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It didn’t fall apart at first. Instead, a spidery trail shot from the wounded center just above the stem. I watched the white fractures drag across the rounded surface; I watched the wine slowly, slowly begin to seep through the fresh cracks—only just lining them with deep burgundy before beginning to slide down the smooth [...]

Shelter in the Storm Ch. 10

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The only thing worse than being stuck in a motel was being stuck in a motel when it was raining too hard to go outside. Declan looked out the window at the grey sky over the dingy building he’d been staying in for the past three days, since the night he’d come home and found [...]

Beau et le Bete

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Pelaam© July 2009, A re-telling of Beauty and the Beast inspired by loves_sg1 * “Ethan?” At the sound of the female voice one of the three men sitting waiting looked up. “Ethan Jacob?” “That’s me,” Ethan said with an easy smile. “I’m Emma O’Connor. I’ll be taking you around before you have your induction.” She [...]

And Now I Know

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I had the hardest time deciding whether to put this in the Romance section or the Gay Male section. I wish they didn’t have to be separate. Oh, well. Decisions, decisions. Don’t forget to vote! Happy Valentine’s, everyone! ***** The man he had talked to on the phone called it the Wonderland Spread. There were [...]

Off to College Ch. 01

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Everything had a slight yellow color from the lights overhead as Raven waited for the last bell of the day. He glanced around the room wondering how many of his fellow classmates he would see again after graduation the next week. His eyes caught on his best friend and he felt the smile start to [...]

They Are A-OK Ch. 37

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I spent the next couple days and nights with her. We fucked liked rabbits and talked in between. By the end of her three days off I was falling hard for her and she had proclaimed her love for me. I had told her everything about me, including a complete confession about my dark side. [...]

Nickolas and Jason Ch. 07-Alternate

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(((I didn’t like the original ending, so I decided to do a new separate one! So here is the start of an alternate ending! You can choose the one you like! :p – Rob ))) * It had been three days since Spider slept with Claudia. He had only told Nile about it and Nile [...]

The Dirty Pleasures Incident Ch. 12

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Andy set his books on his desk, glad not to be carrying them anymore. He was lucky; the bookstore had been open late tonight. He’d been putting off going over there for weeks, hoping to find he didn’t need one or more of them. He’d ended up needing all of them, and had assignments due [...]

Old Friends

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~*A work of fiction. Any resemblance to places, events, people–alive or dead–is purely coincidental*~ His big smooth hands descended on my hips with such finesse. It was as if a feather was running up and down my skin. His deliberate handling of my body enticed a reaction in me. His hot breath on my neck [...]

First Lust: First Love

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Jonty watched Carol walk away. Why was it that he didn’t feel anything? He was eighteen, fit and healthy — a red blooded man like any other — but he couldn’t feel the fire. She was dumping him because he wouldn’t put out; he knew that he would be the butt of many a joke [...]