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Skaters Romance

August 26, 2013 / by gaystory

This is a gay romance story:

This story has been a while in production, with little time to devote to writing it has taken a long time to get the story the way I envisioned it. I do hope you enjoy it, it is lengthy to warn you, but I didn’t want to spilt it up into parts I think that takes from the story, I love stories that flow evenly so this is my attempt. And, as always this is fantasy, always practice safe sex. I have had so many comments on my stories asking me to go into more detail, I hope this has enough for those who asked for it, that is why it has taken so long to finish it. Enjoy the read, like I said it is lengthy because I didn’t want to chop it up.


Scotty and Dekeon were best friends, they grew up together in a small town in middle America. They did practically everything together, there usually wasn’t one without the other. They were different from most teenagers growing up in their community, they were known as emos, short for emotional. They had good reasons to be emotional, Scotty’s family life was not the best one, his father was a drunk and abuser, his mother wasn’t much better, his brother Jared and he were constantly on guard just in case things went bad.

His hair is naturally blonde but he kept it colored jet black, it was not really long but he kept it parted to the left side and was nearly always covering his beautiful blue eyes. He wore cut off black pants to board shorts, he didn’t always only wear black shirts it depended on his mood.

Dekeon’s family was a good average family though they didn’t like his choice in lifestyle (meaning being emo). But they got along okay and he and his sister were close.

His hair is naturally black, he kept it long and always wore a knit cap, he wore cut off black pants to board shorts and always wore long sleeves under whatever shirt he was wearing.

My name is Peter and I am telling their story, because it’s a beautiful and tragic story. So some would say then why tell it, because it deserves to be told and because they were my friends and they were the most outrageous and wonderful guys you would ever want to know.

One summer day in July they were sitting at the skate park as usual, they had graduated from high school in May and were working at the local McDonald’s. They had just gotten off work and they were hanging out with their friends. Out of the blue this guy comes along with a video camera taping them as they skated.

After awhile Dekeon went over to the guy to ask about what he was up to. He said that he was a film producer and director, he was looking for young men who wanted to make extra money doing film work. That of course got Dekeon’s attention because he was always broke, he called Scotty over to him and told him what was up. They both followed the guy over to his car, now I know and you know that going with a stranger in a car is wrong, but the ole mighty dollar was in Dekeon’s eyesight so keep that in mind. They got into the car and he introduced himself as Steve he was from Florida, Ft. Lauderdale to be specific.

“Well guys like I said I am a film producer and director, I think you guys would be perfect for what I have in mind. But I have to know your names and how old you are?” he asked.

“My name is Dekeon and I am 18 years old, I will be nineteen in December.”

“I’m Scotty, and I am 18 too, I won’t be 19 until February.”

“Do you both have a photo ID so can make sure of that?”

“Sure,” they both said at the same time. They pulled out their ID’s and gave them to him.

“What exactly is this film that you are doing about?”

“Well first let me ask you some questions, okay?” he said as he handed back their ID’s.

“Sure go ahead.”

“What is your sexual orientation?”

“What!” they both said.

“Are you gay, straight, bi-sexual?”

“Straight,” Dekeon said quickly.

“Me to,” Scotty chimed in.

“Okay, have you ever had any type of gay experiences?”

“No way,” Scotty said with a disgusted look on his face.

“Why are you asking those kinds of questions?”

“Well, I film adult movies.”

“You mean like porno’s,” Dekeon said.

“Yes, gay porn to be specific. I hook up hot guys together film them in sexual situations, just because it’s gay porn does not mean that you have to be gay to do it. A few of the guys I work with are actually straight, have girlfriends or wives. They choose to do gay porn because the pay is better than straight porn for one and for another most of the guys say that it’s much easier being with a guy on camera than it is a girl because there is less drama on the set.”

“Your kidding,” Dekeon said.

“No I’m serious. Most of the guys are gay or bi-sexual but some are very straight.”

“Wow, that is unbelievable. So what is it that you want from us then, to have sex with another guy?” Scotty said.

“Not just another guy, with each other.”

“You have got to be fucking shitting me, he’s my best friend I couldn’t have sex with him,” Dekeon said.

“I couldn’t either, I think you got the wrong guys sorry,” Scotty said reaching for the door handle.

“You don’t want to hear how much the pay is?”

“How much?” Dekeon said.

“Well, it depends on what you are willing to do. If you work with another guy and do an oral scene and you both do oral it’s around $250, if your willing to go further the pay is better. For anal sex per scene is about $800 to a $1,000.”

“Your kidding,” Scotty said looking over at Dekeon.

“What, your not seriously thinking about doing this are you?” Dekeon said.

“Well, where else you going to make that kind of money in one night. I know I could use it to move out of my parents house and we could get our own place together like we have been planning to do but we haven’t had the money,” Scotty said.

“I don’t know if I could do it Scotty, its just not normal,” Dekeon said sitting back in the seat.

“I don’t know if I can either but its worth trying for the money isn’t it?”

“Before you guys go any further, listen I am not here to push you guys into anything. I saw you guys skating and you’re the type of young guys our clients are looking for, twink skater boys. Its very popular right now on our site. Maybe you guys should talk about it before you decide anything, or maybe you could come down where we are filming watch and see if it’s something you are willing to do.”

“I guess that would be a good idea, what do you think Deke?”

“I guess there isn’t anything wrong with checking it out, but I still don’t know if I could do it, especially with you.”

“What do you mean especially with me?” Scotty said questionably.

“Not like that, you’re my best friend what will happen to that if we do this. I don’t want to lose you to make money,” Dekeon said touching Scotty’s arm.

“Me either.”

“Okay, I think you two need time to think about this. Why don’t you think about it tonight and call me tomorrow, we will see how you feel about it then and go from there, how is that?”


“Here is my card, call my cell tomorrow by 12 noon because I have to get this stuff shot before we head back home.”

“Sounds good,” Scotty said opening the car door.

That night Scotty stayed at Dekeons house and all they could do was sit staring at the TV screen, they didn’t know what to say to each other. The thought of having sex with one another was beyond imagination.

Dekeon couldn’t help but think about how doing this would get Scotty out of that house of hell that he lives in, and if they had a place of their own it could be party central for all their friends. But he couldn’t help thinking about what would happen to their friendship afterwards.

“What do you think we should do,” Dekeon said turning to look at Scotty.

“I guess that depends on if we can do it or not. I know we could both use the money. I would love to get out of that house, I don’t know how much longer I can take being there Deke. Maybe we should try it to see if we can even do it,” Scotty said also turning to look at Dekeon.

“Your kidding, now you want to do it now,” Dekeon said staring at his friend.

“Why not if we can’t do it here in private then there is no way we could do it front of some guy on camera,” Scotty said.

“I guess your right but what do we do,” Dekeon said turning around in his seat to face Scotty.

“Getting naked is a place to start I guess, we have been naked together before in school so it’s not really that different,” Scotty said.

“It is different there aren’t any other guys around and touching each other was not involved at school, this is totally different,” Dekeon said standing and undoing his belt.

They both stood up took their clothes off and sat back down on the couch, not knowing what to do then. They were again in silence just staring at the TV.

Dekeon was nearly ready to get up and get dressed again when he looked over and noticed that Scotty’s cock was fully hard and he was staring at him. He did not want to let him down he would go through with it as far as he could because it seemed to be so important to Scotty to do this to get out of his parents house, and he wanted that for his friend.

At that moment Scotty reached over and touched Dekeon’s cock making Dekeon take a deep breath, he continued to touch him his hand moving up and down the shaft of his cock. He lowered his head to his lap stuck his tongue out and licked the tip of his cock. He opened his mouth wider and took Dekeon’s cock fully into his mouth moving up and down on it. Using his tongue to lick the head and taking it in deep in his mouth again. It wasn’t as bad as he thought in fact he was feeling really horny at the moment.

On the other hand Dekeon was freaking out in his head, the feeling of Scotty sucking his cock was so intense that he was confused. He knew it was his friend doing the sucking and he knew it was a guy. But he was starting to really like what was happening. That was the confusing part how could he like it but yet it was wrong to be having sex with another guy, especially with his best friend. At that moment Scotty chose to stop and look up at Dekeon, their faces were mere inches from touching, they were staring into each others eyes when Scotty moved in and their lips were now touching.

Scotty couldn’t believe what he was doing he was kissing his best friend, seconds past then all of a sudden Dekeon was kissing him back, the rush from kissing him filled his body with longing for something more. They pulled at each others bodies, Scotty straddled Dekeon’s lap still kissing him Scottty reached behind him and continued to stroke Dekeon’s cock. It was a good thing that Dekeon’s bedroom was in the basement because the moans from them both filled the room.

Dekeon broke the kiss looking up at Scotty straddling his cock, staring into his eyes as if without words he was asking him if this is really what he wanted. Scotty shook his head in the affirmative. Dekeon leaned forward to get into the drawer in the cabinet by the couch, he retrieved a condom and a small tube of lube.

Scotty scooted back onto Dekeon’s knees to allow him room to put the condom on, he put some lube on his cock, Scotty positioned himself over his cock. Slowly he guided Dekeon’s cock to his hole, slowly he lowered himself on to Dekeon’s hard cock.

S- Oh my GOD! D- You okay? S- Yeah, it fucking hurts though. D- Do you want to stop? S- No, it’s fine I just have to get used to it a second. Don’t move just yet. (Dekeon holds on to Scotty hips, lovingly stroking his skin) D- Ok, you tell me when your ready. (Scotty laid his head down on Dekeon’s shoulder, slowly he moved his hips lowering himself down further on his cock until he was sitting fully on Dekeon’s lap) S- Okay. (Dekeon slowly starts to thrust up into Scotty) D- My God, I can’t believe how good this feels, your so tight on my cock. S- It does feel good, it still hurts a little but it feels good. D- God! S- Yes! D- So good! S- fuck me, oh God fuck me. D- Oh yeah I’m fucking you. S- Harder!! (staring into each others eyes as Dekeon’s thrusts become more frantic, Dekeon embraces Scotty’s face in his hands and they kiss passionately as their hips thrust together) D- ah yeah! S- yeah fuck yeah! D- kiss me again! S- yes! (they kiss and continue to move their hips together thrusting wildly until Scotty throws his legs around Dekeon’s hips, he pushes Scotty back until he is on his back on the couch his legs in the air. Dekeon thrusts hard into Scotty as he runs his hands over Dekeon’s body.) S- I think I like this too much. D- I know, me too. S- I don’t want to lose you because of this, I don’t want to lose my best friend. D- You won’t lose me, I’m right here. (they stopped talking and began thrusting their hips faster into each other)

Scotty’s moans of pleasure were getting so intense and loud that he grabbed the throw pillow and put it over his mouth because he knew he couldn’t keep quiet and if he didn’t do something fast he was going to wake the whole house and they would know what they had been up to. Practically screaming into the pillow he looked up at Dekeon smiling down at him, he pushed the pillow up to lightly smack him in the face with it.

S-I’m going to cum, don’t stop. Fuck me harder!!(cum exploded over his lower stomach) D-OH GOD!!! I’m cumming too! S-Cum on me! D-You want me to cum on you? S-Yes!! D-Okay. (Dekeon stroked his cock for only a few seconds more and his cock sprayed hot cum all over Scotty’s stomach. Then Dekeon collapsed onto Scotty chest)

Moments later they rolled to their sides spooning on the couch, Dekeon pulled the blanket off the back of the couch covering them. Both laid there not knowing what to say to each other. They fell asleep then wrapped in each others arms.

In the morning they found themselves face to face, smiling they kissed and headed to the shower. After their shower they sat wrapped in towels on the bed.

“So do you want to call that guy and try it on camera?” Dekeon said.

“I guess so, I think it would be worth it don’t you,” Scotty said dropping his towel and putting on his underwear.

“Yeah it would be worth it, the money would be good too,” Dekeon said with a grin.

“Your bad you know it,” Scotty said throwing his towel at him.

“Well the way you were screaming for more last night tells me I’m not that bad,” he said throwing the towel back at him.

“I’m sorry I didn’t know it was going to feel so good, I don’t know what got into me. I don’t know how to describe how it made me feel to feel your cock inside me. It was like no feeling I had ever felt before.”

“I know for me too, are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yeah, we have come this far.”

Dekeon called Steve and got directions to where they were doing the filming. It was a large house out in the country. They pulled into the driveway, and again they talked about if they should go through with it. After again going over the good points and bad of doing it the money won out yet again.

Steve walked out of the house and greeted them. He led them into the house, it had a large open floor plan with huge vaulted ceilings. There was about four different guys lounging on the couch in the living room. Steve led them in and introduced them to Jessup, Lane, Martin and Josh. They were pretty cool guys. Jessup was a thin guy with his hair shaved close to his head, he had lots of tattoos. Lane looked like a pretty boy, perfectly groomed hair, and tanned. Martin was a dark Latino, with dark hair and eyes, and a few tattoos. Josh was a good ole boy from the south with his accent.

“Guys this is Dekeon and Scotty they are here to watch for now and hopefully they will get the nerve up along with other things to try out on camera. So for now Jess you and Martin are up. Let’s set up on the couch first, then we will move onto the floor in front of the fireplace on these blankets and pillows we have set up. I want you to remember about watching hand and arm placement especially when I am doing a close up. Your set up is your waiting for your girls to get back from shopping you have been drinking beer and watching television. You decide to watch a movie and Jess you pop in a porno. Your watching then start stroking, rubbing your cocks and of course then you start lines about being curious and what not then start touching each other. You know where it leads just improvise the lead in. Dekeon and Scotty you guys sit over on the staircase out of view of the camera and watch how it’s done. We will talk after the shoot.”

They sat an watched as the two on the couch played out almost everything that they had done with each other the night before. It was amazing to them to watch how they stopped several times to allow for movement of lights and such, how the guys stroked their cocks or for one of them another guy came into to suck on his cock to keep him hard. It was like they were removed from the scene until it was time for them to get back at it.

They looked at each other and smiled kissed and quickly began touching each others bodies. Their passion coming from each other and not what they had been watching. They moved up the stairway that they were sitting on away from sight of the others, Dekeon covered Scotty’s body with his own, Scotty’s legs bent and knees in the air and Dekeon playfully thrust his cock on his through their clothes, while kissing passionately.

They were completely caught off guard when they heard footsteps and the shutter of a camera behind them. They turned around to see Scott taking pictures of them.

“Dude what are you doing?” Dekeon said flipping around to sit on the stair.

“Taking pictures of two hot guys getting it on, if you can’t handle that I don’t know how your going to when I am filming you and Mark is taking pictures.”

“It’s cool, we will be okay you just startled us is all,” Scotty said standing up.

I want you guys to go with Michael here he is going to show you your setup and what to do to get ready if you are sure you still want to go on with it that is,” Steve said retreating down the stairs.

“We are sure,” Dekeon said looking at Scotty.

“Okay this is Michael he is one of my assistants he will tell you about your set up and how to get ready for the shoot, we will start in about 2 hours so listen to what he tells you to do and I will see you guys later,” Steve said as he went back to the two guys on the floor in front of the fireplace.

“Alright guys follow me up stairs since your halfway up anyway,” Michael said as he turned to go up the stairs.

The boys followed Michael upstairs and they went into a large bedroom with a massive king sized bed in the middle of the room. It was a bright room with floor lamps on either side of two sets of French doors that led out to a small deck off the back of the house. They followed him into the bathroom which could have been another bedroom by the size of it. It had a large glass walk in shower with shower heads on two walls and over head, a large spa tub, brown tile floors, rust colored wall color it was definitely a mans bathroom.

“Okay first thing is who is bottoming?”

“I am,” Scotty said quickly.

“Okay then I need you to take these,” he said handing him a box of enemas.

“Are you kidding me?”

“Nope, you have to clean out before you go on camera. Steve is really adamant about it, sometimes it happens on camera that someone is not totally clean and you get dirty shots but he likes to make sure. It’s part of being a porn star they all have to do it. By the way don’t use them how they are, dump the contents and rinse them out and put warm water in them, there is a chemical in there that will make you go for hours if you use it how it is now, water is better. Just fill them up and go to the toilet as much as possible. Then if you think your clean fill it up one more time go to the shower do it again then watch as you release in the shower if nothing comes out your clean. Try not to use too much water or it may come out later if you don’t make sure it is all out.”
“Okay, if that’s what it takes.”

“Alright if you need any help just let me know, as for your set up Steve wants you two to go to the basement your going to be skater boys just getting home from the skate park and decide to watch a video and it turns out to be a porno, you get horny and take it from there. Alright?”

“Sure, I think we can handle that,” Dekeon said sitting down on the side of the spa tub.

Michael left the room and Scotty began dumping out the contents of the enemas and filled them with lukewarm water, sitting on the toilet he placed it in his ass and squeezed the bottle. It took about a half hour before he felt that he was truly cleaned out, he took a shower and did as he was told. Drying off he wrapped the towel around his waist and went out into the bedroom where he found Dekeon lying across the bed asleep. He laid down on the bed next to him wrapped his arms around him snuggled down and went to sleep as well.

The next thing the boys knew they were being awakened by Michael about an hour later. Scotty got dressed then they followed him down stairs to the basement.

“Alright, you ready to do this?” Steve asked them.

“Yeah I guess so,” Dekeon said.

“I’m ready,” Scotty said.

“Okay, now what I need you guys to do is take your skateboards and go to the top of the stairs. Make out like you just got back from the skate park or something talking about how much fun you had or another skater or something. Be sure not to look at the camera too much, pay attention to each other, talk to each other not the camera. Don’t start touching each other too soon, be kind of scared or you know but really wanting to touch each other. Talk about how you never did anything like that before, your not sure and so forth.”

“I think we can handle it,” Dekeon said looking over at Scotty.

“I know we can,” Scotty said touching Dekeon’s arm.

“Okay, head to the top of the stairs start anytime you are ready.”

They walked to the top of the stairs, holding their skateboards they walked down the stairs laughing and talking.

D-That was a awesome track to skate on wasn’t it? S-Hell yeah it was. What do you want to do now? Watch a movie or something? D-Sure. How about that movie you said you had that Mark gave you the other day. S-Alright. (he gets up puts a tape in the dvd player and sits back down on the couch) They sit and watch some of the movie and then begin rubbing themselves, undoing their belts. D-Man are feeling as horny as I am? S-Hell yeah do you mind? (he pulled out his cock and began to stroke it) D-No I guess not. (he pulled out his as well and began stroking it too) S-It’s getting hot in here. (he took off his shirt and pants) D-Man this getting me so hot. (he did the same and took the rest of his clothes off as well) When they were naked they ended up really close to each other, Scotty looked over and reached for Dekeon’s cock. D-What are you doing? S-Do you mind? D-I have never done anything like this before. S-Neither have I but it feels good. D-Yeah it does. Can I do you too? S-Sure. (he moved so that they could both jerk each other off more easily) They jerked each other off for a period of time, then they saw Steve motioning for Scotty to start sucking. He leaned over and took Dekeon’s cock into his mouth, Dekeon moaned loudly at the touch of Scotty tongue on his cock. He put his hand on the back of Scotty’s head pushing slightly to urge him on. Scotty got into a better position and continued to suck on Dekeon’s cock. Using long and short strokes twisting his wrist on the down stroke, sucking down from the tip, taking in as much as possible. Occasionally he would raise his head and look Dekeon in the eyes. One time he did it and Dekeon kissed him, with that Scotty moved and sat across Dekeon’s lap, kissing him with fervor.

D-Do you want to? S-I’ve never done anything like this before I don’t know, I heard it hurts. D-We can stop if you don’t like it. S-I guess then, yeah okay. Dekeon got a condom and put it on, just like their first time together Scotty sat back and allowed him room to put on the condom, he got some lube and rubbed it into his ass. Dekeon pushed Scotty off his lap and stood, he motioned from him to lean over the back of the couch, he guided his cock in place, pushing forward. It took a few attempts but his cock finally pushed through. Scotty I’m sure could have been heard through the entire house as loud as he was with each thrust of Dekeon’s cock. D-Damn your ass is so fucking tight. S-You’ve got a big dick man. D-Does it hurt do you want to stop? S-Fuck yeah it hurts, but no I don’t want to stop it feels better now. D-Fuck yeah it feels awesome. S-Yeah, fuck me. Fuck me hard. D-Oh yeah, oh yeah. With each thrust Dekeon was stroking Scotty’s back, holding on to his hips thrusting hard into Scotty’s ass. The camera would get in the way at times and Dekeon would hit it with an elbow or something and they would just keep going. They changed positions after a little while and moved over to a large leather covered foot stool, Scotty laid on his back with his legs in the air and Dekeon continued to fuck Scotty’s hole. S-Damn I never knew something like this could feel so good. D-Me either, I have never felt anything so tight on my cock before, not even my last girlfriend. S-That’s pretty sad, but oh God I love the way your cock is just hitting all the right places right now. I really need to cum. D-Not yet, not yet. Your ass is so good. S-Why don’t you let me ride it. D-Alright. Dekeon flipped onto his back and Scotty held his cock and took aim for his own hole. Dekeon was supporting him with his arms, as Scotty began to ride his cock. S-Oh fuck, oh fuck. D-Oh my fucking God your ass is so good. S-Go slow a minute this position hurts a little. Dekeon slowed his movements down, he reached up and took Scotty’s face in his hands, they were looking into each others eyes. Dekeon’s cock pushing up into Scotty’s ass, and he was moving his hips in time with Dekeon. They went on like that for what seemed a long time, both the guys were beginning to be cover in a sheen of sweat. Dekeon pushed Scotty off his cock grabbed his hand and moved to the couch, they laid down one on each end their legs entwined jerking off their cocks. One hand was busy jerking their cock the other holding the others hand, it was both hot and intimate at the same time. D-Oh God you better hurry I’m going to cum. S-Oh damn, oh God yeah I’m ready. They stroked their cocks only seconds more sat up while still stroking and aimed their cock at each other, cum exploded over both their cock, bellies and chests. They wrapped their arms around each others necks and began to kiss, Steve demanded them to open up so that he could get pictures and film of the cum on both of them. They laid on their backs on the couch, breathless and panting while Scott did his thing.

“Wow, is all I can say guys for a couple of straight guys you sure put on a good show there, so how did you like it?” Steve said turning off the lights.

“It was the most amazing thing and more that I have ever felt in my life so far,” Scotty said looking up from the couch.

“I agree there, it was amazing,” Dekeon said sitting up.

“Are you guys glad you decided to give it a try?” Steve said handing them each a towel.

“Oh of course it was worth it and not just for the money either,” Scotty said looking at Dekeon with a smile on his face.

“Would you like to do some more while you’re here, I could put you in another scene with another model so you can make some more money if you want to?”

“I don’t know, I thought we would just be together for this not with someone else too,” Scotty said standing up.

“Well you guys talk it over if you are interested let Mark know and I will set up a scene with one of the models, or we could put you both in and do a threesome scene, now that might be hot. You talk it over let me know.”

The guys went up stairs where they had been before, got into the glass shower and began to shower each other off. Scotty soaped down Dekeon top to bottom, kisses were exchanged with every possible turn. Then Dekeon did the same for Scotty. They didn’t talk about the scene or the offer until they had finished their shower and headed to the bedroom wrapped in towels they sat on the bed.

“What do think we should do?” Dekeon said.

“I’m not sure about doing it with someone else, I only wanted to be with you. Doing it with someone else makes me nervous, I don’t know if I would be able to make it through a scene without you being there,” Scotty said moving to lie next to Dekeon wrapping his arm over his stomach.

“So does that mean you would rather do a threesome scene or you just don’t want to do it at all?”

“If you want to do it another scene with another model that’s fine I will be okay with it, if you want to do the threesome I will try is all I can say. It would be easier with you there but somehow weird I don’t know. You fucking another guy while I am there or another guy fucking me. I’m not sure what we should do here. But another scene means more money and we can really get a nice place or a better car. What do you want to do, honestly please tell me.”

“Okay honestly, a door to a totally different world has been opened up for us, I would have never thought of you in this way if it had not been for Steve’s asking us to do this shoot. You are my best friend and you always will be, we are a lot closer now of course and now I don’t want that to change either. Being with you, making love to you, kissing you is nothing I would have thought or even seen coming, but I think it has strengthened our relationship even more, don’t you?”

“Yes, I would say our relationship has gone to a completely different level than we could have ever seen it going to. I am very glad that it did, I’m glad that it was you that I could have this experience with. But after today is going to stay the same, we are both on an erotic high right now, what happens when we come back to earth? Are we going to still be friends, if so what kind, best friends, boyfriends, what? I don’t know the answer either, I see the confusion in your eyes just then. I don’t want to loose what we have now to something that will only last this day, do you understand what I mean?”

“I know what you mean, I don’t want to loose you either over doing a scene or not doing it. What’s going to happen after today, I guess we take it one day at a time, I know my feelings aren’t any different for you than when we drove up here today. Well wait I guess they are different, you know how I feel about you, we have been best friends since we were started school together. I think our friendship has only gotten stronger over the years, we have been through some hard shit together with you and your family, me and mine. Always there for each other side by side.”

“I know what your saying I see its hard for you to say, so I will. I love you, now not only as my best friend, but the feelings I have for you are even more now if that makes since. I really do love you Deke.”

Dekeon rolled over on top of Scotty their face mere inches from each others, “I really do love you too Scotty. I have never felt like this with anyone, I know we only started this because of this thing with making some money but I think it has always been there we just never saw it because we weren’t ready to, now that we have broken that proverbial barrier I don’t think we can go back again, and I don’t want to. I guess what I am saying lets see where it takes us, as long as we are together I’m up for anything.”

“Okay, one question then.”


“Who’s the girl in this relationship, me or you?”

Dekeon playfully punches Scotty in the gut and begins tickling him, “You’re the bitch in this relationship.”

Playful tickles are replaced with loving touches, caresses and kisses. Towels removed and mouths set upon the others cocks. They sucked each other in a side by side 69, their hands on each others bodies. They were into each other so much that they didn’t notice when Steve and Josh walked into the room.

Steve had Josh undress and join the guys on the bed, he sent Mark down to get his camera to get the stills while he got it on film.

Dekeon and Scotty looked at each other as Josh joined them touching both of their bodies, they looked and saw Steve filming, shrugged their shoulders and both began sucking Josh’s cock together. Licking up each side of his cock their mouths would meet and they would kiss, taking turns they would each suck his cock into their mouths, while the other licked his balls, licked his inner thigh, rubbed his ass and each others. Josh leaned down and kissed them both, they shared a three-way kiss and went back to sucking.

Dekeon left Scotty to suck on Josh’s cock and moved to his ass, he licked up Scotty’s ass crack which caused Scotty to let out a loud groan while he had a mouthful of cock. He spread his cheeks and flicked his tongue on Scotty’s tight hole, he pushed his tongue on it trying to get it in. He made several attempts to and got the tip in once, Scotty about jumped off the bed. He had to hold him because he began squirming so much, sucking Josh’s cock was the last thing on Scotty’s mind. His hand was on Deke’s head trying to push him deeper.

Steve had laid a few condoms and some lube on the end of the bed, Deke grabbed one up and lubed it up and moved in behind Scotty. He had begun to suck Josh’s cock again, Josh rubbing his back and running his finger into his crack where Deke had just been. Deke guided his cock to Scotty’s hole, he stopped sucking Josh’s cock and looked back at Deke, smiled and Deke pushed inside.

Dekeon had been fucking Scotty for a while when Josh asked if he could take a turn at Scotty’s ass. Scotty shook his head to let Dekeon know that it was okay with him. Josh put on a condom and laid on his back wanting him to ride him. Scotty guided his cock to his hole and he slipped inside with a little bit of effort to keep him inside.

Scotty was riding his cock while Dekeon was beside him kissing him, when he leaned over and whispered to him that he wanted him inside him too.

D-Your kidding right at the same time, both of us? S-If I was kidding I would be laughing. J-Fuck yeah do it. D-Are you sure you want to do that it’s going to hurt like hell we are both pretty big? S-It hurts regardless, but it also feels so fucking good. But like you said earlier, when are we going to have this opportunity again. Please Deke do it for me! D-If its what you want you know I will do anything for you. Settling in behind Scotty he lubed his cock up really well, be pushed it as hard and as gently as he could to break through with Josh’s cock. S-Oh God!!! J-Fuck! D-Baby are you sure about this? S-Please Deke, more give me more. Oh My God!!! Dekeon was finally inside and began to fuck him in earnest, Josh was fucking up into him as well, Scotty was frozen in the center of them both. His loud screams of pleasure were once again heard through the entire household and an audience appeared in the doorway of the bedroom. Scotty finally used to the feel of them both in his ass leaned up and began thrusting his hips on their cocks and much as they were giving. Dekeon was kissing Scotty’s back, neck, shoulders and lips as he plowed his ass. S-I can’t take much more I’m going to cum. Steve moved in for the cum shot. D-Do you want me to take mine out? S-No, God no keep fucking me both of you. J-If your going to cum you better make it quick or I’m going to cum. D-Me too. S-Fuck it, just fuck it. No need to tell them twice they drove harder into his ass, he stroked only a few more times then came all over Josh’s chest, neck and face. They pulled out quickly and Scotty laid down on the bed and they both shot their loads over his chest and face. S-Fuck yeah. D-Oh God, that was so fucking awesome! J-That was amazing, I’ve never done a double penetration before it was great. D-You okay Scotty? S-Yeah, I’m just fine. My body is just a bit on the tingling inside right now. J-I bet. They noticed the people gathered at the doorway just then, Dekeon looked over at Scotty and saw that he had gathered the sheet to cover his body with. Josh got up and headed to the bathroom. He pulled Scotty close and held him.

Steve put the camera on the end of the bed and sat down, “I never expected that one. You guys did a really great job, I hope you don’t mind me putting Josh in the middle of you two?”

“No, I think it worked out really well. I didn’t expect that either but it was the most amazing thing ever,” Dekeon said wrapping his arms around Scotty.

“Well, I won’t ask you guys to do another shoot today. I think he’s had enough for one day. You guys take a good long shower, and whenever you are ready come downstairs, Michael is making the whole crew dinner for our last night here. I would like you two to join us, then after I will have your checks ready for you. I hope the experience was a good one for you both, and you have my card if you ever come to Ft. Lauderdale call me and I will definitely be able to put you to work, and probably be able to hook you up with a place to stay if you need it.”

“Thanks, we might have to think on that. But if we do we will give you a call. We’ll be downstairs in a while I think he needs to rest for a little bit,” Dekeon said laying Scotty’s head down on the pillow stroking his forehead with the back of his hand.

“You bet, see you downstairs. Take your time.”

Dekeon laid down beside Scotty taking him into his arms, “Are you really okay you seem a little freaked out?”

“No, I guess I am okay. I just never thought that I would do something like that and enjoy it in that way.”

“I was worried you were having second thoughts about this, about us.”

“No, I don’t think we could go back to the way things were before even if we wanted to. Besides I told you how I feel about you that’s not going to change no matter what we decide to do from now on.”

“What do you think about his job offer?”

“I don’t know, Florida. I guess it’s warmer there than here but you know our families will never go for it.”

“Who said we have to ask them, we are over 18 you know. Yeah but my Dad will never allow it. What about my Mom and Jared, what would happen to them if I wasn’t close if they needed me?”

“You can’t be there forever you know, how are we going to move into our own place if you can’t leave them alone in that house with him. You have to live your life too, beside if we are going to try this relationship thing if he finds out it would be better to be out of state when it happens don’t you think?”

“Are you saying you want to be public with us as a couple?”

“I thought that’s what we both wanted isn’t it? Or do you want to keep it a secret?”

“Can’t we just see how things are before we make major changes in our lives like coming out to the world let alone our families?”

“I can see your point Scotty, we will see what happens and go from there. You ready for that shower?”

“Yeah, let’s go get cleaned up. I’m hungry .”

They got downstairs and gathered with the rest of the guys, the dinner was filled with lots of laughter and talk from everything from sports to politics. After dinner Steve pulled them aside and handed them their checks. $3,500 for each of them for less than a days work. He reminded them of his offer to come to Florida anytime and work for him.

They headed home to Dekeon’s house went to the basement after grabbing a couple of drinks. They got undressed and got into bed, sex was the last thing on their minds as they had had enough for one day. Dekeon pulled Scotty in close to his body and they drifted off to sleep.

It had been a week since they had done the shoot, they had decided to combine their money in a account, got “ole blue” a tune up, got some new clothes and shoes. They saved the rest for their place together, they had already started looking but not finding anything that was what they wanted in their price line after the money was gone they would still have to work to pay the rent to they were being smart about keeping their eye open for the right place. In the mean time they shared time together at Dekeon’s and at Scotty’s, they were more careful at Scotty’s because of his Dad but he was used to seeing Dekeon over all the time.
One night while they were making love Scotty asked Dekeon if he would let him fuck him for once.

D-I don’t know, I haven’t thought about having you fuck me. I love you but I don’t know if I can do it or not. S-You can try can’t you, it’s amazing, it really is. Yes it hurts in the beginning but really it only last moments when you get into it, it feels so good. Your cock hits me I guess in just the right place because it drives me wild when you are inside me. I guess that’s why I can’t keep quiet when you make love to me. D-I know but, well you have allowed me to do you I guess it’s only fair that I should try. I will do it just for you, but I am not guaranteeing anything. S-I don’t need guarantees I just need you. D-Okay with the flattery I said okay. Scotty lubed his cock and moved behind Dekeon, since they had decided to be in a relationship they decided not to use condoms, so Scotty pushed his cock at Dekeon’s hole. It took several tries and changing his position to being flat on his stomach to allow him to get inside. As Scotty’s cock broke through Dekeon let out loud grunt, he put his face to the pillow because he knew if they are too loud his father and mother would know what was going on in here. S-Are you okay? D-Yeah I think so. It fucking hurts more than I thought though. S-It will ease up soon I promise. If it doesn’t we can stop when ever you want to okay? D-Alright, just go slower, please. Scotty slowed his thrusts, pushing his cock in and out of Dekeon’s ass, kissing the back of his neck. Things were getting a little heated and Scotty had increase his thrusts, Dekeon was moaning loudly and grunting with each thrust. They didn’t hear the knock on the door until they heard someone trying to turn the knob and the both sat up with a start. S-Who is it? His Dad-Who the fuck do you think it is. What are you two doing in there watching porn or something? S-Were watching a movie. His Dad-Must be a hell of a movie, but turn it down before your Mother hears it. S-Okay Dad! His Dad-Alright but get to bed soon, I don’t want to hear anymore noises coming from in there. S & D-Okay, goodnight. His Dad-Night. D-That was too fucking close, I think we had best cool it. S-Yeah I think that would be a good idea. I didn’t think we were that loud, but I guess these walls are thinner than I thought. D-We had better not do this here anymore, my house is better everyone is on a different floor. I can’t wait until we get our own place and we won’t have to worry about it. S-Yeah me too. I’m sorry if I pushed you to let me fuck you. D-No really, I wanted to. It wasn’t that bad I guess, not something I would want all the time though. S-I understand.

They settled down for the night then and Dekeon spooned Scotty and they went to sleep. The next morning they headed downstairs to fix something to eat, it was late morning so no one would be home, his Mom and Dad would be at work and his brother Jared would be at school. So they walked down stairs in just their boxers and fixed some cereal and sat down at the table beside each other.

They were playfully touching each other, feeding each other and kissing in between bites. They didn’t notice that Scotty’s Dad was at the back door looking through the window just then. He had came back home because he had forgotten to pick up some papers that he needed for work today. His Father did not come in just then, he got back in his truck and left.

They had an apartment that they were supposed to go look at later in the morning so they showered and dressed as conservatively as possible since they were trying to get a place to live. The apartment was on the second floor it was 2 bedroom with one large bathroom, kitchen and living room. It was nice and was in their price range so they said they would get back with him by the end of the day if they were going to take it that they wanted to talk about it first.

Scotty had to get home, so Dekeon dropped him off at his house and he was going home, but was planning on coming back to pick him up so they could go out with a few friends.

When Scotty walked into the house he knew something was wrong because there was nothing cooking in the kitchen that he could smell and by this time always his Mother had to have supper done and on the table. He walked into the living room and his Father, Mom and his brother Jared were just sitting there. When he came in his Father stood and started to pace the floor.

“Okay, what did I do now,” he said with a little more attitude than he should have.

“Well, lets see. How about the fact that you’re a fucking,” he stopped speaking as if he couldn’t get the words out.

“A what,” he said.

“A queer,’ he said with venom in his voice.

“I’m not,” Scotty said standing now by the wall.

“You are, I came home this morning because I forgot some papers for work and you and he were kissing at the table. You want to tell me that doesn’t make you queer. And the noises coming from your room last night wasn’t coming from the T.V. either, were they!”

“It’s my life it has nothing to do with you what’s so ever,” Scotty said yelling.

“The fuck it doesn’t if your screwing some guy in my house, it has everything to do with me,” his Father spat the words.

“I love Dekeon, and don’t talk about him like that,” he said moving away from the wall towards his Father.

“Dean, just stop this. I don’t want to hear anymore about it,” his Mother yelled.

“Well I am not done yet, your queer son is going to change his ways or get the hell out of this house!” his Father yelled.

“Okay, I’m out. I can’t change who or what I am. Who I am is that I am your son too, what I am is gay. I will not stop being who or what I am for anyone. I love Dekeon and we are planning on being together so you will just have to get used to that,” he said turning to leave the room.

“Look out,” Jared screamed.

Before Scotty could turn around to see what was happening, his Father had come up behind him. He hit from behind, he fell across the floor his head hit the corner of the door frame. His Father was kicking him while he was covering his head, rolled into the fetal position. He continued to kick him repeatedly in the back. Scotty’s Mother and Jared had tried to help and were thrown back away from them for their effort. Jared ran to the kitchen and grabbed the phone and called 911, but by this time his Father had picked his now unconscious body and was moving to the front door. Without much effort his Father threw him out the door and to the hard ground below the steps.

Jared ran out the door with the phone, panicking he could hardly talk to the operator to tell her the situation. He turned his brother over to see a nasty bleeding gash on his forehead. He told the operator what his Father had done to his brother, and that his brother was unconscious on the ground and not moving. The operator said she was sending police and paramedics right away.

Their Mother was trying to get past their Father to go to her sons but he wouldn’t allow it and made her go back in the house. It only took several minutes for the paramedics and police to get there. He had taken his shirt off and was holding it to his brothers head when they took over his care and the police took Jared as side to find out what had happened.

Jared told the police the whole story and they went to the front door, they placed his Father in handcuffs and took him to the squad car, they patted him down then put him in the backseat. Jared remembered then to call Dekeon.

Dekeon was sitting at the table eating supper with his parents and sister when his cell phone rang. Jared told him what had happened and that they were taking Scotty to the hospital he jumped up from the table without explanation to his parents.

When Dekeon got to the hospital Jared was sitting in the waiting room, they wouldn’t let him go back until they got Scotty stabilized. Jared told Dekeon about what his Father had saw them doing that morning and what he had said and done to Scotty.

He told him that the paramedics in the ambulance were worried because he had not moved or woken up on the ride to the hospital. It had been nearly an hour when a nurse came out and said that they could go back now.

When they walked into the room Scotty was still laying flat and had a collar on around his neck. He was still not awake and the Doctor was looking in his eyes with a light.

“Hello, are you guys family?” he said.

“Yes, I am his brother,” Jared said.

“I’m his boyfriend. How is he?” Dekeon said.

“Well, right now we are waiting to see the results from his CATSCAN and then we will know more. The longer he stays unconscious the more we are thinking he has some kind of brain injury. He doesn’t respond to painful stimuli and he doesn’t appear to have feeling in his lower extremities. But I want you to know that until he wakes up this is just preliminary,” the Doctor said as he moved over the computer typed in something and left the room.

Jared began to cry saying that it was his fault because he couldn’t stop his Father from hurting Scotty. Dekeon was holding and kissing the back of Scotty’s hand. Right then two men walked into the room, they introduced themselves as detectives and were working Scotty’s assault.

They asked Jared lots of questions about what happened, what led up the situation. They said that he would have to sign a formal statement to his account of what happened. They told him that their Mother was backing the Father’s statement that he was disciplining his son for back talking when it got out of hand. Jared was beside himself, upset that his Mother would do that to her son. They also told him that until the full extent of Scotty’s injuries were know that right now he was being charged with assault with intent, and battery.

They moved Scotty up to intensive care they allow the boys to stay with him, the nurses came in every half an hour and were checking his vitals, pupils and rubbing his chest to see if he would react. So far after six hours he was still not responding.

The Doctor came in and looked at his chart, rubbed his chest and looked in his eyes, “Have you noticed any movement at all from him.”

“No, nothing. How long will it be before he wakes up?” Jared asked.

“It’s hard to tell, his CATSCAN came back with what appears to be a small amount of fluid on the brain. I understand he hit his head rather hard on the corner of a door?”

“Yeah, my Dad knocked him down and he slid across the floor and his head hit the corner of the door frame. What does this fluid mean?” Jared asked.

“It means if he doesn’t wake up soon we may have to go in and drain the fluid, but that is only a last resort, keep talking to him. Let him hear your voices and let him know that you are here that is the best medicine for him now. If anything happens the nurses will get a hold of me right away,” he said shaking Jared’s hand and walking from the room.

Dekeon sat holding Scotty’s hand stroking his face, he talked to him about their place, he told him that he had to wake up because they hadn’t made a decision about the apartment. He asked him if he wanted to go to Florida when he woke up, take Steve up on his offer of more work and a place to stay.

It was about midnight and they had just finished taking his vitals he scooted Scotty over a bit so that he could lie down next to him. He laid on his side, took him into his arms, spooning him like always.

At 7 a.m. Dekeon was woken by movement, he thought it was the nurse again. He opened his eyes to see Scotty looking back at him.

“Your awake,” he said smiling kissing him.

“What happened?” Scotty said weakly.

“Your in the hospital, your Father wasn’t happy when he found out about us,” Dekeon said stroking his skin.

“I remember, my legs are numb have I been lying this way too long?” he said touching his legs.

“I don’t know, lets get the nurse in here,” he said pushing the call light.

At that moment unknown to them Dekeon’s parents were at the door, he was still lying beside Scotty in the hospital bed, stroking his hair lovingly, and holding his hand. When Dekeon looked over at the door thinking the nurse was coming in, he saw instead his parents, the shock on his parents faces told him what he had to look forward to. They both turned and left.

The nurse came right in and saw that he was awake, she sent the other nurse to call the Doctor on call, and set about taking his vitals. Scotty kept asking about why he couldn’t feel his legs. The nurse told him that the Doctor would be here soon.

The Doctor came and he told them that more than likely that his spine was just bruised and needed time to heal. With physical therapy he could regain the use of his legs, if on the off chance that did not happen fairly soon, its possible that it may be permanent.

The boys were devastated, Dekeon had more occasions than anyone seen Scotty cry, but this time it was more heart wrenching because they were just beginning a new life and this was a blow to their future together.

Scotty began physical therapy the next day, is was hard on him, he was moody, irritable and angry. Dekeon was there for him every step of the way, no matter how mad Scotty got at him.

It had been a week since he was hospitalized when the detectives that had came to see them before. His father was going to be arraigned in the morning, the prosecutor had hoped that Scotty would come to the hearing so that the judge could see impact of his injuries incurred by his father and rule that he should have no bail.

Scotty agreed and the next morning Dekeon drove them to the courthouse.

“Are you sure you really want to do this, he is going to be there you know,” Dekeon said after they had parked.

“Yes, I want him to see what he has done to me. I want him and my mother to know the pain that they have cause me, caused us,” he said leaning over kissing Dekeon’s shoulder.

“Alright, I’m here for you no matter what,” he said kissing his forehead.

Dekeon got out of the car and got the wheelchair out, lifting Scotty out of the car he placed him in the chair. They went up to the courtroom and were met by the prosecutor and he went over what would happen. The judge would ask him questions about what happened and what his injuries were and his prognosis.

There was a lot of legal mombo jumbo going on, his father was sitting there in his orange jumpsuit with prisoner written on the back, behind him was his mother. Both had not looked in their direction, then the prosecutor called him up. Dekeon stood to push him, and he put his hand up and stated that he wanted to do it his self.

Sitting off to the side of the witness seat he was sworn in and the prosecutor began to speak about the events that led up to the incident. The judge then asked Scotty to recount what he remembers of that day. He told him of coming home and being confronted by his family including his father who was very angry. He told of how he turned to leave and his brothers yell alerted him but then after that all he knew was pain. First in his head then in his back. After that he said that he didn’t know anything until he woke up in the hospital.

The judge then asked him about his injuries and his prognosis. He stated what the doctor had told him, that with physical therapy he may be able to regain the use of his legs, but that doctor said the more time that went by and he didn’t feel something or they didn’t move then most likely he would never regain the feeling or movement.

He then asked if he had anything else he wished to add he said yes, “I came here to today to make sure that my father and my mother could see what they have both done to me. What did I do that my punishment should be this, this chair possibly forever. All that I did was to finally admit to my feelings, feelings for my best friend. We learned together how much we cared and loved each other. We had plans to start a new life together, now what do we have plans for? When is my next therapy appointment? Will I ever be able to walk on my own again? How long before I become a burden to Dekeon the man I love more than anything? There sits my parents, the ones who are supposed to love me no matter what, yet they both sit there, no emotion, they can’t even look at me. I haven’t seen either of them glance over to see me, my father has been in jail all this time, so why wasn’t my mother at my side at the hospital when they told me its possible I may never walk again. Because she cares more for him, than her own children. Do you know who was there when I got the news, Dekeon was! Dekeon was there to hold me while I cried because I would never again be able to walk, skateboard, run because of what you did!” he said looking straight at both of them, stopped for a moment.

“Your honor, this is the way its been all my life. No matter how many times he would hit us, my brother and me. Even when he hit her, there she would be on his side. I will possibly be in this chair for the rest of my life because I am gay, nothing else just that. When I was on that floor and he was kicking me and I felt I was going out of it, I knew I was probably going to die, something I grew up with the possibility of happening because of his hate. In that moment my thoughts were of Dekeon, of not seeing him ever again, of my brother who would still be in danger in that house. Then I woke up to this in the hospital. Your honor I ask that you be as lenient on him as he was on me, he took my freedom, my rights, and very nearly my life. Thank you,” he rolled himself back over to where he was seated before by Dekeon.

The judge took several minutes then gave his decision, he thanked Scotty for his comments and wished him well in his recovery. He set the bail at $50,000 and asked that the prosecutor possibly amend the charges and add a hate crime charge since the reason he had committed the crime was because the victim was gay. A chargeable offense under the hate crimes law. The prosecutor said he would take that under advisement and have an amended charge on his desk probably by the end of the day.

With that it was over so the boys headed back to the car after being thanked by the prosecutor and ADA. Dekeon had just picked up Scotty and placed him in the seat, when they saw his mother walking towards them. They looked at each other and Scotty motioned for Dekeon to get in the car.

She stood by the door of the car looking at Scotty, then he rolled the window down without looking at her, “What do you want?”

“I’m sorry,” she said beginning to cry.

“Sorry, sorry he didn’t kill me so you wouldn’t have to have a gay son. I’m sorry mom, sorry for you, you chose him over your own children. I’m done lets go,” he said as he rolled up the window and told Dekeon to get him out of there.

The hospital was ready to release him from the hospital but he had no where to go, so Dekeon went home to talk to his parents about Scotty coming to stay there for a while. Since coming out when ever he went home there was an odd silence over the house. Voices would stop when he would enter the room, they would disappear when he came home to change clothes. He wasn’t sure this idea was going to fly, worse thing they would have to use their nest egg money for a motel.

“Hello, anyone home?” he said as he entered the house.

“I’m in the kitchen,” his mother answered.

“Hi mom,” he said sitting down in the chair at the end of the table.

“Hi, how is he doing today?” she asked while still cutting vegetables and placing them on a tray.

“Well, he is doing so well they want to release him from the hospital. Which is why I am here,” he said.

“Really, and?” she said looking over at him.

“I can’t allow him to go back to that house, I hope you would agree on that?

“Of course.”

“He has no where to go, if you wouldn’t mind just for a small amount of time allowing him to stay here, it would be easier for me to take care of him here than in a motel somewhere.”
“I’m not sure what your father will say about that.”

“Mom, I know I should have come to you guys and let you know what was going on with Scotty and me. But it was all new to both of us, it was something we discovered quite by surprise believe me. When we realized that our feelings for each other went long past just being best friends all our lives, that we had more intimate feelings for each other, it was a scary thing. But mom, I’m very happy. He makes me happy. Isn’t that what’s most important?”

“I just wish you could have told us before, it was just a shock to see you both lying there together like that.”

“I know, and if I had known you guys were going to be there it would have been a lot different. But that’s past now, no going back to change it. If I could I would never have allow him to go in that house knowing this was going to happen to him,” he said starting to cry.

His mother came over to him and gathered him into her arms holding him while he cried into her stomach, “It’s going to be alright I promise. I will talk to your father and it will be fine if he stays here.”

“Thanks mom, its just so hard seeing him in that chair. He’s so sad all the time now. I hate that this has happened to him,” he said looking up at his mom as he wipes the tears from his face.

“I hope they throw the book at him and more for what he has done,” she said opening the refrigerator door.

“Me too, I’m just afraid what could happen if he makes bail. He showed no emotion what so ever in court when Scotty was speaking. He and his mother wouldn’t even look at him, then afterwards she tried to talk to him in the car to say she was sorry. Scotty wouldn’t listen to her, she made her choice. He said she will have to live with it.”

“Yes, she will. She has allowed this to come to this point, she could have left him years ago. But she didn’t. Now he is paying for it and I am sorry for that Dekeon. I’m also sorry bout the way we all have reacted about your being gay. I’m your mother and I am always going to love you no matter what, and no matter who you choose to love as long as it makes you happy and you have made your choice.”

“I love you too mom, and thank you for allowing Scotty to come here.”

“Your welcome, just try to control the kissey, kissey around your father for now, okay?”

“I will try to contain myself.”

“Oh you,” she said tossing a dish towel at him.

He left then and went back to the hospital, he made arrangements for him to be released. They got him dressed and they were escorted downstairs to the car. Arriving at Dekeon’s he got the wheelchair out of the back, placed him in it and went towards the house. Once inside they were greeted by Dekeon’s mom.

“Hello Scotty, welcome. I’m sorry about all the upset that you have had to endure, your father had no right to do this to you. And, I’m sorry for our reaction to you two being together. All I want for both of you is to be happy, as long as you are who has the right to say anything against it. I hope you will be patient with his dad it my take him longer to accept it, but he will because he loves his son,” she said laying her hand on Dekeon’s cheek.

“Thank you, and I accept your apology we really should have talked to you about what was happening between us, but really we didn’t know until just recently,” Scotty said.

“I hope your right about dad, but it means a lot that you understand.”

“I love you, both of you. Now get him downstairs he looks tired and I will get supper going,” she said turning to walk into the kitchen.

Dekeon carried him downstairs and placed him on the bed, helped him remove his shoes. He laid down on the bed, Dekeon adjusted the pillows behind his back and went to get him a drink from the refrigerator placing it on the table beside him.

“Can I get you anything else?”



“Lay down with me and hold me,” he said holding out his hand.

“For you anything,” he said lying down beside him taking him in his arms pulling him close.

The night past slowly as they held each other and talked into the night, they talked about the fact that they wanted to be in a open relationship to their friends and family. Though they knew that some would understand and most wouldn’t. The fact that his father could possibly get out of jail or get away with what he had done to him. Dekeon was scared for Scotty and they talked a lot about moving to Florida where Steve said he could find them work, and they would be away from everyone here and be able to be together in the open. In the end they did decide that they would call Steve and ask if the offer still stood and work out the details to head to Ft. Lauderdale.

Even though Scotty could not work Dekeon decided this was the best way to take care of them both, make some great cash, and the work wasn’t that bad.

The next day Dekeon called Steve and told him what was going on and asked if they could take him up on his offer. He was very pleased to hear from them and was excited to have them come down. Even though Scotty couldn’t work at the moment, he said that he could find lots of work for Dekeon and that he would make sure that they had a place to stay. Dekeon told him that they would leave within the next few days and would call when they were close for more detailed directions.

They began to start packing some things up, most of Scotty’s things were still packed in his suitcase and they talked about what they would take with them.

Telling his parents was going to be hard Dekeon knew, he knew they wouldn’t understand about doing porn, so they decided to not tell the whole truth about where they were going or what they were going to be doing. The need for keeping their whereabouts quiet would be a plausible reason for not telling them where they were going. This was helped along as the next morning before they could talk to Dekeon’s parents the detectives working the case showed up on the door.

“What’s happening?” Scotty asked them.

“Well, we wanted to come tell you personally that your father made bail. Your mother apparently got the money from some source and was able to post his bail. This has only just happened within the last hour. He will be released within the next hour or so, we just wanted to let you know for your own safety its best that he not know where you are staying. Perhaps there is some place you could go instead of here, because I believe that this is the first place he would come to if he were looking for you,” detective Hanson said.

“Just fucking great, I knew she would do this. Dekeon we are leaving now, I don’t care if your parents don’t know we are going I want to leave.”

“Its okay, we will go. We have already made plans to leave town detectives. I guess our plans got moved up a little.”

“Where are you two planning on going?” detective Miller asked.

“Should we really tell you that?” Dekeon asked.

“We need to be able to get in contact with you for the trial and if something else should arise.”

“We are leaving for Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. We have a friend down there who is hooking us up with a place to stay and a job for Dekeon. I just can’t take being here, and now that he is getting out I am even more scared. I know him, he will try to finish what he started no matter what.”

“Alright, you need to call us when you arrive and let us know how to get a hold of you should we need to,” detective Hanson said handing him his card.

“I will make sure that you get that as soon as we get there and find out where we will be,” Dekeon said.

The detectives left and Scotty was literally shaking at the thought of his father getting out of jail. Dekeon held him for a few minutes trying to comfort him but he knew nothing was going to until they were as far from there as possible. So Dekeon went up stairs to talk to his parents. He told them about what the detectives had said and what their plans were. His parents were not happy at all with their decision, but he told them it was final and that as soon as he had the car packed they were leaving.

After he had the car packed Dekeon carried Scotty up the stairs, he placed him in his wheelchair. Dekeon’s parents stood there hugging their son, then his mom hugged Scotty and wish them both well.

Scotty had called his brother Jared and told him about what was happening. Luckily he had been staying at his friend Caleb’s house since this whole thing started, obviously their mother didn’t care because she hadn’t called him but once the whole time. He told him what they were doing and that they would stop by so that he could say goodbye.

They waved goodbye as they pulled off, stopping by an ATM before they headed to find Jared. They were lucky that their money was on a bank card and they could access it from any ATM.

As they arrived where Jared was he was outside waiting on them. He sat on the side of the seat beside his brother hugging him and begging him to take him with them.

“Please, why can’t I go with you?”

“Because you are underage, no matter that you are my brother. If I take you across state lines I could be arrested for kidnapping. For the time being until he goes to trial your going to have to stay here.”

“Fuck man come on, you know what’s going to happen if I go home and he is there. He is going to do the same thing to me. Or he is going to try to get me to tell him where you are.”

“Well don’t tell him,” Dekeon said.

“Better said than done I think, he has his ways.”

“Well then you need to stay here with Caleb then, is his parents alright with you staying here?”

“Yeah, they are great. I don’t think they mind me being here. At least I’m not scared to go to sleep here, but that will change if he makes me go home.”

“He has us both out of the house, I doubt he is going to come hunting us down. At least not you, so for your own good please just stay here. You have six months before your birthday, if all this isn’t done with by then you can come stay with us then, you will be legal and they won’t have any say in it.”

“Alright, at least that’s something to look forward to.”

“We really need to get going guys, you call us if you need anything you hear. Here take this,” Dekeon said handing him $100.00.

“What’s this for?”

“What ever you need it for, if you need more give us a few days to get settled then we can send you some more.”

“Okay, you guys be careful. Call me when you get there okay?”

“We will, I don’t think we are going to drive all the way. We will probably stop along the way somewhere but I want to get as far from here as we can before we stop,” Dekeon said holding his hand out to Jared.

“Take good care of my brother,” he said shaking Dekeon’s hand.

“I will, don’t worry.”

“I love ya bud,” Scotty said hugging his brother.

“I love you too,” Jared said hugging his brother back.

As they pulled off and Scotty held Dekeon’s hand.

The drive was getting brutal because of fatigue. They were two states away from home when they decided to stop for the night. Checking into a hotel along the interstate Dekeon got them settled then went in search of something for them to eat. Coming back with hot chicken meals, they ate while watching a movie. It wasn’t long afterwards before they were in each others arms sound asleep.

They were coming into Ft. Lauderdale the next afternoon and Dekeon called Steve for detailed directions to the place where he had found for them to stay. When they pulled up in front of the address it was a very large Spanish style hotel. It was yellow with green shutters on most of the windows. Dekeon called Steve and he came out of the large green front door at the office, he told them to drive around the side entrance. They drove around to where he said, Steve came out of a gate at the side of the building.

Dekeon got the wheelchair out of the car and helped Scotty get settled. They followed Steve inside the gate. The patio area of the hotel was huge, lots of palm trees, flowers and other tropical type plants. The pool took up a large part of one side of the patio area, along with a bar, lots of lounge chairs and tables and chairs.

They follow him around one side of the building where there was a small patio area in front of a door to one of the rooms marked number 11. He opened the door and showed them inside. It was a large room with a living area just as you stepped in the door. A small kitchenette to the left, a bathroom just beyond that and a door to the bedroom off the living area. The living area had a wicker couch, chair, and a entertainment center complete with television.

“Wow, this is great. But how are we going to afford this?” Dekeon said turning to Steve.

“Don’t worry about it, I know the owners. I got you a very reduced rate. Besides I am sure once you guys are settled in and working it will be fine,” he said.

“Well it will be a while before I am of any use,” Scotty said rolling around the room.

“Don’t worry you will be on your feet before you know it,” Dekeon said rubbing his shoulders.

“I’m glad you are so positive,” he said looking up at Dekeon.

“Well, Dekeon let me help you get stuff inside,” Steve said walking towards the door.

“Great, thanks.”

They went out the gate and out to the car and began bringing stuff inside. Scotty rolled around the room looking into the bathroom, it was handicapped accessible which was great.

After they had gotten everything inside the room, Steve had them follow him for a tour around the hotel. He showed them where the office was and introduced them to his friends, he showed them the laundry room, the weight room, there was even a library where they could borrow books. The pool, sauna, hot tub and bar were the last stop of the tour.

“Well guys that’s about it, what do you think of the place?” Steve said sitting down in one of the chairs at the bar.

“It’s great, I still don’t know how we can afford it.” Dekeon said.

“I told you the owners are my friends and I just happen own part of the hotel. So I gave you friend rates. Don’t worry about it, you guys can stay here as long as you want to at the rate I gave you its no problem for me or for my co-owners.”

“Thank you, I don’t know what we would have done really if we hadn’t met you that day,” Scotty said.

“I know right,” Dekeon agreed.

“It’s fine really, I told you before I can find you work without a problem. Yes Scotty I know you can’t work right now, but I am sure that will all work out. Now I put a street map in your room, it has where the hot spots are around the neighborhood. I am going to have one of the other models come by tomorrow and pick you up, I have made you a appointment with our regular doctor for a check up and HIV test. Is that okay with you?” Steve asked.

“No that’s fine, what do I need to take with me?” Dekeon asked.

“Nothing really, just your personal information. The studio takes care of bills. Since you worked with us before I just put you, both of you on the insurance roll so you guys are covered for insurance. I know you have physical therapy that you didn’t get to complete before you left so I have asked Doc Dan to look you over too and recommend a place for you to go or even for a therapist to come here. We have everything here you would need,” Steve said leaning over the bar and grabbing a bottled water.

“I don’t know how we are ever going to repay you for all you are doing for us. Just know we will do all we can to repay your kindness to us,” Scotty reaching for Dekeon’s hand.

“I am sure that everything will work out well in the end. Now, I got to head home my partner gets ticked it I am late for dinner. I am going to plan a party some time down the road for all the models, of course I am going to film it too, but I want you all to meet and have a good time. There is a grocery store that is pretty good if you go out the gate and go right out the lot, two stop signs turn left and it should be on the left,” he said standing.

“Thanks, we should go get some food and get settled. Thanks again for everything,” Dekeon said putting his hand out to Steve.

“Believe me, I will have you working in no time and you might not thank me then. Be ready about 9:30 a.m. and I will have one of the guys come take you to Doc Dan’s,” Steve said shaking both their hands.

“Okay, we will be ready.”

They headed back to their room. They didn’t know where to get started. Dekeon opened the suitcases on the bed and began to put things away.

“Why don’t you go to the store and I will work on getting things put away,” Scotty said rolling towards the bed.

“Are you sure, I really should help you,” Dekeon said.

“No really, you can be there and back faster if you don’t have to worry about me. Now we need to make a list of what we need.”

They made a quick list of things that they wanted from the store, easy to fix stuff and their favorite sodas.

While Dekeon was gone to the store Scotty got busy rolling back and forth from the bed to the closet and dressers putting stuff away. He dragged boxes from the living room into the bedroom and put out personal items on the top of the dresser, pictures of Dekeon’s family and Scotty’s brother. He wanted to put his special box that he kept all his favorite personal stuff in at the top of the closet. He rolled over to the closet, stretched but could not reach the shelf. He pushed up with his arms, trying to stand and stretch to reach it. The next thing he knew he was at the bottom of the closet in a heap.

Meanwhile after getting all the things on the list Dekeon was bringing the groceries into the room, he called out to Scotty but got no answer. He went into the bedroom and found his wheelchair empty and Scotty on the floor of the closet. He ran to him calling out to him.

“I’m fine. I just tried to reach the shelf and my legs didn’t want to hold me. But really I’m fine. Although when I fell I heard a pop in my back, but I don’t feel any different than before,” he said as Dekeon was lifting him off the floor and back into the chair.

“Are you sure your alright, maybe we should go to the hospital to make sure you are okay?” Dekeon said hovering over him.

“No, I said I am fine. It was just a stupid fall. I’m fine. Just leave it okay!”

“Okay, let’s go fix something to eat. What do you want?” Dekeon asked.

“What do you think,” he said with a smile.

“Hum, well lets see. Mac and cheese and hot dogs?” he said walking to the refrigerator.

“Sounds good to me,” Scotty said.

They made supper and Dekeon helped Scotty to the couch. They ate and watched T.V., the drive was starting to get to Dekeon and he kept dozing off. So Scotty told him he was ready to go to bed. He helped him to the bathroom and then helped him into bed. They laid together holding each other, kissing until Scotty said good-night.

In the middle of the night Dekeon woke up to Scotty moaning in his sleep. He sat up and asked him what the matter was.

“My legs are aching,” he said rubbing his thighs.

“What do you mean they are aching? Do you mean you can feel them?” he sat up excitedly.

“I don’t know, no not exactly. They feel numb where as before I just didn’t feel anything. Now its like they are asleep you know?” Scotty said.

“Well that’s something though isn’t it?” he said holding his hand.

“I think so, I guess it’s a good thing that we are going to see that Doctor tomorrow. Maybe he can tell what’s going on,” snuggling back down beside Dekeon.

“Let’s hope so. I love you no matter what you know that right?” he said kissing his lips.

“I love you too, Dekeon. I do know. Now lets gets some sleep could be a long day tomorrow,” he said wrapping his arms around him.

The next morning they were up early, the numbness was still there in his legs, but still no real feeling or movement. A knock on the door and Dekeon went to answer it. It was Jessup from the shoot they had done.
“Hey guys, welcome to Florida! You guys ready for this?” he said stepping inside.

“Yeah, I guess were ready,” Dekeon said pushing Scotty through the doorway.

They headed to town and after a lot of turns and beautiful scenery they arrived at the Doctor’s office. After signing in they waited in a well lit cozy little waiting area, there was no one else waiting and then the nurse called them back. She took them to a small exam room and Dekeon hopped up on the table, Scotty wheeled himself out of the way. First she took his temperature, then his blood pressure and heart rate. She asked him to follow her to the scales and he got down and followed her. Scotty remained in the room.

“Okay, well its your turn,” she said moving over to Scoty.

“Alright,” he said turning to face her.

She then proceeded to do the same things to him as she had to Dekeon. He wheeled down the hall to the wheelchair scale, she took down the information and they went back to the room.

“Alright, sit tight the Doctor will be with you guys in just a moment,” she said as she exited the room placing the files in the holder on the door.

“Wow, well I guess they don’t play around here. At home I would still be in the waiting room,” Dekeon said smiling.

“Yeah, you know it. I bet he is exclusive to the models because she didn’t seem to ask any questions why we were here or anything,” Scotty said.

“I bet your right, Steve did say he took care of all the models. I would imagine he gets plenty of patients,” Dekeon said with a giggle.

It wasn’t long before the Doctor knocked on the door and entered. He greeted them with a hand shake and sat down on the rolling chair to look at their files.

“Okay, who is going first?”

“I will since I am already up here,” Dekeon said.

“Alright, lets take a look at you,” he said putting his stethoscope in his ears. “Take a deep breath please.”

Dekeon breathed in deeply, he asked him to do it several more times, then again on his back.

“Okay, your lungs are clear. Your heart sounds healthy. Have you had any recent illnesses?”

“No, I am pretty healthy. I don’t get sick often, but when I do its horrible.”

“I understand. Okay, now I want you to take your pants down please and remain standing.”

“Alright,” Dekeon stood undid his belt and zipper and pulled his pants down.

The Doctor put on some gloves and walked over to him reached down and cupped his balls, “Okay, turn your head and cough please.”

Dekeon did as instructed, he cough several times as the Doctor felt his ball sack.

“Take them the rest of the way off and lay on the table please.”

Dekeon again did as instructed and took his pants off handing them to Scotty who placed them on a chair, as he got back on the table and laid on his back. The Doctor then began to poke at his stomach, sides and groin area. Then he picked up Dekeon’s cock and looked it over , Dekeon was freaking out looking over at Scotty getting smiles in return. The Doctor then asked him to roll over on his stomach, Dekeon was hesitant about that, the Doctor asked him again. Then Dekeon did as asked. The Doctor pulled his butt cheeks apart looking at his hole.

“Now, I am going to put some lubricant on my finger and place it inside your rectum, I know you are a bit young to be checking your prostate but in the line of business your in I make it a general rule to check no matter what age you are. I know it will feel awkward but please bare with me,” he said as he place his lubed finger to Dekeon’s hole and pressed inside. Dekeon went stiff and moaned.

Scotty rolled up beside the table and rubbed his back, Dekeon grabbed his hand and held on to it. It only took a few minutes but to Dekeon it was too long.

“Okay, well as soon as your blood work comes back I will call Steve and he can get a hold of you and you can come in for the results. You can get dressed now, and Scotty were going to take a look at you next.”

Dekeon lifted him from the chair and placed him on the exam table. He took off his shirt and moved back on the table.

“Alright, I have looked over your chart and the documents from the hospital. You were beaten and kicked in the back several times, you have had no feeling or movement since that time, is that correct?”

“Yes, although. Last night I took a fall at home, I was trying to reach up in the closet to put some things away and of course I couldn’t hold myself up and I fell into the closet. After I fell I felt and heard a pop in my back, late last night I started having pain and tingling in my legs. But still no movement.”

“I believe we need to do another CATSCAN and perhaps even a MRI just to be safe. I want you to lay back on the table, close your eyes, I am going to take this and I am going to touch you in various places and I want you to tell me when you feel something.”


The Doctor took off his shoes then touched the instrument to the bottom of his left foot.

“Do you feel that?”


“How about here?” He said touching the instrument to the upper part of his leg.

“I feel something there, yes.”

After the exam he had him sit up on his elbows and open his eyes, “Okay, from this exam you seem to be regaining some feeling in the mid-section and upper thigh region. From about here to here,” he said pointing from his bellybutton to his upper thigh.

“Does that mean I will be able to walk again?”

“It’s hard to say, right now I wouldn’t say yes and I wouldn’t say no. what I want to do is get another CATSCAN and compare it with the one taken after the incident. Then we will go from there, but I want to get you started on physical therapy again right away. I have a therapist I send clients to, I will have the nurse call and make an appointment for you. He can come to you or you can go to him it will be your choice.”

“I think I would rather him come to me, we have everything we need at the hotel, they have a weight room, hot tub, pool and sauna.”

“Alright then we will get things arranged and the nurse will call you with your appointment day and time. Now for the mean time I want you to take it easy, don’t get your hopes up too high but be optimistic it’s a good sign.”

“Thank you so much,” they both said at the same time.

Dekeon helped Scotty back into the chair and they went out to the desk, the nurse gave them a appointment to come back for their results in 3 days. She told them she would be calling them with the appointment time for the CATSCAN and for the physical therapy. Jessup took them back to the hotel.

The boys made a late lunch and sat together on the couch watching T.V. when the phone rang, it was Steve. He had a job for Dekeon the next day if he was interested, they were starting to get low on money so he told him that he would do it. Steve told him to be ready at 8:00 a.m. and that Jessup would be there to pick him up and take him to the shoot. He said that would be fine and hung up.

“Are you okay with this?” he asked putting his arms around Scotty pulling him to him.

“Of course, that is why we are here isn’t it,” he said looking him in the eyes then kissing him.

“You know how much I love you right?” he said leaning down kissing him on the lips playfully.

“I know, and I love you too. But this is what we came here for and I know that its just sex and that its me you will be coming home to. Really I am fine with it. Just make sure you tell me all about it when you get home, promise?” he said kissing him back playfully.

“I promise. Are you ready for bed I will help you get to the bathroom?”

“Yeah, I want to take a shower first.”

He took a shower and then Dekeon helped him into bed. They laid there in bed talking about Dekeon’s up coming shoot.

“Will you really be okay with me doing this scene tomorrow?”

“Of course, this is why we came down here. I was okay with it then and I am okay with it now. Please stop worrying about me, I am fine. I know its more than just whether I am okay with the shoot, its am I okay in general. The doctor said the fact that I am getting some feeling back is a good sign. It won’t be long before I am back to normal. What ever that is.”

“I know, and tomorrow is work and just sex. You are the only I one I want in my life, you know?”

“Yes, I know that. I love you Deke, no one else can take your place ever. We are more than just lovers, you are everything to me. We are family now. You know what I mean?”

“I know what you mean. And I love you too.” They started kissing and holding each other and Scotty reached over and Dekeon was hard. So he began to jerk his cock, he pushed himself over and then began to suck him off. Dekeon had his hand on the back of Scotty’s head giving him encouragement to go further into his mouth. Just by habit Scotty reached down to jerk his own cock and found that he was hard as a rock.

“Deke look!” he said rolling back over to show his hard cock to him.

“Wow, your cocks hard.” he said reaching over to jerk him off. “Do you feel me doing it?”

“Yeah I do, but I had no idea I was hard. Deke?”


“Its been to long, now that I have started to get feeling a bit down there will you fuck me?”

“Are you sure we should?”

“I don’t see why not, please I want you so bad! I can’t wait too much longer.” he said sucking on his cock.

“Oh God, alright.” he said rolling with him to his side.

Grabbing the lube from the night stand he lubed his cock up and placed it to his hole. Slowly pushing forward, Scotty’s reaction told him that he was feeling it. It was so amazing to be inside him again, he almost couldn’t keep control. S-Oh my God its so good to feel you inside me again. I have missed you so much. D-I know baby, me too. Dekeon began thrusting harder, he was rewarded with the sounds he had missed so much coming from his lover, he knew he was feeling everything then as Scotty screamed into his pillow. S-Deke please don’t stop fucking me but I want to see your face if I ride you can you do the work? D-Of course. Dekeon rolled on his back helping Scotty straddle his cock, when he had gotten him settled to wear he could hold the headboard for support Dekeon began his barrage on Scotty’s hole. Their skin slapped together and Scotty was white knuckling it on the headboard as moans and groans of pleasure filled the room. He didn’t care who heard them, besides who would care they lived in a gay guesthouse hotel. D-You okay baby? S-Fuck yeah, I have never been more okay in all my life. I love you so much Deke! D-I love you too, more than I could ever have ever thought I could. He said as he pulled Scotty down to him taking his mouth with as much force as he was taking his ass. He was thrusting hard into Scotty while he was kissing him, all at once they were moaning together as Scotty came all over Dekeon’s chest, Dekeon had cum in Scotty’s hole. Scotty laid down on Dekeon’s chest breathing hard. He could still feel Dekeon in his ass, he laid still as to not allow it to fall out. He never wanted to be without him again. D-You feel alright? S-Yes, I am fine. They laid together in bed until they fell asleep in each others arms. The next day Dekeon left with Jessup to go do the shoot and he waited for the physical therapist to arrive.

A knock at the door and he wheeled over to open the door to a older man in his mid-thirties, dark hair, green eyes, tall and tanned. It was Matt his therapist. The told him that he would be coming at least five days a week to start, they would begin with massage therapy.

Scotty told him about the feeling that had returned and asked if it was a good sign that he would be able to get his mobility back. Matt said it was a great sign. Matt helped him lie across the massage table that he had brought with him.

When Matt was done he helped him back to the chair and they talked for a few minutes about the way his therapy would go, Monday’s would be massage, Tuesday’s would be upper body weight training, Wednesday’s would be lower body workout, Thursday’s would heated therapies either in the sauna or hot tub, and Friday’s would be an all over workout.

Scotty agreed to the schedule and they said goodbye and he rolled to the kitchen to put on some supper for Dekeon.

At the shoot, Dekeon was greeted by Steve. He had set up the scene in a warehouse on a loading dock, his scene was to be with another guy loading boxes on the back of a truck. While loading the truck one of the boxes rip and the contents fall to the floor. It happens to be gay porn movies, sex toys and magazines. He is introduced to the guy he was to do the scene with his name was Tyler.

They got ready for the scene at the back of the truck they began the scene by lifting boxes off the truck and loading them onto a pallet. At one point Tyler was handing Dekeon a box when the bottom of the box ripped open.

D-Hey dude look at all this stuff! T-Oh, wow. I didn’t know that’s what we were unloading. Look at this! He said picking up a dildo and holding up in front of Dekeon’s face. D-Man get that shit away from me, you don’t know where its been. T-Aw, come on. Look how big it is! D-Its not that big, mines bigger than that is. T-Really, show me. D-No way. T-Come on there ain’t nobody here to see but you and me. I won’t say a thing. D-I don’t know. Even so I’m not gay man. T-Neither am I. Just do it, what is it going to hurt. D-Alright. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, showing it to him. T-Oh my God! You were right yours is bigger. Can I touch it? D-Man I told you, I’m not gay. T-I told you its cool it doesn’t mean a thing. Here look at mine. He opened his pants as well and pulled out his cock. D-I don’t know about this man. We get caught I can’t afford to loose this job. T-Don’t worry we are on our own here. Let me touch it. D-I guess. Tyler took his cock into his hand and began jerking Dekeon off. Dekeon moaned in response. In turn Dekeon took Tylers cock in his hand and they stood there jerking each other off. D-Oh God, this feels so good. T-Do you want to try more. D-Like what. T-Watch. Tyler knelt down and took his cock into his mouth. Sucking it deeply into his mouth, stroking it up and down the shaft. Dekeon held on to Tyler’s shoulders, pushing on the back of his head encouraging him to suck more into his mouth. They stripped out of the rest of their clothes, they threw a moving blanket over a pallet of sand bags. Dekeon laid back and Tyler straddled his cock, driving it into his hole. D-God that’s fucking tight. T-Yeah, fuck me. Dekeon thrust wildly up into Tylers hole while they were kissing. He pushes up on Tyler holding him there, thrusting his cock up into his hole. Their moans were echoing off the walls. They switched positions to Tyler on his back while Dekeon plowed his ass. Steve had to adjust some lighting so they stopped for a short break, they still kept fucking although with less intensity. T-Well you are a hot fuck Dekeon. D-You have a nice tight ass yourself. T-Thanks. What are your plans after the shoot? D-Going home to my boyfriend. T-Really, I couldn’t interest you in coming over for some private fucking at my place? D-No, sorry. The only fucking I do away from my boyfriend is on set, no matter how hot it may be. T-That’s too bad. D-No, its called love. T-You’re a good guy Dekeon, he is a lucky guy to have you. D-Nah, I am the lucky one. Steve was ready to continue. They moved into a standing position with Dekeon slamming his cock into Tyler from behind. Tyler was holding on and clutching the blanket. T-Aw fuck man, your tearing my ass up. D-Feels so fucking good. T-Keep this up and I am going to cum. D-Fuck it. With that he fucked Tyler harder and faster. Slamming his cock into his hot hole. Tyler was jerking his cock hard, he pulled back from the pallet and exploded cum all over the blanket. D-Cumming. He pulled out of Tyler, pulled off the condom and exploded cum all over Tyler’s ass and back.

After he had gotten cleaned up he went to go see Steve on the set. He had his check ready for him and asked if he wanted to do another scene in a couple of days. Dekeon agreed. Then he headed home.

Scotty had just finished cooking supper and was putting the dishes on the counter when Dekeon walked in.

“Hey baby,” Dekeon said as he walked over to him and kissed him.

“Hey to you too. So how was the shoot?” Scotty said wheeling behind him into the bedroom.

“It went okay.”

“Are you sure, you don’t sound like it was okay.”

“No, really it was good.”

“Come on, tell me.”

“No, I don’t want to talk about it. Why do you want to know?”

“Because if you can’t tell me what happens on set while you are fucking someone else, than it makes me think that something more happen than it should have,” he said wheeling out of the bedroom.

“No, Scotty listen. Nothing happened other than what was supposed to happen on camera. The guy asked me to go home with him after and I told him no.”

“Then you wanted to, because if it was nothing you would have told me right away.”

“No, it was nothing. I told him no because I have you here at home to come to, I don’t need anyone else. I told him I don’t play around off camera. I told him that I love you and he told me I was a lucky guy to have you. I told him I was the lucky one. To have you. You are the only one I want and will ever want.”

“You did, you said that?”

“Yes, I did. Baby I can’t say that the sex wasn’t great, because it was. But it was sex I was getting paid to have on camera. Everything that happens on camera is my job, sex is sex while I am there. With you here in our home its love. I love you and I love making love with you.”

“I love you too, I guess I’m the bitch in our relationship aren’t I?”

“Your no bitch, just bitchy.”


“I thought it was, but it made you smile didn’t it.”

“Yeah I guess. Hungry?”

“Starving, what we having?”

“I made some lasagna with a salad.”


They ate supper and that night they laid in bed talking.

“Do you want to tonight?”

“Would you mind if I said no?”

“No, I don’t mind. I know you had a long day of it today. Do you want to tell me about it?”

“Do you really want to know?”

“I don’t know if I do or not.”

“Maybe we should leave the work stuff at work, I know I am out of it tonight. Its not because I don’t want to have sex with you. I am really tired from a long day.”

“I know, and I understand. But you are right I think it would be best that I don’t know what happened on set. I don’t want to be jealous and possessive. I just love you Deke and you are everything to me.”

“I love you too. I didn’t know how much until now. You know we wasted a lot of time that we could have been together before now.”

“We weren’t ready then. I am just glad that we found out how much we really cared for each other, even though all this shit happened to me. I am so grateful that I have you to be with me, to love me and keep me balanced. I will walk again Deke I promise you that. Matt the physical therapist they sent said he has complete confidence that I should make a compete recovery.”

“Really. How did that go?”

“Great. We set up a schedule for the week. Its going to be a lot of hard work, but I am certain I will do it.”

“I know you will.”

“Hold me while I fall asleep Deke?”

“Of course, as long as you give me a kiss in return.”

“Always,” he said pushing up to kiss Dekeon fully on the mouth grinding his tongue into his. Deep and passionate.

In the next few months Dekeon went on several more shoots and Scotty worked with Matt everyday. His strength was returning he could walk for short distances with a walker.

They both had decided not to talk about what Dekeon did at work, Scotty didn’t want to know and Dekeon wanted to keep Scotty happy. On nights when Dekeon had a shoot they didn’t have sex but made up for it in the morning always.

On one particular morning the phone rang right after they had just finished. Dekeon went and got the phone. He handed it to Scotty it was the detectives from their home town.
When Scotty got off the phone he looked like he had been hit by a bus.

“What is it?”

“I have to go home. The trials in two weeks.”

“Damn, why now?”

“I know, our first Christmas together as a couple has to be ruined by thoughts of what happened. And its your birthday to boot.”

“We won’t let them ruin it. We don’t have to be there until after the first so we have plenty of time to be together without having to worry about the court stuff yet.”

“Yeah I know, but just when we were settled and didn’t have to think about that shit.”

“I know, plus this will be a good time to go because your brother is driving me nuts with the daily update to how long until he turns 18.”

“I know, he can’t wait to come down here with us. But I don’t know where we are going to put him when he gets here, we only have the one bedroom.”

“Well, I guess its time when find our own place. We can find a house somewhere with enough room for all of us. I am working steady and that guy Steve has been talking to wants to use me in a feature. That is big money, we might even be able to buy a house. What do you think?”

“I think you are by far the best thing that has ever happened to me. Other than getting my legs working again.”

“You have no idea how much I wish none of this shit happened to you.”

“I know that, but if it didn’t we wouldn’t be here together.”

“I think we would have eventually.”


“By the way, what did you get me for my birthday?” he said wrapping his arms around Scotty’s neck.

“Oh no, I am not telling you. You will just have to wait and find out.”

“Man, you know it sucks to be a Christmas baby, all my life I always just had Christmas parties and they would say well it’s your birthday party too. But I never got to have a real birthday party.”

“Yeah I know. I am just glad this thing is going to wait until after new year’s so we can be together before all the drama starts with the courts.”

“I know this is lousy timing, but I will be glad to get it out of the way so we can get on with our lives without having to look back. And our family will be growing too. One big happy family together.”

“I hope you still feel that way when Jared moves in, he’s not a clean freak like me.”

“I am sure it will be fine, so what do you think shall we look online and see if we can find a place that will be big enough for all of us. Maybe we can get moved before we have to go back?”

“We can try, but two weeks isn’t a lot of time to find a place.”

“Well maybe Steve knows someone who has a place for rent or sale?”

“Wouldn’t hurt to ask him, I will give him a call.”

Scotty had other reasons for calling Steve, he was well now and wanted to help out. Dekeon had been literally working his ass off to keep them for the last four months and he was damned determined to get to work. Also he wanted to give Dekeon a surprised birthday party and Steve would be able to get ahold of all the guys to come to the party and maybe even be able to come up with a great place to have it.

Steve had the perfect place for them to have the party, his business partner in the studio had a house there in Ft. Lauderdale, it was empty and he would talk to him about renting it to the guys. He would get back to Scotty as soon as he found something out.

That evening Steve called Scotty, his partner was willing to allow them to lease the house. Scotty was over the moon, it was fully furnished as well so it was perfect. He gave Scotty the address and said that they could move in at any time that the house was empty. He would meet them there the next morning with the keys. He got off the phone and went to tell Dekeon.

The next morning they arrived at the address Steve had given, it was a beautiful little ranch style home in Chula Vista. Steve showed them around, it had 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. When you walk in the front door it opens into a large living room with a big wall of windows at the front, it leads into a large kitchen with a huge island in the middle of it. Off to the side was a dinning area, with white French doors that opened to the outside to the patio. It had a huge covered patio, big fenced yard with a huge pool. Empty of water of course, which got their attention. Skate ramp they were both thinking. Off the patio to the right was another pair of white French doors that lead to the master bedroom, it was huge it had a king size bed with black iron head board. The master bath was big too, it had a large stand up shower but also had a huge soaking tub with jets, double sinks as well.

Out of the master on the left was another bedroom, then a bathroom and another bedroom on the other side. At the end of the hall was a door to the two car garage, it had the washer and dryer just outside the door leading into the house.

The boys told Steve it was perfect, it was at the end of a dead end street, the closest neighbor was a half block away. He told the boys that his partner said that it was fully furnished and all they had to do was sign a lease agreement and pay the first and deposit. They got the money out and sign the papers. Steve handed them the keys and told them they could move in right away today if they wanted.

The boys headed back to the hotel and began to pack, the room was clean because Scotty is a neat freak when it comes to stuff like that. They went to the office to let Cliff know that they were moving out and if they could call if they got any mail until they could put a change of address in. they were very happy that we were finally being able to settle into Florida life. Scotty stayed behind for a minute when Dekeon headed back to finish loading the car. He told Cliff to spread the word that he was giving Dekeon a birthday party on the 23rd and that they were all welcome because they had taken such good care of them. Cliff was more than happy to, and he offered to bring the alcohol for the party. Scotty agreed.

Now he only had to get Jessup and some of the other guys to help out coming early and decorate and pick up supplies. He would call them the next day.

The boys piled their stuff into their new home, they didn’t have much but it seemed like they had more now than when they arrived. They sat outside in the laying lounger that was big enough for them both. They laid in each other arms stroking and touching each other. Before they knew it they were slowly undressing each other, lying naked together, each stroking and touching the others skin.



“I’m so glad that we found out how we really felt about each other.”

“Yeah, I know me too. I never before would have thought about us being here like this together. I mean I have always had feelings for you, but I thought it was just close feelings of two buddies you know? Growing up together and taking care of you when you needed me when your father would go off, was always just instinct for me. I didn’t realize that I was falling in love with you, you know what I mean?”

“Yes, I know. I guess if we had known that it was this type of love we would have freaked out and not had the relationship that we had, and have. I wouldn’t change what we had to go through to get here because I am so glad that we are here in this place together.”

“I do love you Scotty, so very much.”

“Me too.”

They were lying together naked, holding each other, kissing, touching and caressing each others skin. Kissing where ever their mouths happened to land. It was purely sensual and erotic, they were in no rush. They melted into each other, sucking each others hard cocks, licking and sucking each others nipples, balls and moaning with each movement.

Dekeon laid on his back and Scotty positioned himself over his cock, he lowered himself down on it. He rode Dekeons cock hard, screaming his name as he had no worries the neighbors might hear. They made love late into the night, passing out in the lounger side by side holding each other.

The next morning was the day of the party, to help get Dekeon out of the house so that they could get set up for the party. Steve had arranged a photo shoot for the up coming scene that he was going to do after Christmas. Kissing Scotty goodbye he headed off to work.

Scotty called Jessup and told the guys to get over there and help him get set up. They strung lights outside all along the wood fence, the DJ set up his equipment and lights on the patio, the boys set up tables and chairs all over the yard.

Brittany the secretary from the studio had the food delivered and the guys were setting it out. People were beginning to arrive and Scotty got a call from Steve to tell him that the shoot was done and was everything ready because Dekeon was ready to go home. Scotty told him to go ahead and start over but drag it out as people were arriving but not everyone was there yet. He told Steve that when he pulled over to put on the blindfold to call him right after.

“Okay, I got to pull over here for a second.” Steve said pulling into a parking lot.

“What’s up?” Dekeon asked.

“Nothing much, but I want you to put this on,” he said handing him the blindfold.

“What in the hell is this for?”

“Just do it.”

“What’s going on?”

“Nothing just humor me will ya, I got a surprise for you.”

“What kind of a surprise?”

“A good one you will love it.”

“I don’t know, what about Scotty he is waiting for me?”

“Who do you think told me to blindfold you!”

“That sneak, what is he up to?”

“Can’t tell you, now put the fucking thing on will you!”

“Fine,” he said putting on the blindfold.

Steve called Scotty to tell him he was blindfolded and they were nearly there. Back at the house everyone was mostly there so it was all good.

At the house Steve helped Dekeon out of the car, holding on to his arm leading him in the house. In side all was quiet and Steve handed Dekeon off to Scotty.

“You ready baby?” Scotty asked.

“Ready for what? What’s going on?” Dekeon said trying to reach for the blindfold but Scotty pushed his hand away.

“For your surprise?”

“What kind of surprise?”

“This kind!” Scotty said ripping off the blindfold.

Everyone yelled surprise as the blindfold came off. Dekeon’s look of surprise was priceless. They all yelled Happy Birthday. Then he saw the cake, in the shape of a skateboard, actually sitting on top of a skateboard, lots of presents piled on a table in the corner, the bar all set up and music began to play. He grabbed Scotty and hugged him tightly. Everyone clapped.

“Are you surprised baby?” Scotty said pulling back to look him in the face.

“Very, I can’t believe you did this. I love you babe so much!”

“I love you more.”

They kissed briefly and they went to greet their guests. The party went on for the better part of the night. There was dancing, drinking contests, people making out, people making love. When the party was still going with the few who remained Dekeon and Scotty headed off to their room.

“Were you really surprised, we all tried our best to not say anything so you wouldn’t catch on.”

“I was very surprised. I had no clue. I got suspicious when Steve had me put on the blindfold but I didn’t have a clue it would be this. Thank you so much, you can’t believe how much this meant to me. I love you!”

“I love you too. You are my family. You and Jared are all I have, I wanted to do something for you so you know how much you mean to me. You are my world. Our life together is so important to me that what is coming in the next few weeks will not matter even though it interrupts our life for a short time when it is over it’s done. Forgotten. Jared will come live with us and we will all be our own family and I can’t wait for that to happen.”

“When they put that bastard away for what he did to you we don’t ever have to think about it again. We are already a family its just going to gain a member. I’m very happy that this is almost over. The outer scars have healed, the inner ones are harder to deal with but manageable. We deal with it together as any other family would. One step at a time, and time heals all wounds.”

“I know. I just am not looking forward to seeing him or my mother again.”

“I will be right by your side. I promise,” he said pulling him into his arms kissing his forehead. Holding him tightly.

The next morning Dekeon was off to do his shoot, he had breakfast with Scotty, kissed him good-bye and headed out the door.

When he left Scotty grabbed his bag and headed to the studio, Steve was supposed to call and side track Dekeon with a errand to give him time to get there and get set up before Dekeon arrived. He arrived at the studio ahead of Dekeon as planned, Steve had asked him to stop off at the post office to pick up a package.

When Scotty walked into the studio Steve met him at the door, he walked him to the set. It was set up as a bedroom, soft lights and candles were burning, they were going to use soft lighting to give it a romantic glow. Scotty went off to get ready for the shoot as Steve waited for Dekeon.

Dekeon arrived a few minutes later with the package he was asked to pick up. Steve walked him to the set.

“Wow, this looks very romantic,” Dekeon said to Steve.

“Yeah, that’s kind of the idea. You are going to be lying on the bed naked and sleeping. When the other model comes in your are to stay as if you are sleeping, you will have this sleep mask on, you aren’t to move or react right away. I will tap you on the foot when I want you to start making noise and moving around. But don’t take off the mask until the model tells you too. This is kind of a fantasy for him, okay?”

“Okay, sounds hot. So you want me to get on the bed now?”

“Yeah, undress and put the mask on lie down on your stomach on the bed. Make sure you have one leg bent and I want your cock pushed between your legs so the camera can see it.”

“Alright,” he said as he walked to the bed and began to take his clothes off. When he was naked he laid on his stomach on the bed, with his head on the pillow his arms wrapped around the pillows. One leg was bent as asked and his cock was visible between his legs.

Steve told his assistant Mark to go get the model he was ready for him.

Scotty came in got his cue from Steve, he walked through the doorway as saw Dekeon lying on the bed naked, he walked to the bed and lightly touch his arm.

“You awake,” he said as he touched him.

No response. He asked again, and again no response.

He ran his hand lightly down Dekeon’s body, rubbing his hand gently over the rise of his buttocks, down his firm legs, touching his feet lightly. Scotty then with his back to the camera dropped the white robe he was wearing, exposing his naked body to the camera. The camera moved over his body first from the back then to the front. He walked again to stand beside the bed, on the nightstand there was a bottle of massage oil. He picked it up and poured some into his hands. Rubbing his hands together he then ran his hands over Dekeon’s back.

He spread the oil over his back and shoulders, his hands moving lightly. He climbed on to the bed and straddled Dekeon’s legs, putting more oil on his hands he rubbed up his back. He could feel Dekeon under him wanting to squirm, wanting to move. He leaned over and put his mouth to his ear.

“Not yet, relax,” he said then kissed his cheek.

He moved his hands down each of his arms, slowly moving back to his shoulders, massaging them. His hands ran down his back to his ass. Scotty scooted back from his legs allowing a shot between Dekeon’s legs showing that his cock had become hard.

Scotty rubbed his hands down the crack of Dekeon’s ass, sliding his fingers over his balls, Dekeon let out a small moan from that. Steve tapped Dekeon’s foot letting him know he could start making movement and sounds.

“What are you doing?” Dekeon asked.

“Touching your body, your luscious body, your lickable body,” he said in a hoarse whisper so he wouldn’t know who it was. Then he lean down and began licking on Dekeon’s balls.

“Oh God!!!” Dekeon let out.

“Umm, you like that do you?”


“Do you want me to stop?”


“Do you want more?”


“Yes, What!”

“Yes, Please. I want more.”

“Better. Do not remove the blindfold unless I tell you to.”


“Roll over”

Dekeon rolled onto his back exposing his rock hard cock, Scotty smiled. He poured more oil into his hands he began to rub over his chest, his stomach, then back up his body to his shoulders, Scotty straddled his body rubbing his body into Dekeon’s. Their moans began to fill the room, Dekeon’s cock and Scotty’s rubbing together. Dekeon tried to kiss Scotty but he wouldn’t let him, he knew if he did Dekeon would know who it was teasing him in this way.

Instead Scotty lowered himself to his cock, licking it from balls to tip. Sliding it down into his mouth, sucking on it, running his tongue over it. Jerking his cock with his hand, his other on his balls, gently rubbing them and pulling on them. Dekeon was reaching for him, but he pushed his hands away.

Then Scotty moved up his body, rubbing his body on Dekeon’s. Slowly kissing his way up until he was kissing his neck, he pulled his legs up to where he was sitting on Dekeon’s chest, he pointed his cock to Dekeon’s lips and tapped the tip on them, Dekeon opened his mouth and began to suck on Scotty’s cock. Scotty rocked his cock in and out of Dekeon’s mouth. Dekeon reached around trying to play with Scotty’s ass but again he stopped him, pinning his hands down.

Scotty reached behind him stroking Dekeon’s cock, moans and heavy breathing coming from them both. Then Scotty reached for the condom on the stand, wrapped it on Dekeon’s cock, poured lube into his hand and rubbed it on Dekeon’s cock and his ass. He straddled it facing Dekeon, as he guided it to his hole and slowly sank onto it, he reached for the blindfold lifting it.

Dekeon opened his eyes to see Scotty impaled on his cock, looking into his eyes, moaning as he rode his cock.



“Very, you sure about this?”

“Of course, I started it.”

“I know, but?”

“Shh, it’s alright. Fuck me!” he said putting his finger on Dekeon’s lips.

Dekeon did as he was asked and fucked up into Scotty’s ass, he was rewarded with Scotty’s usual loud squeals and moans. They kissed deeply as their hips thrusted wildly together. Scotty ground his ass on Dekeon’s cock, as Dekeon’s hands stroked his cock that was flopping on his stomach.

Dekeon pushed him back on the bed, Scotty wrapped his legs around his waist. Dekeon’s cock was still deep inside his ass. They looked into each others eye longingly, Dekeon bent down and he wrapped his arms around Scotty kissing him with deep penetrating passion.

Steve was filming between Dekeon’s legs as his cock was making deep long strokes in and out of Scotty’s ass. Steve tapped them and told them to change it up again.

Dekeon pulled out of Scotty, reached to the stand and retrieved another condom, opened it leaned up on his knees and reached for Scotty’s cock. He placed it on him then handed him the lube and turned on his knees and grabbed the headboard.

Scotty lubed his cock and Dekeon’s ass, then slowly guided his cock into Dekeon’s ass. He gasped hard at first, then moaned and pushed back onto Scotty’s cock. Scotty had his hands on either hip and started to rail Dekeon’s ass hard.

D-OH, fuck yeah! S-You like that don’t you? D-Fuck yeah I do, fuck me!!! S-Yes, baby take it!

He fucked Dekeon harder, he was grabbing his cock to keep it from flapping too much. When Scotty pulled him back and he was now riding Scotty’s cock, back to chest thrusting up into Dekeon’s ass and he grinding on Scotty’s cock.

Scotty then rolled them and they were now on their sides, Dekeon was madly stroking his now rock hard cock, Scotty was thrusting into Dekeon’s ass and kissing and sucking his neck and shoulders. Their lips meeting once in a while. Dekeon then whispered to Scotty.
“I’m very close.”

“Me too.”

“Take the condom off.”

“What, but you know how Steve is.”

“Fuck him I want you.”

Steve was on a forward shot so Scotty pulled out adjusting he pulled the condom off and hid it between them and put his cock back into Dekeon’s ass.

“Happy now baby?”

“Yes, now fuck the shit out of me!”

With that he kissed Dekeon hard on the lips, lowered his head to Dekeon’s shoulder and started to pound him hard. Dekeon was stroking his cock wildly.

D-Oh God, I’m going to cum! S-Cum for me baby! Stroking his cock, Scotty kept the pace of fucking Dekeon hard D-Fuck yeah, here it comes He shot his load all over the bed and his belly and chest S-You want it don’t you? D-Yes! Scotty knew that Dekeon wanted his load in his ass, he also knew Steve would be pissed and they would have to reshoot the end but he didn’t care it’s what Dekeon wanted it was what he was going to get.

He pulled Dekeon close wrapping his arms around him still thrusting in and out of his ass, Steve was shooting straight in front of them. Scotty whispered to Dekeon, “Here it comes.”

Three hard thrusts more and Scotty was pouring his cum into Dekeon’s ass. They held onto each other tight as their breaths were heavy and ragged. They both looked up at Steve and smiled, then looked at each other and kissed.

“Wow, that was fucking amazing!” Dekeon said trying to be in character.

“Yeah, it sure was. You want to do it again sometime?”

“Fuck, you know it!”

They both looked at Steve who was looking down at them having put the camera down, “What was that?”

“What was what,” Dekeon said with a sheepish smile on his face.

“That, you know I want to see the cum shot. Did you take the condom off?”

“Yes, he wanted me to. We don’t use them at home.”

“Well, that’s fine but you know I promote safesex in my videos,” he said walking over to the lights switching them on bright.

“Put a disclaimer on before scene then, um lets see. It can say, the actors in the next scene are in a monogamous relationship and choose at times not to use condoms. This studio promotes the use of condoms. How’s that?”

“Your full of shit you know it?”

“Yeah, I know it. You want us to do it over?”

“No, it was an amazing scene I don’t want to mess with it, a disclaimer will do. Smartass!”

“But you love us!” they both said together.

“Go clean up,” he said tossing towels at them.

In the shower they soaped and washed each others bodies, letting the water run over their hot skin.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were going to do the scene with me?” Dekeon said wrapping his arms around Scotty pulling him to him.

“Because it was supposed to be a surprise for you, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate how you have taken care of me while I was getting better. But now that I am well, I want to pull my weight. This was the best way to show you that I am able to do it.”

“I was definitely surprised and pleased. I was so happy when you took that blindfold off to find you there. It was an amazing scene.”

“It was amazing! Your amazing, I love you so much Dekeon.”

“I love you too, you have no idea how happy you make me.”

“I have an idea, its almost as much as you make me.”

They hugged each other tightly as the hot water flowed over them. After they got dressed they went to the office to talk to Steve they had yet to tell him that they had to go out of town for the trial. Now was as good a time as any.

Having told Steve of what was going on, he agreed to let them be on vacation for as long as the trial lasted. But he wanted them back as soon as possible, after that scene he told them he was going to have sites clamoring for more of them.

They went back to the house and began packing for the trip, their flight was to leave the next morning at 10 a.m., having already had a full day they took it easy for the rest of the evening ordering pizza for supper, and skating around the pool.

Scotty put in a call to Jared to find out how he was and if he was going to go to the courthouse. There was no answer so he left him a voicemail telling him that they were coming home and that he wanted to see him right away when they got to town and were settled in the hotel.

It was 2 a.m. when the phone rang, Dekeon picked it up. It was the detective from their home town. He needed to speak to Scotty.

“Yes sir he is right here, is something wrong?”

“Who is it Deke?”

“It’s that detective from back home,” Dekeon said handing him the phone.

“Hello. Yes, what is wrong? Has something happened to my brother?” Scotty said with fear rising in his voice. Oh my God!!!!” Scotty screamed and dropped the phone and began heart wrenching balling.

Dekeon picked up the phone, ” What happened? What do we do? Yes sir, we were flying out tomorrow morning anyway. Our flight is at 10 a.m. What hospital is he in? No, we have a rental reserved, I will ask for directions at the car place. Of course, I will call you when we land. Thank you for calling us. I will take care of him, thank you again. Bye.”

“Baby, its okay!” Dekeon said wrapping his arms around Scotty.

“It’s not fucking okay, that bastard, that bastard. I’m glad he’s fucking dead, if he hadn’t shot himself I would have done it for him. But why, I hated my mother for sticking up for him, but I didn’t want her to die. I knew someday this was going to happen, that’s why we had to run. I should have brought Jared with me when he begged to come. Now, he is fighting for his life because of that selfish bastard!”

“We have to look on a bright point here, Jared is alive. Yes, he is critical. But so were you for a while but I knew you would be alright. He will too, we will be there tomorrow and he will know it. He will feel us there and he will be okay.”

“God, I hope your right. He’s all I have left now.”

“You have us both, don’t forget that.”

“Did the detective say what happened?”

“He said that according to the note they found he said that he wasn’t going through no fucking trial and that I deserved every bit of pain he inflicted on me and I deserve the pain of losing everything. He killed my mother, tried to kill my brother and killed himself so I would live in pain for the rest of my life. This is all my fault,” he said lying down on the bed.

“No, it is not your fault that he was a lunatic, no one could predict that he would do something this awful.”

“I knew, Jared knew. We knew someday something major was going to happen. When he bashed me we thought that was it. I guess he knew that going to prison wasn’t something he was willing to do. So he took us all down with him. I’m glad he killed himself, I hope he rots in hell!” he began crying again.

Dekeon held him for hours before getting up to make some breakfast before the flight. He also called Steve to fill him in on what happened. He told us to take all the time we needed. Charge anything we needed to the studio they would cover it.

Scotty came from the bedroom, he eyes were blood red from crying. I told him to go get a shower first and I would have breakfast done before he was. He said he wasn’t hungry and headed to the shower.

They arrived at the airport, checked in and went to their gate to wait for the flight to be called for boarding. Scotty called the hospital to check on his brother, their was no change. The flight was called and they were on their way home. Scotty was a nervous wreck for the entire flight, he would have times where he would cling to Dekeon on cry into his shoulder, and times where he was just so sad. The flight attendant asked if she could help in any way, and Dekeon told her that they were fine. Not wanting to upset Scotty further by strangers knowing his business. When Dekeon got up a few minutes later to go to the bathroom he turned to the attendant.

“I’m sorry couldn’t elaborate earlier I would have but my boyfriend is going through a very hard time right now, his parents died and his brother is in the hospital in very critical condition. I shouldn’t be telling you this it would make him angry and he doesn’t need that right now, but I wanted you to understand his situation. I thank for your concern about him, he is just in a bad place right now.”

“I completely understand sir, I hope his brother recovers soon.”

“Thank you we hope so too, we were told its very touch and go with him. I am hoping that just hearing that his brother is there with him that he will pull through.”

“I will pray for him, can I get you anything?”

“No thanks, and thank you for your kindness. I better get back.”

The plane landed and they headed to the car rental place. They asked for directions for the hospital, after a brief abbreviated version of what happened the clerk called the garage and had one of the guys program the directions into the GPS for them.

They made their way to the hospital, got directions to where he was. They were greeted at the desk by a nurse who ushered them into Jared’s room. He was hooked up to every machine you could imagine, one to monitor his heart, one to give fluids and medications, a tube coming out of his chest with fluids draining into canister, and the worst was the one breathing for him. Scotty could barely keep standing, Dekeon and the nurse had to help him to a chair. The nurse immediately left to go get him some water and to call for the doctor on call.

“God, I am so glad that he is dead. Cause if he wasn’t I would have hunted him down for doing this to him,” he said clutching the arm of the chair.

“I know baby, but he is. Our focus has to be on getting Jared well. He needs us to be strong for him, he needs you. Talk to him let him know we are here,” Dekeon said lovingly stroking Scotty’s back.

“Do you think he can hear me?”

“Sure he can,” said a voice from the doorway. “I’m Dr. Rivers, you’re his brother?”

“Yes, this is my boyfriend Dekeon. We just arrived from Florida. How is he?”

“Nice to meet you both. Um, I really don’t want to give you false hope, he is in very serious condition. The bullets traveled through his body bouncing off his ribs. We had to remove his spleen, he had a collapsed lung, also it punctured the lung which is why he is on a respirator at the moment. We are allowing the machine to do the breathing to let the lung have time to heal before we wake him up and he fights too hard to breathe and cause more damage. So the breathing tube is just temporary but necessary.”

“What are his chances of making a full recovery?” Dekeon asked.

“Fair, I would say right now. As soon as we are able to take the chest tube out and his lung strength improves, we can wake him up and see how he is doing. Now baring any further complications I am cautiously optimistic at this point.”

“So you think if I talk to him he can hear me, even though he is asleep?” Scotty asked walking to his bedside and touching his hand.

“I’d say that would be the best medicine he could have, after what happened to him. Now the nurse said he were feeling ill when you walked in here, are you alright?”

“Yes, I guess it was just the shock of seeing him like this,” Scotty said brushing a fallen piece of hair out of Jared’s eyes.

“It was the same for me when I got the call about you,” Dekeon said rubbing Scotty’s back lovingly.

“You were recently ill as well,” the doctor asked.

“Yes, my father did the same thing to me too. Only he didn’t shoot me, he just beat me into a coma and bruised my spine and put me in a wheelchair for awhile. Nice guy huh,” Scotty said with anger and distain in his voice.

“I think knowing what happened to him, that pardon me, but he should have took himself out a long time ago and left you all well alone.”

“No, it’s fine. Our sentiments exactly. I just wish my mother had had more of a backbone to stand up to him years ago, we wouldn’t have had to go through all this shit and she wouldn’t be dead right now.”

“But she didn’t baby, she made her choice clear after what happened to you, she chose him over her children. Please don’t think about it anymore we have to get Jared well so we can take him back home with us,” Dekeon said kissing the side of Scotty’s face and wrapping his arms around him.

“Well if you guys need anything just ask the nurse, if there is any change the nurse will call me and I will be here. When I leave for the day they have my cell so they will call me. Try to get some rest it is going to be a long while before he wakes up. I will have the nurses bring another sleeping chair in here. The cafeteria food isn’t too bad, I suggest that you keep up your strength if you are going to help him,” he said walking to the door.

“Thank you doctor, we appreciate everything you are doing for him,” Scotty said pulling the chair closer to the bed.

“Its what I am here for, see you guys later,” he said leaving the room.

“Jared, Jared its me Scotty. I’m here. I wish I had listened to you and took you with us that day. Then none of this would have happened to you,” Scotty said lying his head down on the side of the bed.

“Even if we had taken him that day, doesn’t mean it wouldn’t have happened. He would have tracked us down and we all would be dead right now. Don’t worry about that now, its over and done with we have to have faith that he can hear us, know that we are here and get well,” Dekeon said pulling another chair over by Scotty.

Several days went by of nurses in and out, doctors too, blood being taken, tests of the respirator to see if he could breath any better on his own. They would take turns sleeping and talking to Jared, reading him magazine articles about skateboarding, they would watch t.v. and give him a play by play of what was happening.

The chest tube was removed on the fourth day. On the sixth day they turned off the respirator for a few hours to see how he would do. They left him off it and pulled the tube from his mouth. They also stopped the meds keeping him asleep.

On the seventh day, he began to moan sometimes when he was being touched, but he wouldn’t wake up. By the afternoon of that day, his hands were moving, his feet and toes.

“Jared, dude wake up will ya,” Dekeon said looking up from the book he was reading. “This has got to be the worst book I have ever read you got to wake up and save me from having to read anymore of it. We ran out of shit to read to you.”

“I agree it has got to be the worst story ever. But keep reading maybe he’ll get tired of hearing too and wake up and tell you shut the fuck up already,” Scotty said rubbing his arm.

“Yeah, what he said.”

They both looked up fast to see Jared looking at them, smiling.

“Oh God, your awake!” they both said together standing over him quickly.

“I had to, if I had to hear one more word from that book I was going to scream. I tried but it was like I could hear you but I couldn’t get myself to open my eyes or move anything. What happened?”

“One word, Dad!” Scotty said leaning down to hug his brother.

“Fuck, what about Mom?”

“She didn’t make it Jared,” Scotty hugged him again.

“What’s going to happen now?”

“He’s dead Jared, he killed himself after he shot you and Mom. What’s going to happen is your going to get your ass well, and we are going home, to Florida. All of us. Okay?” Scotty said wrapping his arm around Dekeon’s waist and holding Jared’s hand.

“I’ll go for that,” Jared said.

“Me too,” Dekeon agreed.

The next few day were filled with tests, Jared was moved to a regular room since he was out of danger. Their grandparents came to the hospital once to ask the boys what they were going to do about their parents funerals. The boys told them to handle it. They had been abused and battered by him, and abandoned by her that they could just deal with it. It was cold they knew it, but they were not going to be apart of it.

Dekeon’s parents came to see him at the hospital, they were glad to see him since they hadn’t seen him since he left. They agreed to come down to Florida for a visit in the spring. They spent the day with the boys going for real food for them for lunch and dinner. They were sad to see them go they had missed them a lot. But the next few months were going to be hard, but them coming down in a couple of months would be great.

Dekeon’s parents kept asking him about work, he did not want to tell them what he was really doing, so he told them that he was working for a film studio as a gofer. It wasn’t a lie wholly but was close enough to the truth. His parents would hit the floor if he told them what he and Scotty were really doing.

The following day their parents lawyer came to the hospital, he had some paperwork that Scotty had to sign since he was the oldest child. It was a shock to them both that the lawyer told them that their father had a life insurance policy on their mother. But really it didn’t surprise them all that much. The policy was on him as well but since he took his own life there wouldn’t be a pay off. But their mother was killed due to others actions, it was a full pay out plus 10% of the whole amount.

“You mean we get that money?” Scotty asked.

“Of course, you two are the sole heirs so you will split it. Scotty will manage the money since he is the oldest. Since you will be 18 soon you will then be in control of your half. I caution you two though to not waist your money, put it in a interest earning account or have a consultant give you some ideas on how to protect it. There will of course be taxes held out on the money but not that much,” the lawyer said pulling out the papers.

“Just how much are we talking here?” Jared said looking over at Scotty.

“Roughly, $750,000.” the lawyer said.

“Oh my God, you got to fucking shitting me!” Scotty yelled.

They were shocked looking at each other, excited and smiling.

“No, I told you it was a large policy. I guess under circumstances you can only hope that he was hoping to take care of you boys if something happened to them.”

“No, he wanted the money himself but it didn’t play out in his favor. Oh my God, I can’t believe it. This is so wild. But do you know that this means?” Scotty said to Dekeon.


“We can buy the house, quit the business if you want, take a trip, whatever,” he said wrapping his arms around him.

“I will go for buying the house, and even going on a trip. But I’m not going to stop working. That money is yours and Jared’s, not mine.”

“It is our money, all of us. We are family and this is our future. Not just Jared’s and mine.”

“I know, but we are young but if you think about the future we have our nest egg now. Live now, live large and be happy. I won’t stop working because this fell in our lap we have to be smart about it or it won’t last long and were broke again. But I agree we need to buy the house, then it really is our home. We will have to talk to Steve and his friend about it, but I’m sure we could make a deal they would go for.”

“A home is the best investment, that is a good idea. Now if you could sign here, here and on the last page,” he said showing Scotty the papers.

“Okay, sounds good. Now when will we get the money?” Scotty asked.

“It will take the company a week to ten days, the taxes will automatically be taken out. Now it will come certified letter, I need you to put your address on this sheet for the insurance company,” he said pointing out where to put it.

“Fine,” Scotty said writing down the address.

“Well, that’s all I have other than what are your plans for the house? That is yours as well.”

“I guess we hadn’t thought about that, sale it I guess. I don’t want it not after what happened there. I’m not even sure I could go there with what I’m sure is a mess, the blood, I couldn’t do it.”

“There is no mess, crime scene clean up took care of it. It’s like nothing happened there. I went through the house yesterday cataloging the contents for the insurance company. Do you want me to handle the sale for you?”

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