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Kim and Me Ch. 12

February 22, 2014 / by gaystory

You’ll enjoy this more if you read chapters 1 through 11 of “Kim and Me” first.

Note: While this continues my weekend with Kim the amazing, Kim the wonderful, Kim the magnificent, we spent some time sharing recollections of our past. There is a long recounting of some hot gay male teen activity in this chapter. If this isn’t your cup of tea, please skip this chapter and go on to the next. (And if it is to your liking, votes of 5 are always welcome. :)

Sunday morning was happiness accompanied by bird songs. I slowly came awake with Kim wrapped around me. She was smiling in her sleep. I could just barely see the clock out of the corner of my eye: 8:27. Boy, we had crashed hard! I smiled to myself and shifted very slightly. My pecs were happy once again, but, sure enough, my deltoids were giving me some grief. Oh, well.

I lay there for a few minutes with Kim happily asleep on me and felt a lot of things: happiness, love, lust, warmth, and, ultimately, a growing sense of hydraulic pressure. I stroked Kim’s hair and back and she slowly woke up. Kim stretched and yawned and snuggled in to my chest again. I heard a very small “Good morning.”

I kissed the top of her head. “Good morning, petal. How are you feeling?”

“Pretty good. I’m very happy.” Pause. “And I’m a bit sore, you know?”


“Guess, silly!”

“This doesn’t surprise me given how much abuse parts of us have taken in the last 24 hours,” I said. “If you like, I can kiss the sore parts and make them better.”

Kim giggled softly. “That’s how they got sore in the first place. But I’m not complaining.”

“I need to get up and hit the bathroom,” I said. “Unless you’d like first stab at it.”

“That’s very gallant of you. And I think I would, if you truly don’t mind.”

“No problem,” I said. I kissed Kim’s shoulder and then sniffed it. “You and I still smell just the tiniest bit like chlorine from last night.”

Kim stuck her nose in my chest and sniffed. “We do. That’s funny.” She started to unwind herself from me and paused to stretch again, followed by a ferocious yawn. Kim fell back on the bed and said “I don’t want to move. Go use the bathroom first. I may never move again.” She flung her arms out and a loud snore erupted from her side of the bed.

“Very well,” I said. “I could make your new horizontal life more attractive. I can make coffee and even bring you breakfast in bed if you like.”

Kim’s eyes opened at this offer, though she didn’t move. “Coffee is a must wherever we have it. What are you offering for breakfast?”

“I am thinking we have a very wide range of possibilities to consider. I can make waffles or buttermilk pancakes, eggs in a variety of shapes and sizes, things with cheese, things with fruit, cold cereal, hot cereal, steel cut oats, toast, sausages, ham, and bacon. I also have kippers, if you like and I can also make lattes if you prefer. Or we could get dressed and go out somewhere.”

Kim sat up and looked at me. “I don’t see why; you’ve got everything anyone could want for breakfast right here already. Do you really have kippers?”

“Yes, but that’s not a normal menu item,” I replied. “But they were on sale at the grocery store Wednesday and I do like a big breakfast on Sundays. I take my breakfasts seriously.”

“I guess so!” Kim said.

“While you’re thinking about exactly how I’m going to pamper you this morning, I’m going to hit the bathroom quickly.”

A couple minutes later, I returned to the bedroom and came over to Kim’s side of the bed. She hadn’t moved.

“You look lovely,” I said. I stroked her breasts and stomach.

“Thank you,” she replied.

“What’s your pleasure for breakfast?”

“Coffee rather than latte…”


“Eggs basted…”

“Like those myself. Done.”




“Good. Fruit? Breakfast meat?”

“What kind of fruit?”

“Honeydew, sliced apples, or blueberries.”

“Oooh, how about a big piece of honeydew, please?”

“Sure. No breakfast meat?”

“I think not. We had a lot of meat yesterday.”

“No problem. Anything else?”

“I love you.”

“That’s the best seasoning for breakfast there is, Kim.” I bent down and kissed her.

“You brushed your teeth,” Kim observed.

“It was a humanitarian act. You’re fine, don’t worry.”


“Do you want breakfast in bed or out there?”

“Ummmm… I think out there would be best. We’re going to have lots of food and things and I don’t want to spill.”

“Okay, Kim. Breakfast will be in maybe 15 minutes. If you want to lie here until then, I will come get you.”

“Would you carry me to breakfast?”

“Do you feel very strongly about this?”

“No, but it would be fun.”

“Then we’ll do it.”

I slipped on one of the cotton kimonos and went to the kitchen. Coffee was first on the list. I made a press pot of coffee and poured two large mugs. I walked back to the bedroom. Kim still hadn’t moved and was in fact asleep again. I set my cup down and held her cup about a foot from her nose and fanned the air rapidly. Sure enough, I saw her nose twitch and she stirred. A moment later, she stretched a little and said “Coffee for meeeee?”

“Yup, honey. It’s right here on the nightstand.”

“Thank you.”

I picked up my cup and went back out to the kitchen. Preparing breakfast was fairly straightforward now that coffee was made. Fifteen minutes later, melon quarters were sitting on plates on the table next to a glass of OJ, buttery sourdough toast and basted eggs, and the coffee pot.

I walked into the bedroom. Sure enough, Kim had fallen back asleep. I picked up her coffee cup from the nightstand and carried it out to the table, then walked back. Kim had stirred very slightly, but hadn’t woken up. I bent down slightly on her side of the bed and put my arms underneath her. She woke up at that and said “Are you really going to carry me?”

“If you’d like me to,” I said.

“I think that’d be very romantic. Yes, please.” Kim put her arms my neck and held on. I bent at the knees and carefully picked her up. One of the very few disadvantages of liking large women is that they’re harder to carry, but it’s yet another great reason for me to keep working out.

I maneuvered Kim out the door and down the hall. She was clearly enjoying this and kept her nose pressed against my neck and made little cooing noises every so often. We got to the table and I scooted her chair out with my foot. I leaned over slightly to set her down in the chair and realized that this wasn’t going to work. I pulled her back up into my arms and said “Sweetie?”


“I’m not going to be able to set you into your chair. I’ll have to set you down and let you sit down on your own,” I said.

“Will you hold me for a moment more? I like being held by you.”

“Of course, princess.” Kim tucked her head into my neck again and gave a deep sigh of contentment. I nuzzled back at her as best I could and squeezed her with my arms. A minute or so later, she said “Okay, set me down.” I tilted her so that her feet were pointed at the ground and let her slip gently to the floor. Kim turned around and snuggled into me. She kissed me and said “Good morning, cutie.”

“Hey, that’s my line!” I said. “But I’m willing to share.” I waved at the table. “May I show you to a seat? Breakfast is served for your dining pleasure.”

Kim sat down. I refilled her cup with hot coffee and added a dollop of cream. Kim surveyed breakfast and smiled. She poked her eggs and dipped toast in the yolks and crunched happily. “You know, these eggs are wonderful! Where do you get them?”

“Friends of mine have a farm about 30 miles away and I get eggs from them periodically. The yolks are always bright orange and incredibly rich. You got lucky; I only have them about once a month.”

“They’re fantastic!” Kim crunched more toast.

“They make for pretty good cakes and quiches, too,” I said.

“Oh, I bet they do! You could have a basic Quiche lorraine with these and the eggs would still dominate everything.”

“Yup, I think so. I loved a yellow cake I made with them for similar reasons: the richness sort of rose off the cake plate,” I said.

“You cook, you write, you know how to do laundry, and you can make a bed. You also eat pussy like a champ.”

“Thank you,” I said.

“Is there anything you don’t do?”

“Uhhhhhhh… nothing offhand comes to mind. I think you’ve got a wide field of play here.”

“Mmmmmm!” Kim said. “I’ll have to think about things we haven’t done yet. Pass the jam, please.”

I passed her the jam and we settled down to happy munching of an admittedly wonderful breakfast. The melon was pretty good for this early in the season, too. I put the dishes in the dishwasher and with refilled coffee cups, we sat down in the living room on the couch together. Kim put her foot on my lap and tried unsuccessfully to tickle me with her toes. I petted her foot and ankle.

“What would you like to do today?” I said.

“It’s early and we might go boating, but I’m betting that my friend’s going to be using the boat today, too. It’s just too nice a day for him not to,” Kim said.

“Okay, we’ll scratch boating from the list.”

“You know, after everything we did yesterday at the gym and afterwards, I’m actually kinda tired.” Kim reached up and scratched her ribs. “And we do have those movies we rented. And I have an idea or two of my own I’d like to try out. I’m for staying around the house and snuggling and occasionally doing filthy things.”

“Snuggling’s find and I’m definitely interested in doing filthy things with you. And you’ve piqued my curiosity with your comment about ideas.”

“All in good time, my pretty!” Kim said in her best Wicked Witch of the West voice.

“You seem to be in charge of the entertainment for the day,” I said. “What would you like to do first?”

“I think that I should check my email and see what’s happening in the rest of my life,” Kim said. “And you may want to see if there’s anything more from your agent.”

“Good point,” I said. “Very well, let us repair to the office and see what’s up on the net.”

We went downstairs. Kim dug around in her email and responded to a couple of personal emails but there wasn’t anything of great import. My email had stacked up heavily in the last couple days, but other than noting an acknowledgement by my agent that we’d be talking soon about the next project, there wasn’t anything that couldn’t wait.

“Do you want to see who’s online?” I said.

“Okay,” Kim replied.

We logged into Phil and Betty’s reflector. It was pretty early for reflector activity on a Sunday and there wasn’t anyone there when we got there. Kim commented on this and I said “Most webcammers tend to be night people for one reason or another. If nothing else, they sure do enjoy sleeping in on a Sunday morning and getting a very casual start on the day.”

Kim snuggled up to me and said “Well, I can think of several reasons to stay in bed on Sunday morning.”

“You’re so cute!”

No-one was on Phil and Betty’s reflector. I tried several others I’d frequent. There was an occasional smattering of people, but nothing was happening yet and there wasn’t anyone I was particularly close to. A quick check on mIRC showed that most of the associated chat channels weren’t very active, either.

“I think it’s just too early, hon,” I said. “There’s always something on the gay channels no matter when, but only because men are complete horndogs. There are lesbian reflectors, too, but I’m not allowed in them for the obvious reason. You could, though, if you’d like; I’m sure we could get you into one of them if you’re interested.”

“Not really,” Kim said. “I had fun the other day with Lynn and Honeybare, but only because I’d already gotten to know them slightly. And I liked the idea that we were all sharing information about what made men hot. And they really liked it when I sucked on you, too. That made it all the hotter: I got to do filthy things with you in front of an appreciative audience. It’d be nice to be admired by a bunch of lesbians, but they probably wouldn’t care what I did to you.”

“I understand. Once in a while, I’ll log on to a gay reflector and jerk off with a few of the guys. It gets me hot, but I have to be in the right mood,” I said.

“Wait a minute!” Kim said. “You have gay fantasies?”

“Well, sure,” I said. “I think a lot of guys do. It’s not a steady thing, but I occasionally get hot watching another guy getting off. Think about it: most guys don’t watch just lesbian porn; they like seeing men and women fucking. And while they may be getting off on watching the woman and identifying with the man, they’re watching when the guy cums. They just don’t think of it as watching a guy cumming. You know how much I like seeing women get hot, but I like the thrill of watching of a guy shooting cum everywhere. Even me: have you ever masturbated in front of a mirror and watched yourself?”

“Oh, yes!” Kim said. “Sometimes I’ll be in a really horny mood and I’ll have just gotten out of the shower and I’ll have my hair up in a towel and I started squeezing my nipples and before I know it, I’ve got my fingers deep inside me and I’m cumming hard while I stand in front of the bathroom mirror.” She paused to squeeze my arm and said “The last time I did that was a few weeks ago and I was thinking about you fucking me from behind.” She blushed a little.

“Oh, wow, that’s exciting!” I said. “Look, no-one’s likely to be online for a few hours at least and that story warmed me up a bit. What say we go upstairs and we can try watching the movies and tell each other what we like about what’s happening on the screen. Or we can share past experiences and see how turned on we get.”

“I’d love to try telling each other stories,” Kim said. “I’ve got some questions to ask you about a few things and I can think of a story or two from my past that I know you’re going to enjoy.”

“Cooooooooool,” I said. I shut down the CuSeeMe and mIRC software and we walked back upstairs. “Let’s curl up on the couch together with a pot of tea and the movies and see where we go.”

Experience showed me that we’d want a towel or two. I grabbed two towels from the linen closet, thought a second, and added a third for me. This left me with one clean towel in the cupboard, so I said “Just a moment, cutie, I’m going to start a load of laundry.”

“Okay, I think I’d like to hit the bathroom change out of this nightie and into one of those kimonos,” Kim said. I ran downstairs to the laundry room. I pulled the eight or nine towels that had stacked up at the bottom of the laundry chute and threw them into the washing machine on hot. I went back upstairs and laid out two towels on Kim’s side of the couch and the third on mine. There might be stray drops of whatever, but we’d have most of the couch covered.

Kim was still in the bathroom. I made a pot of an aromatic blood orange tea and put it on the coffee table with cream, sugar, and large mugs. I looked at the movies we’d gotten and decided to put in “Candystripers” first. I loaded the movie. I looked around: everything else seemed like it was ready.

I heard water running in the bathroom, then Kim called “John, how’d you like to put on the tattoo?”

“Yes, please! That sounds like fun!” I headed into the bathroom. Kim was nude and had the blue-and-gold koi tattoo out. One of the basins was half-full of water and a hand towel and washcloth were next to it.

“This is definitely something that’s big enough to go on a thigh,” Kim said. “How about the right one?”

“Sure thing!”

“Okay, I want to do this. You just stand there.” Kim dipped the washcloth in the water and washed off my thigh. While she was it, she reached up with washcloth and washed my cock and balls. Kim even gave my cock a few strokes with the washcloth. She smiled at me.

“Now that everything’s ready, we put on the tattoo.” Kim dipped the tattoo in the water for a second, then laid it tattoo-side down on my thigh. She patted it into place gently, then dipped the washcloth a second time and laid it on the tattoo. “You need to keep them really wet while they’re transferring so they stick well.” We stood like that for the better part of a minute, then Kim said “Should be done.”

She lifted the washcloth and then carefully peeled away the stiff backing paper. The koi tattoo had transferred beautifully to my thigh and I now had a blue-and-gold koi swimming up my right quadriceps.

“Very pretty!” I said.

“That came out really nicely,” Kim agreed. “Okay, let me finish the job.” She patted the tattoo all over with the wet washcloth to make sure it was sufficiently moist, then patted it dry with the hand towel. “All done! The package says that it’ll last for several days as long as you don’t scrub it or get oil on it.”

I flexed my leg and admired myself in the bathroom mirror. “Mighty cool!” I kissed her and looked at both of us in the bathroom mirror. “We make an attractive couple, Kim.”

“We do indeed!” She kissed me again.

“I’ve got a movie loaded in the machine and a pot of tea for us.”

“I was thinking of heating this up a bit,” Kim said.

“I’ve got to ask: we’re going to be on the couch in very little clothing, telling each other hot fantasies, and touching each other while covered in tattoos and watching filthy movies, and that isn’t spicy enough? I’m curious where you were thinking of taking this further,” I said.

“Well, I was thinking that you might show maybe show me how the Fleshlight works at some point.”

“Oh!” I said. “Yup, I suppose that could be a little spicier, yes. And I’d be glad to show it to you. Well, let me get it ready while you get changed.”

I got the Fleshlight from the bedroom and took it into the bathroom. Kim had just finished cleaning up the remains of the tattooing job and went into the bedroom to change. I opened the Fleshlight up, ran scalding water through it, then washed it off with a sterilizing sex-toy scrub I’d picked up on the recommendation of a webcamming friend. I then rinsed it off with more scalding water, shook it out, and took it, a hand towel, and the bottle of Astroglide out to the coffee table.

Kim came out of the bedroom wearing the red body veil she’d showed me on Friday afternoon. She’d left the little red lace panty off, which worked out nicely. She was carrying one of the Prelude 3 vibrators, the big cock dildo I’d given her the night before, and the bottle of Kama Sutra oil. Kim also had yet another hand towel.

“You look like you’re settling in for an extended stay,” I said.

“And who says I’m not?” Kim replied. She set the hand towel on her side of the coffee table and said “I think we’re running out of room for the toys, you know.” The Kama Sutra oil and dildo were laid on the towel and Kim said “Where’s an outlet?”

“Right there’s the closest one,” I said, pointing to the outlet the lamp was plugged into. Kim plugged in the Prelude 3, switched it on and off for a second to make sure that it worked, then set it down on the table with the other toys.

“Right, then!” Kim said brightly. “Would you please pour me a cup of tea?”

“Certainly, my love.”

“I get all shivery when you call me names like that,” Kim said. “It makes me very happy.”

“We’ll do more of that, then,” I said. I handed her a mug of tea, doctored with milk and sugar. Kim sipped it and said “This one’s nice!”

“I got this one at the Seattle Teacup last month. It’s perfect for weekend mornings when you’re not going anywhere.”

“Do they sell a tea specifically labeled ‘Excellent for serving while getting hot and bothered’?” She sipped again.

“No, not as such, but the owner’s a friend of mine and I can ask her. She might even suggest an ‘apres-sex’ tea. Or how about this: ‘Pussymint,’ a refreshing mint tea that goes with cunnilingus?” Kim laughed and then looked suddenly thoughtful.
“Mint would taste very good with my pussy.”

“I think so. You have a very tasty pussy.”

“You say the sweetest things to me,” Kim said. She settled in on the couch. She’d tucked herself into the corner of the couch. Kim’s legs were pulled up and she was resting her arms and mug of tea on her knees. The red veil was covering her but didn’t do more than obscure what was underneath.

“I was thinking of asking you questions,” Kim said. “I’ve been saving them up this weekend. But I wanted to have you show me the way the Fleshlight works, too, so I was wondering if you’d like to do this Truth-or-Dare style?”

“That sounds good. I’ve got a few things on my list, too, so it might be a lot of fun.”

I leaned back on the couch and took a big swallow of tea. The kimono covered me adequately, but there was a lumpy soft-on visible beneath the folds. “Would you like to go first?” I said.

“Okay. Truth or dare?”

“Truth. You did have questions you wanted to ask me, you said.”

“So I did,” Kim said. “All right. Have you ever been sexually attracted to a man?”


“Tell me more about it.”

“My turn!”

“Oh, that’s right. All right, truth.”

“Turnabout’s fair play: have you ever been sexually attracted to a woman?” I said.

“Yes,” Kim said.

“Okay, your turn. Truth.”

Kim thought briefly and said “Have you ever had a crush on another man?”

“Yes,” I said. “Truth or dare?”

“Truth.” Kim shifted a little in the couch.

“Have you ever French-kissed another woman?”

“Oh, yes,” Kim said.

“You sound proud of that,” I said.

“It’s not your turn,” she replied.

“Fair enough,” I said, grinning. “I’m going to keep it at truth for a while.”

“Good. You said you’ve jerked off on the webcam watching other guys. Have you and another guy jerked off together in real life?”

“Yes,” I replied. “A number of times.”

“Oh!” Kim said. “Hurry up with your question; I want to ask you about that. Truth, please.”

“Have you ever gone all the way with another woman?”

“Yes,” Kim said.

“Far out! Did you like it?”

“It’s not your turn, but I’ll give you a freebie. Yes, I actually liked it a fair amount. I was surprised.”

“Did you do it more than once?” I asked.

“Don’t push it; you already got one freebie. My turn!”

“Sorry. Truth.”

“Have you ever gotten a blowjob from a guy?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Oooooh!” Kim lifted the lace body veil and fanned it slightly.

“Getting hot?”

“Is that your question?” Kim said mischievously.

“No, just asking.”

“One question at a time,” she replied primly.

“Okay, then. Truth?”

“Yes, please.”

“How many times have you had sex with a woman?”

“Ummm…. four times,” Kim said. “Seven if you count one-sided things and finger-fucking.”

“I’ll be glad to count those. Seven it is.” My cock was definitely getting hard and the kimono fabric was tenting somewhat over my crotch. “Oh, uhhh…. truth.”

“Have you ever sucked a guy off?” Kim said.

“Yes,” I replied.

“Oh, God!” Kim inhaled deeply and I could see her nostrils flare.

“Ready?” I said.

“Yes,” Kim said. “Truth.”

“Are you interested in having sex with a woman again?”

Kim didn’t even pause before saying “Yes.” She had set her mug down by this time and was gently running her hands over her body through the veil. This had the effect of smoothing the veil down over her breasts and torso, making it much easier to see through.

“Interesting. Ummm… dare.”

“I want you to play with your nipples while you ask me the next two questions.”

I opened the top of my kimono and squeezed my areolae between my thumb and the side of my index finger and rolled them back and forth. Kim watched me intently and said “You don’t play with the nipples themselves?”

“Oh, I get them, too,” I said, and pulled my fingers out to the tips and pinched and rolled the nipples. “But I get a deeper feeling from pulling further back.” I inhaled slowly and smiled. “It feels good either way, though. What’s your pleasure this time?”

“Dare. If I’m doing something longer, you’ll have to play with your nipples longer.”

“Okay. I’d like to see you suck on both your nipples at the same time.”

“Oooh, that sounds like fun to me, too!” Kim lifted the veil up so that it was under her chin and then lifted both breasts. She mashed them together and bent down and sucked both nipples into her mouth. It looked pretty hot.

Kim was enjoying it, too. She rolled the nipples back and forth with her tongue and then sucked them both into her mouth and nibbled on them with her lips. After a moment, she set them down. The nipples were distinctly harder than they’d been a moment before and the areolae glistened with saliva.

“Nice!” I said.

“And you’re still playing with your nipples, I see!” Kim said happily.

“That was the deal,” I said. “Okay, truth.”

“I want you to tell me about when you sucked off another man,” Kim said.

“Sure. This’ll take a bit of telling, so settle back.”

Kim snuggled a little further into the corner of the couch. “You’ve got to keep playing with your nipples while you’re telling me this,” she said. I scooted over a bit so I was more in the opposite corner of the couch. As I did so, my cock, now completely hard, popped out between the fabric and pointed up.

“Nice bone you’ve got there, sailor!” Kim said. She lifted her breasts at me and said “See anything you like?”

“Oh, yeah, definitely!” I replied, pulling both my nipples rather hard. “Ready for a hot story of gay teen experimentation?”

“Is that was this is going to be?”

“Yup,” I said.

“I like the sound of that already! Go ahead.”

“Okay,” I said. “When I was in high school, I had a good friend named Bill. Bill was a tall, slender redhead with freckles. He was about 9 months older than I was and he’d hit puberty sooner, so he’d already done his growth spurt when we first met. I caught up with him soon enough and we were both of equivalent height from then on, although Bill was always thinner. “

“We’d been friends all through high school, so by the time we were seniors, Bill and I used to stay overnight at each other’s houses a lot, though much more at Bill’s house than mine because he had a larger and more private room. Also, for reasons I don’t recall, his parents were frequently away at night and Bill and I had the run of the house.”

“We’d both lost our virginity when we were about 15 or16 and we’d even made it with a couple other women by the time we were seniors, but being a teenager was pretty horny stuff even when I was 18. I remember that I was jerking off two or three times a day at that point and was still pretty continually horny. Bill was doing about the same thing, so the spring before we graduated, we started talked about jerking off one night. Both of us were reasonably comfortable talking about it, how we did it and the various techniques and so on, but the room was dark that first night. We both got incredibly horny talking about it and we ended up jerking off with the lights off.”

“Together?” Kim said. She was visibly aroused, breathing hard through her nose and squeezing her nipples. I was continuing to squeeze mine, but my cock was so hard that I could see it twitch very slightly with my pulse.

“Not at first. We’d have the lights off and we were both jerking off, but we weren’t doing it actually together. Just at the same time in the same room.”

“But this changed?”

“Yes,” I said. “Along about the fifth time we stayed overnight after we’d started talking about this, I said that I wanted to see how Bill was jerking off. I’d grip my cock with my fist and jerk it up and down, but Bill used to make an OK ring with his thumb and index finger and sort of fuck into his hand like that. He seemed to like it, so I wanted to see how he did it. There was absolutely no secret that we were masturbating at night. We could both hear the sounds we were making and we would even use the same container of Vaseline, so it was all out in the open. I think we both would get off on hearing the other guy cum, too, because we’d frequently cum shortly after the other of us came. We just hadn’t watched each other.”

Kim had spread her thighs and pulled the veil out of the way. Her pussy looked sticky and she was running just the tip of her index finger up and down her slit very slowly. Kim’s eyes would close frequently and she’d bliss out, then she’d open them again. I was still playing with my nipples, which were very warm to the touch and a deep reddish-pink. I hadn’t touched my cock yet, but I wanted to let things build. If I started touching myself now, I’d never finish the story.

“We turned on the lights. There wasn’t room on the single bed for both of us, so I spread out the sleeping bag and Bill got down on the floor with me. He was hard and so was I. He was a real redhead, too; his cock was surrounded by this fine orangey-red hair. His cock was just a little thinner than mine and slightly longer, but I noticed that the head was shaped very differently, like a Grecian helmet. Mine was the same kind of rounded bell shape it is now.”

“Ooooh,” Kim said.

“We’d both already greased up with Vaseline, so we were both shiny. I sat cross-legged in front of Bill and he was stretched out on the floor with his legs spread. I told him to go to it. He grabbed his cock like this—” I held on to my cock with my right thumb and index finger around the base “—and he started jerking it up and down.” I demonstrated a couple strokes for Kim.

“Just like milking a cow!” she said.

“Exactly,” I replied. “I didn’t see what was quite so much fun about this. Bill was stroking it very lightly with a loose grip. Most of his action was down near the base and about two-thirds of the way up the shaft. After a minute or two, I allowed as to how that looked like it was fun, but I liked getting a lot of head friction. Bill said, ‘Show me what you do,’ so I lay down next to him and showed him how I jerked off.”

“So you’re both laying there, jerking off side by side now,” Kim said. She pulled the hair on the left side of her pussy and spread the lips on that side, then dipped two fingers a couple inches inside herself and started what looked like a deep, slow fluttery motion.

“We came at pretty much the same time. Cum shot all over our tummies and dribbled on our hands. It looked hot to both of us. We wiped ourselves off with paper towels but we didn’t move off of the sleeping bag. Neither of us was getting soft, either, something that I knew had happened to me in the past when I was really horny. Being the incredibly horny guys we were, we talked about how the techniques felt and other things we’d tried to simulate fucking and some of the girls we were hot for and why.”


“So we talked about techniques and girls and jerking off for about fifteen minutes and we’re both incredibly hard, so I said ‘You want to do this again?’ Bill said ‘Sure!’, so we lay back down on the sleeping bag. Bill passed me the Vaseline and we started jerking off. I was trying out Bill’s technique on myself in time with his strokes, but it wasn’t working very well and I just couldn’t see the point. I said ‘Bill, this doesn’t do much for me. Am I doing it right?’”

“Bill watched me for a moment and he said ‘You’re holding your hand wrong.’ I stopped and he held up his hand in what looked like the same position. I tried to match it, but I wasn’t doing something right. Bill tried to change the way my palm was, but I still wasn’t getting it. After a couple of attempts, Bill said ‘Can I show you? It’ll make more sense.’”

“I was a little uncomfortable about being touched by another guy like that, but horniness won out. I said ‘Okay.’ Bill leaned over and took hold of my hard-on with his hand in the position and said ‘You’ve got to curve your palm so that it’s brushing the head of your cock.’ He stroked me a few times and now I got it!”

“Ohhhhh, God, that’s hot!” Kim said. She was digging three fingers into her pussy with slow, determined strokes, making a very sticky sound each time she pulled them out. Her eyes were closed and her head was resting on the arm of the couch.

“It felt very good and not just because Bill was doing it right. I was getting a handjob from someone else and I was just lying there and enjoying it. No-one but me had ever touched my cock before and this was fantastic. I’m lying on the sleeping bag and Bill’s jerking my cock off and I’m moaning and I really don’t want him to stop. And he didn’t, either. As I found out later, he was getting off on the experience of seeing how hot he could make me and he was really interested to find out if he could make me cum doing this.”

“Did he?” Kim said breathily.

“Oh, yeah!” I said. “In about three minutes of what was absolute heaven for me, I felt my balls tickling and I said ‘Don’t stop, Bill!’ and I started cumming really hard. Bill, thank God, didn’t stop stroking me. I remembered thinking that I was cumming all over his hand, but I then thought ‘Okay, that’s his problem!’ and I kept pushing my hips up, trying to fuck his hand.”

“I came and came and came, but it got very sensitive suddenly, and Bill wasn’t stopping. Worse for me, it was that same feathery light touch that made his technique so different from mine and the hypersensitivity almost sent me through the roof. I said ‘Stop! Stop!’ and held on to his arm. Bill dropped his hand so he was cupping the base of my cock and balls and I could see my cum all over his hand and my cock and balls and halfway to my knees from the feel of it.”

“I finally managed to say ‘God, Bill, that was incredible!’ Bill said ‘You see why I like doing it that way?’ I said ‘Yes, I do, but I liked having it done to me at least as much.’ ‘No shit!’ Bill said. ‘You wanna do it to me?’ ‘Sure,’ I said, ‘Lie down and I’ll show you what it feels like.’”

“You gave Bill a handjob in return?”

“Definitely! We wiped up my cum and the Vaseline and he lay down on the sleeping bag. He spread his legs really wide, so his cock and balls were exposed. His cock looked really pretty and I had always been envious of his red hair. No-one got to see how red it was down there, but I thought it was something I’d love to be able to show off to a girl myself.”

“I put some Vaseline on my hand and lay down next to Bill on his left. I told Bill to throw his left leg over mine. I wanted to get in close so that I could get the same angle on his cock that I did on mine. We got into position and I put my hand gently around his cock, which felt like iron at this point, and very gently stroked it up and down a few times. I stopped and asked how it felt. Bill said it felt great but I could grip it harder and that it wouldn’t break. I said I knew that, but I wanted to be really careful. I gripped it about as hard as I gripped my own and stroked it half a dozen times. Bill moaned loudly by the sixth stroke. ‘I do it about like that to myself.’ Bill said ‘That’s great! And I love not having to do anything.’ I went back to stroking, being sure to rub the edge of his cock head with my fingertips as I went by like I did when I jerked off.”

Kim was still listening as I talked but she was making little “Mmmph! Mmmph!” noises as she pushed her fingers in and out. I still hadn’t touched my cock yet—I felt like I might explode in less than a minute if I did, and I hadn’t gotten to the hottest part of my story yet.

“So I’m stroking away and Bill was pulling on his nipples—” I began, when Kim’s eyes flew open and she said “Is that where you learned to play with your nipples?”

“Yes,” I said. “Bill loved playing with his nipples and I tried it out and liked it, too.”

“So every time you do that, you’re reminded of the guy you used to share handjobs with?”

“Not every time, but yes, the thought crosses my mind occasionally.”

“Oh, God, John, you are so kinky!” Kim started to settle back down but then said “This veil is pretty, but it’s getting in the way. I want you to see what I’m doing and I want to be able to reach my tits without having to fight through fabric.” She peeled the veil off and threw it off to one side. Kim repositioned herself, but this time she had her left leg off the couch and the right leg cocked against the couch cushion.

“Pass me that Astroglide, please,” she said. I passed her the Astroglide. She dribbled a little lube on all four fingers, made a point with them, and pushed them further into her pussy. “Oh, that feels good. You’re heating me up with this story. I can see you as a teenager doing things with Bill.”

“Right, so, I’m jerking Bill off and he’s twirling his nipples, and I’m really enjoying the odd feel of someone else’s cock in my hand. I’m getting hard again feeling this and just from the whole thing. Bill didn’t tell me when he was about to cum, he just came buckets. He arched his back completely off the floor and there was a big jet of cum that went straight up a couple feet and splashed across my arm and his chest. I kept pumping and the cum mixed with the Vaseline and got squishier.”

Kim was pushing all four fingers into her cunt with wet noises by this time. “Wow!” she said, gasping. “Did you ever do more than that?”

“Yes, we did. You did ask me to tell you about how I sucked off another guy, after all. This was, uh, preamble,” I said.

“I want to hear that, but I can’t take it any more!” Kim said. “I want to cum for you now!” I put my hands on the back of her right thigh and the top of her left thigh and pressed her legs apart slightly wider and said “Cum for me, Kim.”

Kim started jamming all four fingers in as far as they’d go, close to the base. She managed about a dozen strokes and then she tensed and, with a moan of “Ohhhhhnngh!”, pushed her hips up at me and pushed her fingers in so hard I could see them turning white at the edges. As she relaxed, I bent down and kissed her hand, still in her pussy. I rubbed her legs gently and nuzzled her arm.

“I knew guys experimented like girls, but I didn’t know that you’d done it,” Kim said. “It’s a huge turn-on.”

“There is more, you know,” I said. “I hadn’t really gotten to the hot part.”

“Trust me, John, that was incredibly hot as is!” Kim squeezed the fleshy top half of her cunt and closed her eyes for a moment. “Hang on a moment or two, but I really do want to hear about it. Do you get turned on by seeing girls go at it?”

“Yes, sometimes,” I said.

“Well, I get turned on by boys going at it sometimes. A lot of women do. It’s really squishy stuff for us.” She ran her fingers inside her gooey pussy and held them up to me. I licked them off.

“God, you taste good!” I said.

“Thank you, sir!” Kim mocked a curtsy from her position on the couch.

“Even though I didn’t get to the part you were after, I think you’d be satisfied that I’ve fulfilled the spirit of the answer, yes?”

“Oh, I think not,” Kim said. “I’m very keen to hear the rest of this in just a moment. But I’m going to use the Prelude 3 on myself while you do this.’

“Good. Okay, settle in and I’ll tell you more of the story about sucking Bill off.” Kim picked up the Prelude 3 and set it to the low setting, which made a soft hum. The flat concave cup was on the end and she ran it over her nipples.

“That’s very sexy to watch, Kim,” I said. I reached over and touched her breasts for a moment. She purred slightly. “Okay, where’d we leave our hero?”

“Wait a minute!” Kim said. “Aren’t you going to use the Fleshlight?”

“Later, I think I’m going to get distracted if I tell you this story and try to use the Fleshlight at the same time. You know, not enough blood…?”

“Right, right, I know,” Kim said in a tired voice. “Honestly, you men!”

“Now, I had just told you that I’d jerked Bill off and that he’d cum all over everything, right?”

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