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Park Cruising Ch. 02

February 22, 2014 / by gaystory

As I walked back down the tracks toward home and thinking of my first male to male sex act my head was reeling of how I had just gotten myself into such a situation of wanting to have sex with a man and then after doing it wanting to turn around and go back for more.

I got home and went right downstairs to my bedroom stripped off my clothes and jumped in the shower thinking if I washed off the sex, I wouldn’t want to go back and do any thing like that again, but the more I thought about it while in the shower, the harder my cock got and the more I knew I would have to have more, lots more.

After getting in bed and thinking about how I had heard of other guys who complained about taking out girls and spending a lot of money on them and after all the wining and dining, they still went home broke and horny, but all I had to do is walk in a bathroom and with in minutes I could be dumping a load and not cost me a thing, and could do it several times a day.

And so it went for the next couple of months, I would get off the bus and head to the park and the rest area to get sucked off, sometime only one person would be in the restroom and other time their would be several. As summer vacation arrived and I now had all day to spend in the park, well, I knew I would have a great summer.

One day in June I finished the lawn and went to the park and headed right for the restroom that by now I had lost any inhabitations about being nervous about going in or what would happen.

As I went in I found the restroom empty, but knew it would not take long before some guy would be walking in and want sex. So I sat down in one of the stalls, usually the one closest to the urinals so I got a great view of their cocks whiled they peed or stared at me and got hard wanting sex.

I was sitting there for about 10 minuets when I heard the door to the rest room open, and a guy who looked to be in his 50′s walked up the urinal and pulled his cock out. And as horny as I was, I knew he knew I was looking at his cock and wanted sex and I knew this watching his cock get bigger and bigger. He then asked if I was looking to get sucked off, and I said yes. He then said to follow him to the woods.

I had never heard of sex in the woods, but thought it was different and followed him out the door and across a small bridge to a path that led out into a group of paths that led to different areas. I followed this guy for about 500 ft until he left the path and when under this apple tree which had branches almost to the ground and no one would have ever seen us under there.

This guy didn’t take long; he wasn’t that bad looking for an older guy either. He started to grab by cock through my shorts and told me to take off my tank top, which I did since I could see that my cock was running my brain as usual. The next thing I knew I was completely naked with the exception of my tennis shoes. This guy led me to a picnic table that was under this tree and had me sit on the end. He then leaned down and began to suck my cock which was so hot, he then grabbed my ankles and lifted my legs in the air forcing me to lie on my back on the picnic table.

This guy then started to lick and suck my balls, another first for me. But what got me was when this guy started to lick and try and put his tongue up my ass. My body at this point went into overdrive, I had never felt anything so strange, yes so natural in my life. I found myself pulling my knees back toward my chest to give this guy more access to my ass as he licked and sucked and probed my hole with his tongue making is so wet. I kept looking around the woods to see if anyone was watching or had followed us there, I was still scared of getting caught having sex with a man, but my cock was in total control and I knew I couldn’t have stopped this even if I wanted to. After about five minutes of probing my ass he went back to sucking my cock, and before I knew it, I was flooding his mouth with my boy cum. After he finished draining my balls, he asked me if I liked my ass played with, I explained to him I had never had anyone do that, but I loved the feeling.

He said that he came to the park a couple times a week and would love to do it to me again; I just smiled as I got up. I got dressed and we walked back to the bridge and he walked to his car and I went and sat on the swing set feeling his saliva soaking into my shorts from my ass, wondering when he would be back.

To be continued…

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