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My Ambulance Ride

February 22, 2014 / by gaystory

I am a 38yr old male nurse at a small hospital. We had just transported a patient by ambulance to a trauma center 3 hours away. Normally I don’t have to go on ambulance transports but since this patient was on an IV drip to keep him sedated I was along for the ride. The ambulance crew members were Robin and Amy. Robin was the driver. She was in her early twenties, about 5’2″ petite, red hair, average face, small tits, great ass, and a baby doll voice that was irresistible. Amy was the paramedic tonight. She was about 36yrs old, 5’5″, and slightly overweight, dark hair, beautiful face with full lips, electric smile, large tits, and nice shaped ass with a little extra padding. It was now 12:30 at night and we were just getting back into the ambulance for our long trip home. Robin and Amy sat up front and I was in the back.

“You should take a nap” Amy remarked as the interior lights went off in the back of the ambulance.

“I just can’t seem to get comfortable in these seats, so I don’t know how much sleep I will get.” My voice showing the fatigue I was feeling

“Lay down on the cot, it’s clean, I do it sometimes myself.” Amy said.

I jokingly said, “the way Robin drives I will probably end up on the floor.”

Again Amy insisted, “lie down on the cot, strap yourself down, and you will be fine.”

So I did as Amy suggested, and I have to admit I was rather comfortable. I must have fallen asleep within 20 minutes. Eventually I felt a slight pressure on my chest, abdomen and legs; I opened my eyes to see Amy tightening the straps over my ankles.

“Amy, thanks for the concern but I think the strap around my waist was enough,” I joked.

“Oh I think you need to be restrained a little tighter, you see, Robin and I have a little tradition. A the end of each shift we have a drink and go home to our husbands and fuck their brains out.”

“OK, nice tradition but what does that have to do with me?” I asked.

“Well our shift was over at midnight and our husbands will be asleep when we get home at 4:00am ….”

“And we are horny now!!” shouted Robin from the front seat.

“Wait a minute ladies, I am married myself, I have never cheated on her.. I…I..”

“Just relax, “said Amy, “and don’t try fighting, I have strapped down bigger guys than you to gurney.”

She was right, she had done a great job. I couldn’t move my arms or bend my knees. Amy reached out and placed her hand on the front of my scrub pants and began to massage my cock. I instantly began to get hard.

“Now see, I think you like this as much as we do, let’s see how big you are,” Amy said with a sly grin.

Amy began to untie the drawstring to my scrub pants, and pull them down to the strap above my knees.

“What will I tell my wife?” I said

“Tell her your cock is bigger than I thought it would be, Hey Robin, pull over at the next rest stop, you will want to see this.”

“There is a small roadside park coming up in a mile. Is it nice Ames?” shouted Robin from the front.

Now, my cock is about 8 inches when hard and fairly thick; my wife also likes me to shave my pubic area. I have never been with more than one woman at a time but like all guys, I have fantasized about it often.

“He is bigger than Charlie, but he is no Dennis! Dennis is Robin’s ex-boyfriend and he had 11 inches but you are thicker and I love the clean shaven look. Let me taste you.” Amy said insistently.

I could feel her tongue lick the head of my cock and her lips start over it slowly, then the ambulance jolted quickly which caused Amy to instantly deep throat me which felt great. She raised her head back up off of me but didn’t even gag.

“Sorry, I almost missed the turnoff,” Robin said as she pulled into the rest stop, parked the Ambulance, and turned off the motor.

“That’s alright!” Said Amy and I in unison.

Amy went right back to work on my cock, licking up the shaft, very gently massaging my balls. Robin appeared and immediately began taking off her EMT uniform. She was wearing a green satin bra which looked great against her pale skin and red hair. Her tits looked as though they were trying to escape, and I could instantly tell that this bra was too small for her. My wife is a C-cup and Robin was every bit of that too. As she removed her bra, her tits sprang forward. They were full, the areolas were large, and nipples were not quite hard…yet. She quickly removed her panties to reveal a beautiful pussy with a thin strip of closely trimmed, light colored pubic hair. She was a natural red head.

Lying there immobilized I could feel Amy licking my balls while slowly stroking my now erect cock. I looked up a Robin again to see her moving behind my head and, placing a leg on each side of the cart she lowered her pussy onto my face. I immediately began exploring her sweet treasure with my tongue.

“ that feels good” Robin cooed.

As I continued to lick Robin’s pussy I noticed that Amy’s lips had left my cock. I could hear the sounds of her undressing, but with Robin’s ass in my face I couldn’t see a thing. Robin leaned forward a little which opened her pussy and ass up to me a little better. I struggled against my restraints to get closer so I could lick deep in her pussy but she was in charge. Robin placed her asshole on my tongue.

“Lick my ass good you bitch,” Robin yelled at me

As Robin began to grind harder onto my face I felt Amy’s hand return to my cock but it was not stroking it. She was pulling it.and then…

“Oh My God you feel so big, Aaahhh,” cried Amy as she impaled herself down on my cock.

I could feel heat all around my cock, not warmth, but heat. Amy slowly kept forcing herself down on me until I could feel my balls pressing against her ass. At the same time Robin had leaned forward again driving her clit against my eagerly awaiting lips.

“Don’t you dare stop licking bitch!” Robin ordered.

Amy began to pump herself on my cock and then I heard Robin say to her “Kiss me you slut!” Robin was full of surprises. I could hear the sound of lovers kissing and then Amy screamed “I am going to cum.”

“Don’t you dare, at least not yet!” Robin hissed

Robin ground her clit onto my tongue and lips harder and faster

“Robin can I please cum! Ooooh!” Amy pleaded

“Oh God yes you can cum, yes! yes! YESSS!” Robin screamed as I felt her convulse on my face and her dripping wet pussy poured its juices into my mouth and down my throat. Amy increased her tempo on my cock, driving me deeper into her than I thought possible. Her hands grabbed the sides of my ass as her fingers dug into my flesh trying to pull me further into her. I could feel her hot pussy tighten around my cock.

“Oh fuck I am cumming!” She yelled, just before she let out a scream. I could not last any more, I felt the pressure in my balls and then I exploded into deep into her pussy.

“Oh shit I am cumming too,” I tried to yell as Robin continued to ride my face. I could feel my cock shoot load after load into Amy. I have never cum so much in my life.

Robin screamed” I am cumming again, holy fuck I don’t believe it, I am cumming again!”

Robin then tensed up for what seemed like two minutes then collapsed forward raising herself off my body.

Amy climbed off of me and sat on the edge of the bench beside the cot. For the first time I got to see the beautiful huge tits Amy possessed, and the clean shaven pussy which was now shiny, as the light from the streetlamps in the parking lot reflected off her body. Immediately Robin got down between her legs an opened her mouth as my load came rolling out of Amy’s pussy. Robin swallowed the first drop or two then collected the huge amount that followed into her mouth. She rose up, leaned into Amy and kissed her once on the mouth very briefly. Amy opened her mouth so that we could both see the cum on her tongue. She then swallowed it and licked her lips. Again Robin leaned in and pressed her mouth onto Amy’s for what was a much longer kiss. When they broke the kiss Robin still had some cum on her lips and chin which she promptly licked up and swallowed.

“You know what to do,” Robin said as she grinned at Amy

Amy got down on her knees, leaned to my face and proceeded to kiss me on the lips. I tried to protest.

“Open your mouth bitch! ” Robin screamed as she pulled my hair.

The pain from having my hair pulled made me open my mouth, and then I could feel all my cum being forced into my mouth by Amy’s tongue. I have to admit, it didn’t taste as bad as I though, and once I accepted the fact that I couldn’t fight it, I really got turned on by what was happening. I was tasting and swallowing my own cum.

When she broke the embrace, Robin ordered me “lick her face clean, and while you’re at it, lick your own!”

Both Robin and Amy then got dressed.

“I think it is safe now,” Robin said, as Amy began to loosen and undo my straps.

I pulled up my scrub pants and tied them again.

“Wow this has got to be the best ambulance trip I have ever had,” I remarked.

The ride home was pretty quiet, and I was taking in what had just happened. When we arrived back at the hospital I started to get out when Amy said “We have to take the ambulance back to the station, but thanks for a great trip”

“I can’t wait until the next trip I have to take with you two,” I eagerly said

Amy replied “We are working a 24 hour shift this weekend all by ourselves. Maybe you could stop by the Ambulance station, say around 6:00pm Saturday?”

“No problem, my wife will be working afternoons this weekend, I will definitely be there.”

“Great! And by the way bitch, wear your wife’s panties, and bring some lube!” Laughed Robin

I don’t know what they have in store for me next but I can’t wait to find out.

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