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It Was Just Sex

February 22, 2014 / by gaystory

Sam was not sure what had made him decide to bring the skinny little brunette back to his apartment. She had come on to him at the party and made it clear that she wanted to fuck. There were more attractive prospects at the party. This one was boyishly skinny with no hips to speak of and little more than bumps were her tits were supposed to be. She was almost waifish, barely five feet tall. Her voice exhibited a lower tonal range than her small size might have predicted. He had been lazy; he had left with her within half an hour of arriving. He had only gone to the party looking for a fuck; having found a sure bet early, he had settled for ease over quality. At first he had not even been sure that she was of legal age. He’d checked her ID.

With her clothes on she appeared almost boyish. Now naked she was writhing as a result of his oral attention to her bare little cunt, which was the only part of her anatomy which made her remotely female. She had a little boy’s ass and knobby knees. He felt like some combination of a pedophile and fag. With his middle finger fully inserted inside her tight little ass hole and his mouth firmly planted on her sweet young pussy he was too damned aroused to worry about the symbolism. The little bitch had already blown him accompanied by an excruciatingly pleasing finger fuck of his own rectum. She had proved to be a consummate cock sucker and had even submitted to a nasty face fuck.

She came, vigorously fucking his face with her little girl pussy in an attempt to milk every last second out of her orgasm. While she had no personal hygiene issues she was one dirty little girl. She had tongued his butt hole during the blow job. He had reciprocated as a prelude to the anal finger fuck. She had carried on a ceaseless litany of nasty talk during his oral efforts. His cock had not deflated significantly after she had sucked him off. Following the brief interval while he ate her out he had become harder than he could ever remember. It was time to bone the little whore. He moved up her skinny little body in preparation of penetrating her tight little girl hole. She had other ideas. She reached down and repositioned his raging hard on at the entrance to her shitter.

“I want it there baby, in my ass. I don’t really like it the other way and I’m not using birth control so it’s an ass fuck or nothing. Are you okay with that? You know you want to put that fat cock in my skinny little butt, don’t you? All guys fantasize about fucking someone in the ass. Well, I’m your dream come true! I prefer it up the ass and you don’t have to be gentle; I’ve taken it there before. Just don’t cum until I do. That would really piss me off.”

Coating his knob with as much spit as he could muster he was at the depth of her furnace-hot little backdoor in a matter of seconds. He fucked her skinny little butt for several minutes as she responded by rolling her tiny hips in perfect consort with his deep strokes. As he felt his orgasm approaching, she stopped his efforts and rolled over on her front, lying flat on the mattress.

“Finish me like this baby, just fuck that little ass hole hard. Just hold me down and ream my rectum, motherfucker!”

He complied; without a clear view of her naked little cunt he actually started to imagine that he was fucking some slim young boy up the ass. While he would worry about it later, worry about what it mean about his own sexuality, at the moment he was simply too aroused and bent on dumping a nice load of cum up the little slut’s rump to give a shit.

Fuck, maybe I have homosexual tendencies; all I know is that boning this skinny little androgynous piece of trash up the shitter is the hottest thing I’ve ever done. Maybe I should take a walk on the other side, he mused. He’d always heard that boys were almost always better cock suckers than girls and he dearly loved a good blow job. And since they didn’t have a cunt, well after the sweet little mouth there was only one other place to shove a hard dick.

There were many effeminate young men on campus and more than one had come on to him. He had no desire to suck another man’s cock and he was damned sure that he wasn’t going to let one of those little queers do him in the ass. Then again he’d heard that gay sex was generally a two way street; there were, “tops” and “bottoms”. He’d be damned if he was going to become another man’s bitch but the idea of having his own, private boy bitch made his engorged cock almost painfully hard. He felt her orgasm building, none too soon, he mused. As she went over the top he dumped a load at the deepest extreme of her nasty little hole. She spun around and cleaned his cock with her wet little mouth.

“That was a great ass fuck, baby, you’ve got some experience in that department, that’s for sure.”

He’d had anal sex a number of times in high school more as birth control than anything else. He liked it; he liked it a lot. He couldn’t decide which was better, fucking a girl like this one who preferred it up the butt or fucking the reluctant anal virgin who cried and complained and even fought. Both had their place. This had been beyond anything he had previously experienced but, then again, the look on the face of a young woman feeling the massive invasion of her private hole for the first time, the grimace, the watering eyes and the protests. And then the acceptance of their fate as the initially uncomfortable fullness overcame them and they accepted the humiliation of being sodomized. A few got into it; many did not and simply endured the assault on their tight little rears.

“Have you ever fucked a boy in the ass?”

“What? Ah, no, I’m not queer.”

“You don’t have to be gay to want to fuck a guy’s butt. I know a lot of straight guys, particularly on this campus that do it now and again. Face it, in view of the artsy fartsy curriculum which dominates this school the ratio of gay to straight is twenty to one. I have more gay male friends than girl friends. I’ve let ‘em butt fuck me before. Hell, I’ve donned a tool and reamed their tender little rectums on occasion. Hell, it’s just sex. You were outstanding but for a girl like me who only takes it in the back, gay guys are fantastic! That’s why I assumed you’d done it to a guy before. You were much better than the typical straight guy.”

“Since we’re letting it all hang out, I’ll admit that I’ve thought about it; hell I was thinking about it when I was plundering you’re rump.”

“Ever think about it the other way, you know, with a guys cock in your ass?”

“I don’t think so but like all guys I’ve always wondered what it would be like. I dated this girl for a while that had a strap on; I let her butt fuck me a few times. I’m ashamed to admit that it turned me on, but, I mean, she was a girl.”

“Ever suck a cock?”

“No, and I’m pretty sure I don’t want to.”

“Only pretty sure?”

“Okay, I’ve thought about it.”

“Ever party?”


“You know, guys and girls together, no holes barred, whatever happens, happens. No one does anything they’re not comfortable with.”


“That might be too big a leap for your first time. You’ve got a really big cock. A lot of boys like it rough and they adore fat cocks like yours. I have a friend I could call…”

“How old is he?”

“My age—but he looks much younger. I’ve been told that he is the best little cock sucker in this town. Right now he’s bi; he’s fucked me a few times—up the butt, of course—and he’s a great little fuck. If you’re not interested in getting fucked in the ass, he could do me while you do him. Look, he’s easily as girlish as I am and from the rear with his dick shoved up my ass you might just forget that he’s a boy.”

“Call him.”

“You got it.”

A slim and nervous young boy showed up at his door in less than half an hour. He was quite possibly prettier than the little bitch he had just fucked. Sam had already learned from his new found female friend that the boy was decidedly submissive and would obey. The boy and girl kissed affectionately. Sam suggested they both get naked and get on the bed. Shit, now he was also a voyeur in addition to his other issues. As the two slim youngsters quickly settled into a sixty-nine, Sam was as turned on as he could ever remember. It was time to join the party. He went to the location of the boy’s head. Kneeling on the bed in front of him, he grabbed the kid’s hair and pulled his head off of the little bitch’s snatch.

“Suck this, bitch boy!” He growled as he forced his rock hard organ to the back of the little faggot’s throat.

The boy took all of his cock with no small amount of discomfort. He was gagging and his eyes were watering but he was a trooper. Sam fucked the little shit’s mouth and throat mercilessly for several minutes. The girl had now moved out from beneath him and was tongue fucking the girlish boy’s tight little back door, while jerking his cock with her obscenely small hand. The little bastard’s cock was almost as big as Sam’s.

Sam reluctantly removed his cock from the boy’s hot, wet little mouth. “Switch places! Both of you on your knees. Get that cock of yours up her ass. It’s already got a load of my cum in there so you don’t need any lube. That’s good! Shove it all the way in! Hold on! Reach back and spread those pretty little cheeks. That’s nice…now get ready for some cock little boy.”

Sam slathered a glob of K-Y on the little prick’s bung hole and pushed three finger’s worth inside. The boy screamed out in discomfort. You like it rough? Get ready for rough you little queer, Sam thought to himself as he lubed his organ.

Sam was balls deep in the boy’s ass in a single thrust. The kid had an incredibly hot, tight little shit hole and knew how to work his anal muscles to give extra stimulation. She had been right; this boy definitely knew how to take a cock up his ass hole and obviously loved it. Soon the two males were working in perfect unison as they plundered their respective targets. Fuck it, Sam though to himself. This boy has more hips than she does and really soft skin. He was squealing now; his squeals got louder as Sam blistered his pretty little backside with his hands. He lasted a lot longer than he thought he could but soon the inevitable feeling told him he would blast a hot load in the boy’s tight little ass in short order. He did. The boy bitch came soon after. Nobody seemed to care if the skinny little cunt got off but she seemed to be enjoying herself.

Sam again grabbed the young boy by the hair and pushed his head down to clean the ass funk off his dripping cock. The little bastard seemed to love the mix of his own ass funk and a strange man’s cum and did himself proud. Sam mused that Woody Allen had been correct; his chances of getting fucked on any given night had just doubled. Sam had definitely crossed the line.

“So, where do you two know each other from? I guess introductions might be in order. I’m Sam.”

“I’m Kim. This is Tim…my brother. We’re fraternal twins.”

“Oh fuck!”

“Hey, no big deal. Tim’s been ass fucking me for a while now; until you came along he was the best I’d ever had.”

“I’m sorry I was so rough with you, Tim. I feel like a real shit.”

“It’s just sex…I don’t take it personal…and I like it rough. You were, well, you were really…good.”

“Do you guys live together, or what?”

“Well, sort of…right now we’re kind off between residences.”

“You mean you’re homeless?”

“Uh, huh.”

“Are you really students here?”

“Both of us are; we were living in the dorm…we got caught…fucking…we got tossed out.”

“I may regret this but you guys can stay here if you want, at least until you find something else. Would you like that?”

“You don’t have to…”

“I expect payment…cash or trade…your call.”

“We both enjoyed fucking you so trading our skinny little butts for a roof over our head almost doesn’t seem fair.”

“Look, there’s a second bedroom; I used to have a roommate but it didn’t work out. I wouldn’t mind a little help with groceries and such…”

“Tim and I both have jobs…good jobs. We’re not broke, just in a jam right now. We’d like to stay as long as it works out. We don’t want to get in the way of your extracurricular activities. Just don’t tell anyone we’re brother and sister. We’ve slept in the same bed for quite a while. And either—or both of us—wouldn’t mind at all sharing your bed anytime you’re up for it.”

“Okay, let’s try it on a short term basis. By the way Kim, do you ever do it the regular way, I mean in your pussy?”

“I was raped once. Thought I was pregnant but I lucked out. Another time with a shitty boy friend…and a couple of times with Timmy. Why, are you absolutely desperate to fuck my cunt? I can’t take birth control pills, they make be nauseas. I hate rubbers and I don’t want to get pregnant. My periods are pretty regular so there is a small safe zone. Then again you could always fuck my pussy when I’m on the rag. “

“Look, I’m just asking. I like butt sex…a lot! But if your pussy is as tight as you ass is…”

“Probably tighter thanks to lack of use. We’ll see, big fella, maybe down the road if this works out…”

“Fucking your bloody little cunt doesn’t turn me off at all…I’ve done that before.”

“You’re hard again…so is Timmy…he’s a much better cock sucker than I am. Hell he taught me everything I know…”

“And what are you going to do?”

“Blow him while he blows you.”

“I guess that’ll work.”

Kim had been correct. Timmy was an astoundingly talented little cock sucker. Sam studied Tim’s cock as it slid in and out of Kim’s hot little mouth…it was a very pretty cock…maybe…just maybe…It wouldn’t seem quite as gay with Kim involved in the action…his own ass was the only one in the room that didn’t have a load of cum in it…Sam would have to think about that…Timmy’s big cock up his ass and Kim’s hot little mouth engulfing his cock…

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