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Seamus Ch. 02

February 22, 2014 / by gaystory

“Me, Cyndy and Kev and whoever else we can find, are going out tonight, there’s a new band playing at Pump,” Harry said. “Do you wanna come?”

“I don’t know,” I replied. I was damn sure that Neill was going to be in my bed that night. I wanted that to happen as soon as possible. “I’m pretty busy at the moment, heading up to the University Games.”

“Oh, come on man,” Kevin said. He slung his arm around the girl (‘Cyndy’), obviously his latest screw. She was a pretty redhead, but she only looked 18. He was a complete sleaze, but still a good mate. “You always have an excuse like that. What’s happened to you? You used to go out every night and have fun with girls and shit. Now, in the last few months, you’re turned into an old man, ‘Oh no, I can’t come out, I’m too busy’, ‘I’m too tired’, ‘I’ve got practice tomorrow’, ‘I’ve got a test tomorrow’, blah blah blah, you’ve always got some lame excuse. We’re all sick of it.”

“Yeah,” Harry added for extra effect. “Bring the old Seamus back.”

I was about to reply when my phone rang, inside my room. I always had it on loud (except in lectures) in case I had another job coming up. “I’ll give it some thought, guys, and talk to you later. I’ve just got to answer that phone.” I went into the room and shut the door behind me, breathing a sigh of relief. It was then that I realized that Liam had skulked off at some point. It disturbed me, stuck in my mind like a barb. He always came and went so quickly, without a sound. It was creepy.

My phone was in the pocket of the jacket I’d discarded. I picked it up and flicked it open. ‘Neill’ flashed on the screen. “Yeah, it’s Seamus,” I said.

Neill exploded. His staticky voice screamed into my ear, “That fucking son-of-a-bitch! Do you know what he’s done? I’ll fucking kill him!”

“Who?” I asked. “Slow down.”

“Liam!” Neill shouted. “He called the towing company on me. It was nothing to do with the kitchen staff – they don’t even use that service entrance! Get this – he told Greg and Harry that there were problems with the kitcheners, so that I would get a message and get out there in time to see my car going down the road attached to a truck. It’s pathetic. Why the hell does he do shit like that?”

“Shite,” I said. “Did you stop the towies taking your car?”

“No. The bastards had come all the way here,” he spat, sarcastically, “from one block over, so they had to take it to be ‘worth-their-while’. Fuck. I couldn’t even get my stuff out. And guess what? It’s $200 to get it out of the impound lot. Bloody Liam, I’ll kill that motherfucker!”

“Where are you now? Do you want me to drive you over to the impound lot?”

“Nah, I’m in Jill’s car, we’re outside the impound now. I’m gonna fucking kill Liam.” The line went dead.

Unfortunately, Ms. Kelley, one of my aging gym-bunnies, had rung me that morning to reschedule her appointment to this afternoon. I left regretfully, a note to Neill on top of his bed. I hoped everything with his car turned out ok.

It was about six by the time I had grabbed a shower and got back to the Hall. I ignored people and slipped quickly down to our floor.

I started to unlock our door, but heard Neill yell from inside, “Door’s unlocked!” He had the bass up high on his stereo.

I found him sitting on the floor with his knees up, leaning against his bed. He was wearing the same brown, tweedy, retro-old-man pants he had worn that afternoon, but had changed into a black shirt, which he wore open over his tanned chest. Several empty bourbon-and-coke bottles lay scattered around him, along with a half-full bottle of rum. I also distinctly smelt pot. “Dude, you’d better not set off the fire-alarms again. Liam’s pissed us around too much already,” I said.

“I put the joint out ages ago. It still smells pretty good though.” Neill said. He didn’t look up.

I sat down on the floor opposite him, against my bed. “So what happened with your car?”

He looked at me and smiled with pursed lips. His lips might not have looked too happy, but his eyes seemed to have their spark. He brushed his hair off his face, leant over, and switched the stereo off. “It’s impounded. If I don’t pay their fine, they’ll sell it for parts.” Suddenly, he smiled properly. “That’s the bad news. The good news is I got all my stuff out of it and told them they could sell it. It’s a shit car anyway – probably only worth about $300. I don’t think they’ll get many useful parts off it – it’s unwarranted, the undercarriage is all rusty, the clutch is tetchy, the starter-motor plays up all the time and the left rear door doesn’t open from the inside. I was sort of waiting for it to die.”

“So what are you going to do for a car?”

“Well, I don’t like doing this, but I rang up my parents. Mum already knew about the car and she hated me driving it, and, well, I hadn’t told Dad what I was driving. They’re going to give me a loan for a good secondhand car, which I’ll pay back sometime, probably never. I pay for everything I have here, Dad can give me something for once,” Neill said. “I’m still pissed at Liam, though. I mean, what is his problem? He’s always giving people shit for no reason. He’s like a fucking psychopath.”

Neill smiled at me again and something quirky happened with his face that looked like an open invitation. He licked his lips and smiled again, then dropped his legs so they were out straight. His shoeless left foot came to rest between my legs.

I smiled and started stroking my own thigh, how I wanted to touch his. I maintained eye contact with him, and licked my lips back. “You haven’t done anything to Liam yet, though?” I asked.

Neill undid his belt buckle as he talked to me. “No, Jill stopped me from going after him when we got back from the impound lot, but I tanked myself up on rum and went to his room a couple of hours ago. The fucker wasn’t in, or else he was too scared to open the door. I kicked it a few times and started shouting and Jill escorted me back here.”

“She just leave you here like this?” I pushed down the elastic waistband of my shorts. My cock felt hot and wet through my briefs.

“Nah, I convinced her that you were coming back soon, and hid the bottles from her. She had a few drags of my joint, we talked awhile, then she left.”

He unbuttoned the top button of his fly, causing his loose pants to flop open. I could see the painful tent his cock was making beneath the zipper. He eased the zipper down slightly, but didn’t pull himself out. He reached inside and ran his fingers up and down his shaft, all the time watching my face. I couldn’t help but groan as he pulled his wet, precummy fingers out of his pants, stuck out his pink tongue, and licked them. I couldn’t move, I was just so enthralled by my best friend licking his own precum from his fingers. He must have taken my inactivity for fear or disgust or something like that, because he stopped suddenly and asked, “Are you still into doing this?”

I gasped, suddenly breathing heavily. I nodded. I could watch Neill all day. There was just something about him, and only him. I never felt like this about any other guy, just him. “Hell, yeah,” I breathed.

Neill went back to stroking his cock, still stuck inside his pants. “I mean… it would just be… like casual, right? I mean we- we aren’t- you know- yeah?”

“Yeah,” I said. He was right, we weren’t gay, neither of us felt anything for other guys, and we were both attracted to and good with girls. No-one would ever have to know about it if we didn’t want to tell them. I got up and turned the stereo on again. “So our hallmates don’t come down here thinking we’re having a fight again.” I sat down next to Neill, my legs outstretched.

“So- Like, how far do you want to go?” Neill asked.

I reached over and pulled his meat into the open. It was really long. I don’t know how long, but longer than my 7 ¾ inches (The ¾ was very important to me… I’m sure everyone’s measured theirs at some point in time). It was searing hot and veiny and sort of flinched in my fist like it had got a fright. He wasn’t as thick as me further down, but his head was big. It was a beautiful red-purple split bulb, glistening with precum. His foreskin had retracted, so I stretched it up, delighting at the way he groaned as his cock twitched. Quickly, the foreskin retreated from his fat head, so I pulled it back up and let it fall a couple of times. Then I began to slowly fist his hot cock, lubricated by the precum rapidly dribbling from his piss-slit. Neill was absolutely still. I don’t think he breathed. I could feel his heart beat rapidly in his veiny meat, almost matching my own. “How far do you want to go?” I whispered in his ear, then nibbled his earlobe.

Neill’s breath seemed to come in short bursts. “All the way- Any way we can- Fuck that feels good- Shit- You’re so good-” His blue eyes fixed mine for a few seconds, and my hand went slack around his cock. He turned his body toward me and brought his left hand up to my face. He brushed his fingertips over my forehead, eyelids, cheeks and chin. His fingers, calloused from his job as a computer inputter for some accountancy firm (completely against his principles, but it was money), felt smooth and light on my skin. He traced a line about my lips with his index finger, then gently pushed it inside and ran it along the heat of my lower lip. I sucked him further into my mouth, my tongue tip flicking on his fingertip. “You’re so perfect, you’re so fucking bloody perfect- I can’t believe it.” he groaned.

Neill plucked his finger from my lips and stood up. His pants fell down around his ankles, leaving his engorged pole standing alone above his hairy balls. He stepped out of the pants and kicked them away. He pulled me up and I helped him strip off my shorts and soaked briefs. We merged together, hard-ons pressed tightly against each other’s chests. My hair stood between his fingers as he drew my face to his. Then Neill stopped. “You want this?” he said. “Do you really want this?”

I could feel his warm breath on my lips, and taste a mixture of rum, bourbon, coke and dope in my mouth. There seemed to be a lot of saliva. I swallowed. My lips felt dry. I licked them. “Course I do.”

All I could see were his bright blue eyes, large, sparkling, piercing into me. “Tell me how much you want it.”

“A lot,” I whispered, slightly confused by Neill’s question.

“What do you want to do to me?”

I think I understood then. I started to think about my fantasies of him, but decided they might freak him out. Instead, I talked about everything that came into my head at the time. “Um, well- I want to kiss your mouth- and your neck- your chest- I want to lick your nipples and stomach- God- I want to suck your cock in my hot, wet mouth. I want to lick it all over the head and taste your precum and lick the ridge underneath- and your hairy balls- Fuck, I want to suck you off until you cum in my mouth or on my face- and-”

I think Neill’s eyes were smiling. He did not move, until he whispered, “Will you fuck me- Please? Or would that be too weird?”

“Yeah,” I whispered back. “But only if you fuck me.”

“Shite,” growled Neill and ground his sticky hard-on against my stomach.

Our lips met, open-mouthed, tongues playing each other. His mouth was scorching hot and tasted incredible. It was a different kiss to anything I had ever had before, even the one that afternoon. Neither of us was holding back. It was so hot, so masculine and aggressive. I was so turned on that I humped my pelvis against him harder. Our hot cocks rubbed hard, lubricated by dripping precum. His hairy groin tickled me like crazy. I liked that.

Neill reached between us and gripped both our shafts, so that they pushed together side by side, giving our rubbing more control. He leant forward against me, his other arm on my shoulder for support. His head was in the way so I couldn’t really see anything but I could certainly feel it. His sticky hand was curled around our cocks (it couldn’t close completely), jacking us fast. His cock seemed to twitch where we touched, whilst mine just got real hot. The hot friction was amazing. After a few seconds, he sank to his knees.

He stared up at me, a devilish smile upon his face. “Now I’m gonna suck your cock. I’m gonna suck it really good and you’re gonna cum all over me.” Neill lowered his face to my cock, one hand wrapped around its thick girth. I’d never seen my cock look so purple or swollen before. I’m sure it was bigger than usual. As I watched Neill, a big drop of precum beaded in my piss-slit and hit the floor between his legs, narrowly missing his cock. My cock wriggled in anticipation. Neill puffed cold air on me, seemingly mesmerized by my meat. I guess he was scared. I was scared when it was my turn. It felt like there was no going back after this.

“Please-” I gasped. “Please suck my cock- Arggh-” His lips stretched themselves around my head, then sucked me in. His mouth was very wet and warm, kind of like a pussy. I could feel his sizzling tongue playing my length as he sucked me in as far as he could manage (about a third of my cock was in his mouth), then pushed me out again and again. He tried to take me deeper, but it didn’t work.

Neill choked and coughed. My cock slipped from his mouth, flicking warm saliva on my thighs. He gripped me tighter then, and stared up at me. He stuck his long tongue out and carefully orbited my throbbing head and shaft. I couldn’t believe it. To me, this was better than when I was in his mouth. I loved seeing his wily tongue on my cock, and the way he stared up at me made it seem more special – like he was doing it to me and not just to someone’s penis.

His tongue became more persuasive as he got more adventurous, exploring my piss-slit and the folds of my foreskin. He followed the ridge beneath my cock all the way back to my smooth balls (already tight with cum), which he suckled and swirled in his mouth. His hair kept tickling the underside of my cock as he did this. My hips shook. After about a couple minutes of ball-sucking, I couldn’t stand the pressure anymore. I ran my fingers through his hair and directed his head back to my dick. As I did so, his teeth grated against me as he playfully held and released me. The added friction drove me up the wall. I groaned.

Neill stopped sucking. “Is that okay? Are teeth okay?”

“Anything you do is okay,” I gasped. “Is it alright that I hold your head?”

“Yeah,” Neill said. “I like you showing me where to go.”

With that, I gently pushed his head back onto my cock. This time, he easily took in at least half of my meat, sucking and slurping with his hot mouth. His head bobbed back until I was almost completely out of his mouth. I thrust my hips toward him, and pushed his head down on my cock. He let go of my shaft and grabbed the backs of my knees. His head easily slid along my shaft, his tongue exploring me as he did. At one stage, he started to gag and came up for air. “I’m- gonna deep-throat you,” Neill groaned between coughs.

Neill gagged again and again, but wouldn’t pull his mouth back from my cock, even though I released the hold on his head. I was moaning encouragement to him as he finally swallowed me until my whole cock was buried in his mouth. His hair brushed against my stomach and I felt his hot breath burst from his puffing nose. The rhythmic contractions of his gag-reflex sent shivers through me. My cock jerked in the hot, tight space of his throat and I thought I would cum. He held me there for what seemed like ages, until we both ceased to spasm.

Then Neill started up again. I was whimpering, begging him to let me cum. His tongue pushed up against me and undulated along my length. It made my cock feel wet all over. My body sizzled with prickly electricity that sapped my strength and made me think my knees would give way. Just when I couldn’t take it any more, he started to play my length again, pulling his head nearly completely off my cock then taking me all the way in. He was incredibly fast.

All I could do was grunt in pleasure. I moaned his name and told him what a good cocksucker he was, and how I was going to fuck his arse just the way he was sucking my dick. After that, I slipped into gasping words like “Shit,” and “Fuck,” and “Oh God.” I grabbed handfuls of his silky hair and rammed his head down my meat, moaning his name. I was completely out of control… when somebody knocked on the door.

Jill again. “Neill, are you in there?” I saw the door handle turn and had this horrible fear that the door wasn’t locked, luckily it was, though I didn’t remember doing it. “Come on, Neill, open up. I can hear you moving about in there.”

Neill’s sweaty fingers tightened on my knees. He was breathing heavily through his nose, but he made no attempt to pull his face off my cock.

“Neill!” Jill shouted. She banged the door loudly. “Are you all right?”

I don’t know why, but I spoke. “Neill’s not here!” It shocked me that she could hear us. I hadn’t even thought about that when we started. I hoped that our neighbors, Harry and Joanna, were out.

“Seamus, Neill’s pissed and half-stoned. Where’d he go?”

At that moment, Neill did something really mean. He licked his index finger and reached between my legs, stroking my nuts on the way. He reached up as far as he could and traced his wet finger down between my buttocks, until he reached my tight, puckered hole. He rubbed the finger over and around my burning arsehole. My breath caught in my chest. He licked his finger again and pressed it into me until my hole gave way, with only a slight tug of pain. His finger was cold compared to the heat that seemed to burn in my arse. He started to thrust back and forth in my opening, whilst his mouth maintained a tight hold on my cock.

I looked down and saw his eyes staring up at me, a definite devious streak in his look. I was quivering all over and trying not to gasp, when Neill buried two more wet fingers, deep into my arse. I don’t remember much pain, more a big shock that my arse was spread open like that. It was not just the sensation of being penetrated, but also the thought that another guy was fingerfucking me that set me off. I completely lost control, crying out as my cock exploded in his mouth. My cock spurted so hard that it escaped his lips, jerking and shooting hot cum all over his eager face and chest.

Jill banged on the door again. “Seamus- Seamus, are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I gasped. I leant over and supported myself on the bed. I flashed Neill an evil look as shockwaves continued to ripple through me, more cum spraying on his bed-cover. “Just strained myself doing stretches.”

“Can I come in?” Jill asked. “I’m really worried about Neill and all this shit with Liam.”

“No-!” I shouted, before I had thought of an excuse.

“Why not?”

I avoided her question. It was hard to speak, but somehow I got out a breathless, “Neill’s gone to Mike’s. He’s not here.” As I spoke, Neill’s mouth extracted cum I didn’t even know I had left. Another orgasm washed over me. I couldn’t stifle my loud groan of enjoyment.

“Seamus, are you jerking off?” Jill said quietly, through the door. I almost laughed. That’s what I liked about Jill – she was straight up and down and said exactly what was on her mind, rather than side-stepping or playing mind-games.

“Um…Yeah,” I lied. It was half-true. Neill was just helping me out with my cock.

Jill laughed. “Okay, um… I’ll get you to drop by later if you’re not too busy, yeah? Tell Neill I’m looking for him, he’s switched off his phone.” She laughed again. “Okay, well, um, have fun with your meat. See ya.”

I managed to gasp, “Bye!” as my orgasm drained away.

I stared down at Neill. Shit, he was a mess. I had never seen so much cum (except in old porn). Cum dripped from his nose, eyebrows and chin. His hair was matted and wet. There was cum on his chest, his shirt, his bedspread and the floor. As I watched, he ran his fingers down his face, smirked, and dipped them into his mouth. “You are a monster,” I whispered, not sure whether Jill was out of earshot.
“Sorry- I couldn’t help myself. I love seeing you squirm,” Neill whispered, then laughed. More seriously, he said, “Did you like that? Did I do it right?”

“Better than anyone else,” I said, honestly. I slumped, facedown onto his bed. I felt drained and my arsehole throbbed with fire, yet I could not stop shaking with excitement. My spent cock dribbled between my legs, onto Neill’s bed and the carpet.

Neill climbed up beside me and knelt on the bed. It had a crappy soft mattress, so as he sunk in, I was drawn into the dip around him. “Mmm…Thank you,” I murmured. “Thank you so much. I can’t believe what a dickhead I was to you last night. I’m really sorry.” I pulled myself upright and put my arms around him and began to lick my tangy, slightly bitter cum from his face. Intermittently, we kissed, hard and fast, sharing the flavor between us. Very quickly, his face was all clean. I stopped for a second. “Was that okay? I mean, on your face? Was that okay?” I had only ever met one girl who had liked that. The rest seemed to get freaked out about the mess or psychological shit (like I mustn’t respect them if I came on their face).

“Stop worrying,” Neill whispered as he nuzzled my ear, treating me to open-mouthed kisses on my neck and jaw. “Anything you want, just do it to me. Everything you do drives me wild- I was getting so frustrated, I thought about- climbing in your bed and sucking you while you were asleep- or getting you so stoned that you couldn’t stop me- I mean, I wouldn’t really do it-”

“Yeah, I had some thoughts like that,” I said.

“Why didn’t you do anything about them? I dropped enough hints.”

I pushed him onto his back, his head at the foot-end of the bed, and leaned over and kissed him. “Cos I’m an idiot… I was scared about what would happen- I wasn’t even sure you were for real, or just playing gay chicken. I have to be the dumbest guy on the planet… But damn, I’m glad that we sorted it out…” I brushed his chest with my fingertips, and with both hands pulled his shirt as wide open as I could get it.

Neill’s olive skin enshrouded long, lean muscle. He had broad shoulders, but his body tapered along his trunk, and his hips were narrower than mine. His powerful, yet slender, shoulders and upper-body muscles were a result of competitive swimming at high school, as were his lean, muscular legs. He wasn’t bulky like me, but definitely not unfit.

His chest hair was an object of fascination, since I had religiously removed mine since I was eighteen (a girlfriend told me that she didn’t like it on her tongue or face). His chest seemed more masculine, with its the triangle of golden curls above and between his nipples, and the narrow trail down to his groin (I looked forward to licking down that path). I loved the way the hairs felt; thick, coarse and silky at the same time, so different to my own smooth skin. In places, his hair was slick with cum, but as I bent to lick it off, Neill pushed me away.

“We gotta stop.”

I was completely taken off guard. “Why?”

“You invented a half plausible excuse with Jill, but you gotta remember that its around tea-time now. They’ll all be coming back to their rooms, or down here to talk to people. You can’t stall by telling people I’m at Mike’s and you’re wanking all night. For all we know, Harry is sitting at his desk, the one pressed up against our wall, right now. Joanna might even be home.”

“The walls dividing the rooms are made of concrete bricks, mate. You can’t hear a damn thing through them. The wall with the door is the only one not soundproof.” I was angry. “I thought that you wanted this!”

“I do,” Neill hissed. “I just don’t wanna get caught out, and neither do you, else you wouldn’t have been so fucking paranoid last night and you wouldn’t have lied to Jill.”

“Look who’s being fucking paranoid now,” I snapped. “I just want to give you back what you gave me.”

“I can wait, we can both wait. Fuck, I’m sure the anticipation or something’ll make it even more explosive, yeah?” His voice mellowed. “Is that okay? Are we cool?”

“I suppose so,” I said, disappointedly. I wasn’t finished with him just yet – I managed to suck his neck until he moaned and pushed me off the bed. “So we get dressed now and pretend we’re normal, straight guys for a few hours?”

“We are normal, straight guys,” Neill replied. I had begun to doubt that… “You should probably go see what Jill wants. I’ll clean up, then sit in the common room in half an hour or so, and tell everyone I’ve just come in from Mike’s house.”


Jill let me into her room with her normal, wry smile.

“Don’t worry, I’ve washed my hands,” I joked.

“Good,” she replied. “I won’t have to go round with spray-n-wipe after you leave.”

Let me tell you about Jill. She had long, shiny, straight hair dyed a dark, purple-black color. I’m pretty certain she was naturally blonde, if the hair color of other areas was anything to go by. Her skin was very light, like cream, with a pink flush along her cheekbones. She lined her eyes with thin stripes of black eye-liner, and always had a streak of purple on her lids. She was incredibly beautiful and had an amazing body. Yet, most guys were scared of her and I don’t think she had many female friends. I guess it was ‘cos she looked a bit Goth and had some very deep convictions about things like the war and freedom of speech. She was plainly spoken, and said what she really thought, rather than lying to protect people’s feelings, which some people would prefer. She fitted in well on our floor. She was “one of the guys” in thought, speech and action, but her clothing was definitely different.

That day she was wearing a bright, emerald green skirt sewn from what looked like old curtains. Around her neck was a tarnished gold chain with an amulet of amethyst. A tight black top dipped low on her breasts. I won’t get started on her breasts. They were perfect, I’ll leave it at that. On her feet were some purple velvet stilettos decorated with tiny, off-set bows. Jill was the only girl I knew that wore pantyhose because she liked them rather than ‘cos she had to for work and stuff like that. That day she wore sheers in a muted purple color, which shone slightly on her curvy calves.

Her room was a single room, probably about a third-quarter the size of mine. Since it was a cheap room, perhaps cheaper even than mine and Neill’s, it was crappily furnished. The Hall had provided her with a tiny, skinny bed (it hardly fitted Jill, let alone anyone extra), and a desk. There were built-in cupboards by the door. While we were ‘going out’, Jill had bought a couch for $10, which wouldn’t fit in her room – Mike had cut it back to three-quarters size with a chainsaw, and Jill had slipped bricks under the side that didn’t have an arm. It was now wedged in the space between the bed and the wall the door was on, but you had to climb over its corner to get into the room.

“Don’t stare at me, sit down,” she said. “Look, let’s just forget this afternoon, ay? I’m not embarrassed but I think that you are.” She grinned savagely and opened her wardrobe door. It always amazed me how she managed to fit things in odd places. She had a small refrigerator and a TV in her wardrobe so that you could sit and watch TV on the couch with a beer (these were not new – she had gleaned them from the transfer station at the tip and fixed them up). She opened the fridge and got herself a bottle, giving me a good view of her curved bum and the Celtic tattoo above it. “You want one?” Before I could reply, she chucked it to me.

Seating herself on her bed, her back supported by black satin pillowcases, Jill said, “I’m really worried about Neill.” Jill had gone to school with Neill, and they’d been friends for years. I don’t know if they were ever girlfriend-boyfriend, but they were very close. I had only known Neill and Jill one year, and they were my best, most honest mates. I felt like I didn’t have to pretend to be smart or strong or a lout around them, I could be myself. I hated lying to Jill about me and Neill, but truth was I couldn’t say anything until we’d figured out how serious it was. As far as I knew, it was only casual sex, not important for anyone to know, just like when me and Jill had slept together for a while. We cared deeply about each other, but sex was a secondary relationship to our friendship.

“Over the last week, Neill hasn’t been himself. He’s been grumpy and on edge and taken some stupid risks. I mean, it’s not like him to start fighting with you over some silly girl, and he never drinks alone. You’re pretty close to him, do you know what’s going on?”

My cheeks felt hot, but if I was blushing, Jill would have commented. “He’s fine, Jill. Everyone has bad days. He’s back to normal now.” I hated lying to her. Jill deserved better than that. But if it was only casual and going to end soon, what was the point in telling anybody? Me and Neill were not gay, and didn’t need our lives complicated further by people who thought we were.

“Are you sure?”

“Course I’m sure,” I replied.

“But you’d tell me if there was trouble?” This wasn’t like Jill at all. She normally went straight to the point and did not muck around fishing for answers.

I smiled, “Oh come on, don’t look so worried. It’s not like you to get all wound up like this. Of course I’d tell you if there was anything going down. There’s not. Neill’s just been a bit shitty lately, that’s all, and I’m sure he’s sorted it out. It’s like when you have PMS.”

“I don’t get PMS!” Jill snapped in mock-anger. Her expression quickly shifted into a frown. “Has he said anything about Liam?”

“He had a lot to say about his car being towed,” I replied.

“Yeah, he was bloody angry,” Jill said. “I was scared that if he kicked Liam’s door anymore times his foot would go through it…” Her voice trailed off and she looked quite serious again. “You’ve both had problems with Liam lately, haven’t you?”

“Stop worrying. Liam’s not going to get anyone too upset. Yeah, he has a problem with everyone, but everybody knows he’s an arsehole, and nobody takes much notice of what he does, other than swear a bit.”

“You have to be careful,” Jill whispered.

Perhaps if she had told me everything she knew, some things wouldn’t have happened. That doesn’t mean I blame it on Jill, far from it, but if I knew Neill’s background better I may not have hurt him so much. I might have understood why he behaved as he did, instead of trying to work it out later and getting angry and doing stupid things. Of course, it wasn’t really up to Jill to tell anything; it was Neill’s life, after all…

After that, we moved on to other topics, and through some beer. Jill went back to her normal, joking self. However, her worries about Neill and Liam still clung in my mind. It was just so unlike her to give guarded questions like that, and not say what she was really thinking. Later, we joined Neill and some others and went up to an impromptu pool tournament in the main common area of our wing (a big games room upstairs.) Neill came second, so we had to celebrate that. There was a lot of drinking (the RAs were mysteriously absent, most were nice enough not to fine us for alcohol in common areas).

Couples started to pair off and disappear, until only us ‘singles’ remained, draining off in loose groupings. It was after midnight by the time we got back to our room, since we diverted to Greg’s large, third-floor room (a fucking mansion compared to our basement room) on the way to listen to music and talk shit. We held liquor well, as students generally do. Neill and I were both ‘happy drunk’, not quite tipsy and definitely not comatose.

Our room was pitch black. I heard him lock the door, but after that, he moved so quietly, I didn’t know where he was. The lights flicked on. I was standing next to one of the desks, which had just found my shin in the dark. I felt his arms come around me from behind. “I’ve been waiting for this all day,” he whispered in a husky voice, nuzzling my neck.

“You’re certainly pleased to see me,” I gasped. “Or is that your wallet grinding against my butt?”

Neill laughed a little, then said, “You were just waiting for a moment to say that cliché, weren’t you? Anyway, you had a boner half the night. I saw. When that Becky-girl sat in your lap, she thought it was for her. Greg couldn’t understand why it was so funny when she slapped you… Now, tell me, was it for her?”

“You know who I was hard over, and what are you complaining about, Mr. Stand-close-to-the-pool-table-and-hope-no-one-notices?”

“I was not!”

“You were so. I bet your boxers are all wet with precum, if you’re wearing any of course.” I swiveled around and shoved my hand down the front of the sports-pants he’d changed into. As usual, he hadn’t bothered with underwear. The lining of his pants felt as hot and slick as my boxers. He was red-hot and hard as wood. I grabbed his shaft, roughly, and pulled it from his pants. “What do we have here?”

Neill’s steely fingers grabbed me through the front of my trousers, and pulled me to him. I felt myself spasm like I was about to cum, and was seeing stars. “Probably a similar specimen to what we have here,” he whispered. He kissed me, not gently like before, but hard and aggressively, like he knew what he wanted.

When he released me, I was quivering all over. “We’ve got to fuck,” I gasped. “Please fuck me. You’re making me so hot.”

Now that I look back, I wonder when I stopped being scared. Was it when Neill sucked me earlier, or when I was half-pissed that night? A change had come over me and I no longer really cared what people would think if they knew. I said and did exactly what was on my mind, anything to feel the incredible arousal that Neill’s presence drew from me. I know I sound like a sap, and a slut, but that’s how it was for me. I’d do anything for Neill.

Neill moved his arms around my back and pulled me into him. His blue eyes narrowed. “You sure?”

I rubbed my body against his, enjoying the friction of our clothing on my sweaty skin. His engorged cock, still over the waistband of his pants, dribbled hot precum onto my polo-shirt. “Of course I am. This is what I want.”

“Have you ever..?” Neill asked, “Has anyone ever put anything in your arse?”

A shiver washed over me. “A few fingers, nothing bigger.”

He smiled. “Me neither. Scary, huh?”

“I trust you,” I whispered. “I want you to fuck the virgin out of it. I know it’ll hurt, but I don’t care.”

“I just makes me so horny, thinking about it – you in me, and me in you. You ever butt-fuck a girl?”

“A few times,” I said. “What, you think that means we’ll know how to do it?”

Neill shook his head. “I don’t know, we’ll have to try and see.”

“What about condoms? Have you ever had sex without one?” I asked.

“No,” he said. “Why?”

“I haven’t either. That means we’re clean right? ‘Cos I want you to fill me up when you cum, not some rubber bag.”

Neill kissed me hard with an open mouth. Our hot tongues played and tasted the night’s mixture of drinks. He started to pull my shirt off whilst mouthing my cheekbones, neck and jawline. “That’s so fucking hot,” he murmured into my ear, teasing it with his soft lips. He pulled back so I could haul off my shirt. He did the same. “I don’t want you to use a condom either, yeah? When my arse is split open, I want your juices pumping into me.”

“Fuck man, don’t say it like that. You’re making me so horny I might force you down and do it now,” I groaned.

Neill kicked his shoes off and ripped his pants down. “Go ahead, Seamus, I’m all yours.”

I was hyperventilating as I stared at his hot body. Those long, lean limbs and his finely muscled abdomen drove me wild. His blonde hair glowed under the lights, on his head, his chest, right down to the patch above his cock, his heavy balls and legs. His cock, red and raw in the shaft, and deep purple in the head, curved up in front of him.

I tore what was left of my clothing off, and grabbed some lube from my bedside cabinet. I pushed him back onto my bed, whispering, “On your back,” then climbed astride him. He made a strange, purring noise. His fingers traced the curves of my arse. “Mmmm…” I groaned, enjoying the sensation. I pressed back so that his hot cock and flushed nuts pressed between my cheeks, my cock and balls flat on his chest. I rocked myself against him for a moment. His breathing was coarse and erratic.

“Fuck man,” he whispered. “This is so fucking hot… Just you and me…”

I moved up Neill until my cock brushed his lips. He eagerly opened his mouth to feed on my meat. “Just to get me wet,” I murmured as I stroked his hair. I was a selfish prick. “Let me know if it’s too weird.” I allowed him to lap his tongue around my swollen red cock, all the time watching the way his head tilted as he puffed breath and his eyes smiled on mine. I felt his lungs and ribcage expand with every erratic breath, then deflate once more between my tensed, muscular thighs. My balls rubbed against the stubble on his chin.

After a bit, I lay against him and we tongued, sharing hot saliva and the flavour of the night’s drinks and foods. Sweat ran from my forehead onto his face, quickly cleaned up by my mouth. The bedsprings screeched as we humped our sweaty bodies against each other. We gasped and groaned, telling each other how fucking great it felt. I was beyond caring whether anyone could hear us or not. Harry was out with Kev at Pump. We couldn’t hear Joanna screaming, so she wasn’t there. If worst came to worst, we could always blame sound on Joanna (‘the Nympho’), who had an extremely active sex-life when she was home, which was seldom. Nobody really knew her at all. Greg thought she was a hooker.

My right knee looped between Neill’s, causing his legs to be forced apart. I pushed my right hand into the gap. My sweaty fingers found a way behind his balls, to stroke lightly across his dry puckered hole. I wouldn’t stick anything inside him unlubed, but he didn’t know that. I teased the hot skin with a bead of sweat that had dribbled between his clenched butt-cheeks. He jerked involuntarily against me, squishing his hard, wet meat, into the knotted muscle where my abdomen joined hip. I reached between us with my left hand and grasped him tightly until he whined for release. Release he got. Eventually.

My own body was just as out-of-control as his. Against Neill’s side, I rubbed my fully hard cock, swollen and demanding attention, although his mouth had temporarily sated it. Everywhere we touched burnt and dripped sweat as if we were in a furnace. Most of all, I noticed that whenever I did something to Neill that sent him shivering, moaning, or forcing my head to his body, my corresponding body part would go into palpitating spasms, sending shocks of warmth to my cock.

I maintained my grip around his long shaft as I licked a line over and between his nipples. I stopped to tease each hard point with my teeth before giving them a light suck that had Neill moaning like a child. I would have liked to spend more times on his nipples, but I was too frantic with thoughts of his cock to bother.

His chest-hair felt wonderful as I swirled it around my tongue, sucking it to form small tents on his chest. Maybe it was the friction, the way it tasted (salty, pungent with a strange after-taste that I couldn’t quite pin-point), or the fact that it was definitely masculine, that resulted in my shivering skin. I licked down his chest, drawing hot, wet circles that became smaller and colder as I left his nipples. Finally I was tongue-circling the hairy skin above his cock, around and around and around. I mimicked the action with the fingers I had pressed to his tight anus. I don’t think either of us could take it anymore. I lifted my head and gave him a long lick along his ridged underside, then parted my lips.

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