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February 22, 2014 / by gaystory

Paul. Paul was a guy’s guy. Nice body, one fantastic kisser, and the perfect cock – not too big, not too small, and not to fat. Not to leave out that he was a fantastic caring lover. And, all of this packaged in a beautiful body. Nope, he wasn’t Mr. Six-pack Abs; he was just good looking, and not so much as to be intimidating either. Ah… the times we spent together. Just thinking about him is enough to get me hard. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all sex, he was the best friend a guy could have. I could talk to him about anything, he wasn’t judgmental, and he told nobody nuttin’! Yea, a friend who could keep his mouth shut. Now there’s a rare item – all of him I mean. What a package. The sex with him was fantastic. We were what you might call cuddling oralists. Yea, we loved to kiss and cuddle and were into oral sex. Oh, we did the anal thing now and then too; me topping him or he would top me, but mostly we just loved to suck each other off. He was into sales and traveled a lot and I owned a small restaurant. Between his job and the demands of my small restaurant, our times together were limited.

What happened to Paul? Well, basically, life and reality got in the way – a little. I had been busting my ass to make the restaurant a success and Paul was doing the same thing to get promoted and have other sales people work for him. You might say we were a little too career oriented to give it all up and be poor (like fuckin’ dirt poor) and be together. It was a good relationship, but we weren’t ready to eat nothing but beans and shop at thrift stores to survive and be together. Eventually he got transferred to Seattle. Give each other up? Ha! Not fuckin’ likely! Do we still see each other? You bet your stiff sweet dick we do! Ya might say it’s just a bit of a distance relationship. Either he flies into Denver or I fly up to Seattle to see him. But, when we get together, it is hot! Take the time I’m thinking of right now; it was about a month ago. I’m getting stiff just thinking about it.

Paul flew into Denver one morning for a sales meeting. Unfortunately it wasn’t an over-nighter – I just love waking up cuddling next to Paul and have him spoon me in the morning! Anyway, he had to leave on a flight for Seattle about eleven that evening and be back in the office bright and early the next morning.

As soon as his meeting was over, he came by my restaurant. We slipped out back and took my car. As soon as we were in the car, he planted a nice hot wet kiss on me that got me hard right then! I wanted to tear my clothes off and have at him right then and there in the parking lot – but, I behaved myself, difficult as that was. We dove the few blocks to my house. Once we were in the house it was another matter – we were all over each other. One more of his hot deep kisses and I was hard all over again, and judging from the bulge in his pants, he was pretty horny himself. We parted and just about ripped our clothes off as we headed for my bedroom. We caught up a little on our lives as we stripped and got on the bed, but then it was down to something we both had in mind – sex! We quickly slipped into something we usually do when we are this hot, a 69 position on our sides. I wanted his hard cock in my mouth and I just about shot my load when he took mine into his hot wet mouth, and I don’t mean he just put some of it in his mouth, he had me tickling his tonsils in seconds. I simply can’t describe how – how incredibly sexy – that felt.

I went to work on Paul’s marvelous cock too, taking just about all of it into my mouth and giving him the best blowjob I possibly could. And those nuts of his – I couldn’t keep my hands off of them! They were so big and sexy and hung down so nice and low. I was very busy fondling them as I sucked on him. I could feel his cock-head swelling as I worked on him. I was really concentrating on making Paul feel good and cum in my mouth – because I was about to loose my load in his mouth!

Paul was doing a fantastic job on my cock. He had one of those sort of raspy tongues that can really get you off fast, and he knew how to use it too. He was busy massaging my nuts and getting my cock so very close to cumming. Finally as I was really close, and I was pretty sure he was about to blow his load into my waiting mouth, he let my hard dick slide out of his mouth and said “How about we flip for who gets to get off first?’

“Sure,” I said, letting go of his private parts. I grabbed a coin off of my night stand. “Here, flip it.” I often drop the damn things so I usually let him toss the coin. Yea, we hardly ever try to get off together – it’s just much sexier to really enjoy making the other cum and not be distracted by cumming at the same time. We get close really close with the 69 thing and then do this silly ritual coin-toss thing.

Paul took the coin and flipped it. He caught it with his right hand and slapped it over onto the back of his left hand. “Call it,” he said grinning.


He removed his right hand. It was tails – he got to make me cum first.

I sat up on the bed with my feet under my ass and my knees apart. Paul lay on his stomach and moved to my crotch. One hand lovingly stroked my hard swollen cock and the other started massaging my aching nuts. I had a great view of that hot, tight, sexy little butt of his. This is my favorite way to get off.

“Now, cum to papa,” he said just before taking my cock into his mouth again.

Yea, I was going to cum all right, and with his raspy tongue now working over the underside of my cock head, it wasn’t going to be long either. Up and down he started going, with his tongue working over the underside of my hard cock and the swollen head. God I love the feeling of his tongue on my cock. I knew I wasn’t going to last long and wasn’t going to try.

Paul wrapped his first finger and thumb around my scrotum and pulled down on my nuts a little, making me take longer to get ready to unload in his mouth – and he knows I love it when he does that. His tongue now pressed harder against the underside of my cock head as he wiggled it back and forth.

He had my nuts in his hand and was making them feel so good – one short step from real pain, but not quite – it felt so good. It wasn’t really slowing me down. “I’m gonna cum!” I nearly shouted. “That feels so fuckin’ great I can’t stop! I’m going to cum for you, right in your hot mouth!” My legs were shaking. Seconds later I unloaded the first of I don’t know how many thick spurts into Paul’s mouth and down his throat. I was now bent over him and shaking as I shot thick spurt after spurt of hot cum into his beautiful mouth. It was one of those fantastic cums that last and lasts as I completely unloaded every last drop of my fresh hot semen into his mouth. By the time my orgasm was over, I was absolutely and completely drained – there wasn’t one last drop of cum left inside of me – I had given Paul all I had. I collapsed back onto the bed, my feet still tucked up under my ass – and my dick still in his mouth. “Oh God that was great!” I groaned. “So fuckin’ great.”

“Glad you liked it,” he said, finally letting my now slightly softened dick slip out of his mouth. It was still hard enough that it flipped up against my belly with a wet slapping sound. “You taste great.”

“My dick or my cum?” I asked with a bit of a laugh.


“Well, now it’s my turn at you,” I said finally getting ready to service my lover.

“Man have I got a load for you,” he said getting off of the bed. Paul liked his blowjobs standing – another reason we rarely got each other off in the classic 69 position.

I moved over to the edge of the bed and sat there as Paul moved in close in front of me, his sexy hard dick pointing right at my mouth – that little pee hole, okay, cum hole – pointing right at my mouth. Pointing at where he wanted to unload a lot of his hot sweet cum. Paul has a very mild sweet tasting cum – much better tasting that anyone else’s I have ever tasted. No, I would want a glass of the stuff, but it sure wasn’t hard to swallow his loads. And now, I was going to suck every last drop of it out of him.

“Suck away lover,” he said softly. “Lord have I got a load for you.”

“I hope so,” I said just before taking his beautiful cock back into my mouth. Now, like had had done with me, I could use my tongue on the sensitive underside of his cock head. I would deep throat him a time or two and then spend a few seconds with little more than his large swollen cock head in my mouth with my tongue caressing the very sensitive underside of it. One hand was on his shapely ass, holding him to me – like he was actually going to go somewhere – and the other was holding his large nuts like he had held mine. I pulled down on those big boys and squeezed them a little – a little more than he had mine as he liked it that way. I could feel his cock get just a little harder and swell ever so little more. I knew he was close.

“Oh yea, just like that,” he groaned. “Maybe just a little harder.”

I tightened my grip on his sexy nuts a little more and pulled down a little more. He was a little more into this kind of pain than I was, not that I was exactly squeezing all that hard.

“Yea… like that.”

I kept on sucking on that marvelous cock, knowing that any second I was going to get a mouthful of his wonderfully sweet sperm. His legs started to shake. I knew he was so close. Not more than a minute later my lover gave me my reward for my work.

“I’m…I’m…oh yea…I’m coming!” he nearly screamed. His body went stiff and he thrust his hard cock forward and deeper into my mouth as that first jet of his sperm shot out of his hard dick. Thick gushing spurt after spurt of it shot into my waiting mouth. I swallowed and swallowed and kept right on sucking and working on that marvelous cock head with my tongue. I tightened my grip on his nuts and pulled down ever so slightly more. He groaned and kept on unloading that sweet cum into my mouth. It was like he had one orgasm and then immediately had another. Pretty soon he was groaning, his cock was throbbing, and there was nothing coming out – I had drained him!

“Oh God that was great,” he said finally and backed up, taking his now softening dick out of my mouth. “That was so fucking good.” He turned and sat on the edge of the bed next to me, too exhausted to stay standing.

“You taste great,” I said, swallowing the last little bit of his stuff.

I made him something to eat, we talked for what seemed like forever, and sadly, he finally had to go. One of these days I just may sell off that restaurant and move to Seattle to be with him. I don’t know what I’ll do for money, but there are times like this when beans and thrift stores are starting to look very appealing.


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