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February 22, 2014 / by gaystory

This was the morning I just knew I’d be with James and Ron. I was excited already. James spent most of the past evening, talking to Ron about sex and anything else that came to mind. It was now early morning. We had only met Ron a handful of times previously. Each time we both thought he was very quiet, even around his friends. He had told James he was very “curious” and attracted to men. Come to find out, Ron never had sex with anyone before. He was waiting to meet the “right” person. He was shy to begin with and concerned about rejection. I found Ron to be very attractive. He has dark hair, dark compassionate eyes, strong hands, and perfect lips.

Once hearing that Ron was curious and a virgin, James started planning a way to get Ron in to bed. James and I grew up together, we’re the best of friends, and quickly became lovers. For James to hear that there just might be another man willing to experiment with us gave him such pleasure. He enjoyed the challenge of the game. We had shared a few partners before, but it always came down to being together. I’m more submissive to James, and we both like it that way. James is very open about what he wants and how, and I like to follow that direction.

James had taken most of the evening to get closer to Ron, not only emotionally, but he just about had Ron in his lap at this point. Ron’s friends had already left our apartment, and he was more relaxed. James had also told Ron in a conversation earlier that evening, that he was gay. Ron took it well and I think that was one of the reasons he relaxed a bit more. By now Ron was the only one left at our apartment, everyone else had left several hours earlier.

I kept a little distance from James and Ron, not wanting to make Ron feel he was being rushed or taken advantage of. My mind however was just alight with ideas that would make some gay men blush. I was the quiet one, but I was a bit more kinky than sometimes James liked. I nibbled on some fruit, as I watched Ron and James talking on the couch. I had moved farther way, and could no longer hear what was being said.

Suddenly Ron stood up, and I stopped chewing. James stood up almost as fast and grabbed Ron’s wrist. As Ron looked down, James took his jaw in his hand and pulled his face to his own. I put my peach down and just stared. I could see that Ron was not returning the kiss and I was waiting for him to run for the door. Just then, James relaxed his grip, and moved his hand across Ron’s chest and down his side. Ron was getting caught up in the moment, and kissed James back. After several moments more, James broke off the kiss and told Ron to close his eyes, and he did.

I got out of my chair and tiptoed around the bar, so I could have a better view. Ron eyes fluttered open and he looked at me, and then back to James. James smiled, “He’s not going to molest you. He’s enjoying the view and wants to have a piece of you as well. Ron, he and I have been lovers for many years and have shared a few lovers as well. He will not move from that spot again unless you are comfortable with him being closer.”

I’m sure that put Ron on the spot. I could see that he wanted to go farther, but since this was his first time, he was still shy, and unsure of himself. I sat down on a bar stool, trying my damnedest not to jump up and pounce Ron. I knew better, he would have bolted for the door if either of us tried anything too fast.

James stated, “Look, I just want you to enjoy everything. I want you to trust me. We are all adults here. I can promise you that if you aren’t comfortable at any point, it can all stop. All you have to do is say so.” There was a long pause. “Do you trust me?”

Ron looked at me and then back to James “Yes, I trust you.”

James moved closer to Ron again, “Good. Now I can also promise that Brian won’t hurt you either.”

In that statement, I became a part of the package deal. Ron nodded his approval, and James kissed him once again. Ron’s hands began to relax again, as James caressed his chest and around to his back. Ron’s kiss was just as deep as James’. I smiled knowing that this was exciting James more than he let on. My leg began to bounce as I sat on the stool. I wanted to get in on the scene in front of me but I knew better. James wanted the first taste and I would have to let him.

Their kiss broke off and James slid his hands under R’s T-shirt and began to lift it up. Ron willingly lifted his arms and allowed James to remove his shirt. He was more muscular than he let show. He wore a loose shirt. “You should be showing off these muscles. It looks like you’ve worked hard to get them to look like this” James stated.

Ron was quiet, still in shock I thought. James smiled and began to unbuckle Ron’s belt. As he did so, Ron looked at me, still sitting on the stool. I smiled slightly but didn’t move at all.

James again took hold of Ron’s jaw and made him face him, “Are you sure you trust me?”

“Yes,” Ron whispered.

James said, “Ron, I’m going to make sure you focus on what I want you to. Brian go get me that silk.”

In an instant I was up and hurrying off to get the blindfolds and an extra piece of silk. Once everything was in hand, I came back and saw that James was straddling Ron on the couch kissing him, and Ron was loving it. I was so excited. I quietly walked around the back of the couch, behind Ron and put the silk into James’ hand. I stepped back. I stood there for a few moments and when James broke off the kiss, he whispered for me to go clean up, and wait by the window. I knew exactly where he was going with this.

I headed down the hall, and into the bathroom. I emptied my bladder, and quickly jumped into the shower. I washed my hair, and worked my way down, not missing an inch. I wasn’t in the shower too long. After I got out, I wrapped a towel around my waist and brushed my teeth. I peeked out the door and quietly snuck down the hall. I saw James and Ron in the same position as I left them, only now Ron was wearing the blindfold and all of his clothes were in a pile on the couch. James was still wearing his jeans, but now held Ron’s arms out across the backside of the couch as they kissed.

I stood and watched for a few more moments, until I saw James signaling me to go back down the hall. I turned and went back into the bathroom. I quickly set out several more towels on the counter, knowing this would be the next stop for James and Ron.

I could hear James talking as I was leaving the bathroom, and I retreated into the master bedroom. I scurried in and left the door all the way open. I peeked out and saw them both walking up the hall, Ron in front with James’ hands on his shoulders. I stood at the door, and I smiled. James turned Ron into the bathroom and signaled me into the bedroom. I stuck out my tongue and turned. James was so excited. I noticed that his cock was already bobbing in front of him when he turned into the bathroom.

After the bathroom door closed and the water was running I tiptoed back down the hall and into the kitchen area. I wrapped up my peach and put it in the fridge. I realized that if it wasn’t taken care of I’d end up in trouble. We both liked a clean house and sex couldn’t be used as an excuse. I walked to the couch and gathered up Ron’s clothes. I wasn’t able to get too close to him earlier that evening, but I now noticed there was a sweet smell on his clothes. It smelled good, and not too strong. I was curious what type of body spray or cologne it was. I made a mental note to remember to ask later.

I went back into the bedroom and dried off my hair a bit more. Shortly after I heard the water shut off. I made sure I was as dry as possible and set the towel on the desk chair, and waited. I began to shiver, but not because I was too cold, I was excited. I stood by the window, as I was asked. I noticed that my hands would not stop fidgeting. I stood there, inches from the window buck naked. My cock was quickly growing in anticipation of the events I knew would come.

After just a few more moments James quietly led Ron into the bedroom. He was still blindfolded, but it was a new blindfold, now blue. Ron was wearing a towel around his waist, but I could clearly see his cock fighting to get out. James was also wrapped in a towel, and his cock was also fully erect. James led Ron to the end of the bed, and whispered in his ear. Ron brought both of his hands together in front of him and James gently bound them together with the left over silk. James removed Ron’s towel and guided him into position on the bed. Ron lay on his back with his legs together, and his hands resting across his lower abdomen.

I could see that Ron was comfortable enough but still a little nervous. I caught my self playing with cock already, and things had not even begun.

James whispered once again into Ron’s ear and he spread his legs outward. I noticed that he was well groomed and took care of himself. I was hoping James was considering binding Ron’s legs to the bedposts but he didn’t. It was too early for that.

James stated softly, “Don’t move again Ron, until you are asked.”

Ron nodded silently. James signaled for me to come to the end of the bed. My face brightened into a wicked smile. As I reached James, he took my face into his hands and kissed me deeply. I gave into him completely, and pulled him closer, pushing my hard cock against him. James quickly and deftly grabbed my hands as they began to wonder. I smirked and looked at Ron, his own cock hard and resting against his body. I could see him twitch in anticipation. James softly tapped my ass and I crawled on to the bed.

I slowly ran my fingertips up Ron’s legs and across his pelvis. He quietly exhaled, not knowing what was going to happen next. I gently leaned into him and rubbed my chest up against his cock and across his stomach. He moaned softly. I could feel how hard he really was and leaned forward again. This time on the way back down I pressed my cheek against his throbbing member. He moved his hips ever so slightly, so he could brush against my wanting lips. I blew on him, making him jerk slightly and exhale sharply. I moaned, enjoying his reaction. I began again to stroke his soft skin, this time brushing his cock with my wet tongue. Ron moaned again. I knew at this point he’d give in to me and James without much hesitation.

As I curled my tongue over Ron’s manhood, I positioned myself so my ass was high in the air, my arms on the sides of Ron’s body. I began to lick and nip ever so gently at Ron’s balls, and continued up his shaft, pausing at the tip of his swollen member and back down to his sac.

I could see Ron’s chest rising and falling at a steady pace. I then pulled myself up and ran my tongue across Ron’s stomach, chest and over his nipples. I noticed that his nipples were very sensitive and my licking them made his hips rise just a little. He began to breath heavier, and his cock became even harder. I brushed my lips against his. I felt him shudder slightly and he relaxed his lips, allowing them to part. To my surprise and absolute pleasure, his tongue snaked out and licked at my own lips. I gently sucked on his tongue and he cooed, my moan mixed with his.

“You like that?” I asked in a whisper.

Ron nodded, leaning forward. I kissed him again softly. I wanted to please him and not get too carried away since it was his first time. We kissed again deeply this time he began to explored my mouth with his tongue, taking control. I broke the kiss and again rubbed down across his hard body, towards my goal. I felt Ron move his hips, towards me and that was what I was waiting for. I parted my lips around his manhood and completely took him into me.

Ron’s back arched and he gasped as I began to tease him, gently sucking and releasing him. I could heard his breathing becoming uneven and he moaned louder. My hand slowly migrated to his sac, beginning to massage him gently. Ron’s subtle hip motions quickly became more aggressive.

“You like Brian’s pretty mouth devouring you don’t you Ron?” James asked from behind me.

Ron didn’t answer, but reached out with his hands and pushed my head lower. Forcing my mouth deeper around his cock, as he raised his hips higher. I was loving it.

I swallowed Ron, taking in his velvety softness over and over. James’ fingers deftly fondled my balls as I continued my work. I felt him moving into position behind me on the bed. I soon felt his bulbous head sliding across my tight hole. He rubbed himself against me, teasing me.

“Oooh Come on Brian, Ron likes that” James said after a few moments.

I felt Ron tremble as his orgasm drew close. I didn’t notice, but as James teased my hole, I had begun to suck more feverishly, quickly bringing Ron to this point. He was gasping for breath trying to maintain the struggle. I began to lick Ron’s balls again, and travel up his shaft. His breathing didn’t slow much, he was still so close and I wanted to taste him.

James slid his length into me and I gasped, moaning out loud. I pushed back against him as he accelerated his pace. As he pounding me, I tried to keep pace with my sucking. Ron’s hips moved forward again, trying to get me to take in more of him. And I did just that. I relaxed my throat, and took all of him into me again, pulling back and sucking his shaft. I rolled my tongue over his tip and repeated each motion. All three of us were moaning out loud. Enjoying everything.

Ron gasped again and his muscles tightened, the first wave of ecstasy rushing over him. He came so hard I was surprised I was able to keep him in my mouth. Once he was done, I swallowed and rubbed his legs as I leaned back and kissed James, sharing Ron’s taste with him. James pulled my head back by my long hair and kissed me even deeper. He let my lips go, breaking our kiss only to thrust deep into my body in an urgency to fulfill his own need. James came hard, moaning loudly, his body went ridged and when finished he fell forward against me breathing heavy in my ear.

“Ron I want you to get on your knees,” James said after he caught his breath, leaving Ron no room for argument. He moved to the side of the bed and finally released Ron’s wrists. Ron carefully maneuvered himself to the head of the bed and knelt down as he was told.

“I want you to move closer to Ron,” James stated to me and motioned for me to be quick about it. I knelt before Ron and arched my back, knowing exactly what James had planned.

Ron leaned forward and reached out with his hands. My cock ached, it throbbed with such need for his mouth. Ron gently took hold of my hips, trying to get his bearings. He licked his lips and explored my lower body slowly with his finger tips. His fingers traveled down my torso across my thighs and then ever so gently across the soft skin of my hard member. He honed in on my shaft, feeling me jerk suddenly with pleasure. He began to stroke me slowly. A moan escaped my lips and my hips began to move to the rhythm of his motions.

Ron glided his hand up down and over my stiff cock, making me moan louder and gasp for breath. He moved with such an intense passion I couldn’t help but want him more. I pushed my hips further forward hoping he’d realize my intention. He did.

Ron quickly leaned down and gently slid his tongue across my cock, causing me to arch my back again and I gasped quickly for air. I held my breath for a moment as Ron stopped, hoping that I didn’t scare him off with my reaction to his tongue. After what seemed like an eternity, Ron slid more of my throbbing member into his mouth. He worked my balls and cock as if this was no where near his first time before. I struggled to resist my own climax. I didn’t want this experience to be over so soon. I struggled to remain still enough so I wouldn’t hurt Ron, but it was hard to do. My quick gasps for breath seemed to drive Ron into a more fevered rhythm. He masterfully suckled me, pulling my hips closer to him as he took more of me into his mouth. I gave in and grasped his head, gently but firmly pulling him even closer.

I pumped my cock into his mouth, trying not to get too carried away. Ron continued to pull me even closer, deeper into his throat. My head fell back as he constricted his throat and sucked, which caught me off guard. My body shivered and I almost climaxed. Ron took full advantage of my surprise. I moaned loudly and once again Ron took me deeper into his throat. I gave in.

“I’m gonna cum,” I gasped, not knowing how Ron would react.

Ron sucked my tip once more and I released my seed into his wanting mouth. Ron continued to suck every last drop out of me, then he finally let me go. I gently pushed him away until he lay on his back with his legs stretched out before him on the bed. He quickly caught his breath and smiled.

“Both of you need to sleep, get under the covers,” James said and turned on the fan across the room.

I nudged Ron onto his side, and covered him with the blanket. I got into the bed and curled up next to him as James left the room with my wet towel.

“Are you okay?” I asked

“Yeah, actually I feel great and loved it all,” Ron replied.

“I’m glad you don’t regret it,” I said and began to untie his blindfold.

“No, there’s nothing to regret. I’ve been so curious about being with another man, and to my surprise, I was with two my first time. I’m glad we did it,” Ron stated and blinked his eyes trying to adjust to the soft light coming through the window.

I handed the blindfold to Ron and said, “Here, this is something for you to keep, and always remember. No one else has to know if you don’t want them to.”

Ron’s reply was, “Some of my friends know I’ve wanted to be with other men, some don’t. Unfortunately, not everyone sees that it’s really okay. I just find men more attractive. Some men anyway.”

“It’s really just your own business anyway. It’s up to you to share what you want with other people. When you wake up I hope you still feel the same way you do now. I’m here if you just need to talk it over or whatever. James too. He just isn’t as much of the snuggly-type.”

Ron said, “That’s okay, I’m okay, really. I mean it, I really did enjoy all of that.”

“After this much needed nap I’m gonna shave and shower and get something to eat. You’re more than welcome to join me. I think James has to work in a bit, so he may not be around.”

“Sounds good to me,” Ron said stifling a yawn.

Before drifting off, I felt Ron move closer to me. I truly hoped he was as comfortable as he said he was. I wanted to introduce him to much more if he was willing. I was quickly beginning to realize that this relationship could turn into something much more than something sexual. I didn’t want to rush Ron, but I was hoping he’d want to hang around more now, than he had in the past.

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Part two will follow shortly.

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