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Matt & Bradley

February 22, 2014 / by gaystory

The first time I attempted to write this story, it was about a life changing experience for me. I felt I had to write it down, and even asked Matt, the other character in my story for permission. He didn’t mind, as long as I didn’t use his real name, which wasn’t a problem. I’m not using mine either. It feels even more personal now, I don’t even want him to know I am writing. It all started by meeting through a sex site on the net, which I concede is not the smartest move on my part.

It is six weeks since we first met. I’m not totally sure where we stand, this is my first relationship, if you can call it that. I have never been in love and this is more lust than anything else. Since the first intimate time I spent with Matt, we have had other sexual times, but generally just going to the movies and out to eat.

He usually invited me into his house after our weekly meeting to go to the theater, but the last time just got a quick kiss and a goodbye. This time after Superman, “It was fun”, and he went in the house, no kiss. We had been talking on instant messenger every day, so I just had to know what was going on.

Bradley: So you just want the friend part of friends with beneifts?

Matt: Why?

Bradley: Just wondering.

Matt: Well, friend is ok with me if that is what you want, I still want the benefits.

Bradley: Cool

Matt: My landlord is back living in the house and is in control of the A/C, it is too hot to play. You would never stand it. I think we would have to play at your house.

Bradley: Too bad there are no cheap hotels that charge by the hour around here LOL.

Matt: yeah

Bradley: How about I take you out for ice cream?

Matt: Sure

I drove him home the back way by my house. I slowed up, “This is where I live”, hoping he would say to stop, but nothing. I kept going and drove him home. We were meeting the next day to see Pirates, which we did and then out for lasagna. On the way home to his house, I said, “Well, I could turn down this street to your house, or I could keep going to mine.”

“Go to your house.”

I was totally shocked and not expecting it. He had told me the night before he was really nervous when I pulled up to my house. All I could think about was the dirty clothes I left on my floor of my room and the dirty towels in the bathroom, and that I probably didn’t have my best boxers on either. I was so sure he would go straight home.

Of course the other thing that was bugging me, Mom.

We walked in. I held him at the front door, and ran to my room, picking up an arm load of laundry and then to the bathroom for the towels.

“So you are Matt.”

“Yes , Hi.”

“Go on into my room Matt.”

I lead the way and he followed. It was really awkward, feeling like I was standing there in front of her naked or something.

Matt ended up feeling more at home than I did. It wasn’t long before he was naked, and I was feeling too embarrassed to join him. Ok, so I was the one who undid his belt and unzipped his shorts and pulled them off, but he pulled off his boxers. We had the music blasting, so I am sure Mom couldn’t hear us, but must have known what was going on. The kissing was as intense as always, our mouths sloppy with saliva. I went down on him, which I must admit is pretty fun for me. I started by sticking my tongue in his piss hole then licking the slit, and half sucking and kissing down his shaft. He shaves his balls so they are really smooth, and I love rolling them in my fingers while I blow him. I have started trimming for him. I was taking him down as far as I could, it was gagging me some, and he said I didn’t have to, but I really liked trying to see just how much of him I could handle. It wasn’t long before I had my pants off for him. He worked his oral magic as well and it was all too perfect really. We were in the middle of having great sex, then we heard my Mom. Matt rushed to put clothes on.

“Don’t . I didn’t hear anything did you?”

He laughed, “No, not a thing.”

“Let me go see what she wants.”

I put clothes on and headed for the living room.

“What did you say?”

“I didn’t say anything.”

“You did, we heard you.”

“Oh, well, just letting you know there are a couple hamburgers if you two would like them.”

I went back to my room.

“Are you hungry? There are hamburgers?

I crawled back in bed, but we started kissing and it was clear he was hungry for me more than the burgers. I was out of my pants in no time. He had arrived at my house at 4pm, and it was after 8pm now. That’s when I told him I wanted him to do anal.

“Are you sure?”


We had tried this the first time we met, but I was too tense. This time I had my legs pulled up and my hips on a pillow. He was looking me right in the eye and pushed in. I felt like I was gonna rip in two. The pain was awful.

“Stop, please, just stay still. Don’t move.”

He stopped, looking in my eyes, his arms either side of me holding his weight off of me. Then I felt him slip out.

“Try again.”

“I can’t. I’m not hard.”

He fell to the bed beside me and he held me. I felt like such a jerk. I got the burgers for us and we ate.

“It’s nine.”

I knew what that meant, he had to leave. He had to work the next day. I jumped off the bed and put my pants on. We went to leave through the front door of the living room.

“Come again, Matt.”


The next day we talked on instant messenger.

Matt: I have tomorrow off.

Bradley: Cool. What did you have in mind? Any plans? I am broke.

Matt: Well, I could rent a DVD and we could watch it in your room on your computer.

Bradley: When would you like to do this? Tonight, tomorrow?

Matt: It is up to you.

Bradley: Well, If you came over tonight, you would not have to leave until tomorrow.

Matt: I was hoping you would say that.

Bradley: I will take a shower and pick you up at seven? Then we can go to the video store.

Matt: Sounds good

Bradley: See you

That was easy, now the hard part. I have not had a friend sleep over since I was 12. Then it was basically begging, getting shuffled between mom and dad. What did your mother say? What did your father say? Oh, please can Matt stay, we won’t get into trouble I promise. That wasn’t going to cut it this time. My dad is dead now, and finally I feel free to be myself.

I walked into the living room.

“Matt is spending the night.”


It was shrill and went through me like a knife. I was ready for a huge blow up, lecture, maybe sent to my room, even though I am an adult.

“Yes, spending the night. I am going to take a shower, then pick him up at seven.”

“Well, since you are going out, get me a couple things at the grocery store.”

That was it? It was like I announced I had a zit or something, like she went into shock mode. She went from being disgusted to acting like nothing was unusual at all.

So we went to the store. I offered for him to stay in the car while I went, but he came in with me. It felt odd, almost domestic. We were grocery shopping together. Then it felt more like sleep over used to, because we got chocolate donuts, and ice cream and frozen pizza, not on her list by the way. He got the DVD he wanted and we went to my house.

“Well, Matt, I never expected to see you here so soon.”

Of course she said it in a snide way, which was very embarrassing, but we ignored her. He helped me bring the groceries to the kitchen. I popped the pizzas in the oven, and we went to my room. Things were pretty normal, we watched the video and ate pizza and ice cream, totally clothed. Then we snuggled in together, I got undressed, he followed. We watched tv and started to kiss. The more we kissed the hotter it got until we were going down on each other. We got off on that and dozed somewhere along the line.

Around four in the morning we woke up. Our tongues were dancing our hands groping and I wanted to try anal again. The pillow thing seemed to work for us, giving him better access, since I am shorter than he is. It hurt again as he entered, but I stroked myself, which seemed to help. He didn’t stop and the faster he went, the better it felt. Soon his balls were slapping against me and I never wanted that feeling of him inside me to stop. He was holding the rungs on my head board, and it was slamming against my wall. For one fleeting moment I wondered if my Mom was hearing us. I would lean up and we would kiss as he pounded into me. I could feel him nearly pull all the way out and slam back inside of me.

“I’m gonna cum”, he whispered, and pulled out. We enjoyed the moment and just held each other. It seemed to make us both hungry, so I got the cold pizza from the fridge. We slept and around ten I got up and cooked us eggs, my Mom was gone by then. We watched another DVD and I lose track of time, but I ended up bottom again. We had talked earlier. He had given me slow, then fast, then slow hip action. I told him the faster he went the better it felt. I somehow had a new respect for rabbits.

“I have been here 24 hours. I don’t want to over stay my welcome.”

“Don’t worry, that could never happen.”

We started kissing again. I licked around his ear. The outer edge, then in the center, sticking my tongue in the hole. He loved when I did this, his breathing would increase, and he told me it made him lightheaded. I bit down his neck and sucked on his shoulder. I started to stroke his cock and could feel the pre-cum slip in my fingers. He rolled over on top of me as we kissed. I squeezed his ass with my hands. I could feel our pricks rub together.

“I want to try again.”

“Are you sure? Don’t do it just for me.”

“I want it. You want a different position? Or should I use the pillow? You want doggy?”

“Let’s use the pillow.”

I doubled it over and stuffed it under my hips, lifting my legs up. I guess I was more tense this time, as it was hurting some.


I started to stroke myself, and then it was ok. He started slamming into me. His cock was slipping in and out and I was aware of every sense. I thought to myself, how could I have waited so long? My mouth was open and I panted with every thrust he made into me. His eyes were fixed on mine, with a determined look on his face. He went fast, like I requested.

“I’m gonna cum.”

He pulled out and almost that very second shot his cum up his belly and fell backwards on my legs, his head over my knee, looking back at me. I handed him some tissues, then took one and wiped is brow and lip, he was covered in sweat. He panted and smiled and I knew he was in a great place. He crawled up beside me on the bed. We kissed. I knew he had to go home and had work the next day.

Thursday was one of the best days of my life. We both agreed that we want more days like it. We plan on spending the night together again soon.

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