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Discovery Days Ch. 01

February 22, 2014 | masturbation | Permalink

John had always felt restrained by his wife, Catherine. She was raised in a strict catholic village and had no interest in sex after the kids were born. Sure, there was the occasional fuck on birthdays and anniversaries but nothing like as much as John desired, or in fact needed. His sex life now consisted [...]

Carla Likes to Watch – Me Ch. 04

February 22, 2014 | gay | Permalink

After Carla’s and my gang fuck things were kind of weird for a few days. It was like we were avoiding each other or certainly avoiding any conversation about our raunchy play time. Finally on Friday night we ended up drinking a bottle of wine and smoking some dope which of course lowered our defenses [...]

A Corn Dog and a Cock

February 22, 2014 | food | Permalink

It was lunch time and I was already tired. I just had to leave work, so I stopped by a local drive-in and picked up a couple of corn dogs and a drink. I drove a couple of miles to the local park to enjoy my lunch, listen to the radio, and perhaps rest my [...]

Fun Afternoon In A Toilet Ch. 01

February 22, 2014 | toilet | Permalink

I was feeling very horny as I entered the toilet cubicle it had a lot to do with what I was wearing. I had dressed up in my sexy undies about 2 hours ago and had been playing around and looking at porn, before driving to this location. Under my street clothes I had on [...]

Fun Afternoon In A Toilet Ch. 02

February 22, 2014 | gay | Permalink

The second guy almost barged in he was so eager to have some fun, I know I was ready for more! I was standing, no panties but still wearing the bra stockings and garter belt. It all happened so quickly that my chin was still wet from the cum that had oozed out, and the [...]

Gay Twins and Me

February 22, 2014 | threesome | Permalink

It was a warm day and I was getting ready to have some decorating done that involved moving a lot of furniture. Luckily two very handsome local boys were off college and I’d engaged their help with moving things around. “Move all the furniture out of the living room and sun lounge and put it [...]


February 22, 2014 | bars | Permalink

Chad sat alone at the end of the bar – as usual – on the early Friday evening. The bar hadn’t started getting crowded yet; the crowds started in after 8 and many would be there for a few hours, before moving along to the next bar down the road. It was typical. Boyd’s Bar [...]

Guilt and Hunger

February 22, 2014 | guilt | Permalink

Last week I cheated on my wife with another man. I don’t know why I did it, I hate myself for it and the guilt is overpowering. But first, a little background. I have written six stories for Literotica, the first three are true (although the date on the last one is wrong) and the [...]

Glory Hole

February 22, 2014 | blowjob | Permalink

Authors note: This is the second story after “Cum Sucker” I have always fantasized about being in a glory hole, sucking random men’s dicks and swallowing all I could. I often watched porn videos of girls in glory holes and always wished I could be in their position.Lucky for me, I found out about a [...]

Discovering My Bi at 18

February 22, 2014 | analingus | Permalink

I was 18. On an out of town basketball trip. Stayed overnight in a motel. We had to double up in bed to save money. As the team captain and star I sacrificed and doubled with this scrawny kid that even looked gay. I told him to leave me alone. Later that night I awoke [...]