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Kitty Ch. 01

February 22, 2014 / by gaystory

Hi, my name is Kitty. I live in a small town in China, which is more like a large village, with my mistress – Madam Kia. I used to be a man, but I changed. The story of my change is complicated, but I will try to tell it as clearly as I can.

I never lived in china, to start with. I was a happy man, all of 24 years old. I loved my women, and I had a fair share of them. I hated homosexuality, and really disliked such men. I just couldn’t think of men wanting to do each other. But that was a long time ago. Things began to change one day, when I was on a cruise.

It was a holiday I had taken after 2 years of work without a boreal. God knows I deserved it. The cruise ship was huge, to say the least. It had 7 decks, 5 swimming pools, dance floors, clubs, everything. It was like a small floating city. That was where I met Chi. Chi was a small Asian girl, petite, with small breasts. She was so cute, that when I saw her, I thought to myself, this is one chick I have got to bang. I don’t know why, I felt that she was only putting on an innocent facade, and that she also was a horny slut. So I got to work. I bought her a drink, and we became acquainted. After 2 days of dancing and dining, and swimming, finally one night she invited me to her room after dinner.

She was so stunning, dressed in a red string bikini with white polka dots, and a red g-string, waiting for me in her room that I was instantly aroused. She saw me excited, and slowly she sashayed to me, and put one hand around my neck and kissed me full on the lips. I felt her other hand move over to my manhood and begin caressing it. I couldn’t hold myself. I carried her to the bed and put her down. I practically tore off her bikini top, and was kissing her breasts, as she played with my meat between her legs. I kissed her belly and moved down slowly to her navel. And as I pulled her g-string down, I got the rudest shock of my life. The bitch was a shemale. Hidden in the g-string was a semi hard 4 inch cock!

I couldn’t believe it. Here was the most feminine, delicate feisty little woman I have ever met, and she turned out to be a faggot sissy boy girl. I flipped there, and I called her all kinds of names. I told her she was a sick gay bitch, and that she was a whore trying to seduce innocent guys. I gave her a hard time. She started sobbing bitterly into her pillow, but I wouldn’t stop. I kept on and on at it. Finally she got up, and walked to her cupboard and opened it. I thought she was going to pack her stuff but she didn’t. She turned, and I saw she was holding a gun. I screamed at her, and she shot me. I felt a dart enter my arm, and her cabin began to swim around me. I tried holding on to something, but all I caught was the air. I fell and the world blacked out.

* * *

“Hello darling, can you hear me? Don’t strain yourself, just nod if you can”, I heard a sweet female voice tell me in my blackness. I tried opening my eyes, but the effort was too much. I gave a weak nod, and that sapped all my strength.

“Good! Now I just want you to listen. You are not on the cruise anymore. I heard you were very rude and insulting to a friend of mine, and I have discovered you are a homophobe. We will change that darling, just like the other things we have changed. Your old body has been disposed of. Your old self is dead. What we did was clone you, and genetically alter you. Then we just sort of shifted your mind into your new body. You’ll see your new body is wonderful! For example you are now like Chi. Now sleep. I will talk to you later.” And blackness set in again.


I woke up again. Time I was wide awake. I found myself on a stretcher like bed, narrow and uncomfortable. My hands and legs were strapped to the bed, as was my neck. I couldn’t move anything but my eyelids.

“Hello darling!” The voice started again. “It is time to show you the new you. You see, what we did was genetically alter you to be a transsexual. Now you have an almost complete male reproductive system. Almost because you can’t produce any sperm, or semen, or any other male hormone. We have given you an extra sensitive prostrate gland, and a tight sensitive rectum and anus. We modified you so that the only hair that will ever grow on your body will be on your head, and we have given you nice luscious breasts. I hope you like it!” With that I heard a whirring sound, and the bed began to become vertical. In a moment, I was hanging from my straps, in a standing position, and the sheet covering me slid off me. I looked in front, and in the mirror there, I saw someone I have never seen before.

I saw a short, petite 21 year old girl, with long platinum hair, and huge 34 D breasts. I moved my gaze lower, and I saw she had a 3 inch flaccid penis. That was me. I couldn’t believe what they had done to me. I tried to speak and say something to them, and I discovered that my mouth was gagged. They had put some oblong object in my mouth, so that it fit completely filling my mouth, without obstructing my breathing.

“I’m sure you hate it, but soon you’ll love it! I know I love your body. Chi was my girl before you, but now I have set her free, and you will be my bitch hereafter. Look at you! You look like a horny college slut, with big boobs, just waiting to lay every guy in sight. Don’t worry my girl, soon you will be that.” She said to me in a mocking way.

I looked around and I saw a figure masked in white coming towards me. He touched my bare arm, and then plunged a syringe filled with some greenish glowing liquid into it. He injected me, and instantly I felt myself fall into a dreamy sort of trance. The world seemed to be swirling around me. And then another voice started speaking. It was a soft seductive voice. It kept saying “Hello Kitty, you are a pretty little sissy bitch. You are a transsexual whore. Welcome to the new world. Don’t you love your new body, your breasts, your slim waist, your tight ass, and your beautiful face? You look so dazzling.” It repeated that over and over again for a long time. Finally I fell asleep listening to that.

* **

I woke up the next morning, in a proper bed. I looked around me, and I saw I was in a nice little room, lying on a huge queen sized bed, that looked as if ten people could sleep in it. The decor was all red and pink, very girly. I say white wallpaper, with tiny pink flowers printed on it, so close to each other, that the wall looked pink. The sheets on the bed were pink, and sleeping in a red fluffy blanket. I saw that one wall of the room, the one near my head, above the bed, was a full sized mirror. The roof also was a mirror. I looked around and I saw 3 doors leading out of the room. I walked to the nearest one, and tried it. It was locked. I walked to the second one, and tried it. It opened.

I walked into the other room, and saw it was a kind of dressing room, with a glass wall, that separated it from my bathroom. I opened a wall sized mirror here, and saw it was a huge wardrobe, with all kinds of clothes in it, none of which were remotely decent. On the other side of the room, was a dresser that had every possible type of make up that could make you look like a tart.

After taking in my surroundings, I slid the glass door of my bathroom, and entered it. I had a long luxurious bath, and I loved soaping my big breasts, and my smooth legs. After that, I have no idea why, I picked up a douche bag that was hanging, and I cleaned my rear pussy. I dried myself and entered my dressing room.

I opened the wardrobe, and picked out a plain white bra and white panty, and slipped them on. It felt so natural. All the time I was thinking, I am Kitty; I love my new body, my breasts, my face, my ass… I picked out the most decent outfit I could find – A white tube top that revealed a bit too much of my cleavage, and my belly, and a denim skirt that came to my knees.

I went back to my bedroom, and I did the bed. Then I tried the last door. It opened out onto my balcony. I got out, and looked around. I saw that my room was on the first floor, and at the back of the house. The only view I got was of the tall wall of the house that almost came up to the balcony, and of the neighboring apartment building that towered above it. I saw a winding iron staircase run down to the ground from my balcony. I went back into my room, and closed the door.

Inside, I saw that the first door, which had been locked, was now ajar. I opened it and found myself at a stairway leading down. I went down, and found myself in a neat kitchen. In the kitchen was a cooking platform and a long table for four people. I explored further and found myself in a sitting room. I saw a door at one end, and I went to it and knocked.

“Come in darling. It’s open.” I heard the same voice from before call me. I entered.

Inside, I saw the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She was about 5 feet 8 inches tall, towering above me, with big firm breasts, blonde hair, full lips, and a wide ass. She beckoned me to sit on the bed next to her.

“Darling Kitty, how do you feel today? I am Kia, Madam Kia. I will be your mistress, do you understand? Now I want you to understand your duties. I work late everyday, so I will not be at home from 2 in the afternoon to very early in the morning. So I do not want you to disturb me when I am sleeping. You are to do the housework, cleaning, and all the other little chore a good little maid like you normally does. Now for the special part of your duties. You may bring home men to satisfy, and you may charge them. I want you to put all the money you collect this way in this drawer every evening” She showed me a drawer under the table across her room. “That will be for your pretty clothes and toys. You are to use the stairs at the back, which lead directly to your room.” Saying this she dismissed me.

I left the room, wondering how I would ever be able to do a man. I didn’t remember it, but I had had an intensive course of hormone therapy. My mind was programmed to make me a horny little slut. I had been trained to look seductive, and whorish, and to suck cock, and use my ass, and love cock everywhere. I didn’t know that I would automatically get switched into whore mode when I saw a cock.

I went outside, and began my chores. I washed the dirty dishes of the previous night, and I began vacuum cleaning the house, when Madam Kia left for work. She blew me a kiss, and winked at me, and told me not to be too naughty. After a bit, I began to feel a bit stuffy, so I took off my tube top and my bra. I thought, “What the hell, it’s just me at home. Nobody’s going to see. I might as well be comfortable.” I loved looking down and seeing the top of my breasts, and see my breasts sway as I worked. I didn’t realize it, but the French windows facing the garden were open, and the gardener was looking in at me.

Suddenly I heard a sound. I turned and I saw the gardener had dragged a chair, and had sat down in the kitchen, and was watching me with lustful eyes. He was a big Chinese man, about 45 years old, 6 feet 2 inches tall, and very muscular. He was also bare on top, and was wearing a pair of shorts that came to his knees. He was stroking his cock as he looked at me. I got scared. Supposing he wanted to do more that just watch and stroke. What if he found out my secret? He could really batter my frail body with his muscular arms.

“Hello Kitty. Don’t worry about me, I was asked to give you a package and wait for a reply. And I know your little secret you sissy whore…” He handed me a package. I opened it, and found a small cassette. I put it in my walkman, and listened. It was madam Kia.

“Kitty darling, this man is Chen, he is our gardener. You see, we moved to china while you were asleep, well in a drug induced hypnotic trance anyway. Things are very different here. You’ll like it here. This is a small town, where most men are factory workers. A lot of the men here are open minded to girls like you. Chen is one such man. I’ve spoken to him, and you are to be his bitch every day, after you finish your chores. You will give yourself to him, in any way he wants for one hour. He understands this. Now obey me slut.” The tape ended.

A sudden change came over me. I smiled seductively at him, and I told him that I understood everything. I walked to him and sat down on his lap. “Chen, honey, you’ll have to wait for a bit. When I finish my work, and you finish yours, why don’t you come up to my room, and we’ll get to know each other.” By now, I had moved my lips mere inches form his ears, and I was whispering in a seductive voice. While I had been saying this, I was moving about, grinding my butt against his hardening cock.

“Oh yes. I would like that. Very much. I will come up in half an hour.” He said this and the lifted me off him, and slapped my ass. He winked at me, and walked out into the garden.

I quickly finished my chores, and rushed upstairs. I didn’t know that my programming had made me so eager for sex that I didn’t want to be late for my first cock. I sprayed some perfume in the room, and I put my bra back on. I also dug out a pair of 6 inch heels, which had ankle straps on them. I had just finished when I heard a knock at the balcony door.

I opened it and Chen was standing there, his body all sweaty from hard work.

“Hi baby, were you waiting long?” He asked me.

“Oh no… Just getting ready for you.” I replied.

He smiled as he pulled me out onto the balcony. “Madam Kia tells me you have never had cock before. So lets make this special. Something you will remember.” He towered over me. I would need a stool to kiss him. He roughly pushed me against the railing, and lifted me up, so that the calves of my legs were touching them, and I was in his power completely. He pulled me close to him, and kissed me. I was a rough animal like kiss. His hot tongue forced its way into my mouth and I began to play with his tongue, with mine. I sucked on it, and I felt his hot breath on my face.

Abruptly he pulled his mouth away from mine, and set me down. Then he turned me around and again pushed me ageist the railing, which now came to a little above my belly button. Then I felt his rough hands on my bra, rubbing my breasts through them. I reached back, and began to stroke his hard cock through his shorts. He undid my bra clasp, and dropped it onto the balcony floor. I didn’t realize it, but everything was clearly visible to the people in the apartment building, if they cared to watch. He began to pinch my nipples, and I totally forgot about everything, except that I wanted him. I turned to him, and was about to pull his shorts down, when he swept me off my feet and carried me inside.

“It’s your first time with me baby, I want you to be comfortable. We’ll use your room today” He said, and started laughing as if it was a joke. He threw me on the bed and sat down after taking his shorts off. I got off the bed, and walked to where he was sitting. I was shocked at his manhood. He was easily 9 inches long, uncut. He was grinning at me, probably because of the expression on my face. I had never taken any cock before, and I was being given this monster to inaugurate my ass pussy.

“You’ll love this meat baby,” he said as he pushed me onto my knees. I got down, and took his cock in one hand. I wrapped my small soft hand around it, and began to stroke it. Then, as if it was natural, I leaned over it, and kissed it. I then took his head into my mouth and began to suck it as I moved my hand up and down on the base of his cock. He grabbed my head, and pushed it onto his cock, forcing me to take him deeper in my mouth. I choked on his huge manhood, but I still continued to suck him as he pushed and pulled my head up and down on his cock. After what seemed like ages, he pulled my face completely out of his cock, and he made me stand.

“Get on the bed you cock hungry whore. Its time for you to see a MAN’s cock”.

I got on my feet silently, and got onto the bed. I lay down, and motioned to him to come to me, with one finger. Then I wriggled out of my shorts, and put one hand on my waist, waiting for him. Chen jumped on top of me, and almost tore my g-string off. In an instant, we were both naked, and on the bed.

“Lift your legs hun, and put them on my shoulders.” He told me.

Meekly I obeyed. I was too dizzy with pleasure to say a word. He grabbed my thighs and pulled me towards him. Then, without a warning, he plunged his massive cock into me. It hurt as if a train had been driven into my ass. I screamed, and that only turned him on more. Slowly, but surely, he began to push his entire manhood into me. I started crying and tears began to run down my face into the pillow. He continued to thrust into me, getting harder and faster with every thrust.

“Oh you’re a really hot tight bitch!!” He gasped between thrusts. “Take it all you filthy whore.”

But as he continued ramming my ass, I eventually lost all feeling of pain, and all I could feel was his huge cock head rubbing my over sensitive prostrate. It felt so wonderful that I forgot the pain, and I actually reached down and cupped my hands behind his ass, and helped his thrusting by moving towards him as well.

“Oh yeah bitch. That’s the way. Mmmm… Don’t you love my cock in you?” He gasped.

“Fuck me Chen, harder… oh… god… don’t stop you monster…” I moaned in between our synchronized thrusts.

After he pumped my ass for a long time, he suddenly pulled himself out of me, and I felt so empty inside. “Oh Chen, darling, why did you stop?” I said to him very disappointed. I was really horny now, and close to a climax.

“I want to show you my favorite position. Stand up.” He told me, and got off the bed, and stood on the side of the bed, near the mirrored wall.

I quietly obeyed, and walked to him, unsteady in my 6 inch heels because of the awesome fucking I was being given. He pushed me against the wall, and I put my hands against it to stop myself from falling on it. I ass was jutting out, and my back was arched. I saw myself in the mirror. My hair was all tousled, and my nipples were erect. My face had a dreamy look on it, and Chen was standing behind me. He moved closer, and held me by the waist before he poked my shemale pussy again with his meat. It felt so good, taking his cock into me once again.

Anyone watching would have seen a horny blond transsexual slut getting the banging of her life. A huge horny Asian man was pumping her ass, and she was screaming for him to fuck her harder. Her hair was disorderly, and her huge breasts were juggling with the thrusts. She was also thrusting back against him to meet his thrusts.

Chen moved his hands from my waist up onto my breasts. Now he had cupped his hands against my breasts, and was still pumping his cock into me. His huge hands covered my breasts completely. I turned around with my eyes half closed, and my lips slightly parted. He bent down and met my lips with his own. Our tongues entwined each others, and he began to fuck my mouth with his tongue.

Suddenly he pulled his face away, and said, “You’d better get ready baby, I’m coming…” and he began to thrust even harder. By now I had already orgasmed thrice. After just a few more thrusts, his body spasmed, and I could feel his cock spurt a hot thick liquid in my boy pussy. He kept his cock in me for just a few more seconds, till all his seed was inside me, and then he pulled it out. In a completely natural way, I turned around and got down onto my knees. I licked his flaccid cock clean, and I could feel his seed drip out from my pussy. After I had cleaned him up, I rushed to my bedside drawer and pulled a 6 inch butt plug out. I pushed it in to keep his seed in me. After that I got on all fours and licked the floor clean of the cum that had leaked from my ass.

Chen was sitting on my bed looking at me. “That was beautiful baby. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did… I’m sure you did, being the whore your mistress told me you are!” He quickly pulled his shorts on, and kissed me once before he let himself out into the balcony. I was too dazed by what had just happened to really think. I got onto my bed, and fell asleep, like a satisfied bride on the first night.

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