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August 26, 2013 / by gaystory

“God Dammit, what does the Ruskie want now?” Mission Control’s eyes were blazing. He knew the communications officer was in his office again because of the Russian cosmonaut. Nearly all visits by the commo officer was because of the Russian cosmonaut.

“He says he can’t check and repair the space shuttle, General Bendix, Sir.” The commo officer was standing stiff as a rod. He knew Mission Control was at the end of his patience and that someone had to take the heat. And since the Russian cosmonaut was on the other side of the moon in the international space station, the commo officer knew that someone a bit closer to home was going to take the heat.

“Can’t check out the shuttle?” Bendix quietly repeated. And then he exploded. “He’s got to check the space shuttle and repair it, if it needs that. He’s the only one up there qualified to do it. Our two astronauts are responsible for other things. Someone’s got to make sure the panels didn’t get damaged when the shuttle docked with the station; that’s his job up there. Otherwise they can’t come home and we can’t dock another shuttle. Get back on the horn and build a fire under his ass.”

“Yes, sir!”

Twenty minutes later the commo officer was back. “Umm, sir, Cosmonaut Goren says he wants to do the check and repair work, but he just can’t. He says his hands aren’t steady enough to do it.”

“What the hell?” yelled Misson Control. “What’s the problem?”

“Ummm. It’s a little embarrassing, sir. Umm—”

“Ummm what, colonel? What’s the fucker’s problem?”

“Yes, that’s what he says is the problem,” the colonel says, his voice getting very small.

“What the hell’s that supposed to mean?” Mission Control blustered.

“Cosmonaut Goren says he’s highly sexed, sir, and they’ve been up there for six weeks. He says if he doesn’t get sex, he can’t steady his hands well enough to do the repair work.”

“Hell’s bells. Tell him to take matters into his own hands,” Mission Control said.

“He says that hasn’t helped,” the colonel answered. “He says he has to fuck something or he can’t steady his nerves. And if he can’t steady his nerves, he can’t check out the shuttle’s skin.”

“Shit,” Mission Control blurted out. “There aren’t any women up there. There are just the two American men and him. He knew that when he went up there.”

“Ummm. Cosmonaut Goren says it’s not women he needs, sir.” The colonel was definitely red faced now.

“Oh.” That was all General Bendix could think of saying at the moment. “Oh.”

An hour later, General Bendix was on the horn straight to the two American astronauts, Chet and Dave. “So, that’s how things are, guys. If you want to make it home alive, it looks like you’re going to have give Andreyev Goren a choice between you. Sorry, wish there was some other way.”

The two young American astronauts voices revealed that they were distraught but resigned. There was no question they wanted to get home.

An hour later, General Bendix’s office once again.

“What? Both? Is he out of his fuckin mind?” Bendix yelled.

“He says he’s wanted them both for weeks, sir,” the colonel murmured. “He says he can only steady his nerves with full satisfaction.”

When the time came, Bendix had the control room cleared and the feeds to all of the monitors but one in the control room shut down. But he thought someone needed to be there to monitor all the lifelines to the space station, so he and the colonel stood there in front of the one operating screen, their jaws dropped down to their Adam’s apples. They wanted to look away, but the scene that unfolded in front of them in the space station was mesmerizing. The camera wasn’t actually located in the zero gravity, but oxygenated space Andreyev Goren was in to steady his nerves, but the wall between that space and where the camera was placed was nearly entirely of see-through glass.

The first thing Andreyev had his fellow American astronauts do was strip down and secure their clothes in closed bins to keep them from floating around. He stripped down as well. The two Americans were young and healthy and well-muscled as they had to be to be astronauts. The blond, Chet, was a bodybuilder—solid and built low to the ground and heavily muscled. His body was hairless, including his groin, and he had a thick, but stubby cock and bulbous, low-hanging balls. At least his cock was stubby in repose. Dave, in contrast, had flaming red, curly hair that lightly matted his chest around his nipples and then trailed down to a thicket surrounding a long, long cock. He was also well muscled, but was taller and rangier than Chet, with a swimmer’s build. He was covered in freckles.

Andreyev contrasted drastically with the two Americans. He wasn’t fat; in fact he was all muscle. But he was a big, beefy giant of a man if Turkic ancestry, of swarthy complexion and covered in black hair. His balls were even bigger than Chet’s, and his cock was monstrously thick and long, and he obviously was in need of relief, as he was fully erect from the time they started shedding their clothes.

For the first twenty minutes after they had stripped, it was as if they were in some underwater ballet. The three of them were gliding around in the weightlessness of the capsule, with Andreyev reaching out to one of the other two and embracing him, trying to get him into the mood, with the frightened, reluctant Americans propelling themselves away from Andreyev as they could—knowing what had to happen but each hoping that the other would be pinned down first and tire Andreyev out with just one fucking.

Chet was the stronger of the two Americans, so he was more successful in keeping out of Andreyev’s grasp as the three of them floated around the cabin space in weightlessness.

Bendix and the colonel let out an involuntary gasp as Andreyev finally managed to wrap his legs around Dave’s, hooking at the knees, and get Dave’s torso into a bear hug as the two slowly spun in space in the center of the capsule. Andreyev was much the largest and strongest of the three in the capsule. Having Dave under his control at last, Andreyev started kissing him from the neck to the nipples and undulating his pelvis against Dave’s body, his cock rubbing up and down on Dave’s belly. Dave struggled at first, but he eventually settled down, accepting that this all had to happen if they were to ever get away from the space station, and he just relaxed and let his arms and legs float and Andreyev build his arousal. Andreyev’s mouth eventually went to Dave’s and Dave just let Andreyev’s tongue invade him. At the same time, the palm of one of Andreyev’s hands went to Dave’s tailbone and his long, thick fingers searched downward and entered Dave’s ass.

Bendix and the colonel could tell the instant that Dave began to react with an arousal of his own that had his own hips begin to move in rhythm with Andreyev’s.

Satisfied that he had gained control, Andreyev slowly propelled himself and Dave over toward the window between the capsule and the control room’s camera. Andreyev reached over to the wall beside the window and came up with four lash lines the astronauts used to keep themselves in place in the weightless cabin, and he turned Dave face forward against the window to the right of the camera’s field of vision. Then he tied Dave’s wrists off on line tie offs above the window and his ankles below the window so that Dave was spread-eagled, naked and face forward into the window.

Then Andreyev propelled himself away from the window and caught up with Chet in a far corner of the cabin and overpowered him and spun slowly in the zero gravity in a body lock as he had done with Dave, making love to and preparing and calming down Chet as he had done with Dave. When he had Chet under control—when Chet decided to give into the inevitable—Andreyev brought out four more lengths of roping and tied off Chet. In contrast to what he’d done with Dave, however, Andreyev levitated Chet horizontally in the center of the cabin, tying off his wrists and ankles at the four corners of the space and leaving Chet suspended in air in the center of the cabin as if he were on his back on a mattress at waist level.

Then as Bendix and the colonel watched in fascinated horror and Chet and Dave trembled in anticipation, Andreyev propelled his body slowly to the side of the cabin, slid open a panel, and took out a pair of heavy, lead gravity boots. When he’d put these on, he no longer was floating weightless in the cabin himself. He could walk, albeit slowly and awkwardly, around on the floor of the cabin.

He looked back and forth between his two luscious possibilities before turning his eyes toward Dave, virtually plastered against the glass wall, giving a full frontal view to the control room camera.

Dave looked wild-eyed into the camera as Andreyev clumped up behind him, just in those gravity boots. Andreyev had also taken a small packet from the compartment at the side of the window. He now tore it open and let it float off and then rolled a condom on his cock. He moved to where he covered Dave closely from behind and brought his arms around Dave and was gliding his hands all over Dave’s body. At the same time, Bendix and the colonel could tell that Andreyev was moving his pelvis up and down against Dave’s, obviously letting his thick, engorged cock make love to the small of Dave’s back and between his butt cheeks. One of Andreyev’s hands went to Dave’s cock, which lifted and rubbed against the glass as Andreyev stroked it.

Dave was looking straight into the control room camera, and Bendix and the colonel got a full view of the transition of Dave’s facial expressions from sheer terror and apprehension, to worry and the start of something else—the start of arousal. Dave’s facial muscles went from taut to slack and his eyes went from wild terror to a dreamy expression—ever so slowly, but relentlessly. His body went from stiff tenseness to trembling to jerking. The moment of invasion, of penetration, was obvious to the camera. Dave’s nostrils flared, his eyes flashed, and his mouth opened in a scream of pain. His body tightened and then spasmed. He writhed and jerked for a few moments and then slowly, ever so slowly, he began to calm, and his body relaxed, and his eyes glazed, and his mouth slackened. His pelvis moved back, away from the window and began a backward-thrust rhythm. Andreyev was holding his hand still now, cupped around Dave’s engorged cock, and Dave was fucking into it as he undulated his hips back against Andreyev’s pelvis. Andreyev kissed Dave deeply in the hollow of his neck, and Dave turned his face and the two worked their mouths greedily against each others when Dave jerked his face away, arched his back, opened his mouth wide and emitted a scream. As he did so the lower part of the window with clouded with his floating cum. Then Dave just collapsed like a rag doll as Andreyev continued fucking him from behind for a couple of more minutes before reaching his own climax.

After he had come, Andreyev let his hands glide over Dave’s body for a few minutes and the two kissed and murmured to each other—to the utter embarrassment of the watching Mission Control and commo officer.

Andreyev moved away from Dave then and stripped off his condom and let it float free. He went back to the side of the room and came back with another packet, opened it, released it into the air, and then rolled a second condom on his still-engorged dick.

Then Andreyev was clumping over to the center of the cabin to where Chet was tethered, face up and at waist level. Andreyev went down on his knees between Chet’s spread legs, and his mouth and tongue went immediately to work on Chet’s asshole. Andreyev wrapped his hand around Chet’s stubby cock, which began to grow immediately. Chet was trying his best to move his arms and legs. He head was flung back in an unheard scream of frustration, his veins were popping out, and his muscles were straining mightily under the tension of trying to respond somehow to the unwanted attention Andreyev was giving his asshole. But there was nothing he could do. He couldn’t get leverage and he had agreed to giving himself to Andreyev. Slowly, as with Dave, Chet began to adjust to the inevitable and, like Dave, to become aroused himself under Andreyev’s expert attention. Andreyev’s mouth left his asshole and applied itself to his cock, to be replaced with searching fingers inside him.

Bendix and the colonel could see that Chet slowly relaxed under Andreyev’s attentions and his face went slack and his eyes went glassy so that he only lurched a bit and twitched when Andreyev stood and thrust his cock inside Chet’s ass in one long, slow, deep-rooted glide. Andreyev stood there between Chet’s legs, one hand stroking Chet’s cock and the other on Chet’s hip, pulling him back and forth in the zero gravity, on Andreyev’s thick, long cock. After nearly twenty minute of stroking, Chet’s body arched and his muscles tightened, and white cloudy cum floated up from his cock. Shortly after that Andreyev shuddered and pulled his amazingly still engorged cock out of Chet, stripped off the condom, and let it float free.

Andreyev came around to Chet’s side and leaned over and slowly kissed him from lips down to his navel. Then he came back over to Dave and let his ankles, but not his wrist’s free. After that, it was back to the side of the window, another condom packet, and another cock crowning. He came back and twisted Dave around to where his back was against the window. The leads his wrists were tied to were long enough to allow him to twist around. Then Andreyev had his hands under Dave’s thighs and was pulling them up and pushing them apart and walking between them and sinking his cock into Dave’s hole as Dave once more was arching his head back and crying to the ceiling and writhing and twisting and then calming down and getting into a fuck rhythm with Andreyev for the second breeding.

From the control room camera angle, Bendix and the colonel could see the strong, hairy thighs of Andreyev under Dave’s thighs and the root of Andreyev’s thick cock and his bouncing balls as he fucked strongly up into Dave, rubbing the small of Dave’s back up and down along the window. Once more Dave’s body collapsed like that of a rag doll before Andreyev was finished with him and had released yet another condom, trailing a film of white cum from its open end, into the zero gravity cabin.

Then he released Dave and was removing his gravity boots and floating back to Chet. He let his body float over Chet’s until they were in a 69 position. He swallowed Chet’s cock and thrust his own into Chet’s mouth and they worked each other for several minutes. After a while, the boots were put on again and the stash of condoms was raided once more and Andreyev had twisted Chet’s body around until it was face down and he was fucking the American astronaut in the ass from behind.

When Andreyev was finished this time and had stripped the condom off to float with a thickening atmosphere of condoms and condom packets, he started for the condom stash and had his eyes on a trembling Dave once more. At this point Bendix and the colonel could take no more. They switched off their monitor and fell back in two chairs, overwhelmed and trembling—and not a little aroused themselves, although certainly too embarrassed to reveal that to each other.

Three weeks later, all seemed to be back to normal for Mission Control. His blood pressure was almost back to normal, and he hadn’t had a wet dream in three nights. The rest of the space station mission had gone splendidly. He’d been afraid the tension would be unbearable for the Russian and two Americans after that episode, but the Americans were being professional and calm about everything and the Russian spent most of his time humming. The inspection of the panels on the space shuttle had revealed no problems, and the three had returned to their space shuttle touchdown in Russia right on schedule.

But then the commo officer appeared at the door once again, with the familiar “bearing bad news” look on his face.

“Sorry, General. You gotta come down to the control room and see what’s on the Internet.”

“The Internet,” General Bendix roared. “What the hell are your guys doing looking at the Internet?”

“It’s the space station, sir,” the colonel replied, all atremble. “You gotta see this. And the commo channels are lit up like a Christmas tree, even the line from the White House situation room.”

“What the hell?” Bendix responded.

“It was what Andreyev did with the two American astronauts, General. Somehow that got recorded and got on the Internet. We’ve got a Russian fucking two American guys in space spread all across the Internet, General. God, I don’t know how that got out . . . or how it got recorded in the first place—”

General Bendix rose out of his chair, ready to go to war. “They can’t do that. They can’t run that. Any one of the three can say it’s a violation and we can shut them down.”

“Shut something down already on the Internet, General?” the commo guy just let that slip out. He knew they couldn’t do anything; the general probably even knew they couldn’t do anything. He was in the line of fire. He felt doomed. But there was no escaping the grim truth. “I don’t think we could . . . even if we could find—”

“Could find what? Could find who?” Mission Control screamed.

“Could find any one of the three of them,” the colonel said in a meek little voice. “Two days after the shuttle landed in Semipalitinsk, all three of them had taken off together and no one’s seen them since other than some hotel manager screaming something about three guys and a sex orgy and tearing one of his rooms apart.”

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