand so I took it as a signal that he’d like one. “Yeah, it sure is…”, I replied, “Would you like one?”. He replied that that would be great, and as I reached into the 6-pack, he threw his towel onto the lounger next to mine.

When I looked up, I was stunned. No more than a couple of feet from my face was the most impressive ‘package’ I have ever seen. The old guy’s cock and balls stretched the speedo fabric to near transparency. It wasn’t that I was looking at it, exactly, but it would have been simply impossible to ignore. Either way, after a second or two of being mesmerized by this freakish sight, I caught myself and brought my eyes up to meet his… “Here you go, Sir.”, I kind of stammered, hoping he hadn’t noticed my faux-pas. “Thanks, son… And don’t think I don’t appreciate being called ‘Sir’… so few youngsters have any respect for their elders these days.”

He accepted the beer and sat down next to me. “Wife at work?”, he asked, following with “I noticed your ring”. I told him that she was gone for a couple of weeks and he nodded sagely, “Good for a marriage, a little time apart to pursue your own interests”. He obviously wanted to chat, so I put down my book and engaged in conversation with him.

He was a nice old fellow, and interesting, too. He told me all about his life, how he had been a widower for the last 8 years, and how it was nice to talk to someone as his kids lived across country and rarely called or visited. We each opened another beer an continued to chit-chat. Before long, we had finished the 6-pack. I offered to grab another from my apartment, but he insisted that he had some in his place and that he couldn’t keep drinking mine.

“Do me a favor and grab a sixer from my fridge while I take a dip, son. Here’s the keys, it’s apartment 112, just over there…” and he pointed to one of the apartments adjacent to the pool. “Sure”, I complied, and grabbed his keys.

I entered his apartment and went straight to the fridge. The layout was identical to my own, but the art and furniture were much more expensive. When I opened the fridge, I couldn’t see any beer. I bent over to check the bottom shelf, but still nothing.

“Am I out again?” I jumped as I heard the voice. My new friend was directly behind me, dripping wet, speedo still bulging and dark, cigar-butt sized nipples protruding from the silver hair that carpeted his leathery, tanned chest.

“Did I scare you?”.

“Uh… no, sir… I just wasn’t expecting you… yeah, there’s definitely no beer in there… but I can go and get some”, I offered.

He dismissed the idea with a wave of his hand and brushed past me toward the fridge. As he did, he whispered in my my ear, “Nah, let’s fix some margaritas instead”. That huge package of his brushed against my hip as he spoke and I flinched once more. “Jumpy little thing, aren’t you”, he grinned, “Don’t worry, you’re safe with me”, and he patted my ass!

I wasn’t sure if it was in a ‘coach’ kinda way… or not. Maybe 3 beers before noon had me thinking crazy but he seemed a little deliberate about it. I ignored it and decided to get out of his way, but that wasn’t going to happen! He asked me to cut some limes while he mixed the drinks.

Not wanting to be rude, I stood at the counter and began to slice the fruit. Almost immediately, my host was behind me, much closer than I felt comfortable with. So close, in fact, that I could feel that big bulge brushing against my ass! He brought his arms around me and began guiding my shaking hands as I clumsily attempted to cut the small, juicy limes.

The strangest thing started to happen to me… with my front trapped against the counter, and my back and sides completely enveloped by this large, commanding man… my cock began to twitch and inflate.

“You seem nervous, son…” whispered my captor, so close to my ear that I felt his warm, moist breath “Are you uncomfortable?”. I was mortified! If I said ‘yes’, and moved, he’d definitely see the tent forming in the front of my cotton shorts – If I said ‘no’, and stayed where I was, that would just encourage him to further invade my space! While my brain processed this dilemma, my mouth stammered something akin to “Uhh… well… no… Uhh, it’s ok”.

“OK?!!”, I thought to myself, “Of course it’s not fucking OK! This old guy is obviously hitting on me!”. But during this frantic, secret conversation with myself, the more primal region of my brain was acutely tuned to the physical stimulation of my body. My hands were willingly being manipulated by his, my butt screamed out to me that there was a foreign object nestling against it, and my cock… well by now it was so hard it was aching.

“Tell me, son… have you ever kissed a man?”, came that close, warm, intoxicating whisper. “NO!”, I answered, almost TOO emphatically, “I’m straight! Please don’t!”.

He just laughed gently. HE LAUGHED AT ME! “Don’t worry, boy. I’m not going to kiss you… well, not unless you beg me to…”, and he laughed again. “I just wondered… since you seem to be OK with having another man this close to you”. He reached down slowly toward my crotch and immediately discovered my cock standing straight up, with a pride that completely contrasted with my own shame at him having discovered my arousal. His touch overloaded my nerves. I felt electricity shoot from my cock to my brain and back again, my muscles went weak, I could hear the blood pumping around my body, and when he gave my whole cock a gentle squeeze with his big, powerful hand, I almost fainted!

“I guess you’re MORE than ok with it”, he rasped in my ear as he continued to squeeze, “Do you like me touching you?”, and I’m sure I felt him thrust his crotch ever-so-slightly toward my ass. My mind was racing. Consciously, I was fully aware of just how wrong this was, but deep inside the primitive limbic region of my brain, I was being controlled by the pleasure I was feeling from his firm grip on my cock. I wanted to run… to get away from this man who had taken control over MY BODY, but I just couldn’t!

As he gently moved his hand up and down my shaft, my breathing turned to panting. I didn’t have the power to stop him – to even utter the word “No”. He brought his other hand up to my chest and found my nipple with his forefinger and thumb. He tweaked and pinched in a manner that was right on the border of pain and pleasure, all the time rubbing his package against my clenched butt and breathing heavily into my ear.

“Why don’t we get rid of these”, he whispered assertively as he pulled at the drawstring on my shorts. My cock, bereft of his touch, twitched impatiently. As my shorts fell to the ground, it bobbed around in the air, desperately seeking the pleasure of his touch. It didn’t have to wait long! His hands returned to my now naked body, and when he gripped my shaft once again, the sensation was sheer ecstasy!

He placed a foot between my ankles, using it to spread my legs and allow his crotch to nuzzle between my ass cheeks. He continued his ministrations on my nipples, weakening my will and making me feel sublimely submissive – like I was a toy to be played with… an object of pleasure for this man. I could feel his cock growing as it fought against the lycra of his speedo and tried to burrow it’s way further between my cheeks.

My seducer continued to jerk me off ever-so-gently, as he challenged me: “You like the way I touch you, don’t you boy”.

I nodded weakly.

“You want me to let you cum?”

“Yes please, sir”, I answered breathily.

He knew I would do anything he told me at that point, and he used that knowledge to pull me even further into his world of depravity… “Turn around and get down on your knees, son”, he growled into my ear.

With my defenses obliterated by his expert caresses on my body, I was powerless to question his order so I dropped obediently to my knees in front of him, looking up at him like a docile puppy. “Good boy”, he praised, before putting both hands behind my head, gripping my hair and thrusting his crotch into my face. He mashed his semi-erect cock and big balls into my face and rubbed them all over me like an animal marking territory. I could barely breathe!

Looking back now, I think this was the moment he broke me. Here I was, a straight married man on my knees, permitting another man to do this to me. Nothing but the flimsy speedo stood between his cock and my face, and I did nothing to stop him! My own cock still stood straight up in all it’s glory, yearning for his touch to return.

When he pulled back after a couple of minutes, I looked up and met his eyes as a different person – a compliant little boy waiting for orders from his master.

“Take them down, son”, he commanded, referring to the speedo.

I reached up slowly with both hands, grabbed the waistband and pulled the little red speedo down…

To be continued…

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