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First Explorations Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: First forays. ——- Part I. ——- A few weeks passed after my initial forays into bisexuality. The initial couple of attempts had left me somewhat disappointed; I had enjoyed the experiences but had ended up more frustrated than when I’d started. I had found I enjoyed the encounters themselves- the taste and feel [...]


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His name is Bobby, an 18 year old from Iowa who hasn’t had much experience in the ways of the world. Between the small town wholesomeness and very protective parents he’s led a truly sheltered life. One weekend he was given permission to visit his cousin who lives 300 miles away in the big city, [...]

The Other Side of the Island

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“There, is that better?” Peitr whispered into my ear. “Uhh. Yes, yes. That feels great,” I answered, and my words turned into a soft moan. “Yes, I can feel it in your body. You are a lot looser now. You are moving with me more smoothly. Is it because of the release of guilt?” “Yes,” [...]

Neighbor’s Hot Tub Ch. 01

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My wife was off to see her mother, and for the first time since he’d gotten it, my neighbor, Marty, had invited me for an evening in the hot tub he had put in. His house backed onto my side yard, and he’d done a whole lot of nice renovation on his property since he [...]

Neighbor’s Hot Tub Ch. 02

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“There, that was lovely,” Marty whispered as he came up for air after swallowing my jizzm. I just lay there in Seth’s grasp, panting from my first male cocksucking. “You have one of the nicest packages I’ve ever had,” he went on to say. I thought that Seth would let me go then, but he [...]

Two Chances

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My car came to a stop below the front of the house and I just sat there. It had been a long day and I was tired and not ready for the chaos I would find inside. Instead I sat there in the car and lay my head back on the headrest and closed my [...]

Deal Closer Ch. 05

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Having royally fucked our prospective client on his desk, the wheels of CJ’s mind were spinning for the ultimate deal closer. He turned to me and said, “Now for a change of pace. Here, help me turn him.” And there, on the desk, we rotated Binggum around CJ’s buried cock so that he was face [...]

March Madness Ch. 09

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If you have been following my story, you know that Randy, a friend of mine since high school, has been blackmailing my girlfriend Sandy and me for the last few weeks. Sandy and I agreed to be his sex slaves for one month, as long as at the end of that term, he would turn [...]

King University’s New Slut Ch. 07

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After Jamal and I rested for a few minutes, he rolled over next to me and asked, “So who took your cherry first?” I knew that question was coming up, but I wasn’t ready to tell him yet. “Its no one you know.” I say. We were silent for a while, I’m guessing he was [...]

King University’s New Slut Ch. 09

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Chapter 9: Mystery Solved I felt around my asshole, which was burning and leaking from some guys cum leaking from it. I felt really embarrassed to even be thinking like this, but I felt somewhat turned on by this. I don’t know where these feelings were coming from, when I was suppose to be feeling [...]